snap-lGood morning13:37
rick_h_party party13:38
snap-lThat good, eh?13:38
rick_h_heh, TGIF, project that's due but not due is now here, and tried to order a desktop but blocked on shipping since I think it'd arrive while I was in CA :(13:39
snap-lrick_h_: Ugh.13:57
jjessemorning folks14:05
rick_h_jjesse: so that mic I picked up..meh14:08
rick_h_but it does work14:08
jjessewell glad i didn't rush out and buy it then14:09
rick_h_jjesse: I cannot find a single earbud headset with dual noise cancelling mics14:09
rick_h_jjesse: the world doesn't seem to make what I want14:09
jjessei got a big ole pair of logitech headphones right now that works well but i look like a loser wearing them14:10
rick_h_jjesse: yea, I've got this folding thing with a 14' cord on it that sucks to pack for travel and untangle when I go to use it14:10
rick_h_I jsut want a pair of earbuds with dual mic so I can pocket them easily, and yet cancel out the coffee shop noise on hangouts14:11
jjesseyeah mine is the same, though there is a hard plastic case that came w/ mine just a pain to have another case in them14:11
snap-lI don't know why it took me so long to adopt vi keybindings under bash, but <314:16
rick_h_snap-l: one step closer to zsh :P14:16
jrwreni still refuse to.14:17
rick_h_it has much better vim functionality14:17
jrwrenemacs kb shell fl14:17
snap-lAnd when (or if) the server business starts booming again, will lenovo sell it back? :)14:45
rick_h_heh, well lenovo was recently listed as the only growing PC vendor, even over apple14:45
rick_h_pure growth of numbers that is14:45
brouschButterfly http://i.imgur.com/CdCGOjQ.jpg14:59
snap-lbrousch: :)15:06

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