llstarkswhat's the best way to build and test xorg 1.14 right now?02:20
RAOFllstarks: It's not in edgers? (I don't follow it, so it may well not be)02:53
llstarksit is not02:53
llstarksand xorg-testers is defunct02:53
bjsnideryou could grab the source and use the latest xorg-edgers build scripts to build debs03:02
bjsniderassuming it doesn't fail for lack of the right symbols and whatnot03:02
Sarvattllstarks: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/x-staging03:11
Sarvattunity wont work with it atm, darn thing gets uploaded every day and needs patches applied :)03:12
llstarkswonderful, that should work for my testing. last resort before stressing myself with arch03:12
llstarksis unity compiss still being developed or is the transition to qml happening here?03:12
Sarvatti'll upload a new one now03:13
llstarkswait, when was 7.0 landed?03:13
Sarvattits in maintenance mode but still lots of stuff happening with it03:13
Sarvattnot sure its actually 7.003:13
llstarksthat's some feature freeze we've got going on03:14
Sarvattor maybe they'll call the 7.0 features 8.0 in SS :)03:14
Sarvattpretty sure they just bumped it to 7.0 to keep the branches sane after they started landing new stuff and backed it out03:16
Sarvattok uploaded, give it 45 minutes or so and unity will be fine03:17
llstarkscompiz is dead. dev disowned it and so did canonical03:18
llstarksthe last relic of beryl and wobbly windows03:19
llstarksthe reason i started using ubuntu03:19
ScottKNot the last relic.03:22
ScottKThe compositing code in kwin is a compiz fork.03:22
llstarksi keep forgetting that kde exists03:23
bjsniderllstarks, you definitely use gnome-shell then03:25
llstarksgotta have my insta-search03:25
bjsniderit's the only thing a person of conscience should be using, obviously03:27
bjsnideri'm not sure what kde's philosophy is at this point, or how it's relevant. would it work on a smartphone or something?03:29
ScottKThere's plasma active for small tablets03:38
llstarksi suppose active plasma or whatever the hell it is would03:38
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MCRricotz, hi. I there's a new fglrx beta out for some time now: http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/AMDCatalyst13-3LINBetaDriver.aspx08:10
MCRricotz, could you update xorg-edgers PPA with it please ?08:10
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seb128intel_do_flush_locked failed: Input/output error11:20
seb128shrug, another gpu hang when dnding wins between screen on my i5 docked laptop11:21
* seb128 reboots11:21
tjaaltonI'll try that11:21
tjaalton+to reproduce11:21
tjaaltonseb128: I tried to reproduce but couldn't, guess it doesn't happen that often?11:42
seb128tjaalton, define "often", I don't dare doing dnd between my 2 screens11:42
tjaaltonotoh, unplugging the tv corrupted the top-half of the laptop panel11:42
seb128it happens at least once a day11:42
seb128and I do like 5 dnd a day11:42
tjaaltonseb128: like not immediately11:42
seb128I tend to use the workspace expose and dnd stuff in that view to workaround it11:43
tjaaltonseb128: could you test what happens on unplug?11:53
seb128tjaalton, you mean?11:55
tjaaltonseb128: unplug the external monitor11:56
seb128tjaalton, unplugging what? one of the 2 screens?11:56
tjaaltonseb128: you have two external monitors, and laptop screen closed?11:56
tjaaltonlid closed11:56
seb128well lid is not closed11:57
seb128but laptop screen is turned off from the display capplet11:57
tjaaltonso three screens in total?11:57
seb128I stopped closing the lid because the laptop screen wouldn't be detected on boot11:57
seb128and then I can't undock my laptop11:57
seb128or rather I can but get no screen :p11:57
tjaaltonok, guess you can't test my bug then :)11:57
tjaaltonfile yours btw11:58
seb128I unplugged one of the 2 screens11:58
seb128that reactivated my laptop screen and moved the content that was on the external that got unplugged to it11:59
tjaaltonnow unplug the other screen11:59
seb128replugged the external one and I'm back to my initial config11:59
seb128tjaalton, unplugging the second screen leads me with my laptop screen in use and working12:01
tjaaltonalright, thanks12:07
tjaaltonI can reproduce this too, bah12:25
tjaaltonseb128: btw, I think your bug is fixed in 3.9 kernel, but hard to sru :/12:40
tjaaltonand my bug was bug #115767812:41
ubottubug 1157678 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[ffe] unplugging an external monitor from laptop results in corrupted screen. Logging out fixes it." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115767812:41
seb128tjaalton, you can reproduce the gpu hand on dnd between screens?12:41
seb128kernel :-(12:41
tjaaltonseb128: no, but there are a number of commits to fix pageflip issues, which should help with it12:42
tjaaltonhey, it's all kernel these days, even more so in the future :)12:43
tjaaltonmaybe some mesa but that's about it12:43
tjaaltonwho forgot to push -intel git?12:47
tjaaltonbryce: ^ :)12:47
tjaaltonwth, fixed the lightdm race upstart job by accident..13:34
tjaaltonok not that version, but it's still fixed \o/15:57
mlankhorsttjaalton: that hack is awful and you should feel awful ;)16:52
mlankhorstand the if was unneeded there16:53
tjaaltonmlankhorst: old version17:16
tjaaltonslangasek made a better one, and I fixed that too17:16
tjaaltonhere http://pastebin.com/reb2kPJw17:17
tjaaltonadded plymouth --ping, and dropped --no-wait from initctl17:18
tjaaltonnow it's working for both cases, normal and plymouth-in-initrd17:18
mlankhorstah good17:19
tjaaltonthis should be added to plymouth in any case, enabling it in *dm.conf can be left as SRU material if necessary17:20
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llstarksre xorg 1.14 discussion last night: x-staging ppa isn't really functional, lacks drivers like synaptics23:24
llstarkscauses unstable apt23:24
llstarksstill no luck with nvidia 319 on hybrid, might need to try arch to eliminate distro as a variable23:52

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