trender  __05:05
trendermorning people rise and shine05:27
trendermornin kilos05:42
Kilosmorning trender 05:42
Kiloshi superfly and others05:42
trenderos i wonder when our banks are gonna collapse05:42
trenderit looks like we are gonna go back to gold and silver coins05:43
SquirmI think06:13
Squirmleast I assume so06:14
Squirmthough it's dark outside06:14
Kiloshi Squirm looks like big rain coming06:15
Kiloshope some reaches us06:15
Kilosneed lotsa water here or gonna be a bad winter06:15
Squirmsnowed on the berg yesterday06:21
SquirmKilos: it rained yesterday. it's been raining since I woke up06:49
Squirmstill is06:49
Kilosjust had a few drops here just now06:50
Kiloshi henkj 06:50
henkjhi kilos06:50
inetprogood mornings07:03
Kilosmorning inetpro 07:16
Kiloshi Vince-0 zeref 08:22
Vince-0Hi Kilos, Tinuva 08:22
Vince-0busy trolling #linux on ShadowFire08:23
Vince-0I would like to get all the Linux type peeps in one place - there is no "master" mail-list for Linux in ZA is there?08:25
* skillpiG pokes Tinuva 08:25
Vince-0hi skillpiG 08:25
Vince-0Kilos, look!Found more people08:26
skillpiGI will make you regret that08:26
Kilosohi Tinuva welcome to ubuntu-za08:26
skillpiGI have a natural effect on people08:26
skillpiGmore like, digital.08:26
Kiloshi skillpiG welcome to ubuntu-za08:27
Vince-0skillpiG, tell your friends - we need to grow the ZA Linux community08:27
Kilostell us about yourselvews08:27
Kilosyourselves as well08:28
Kilosyes Vince-0 08:28
skillpiGI have no friends08:28
skillpiGdon't even know why Tinuva is talking to me08:28
Kilosthats the mailing list08:29
Vince-0Kilos, I'm on the ubuntu-za list but can it be called the go to place for Linux for ZA08:30
Kilosif they dont push ubuntu to one side i dont see why not08:31
Kilosinetpro: what you think?08:31
Kiloseveryone linux is welcome here so i dont see that the list should not be a part of the US08:32
Kilosoften linux peeps can help ubuntu users08:32
Kiloslets just hear what the pro and fly say but i feel they are welcome08:34
Kilosbut then they must say morning to me when i greet inna morn08:34
Kilosare they from your lug Vince-0 08:35
skillpiGgood day Kilos 08:36
Vince-0Kilos, nope - just joined #linux on ShadowFire and started rambling08:39
skillpiGmade 7 people upset08:39
tonberryE352try to ignite a vim/emacs flamewar08:39
skillpiGthis will start an epic e-battle 08:39
Vince-0freenode wins,08:40
Vince-0for a global context anyways08:41
Kilosbut no wars here, we are a peaceful channel08:41
inetprohehe Kilos, you starting a war again?08:42
Kilosno inetpro read about the list08:42
Kiloswith Vince-0 s suggestion we will grow methinks08:42
inetproI must be honest I don't think ubuntu-za is the place for all linux peeps, there are lots of them who can't stand ubuntu08:43
Vince-0inetpro, that is very true but it doesn't help to be at all exclusive in a smaller community (ZA)08:44
tonberryE352well us "dumb ubuntu users" need a channel somewhere08:44
inetprolots of more generic linux stuff used to be discussed on the Gauteng Linux User Group (GLUG) mailing lists08:44
Vince-0I'm on the various LUG mail-lists08:44
Vince-0I'm making a local communities page on the DBNLUG site to list all the channels of comms08:45
Vince-0clugs got some good links08:45
inetproI'm mnot trying to make ubuntu-za exclusive at all but I just think we should try as much as possible to keep focussed on stuff that works on Ubuntu08:45
inetprowhile the fact that it's a .za forum does makes it a bit broader than just a regional based user group 08:47
inetproI don't have a problem with generic linux discussions, but I'm not the boss here08:48
Vince-0true, context here is important as it is with the LUGs - we've chatted about this context thing here before08:48
Vince-0I'd just like to see everyone involved with *nix, FLOSS in one place so there might be a big conference type event08:49
Vince-0all I see is TechEd - yawn08:49
inetprogood to see some activity here08:50
inetpronot sure whether we'll ever have a huge croud in here at once08:50
inetpronot everyone uses IRC08:50
skillpiGeveryone that matters use IRC08:50
Vince-0no, but at least an association - Email is ubiquitous 08:51
skillpiGand that is law.08:51
Vince-0oh, scale-conf is on right now but I couldn't get there08:52
inetproubiquitous is a big word, Kiloswat beteken dit?08:52
inetproMaaz: define ubiquitous08:52
Maazinetpro: Ubiquitous \U*biq"ui*tous\ ([-u]*b[i^]k"w[i^]*t[u^]s), a. [See {Ubiquity}.] Existing or being everywhere, or in all places, at the same time; omnipresent. -- {U*biq"ui*tous*ly}, adv. [1913 Webster]  In this sense is he ubiquitous.          --R. D. Hitchcock. [1913 Webster], ubiquitous adj 1: being present everywhere at once [syn: {omnipresent},08:52
Vince-0meer mense gebruik dit as IRC08:52
inetproahh... true08:52
inetprothe sad reality is that with social media we just have way to many distractions these days08:54
* Vince-0 busy reading past the 3rd page of Google search results for Linux in pages for South Africa08:54
KilosMaaz: define ubiquity08:54
MaazKilos: Ubiquity \U*biq"ui*ty\ ([-u]*b[i^]k"w[i^]*t[y^]), n. [L. ubique everywhere, fr. ubi where, perhaps for cubi, quobi (cf. alicubi anywhere), and if so akin to E. who: cf. F. ubiquit['e].] 1. Existence everywhere, or in all places, at the same time; omnipresence; as, the ubiquity of God is not disputed by those who admit his existence. [1913 Webster]  The arms08:54
Maazof Rome . . . were impeded by . . . the wide spaces to be traversed and the ubiquity of t…08:54
Vince-0ya, social usually means brain rot if you stare at it long enough08:54
* inetpro gets way to many emails per day, so tend to stay away from huge email discussions 08:55
Vince-0mail-lists tend to be a bit clumsy especially with digest subject headers08:55
tumbleweeddigets are awful08:56
tumbleweedyou just want to filter mailing lists into folders, and use a decent e-mail client08:56
tumbleweeddon't be afraid of getting thousands of e-mail a day08:56
Vince-0but what are the options? A myBB forum?: busy looking at Linux forum on mybroadband08:56
tumbleweedforms are horrible because you have to go and look at them08:57
skillpiGtumbleweed 08:57
* inetpro agrees with tumbleweed08:57
skillpiGI remember that name08:57
skillpiGperhaps in a mumble channel, with demonik08:57
Kilosha inetpro ctrl+R is really helpful hey?09:00
tumbleweedskillpiG: naah, never used mumble in my life09:01
skillpiGI don't believe you09:01
skillpiGI will greet you as the same person that was on mumble09:01
inetproVince-0: what are you planning to achieve by having all Linux type peeps in one place?09:02
skillpiGzombie nodes09:02
skillpiGDDoS the government09:02
tonberryE352good luck with that...09:04
Vince-0inetpro, just a ZA Linux community entity - imagine there was a computer expo with a bit Linux contingent - geeks would need to know09:05
skillpiGtalking about geeks09:06
Vince-0there seems to be very little corporate interest in any Linux community, which is a bit counter-intuitive for fostering open culture and all that09:06
skillpiGanyone here running an AMD piledriver with ubuntu ?09:06
inetproVince-0: I think it was with kmf at the helm of it we tried this with floss.pro09:07
skillpiGhaving some trouble with 12.1009:07
Kiloshmm... there was something about amd the other day here09:09
Kilosi cant scroll back so far09:09
Vince-0inetpro, what's kmf and floss.pro09:10
Kiloskmf is a nick and floss.pro is a channel on irc09:11
inetproVince-0: kmf = Karl Fisher who used to have hist own microblogging site running at http://floss.pro09:11
Kilosand a site methinks09:11
inetproand in fact we still have the irc channel #floss.pro09:11
Vince-0ah yes, I looked at that before09:12
inetproVince-0: but not much happened there for a very long time09:12
inetproeven back then it became very clear to me that it will always be very difficult to get everyone talking on a single platform09:13
inetprobut obviously we should not give up trying09:14
inetproVince-0: most of those who were on floss.pro ended up just using twitter09:19
Vince-0social is never one platform09:19
inetprothe nice thing about using something like twitter is that you are free to talk about any subject09:20
Vince-0I check the Twit occasionally09:21
Vince-0I think a mail-list is the lowest common denominator09:22
inetprounfortunately that is still true09:23
Vince-0ey it's good enough for the Linux kernel devs09:23
Vince-0would be nice to have a sizable Linux contingent at something like Rage09:24
Vince-0does Rage overlook people with their own PCs and pirate software?09:25
skillpiGI believe so09:26
skillpiGI don't think they have the right to inspect people's software before allowing them in09:26
skillpiGcould be a tedious process09:26
skillpiGand lose 90% of their league competitors09:27
Vince-0the alternative is have the pirate busters show up and start breaking people's games09:28
Vince-0and pr0n09:28
skillpiGI rate, if you want to attend a LAN like rAge, you should go with a small - medium crowd of people playing the same game09:29
skillpiGto have fun with your mates etc09:29
skillpiGcopying you can do at home09:29
skillpiGunless you go to fill up 10TB09:30
skillpiGI don't even know what you want to do with 10TB of movies and series :|09:30
skillpiGor the alternative is to go to rAge09:30
skillpiGto pick up those hot sponsor girls09:30
Vince-0ha, I'm sure they get sick of geeks hitting on them - the ratio is like 1000:109:31
Vince-0busy reading about makululinux.com - from Mybroadband forums, which has a very active Linux sub-forum09:45
skillpiGsaw that a while ago on newshost09:49
skillpiGlooks like a nice idea09:49
Vince-0yep, and local too - the guy deserves some support and feedback09:51
KilosVince-0: how far can you scroll back09:52
Kilosthere is a special ubuntu for amd i think the weed said09:52
inetproKilos: what are you looking for?09:53
KilosskillpiG: having probs with 12.10 on a amd  inetpro 09:53
Vince-0ha, Kilos - a couple of days in this client09:54
Vince-0oh, in gnome-term I use like 100k lines09:54
Kiloswas maybe 4 or 5 back with that amd toy of trender s09:54
inetproKilos: 13/04 13:50:48 <magespawn> Kilos have another pc with an amd 980mhz chip and a nvidia card09:54
Kilosthere was a link for ubuntu and amd09:54
skillpiGit was a pretty weird problem09:55
skillpiGtop reports 100% cpu utilization09:55
skillpiGbut everyone responds fairly immediate09:55
skillpiGand then it shuts down09:55
skillpiGnot the temperature or power09:55
skillpiGworks stable in windows 809:55
Kilosgoogling dont give me that amd ubuntu link09:56
Vince-0Kilos, search online logs?09:57
Kiloshehe Vince-0 my eye reads too slow09:57
Kiloswill take forever09:57
Kilosmaybe we ask tumbleweed 09:57
inetproKilos: Logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com 09:58
Kilosthe link for ubuntu and amd please tumbleweed 09:58
Kilos4 or 5 days09:58
tumbleweedKilos: eh?09:58
Kilosill be here another 2 just trying to read09:58
Kilostumbleweed: do you have that link for ubuntu onto a amd pc please09:59
tumbleweedKilos: there's nothing special about AMD processors09:59
Vince-0house4hack is having their Ubuntu Raring release party in Randburg on the 4th of May10:00
Kilosoh my im sure i read something about it uses other kernel stuff or something here10:01
Kilosmaybe i dreamed it10:01
Kilosor maybe i was on maverick at the time10:03
tumbleweedthere's never really been anything spceial about AMD CPUs, they are clones of Intel CPUs10:08
tumbleweedAMD invented the 64bit x86 architecture, so we call it amd6410:08
tumbleweedbut Intel support it too10:09
tumbleweedso, really, nothing special10:09
Kilosah ty tumbleweed 10:11
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Kilosaw skillpig shoulda looked at what is using 100% cpu10:32
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Kilosohi superfly 14:03
Kilosyou been busy hey14:03
superflyyes, at a conference, along with tumbleweed and a few others14:05
Kilosaw shame and i bothered him, say im sorry please14:13
tumbleweedKilos: no problem at all. I'm sitting with a laptop on my lap14:13
tumbleweedI have way more time for IRC when I'm at conferences, then normally :)14:13
Kilosty but you guys should just let us know if you doing things like that 14:14
* tumbleweed is getting through huge mountains of e-mail too14:15
Kilosare they talking been there done that stuff14:16
tumbleweedactually a really good talk on SKA right now14:17
tumbleweed(last talk of the conference)14:17
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Kiloshi Trix[a]r_za Cantide 15:42
Cantidehello :)15:42
Kilosand Zarw 15:42
Kiloshe never acknowledges15:43
=== Cantide is now known as Caneat
Kiloswbb after storm16:03
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Kilosevening all17:16
Vince-0G'd eve17:25
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:30
=== CanAFK is now known as Cantide
trender  __20:34
Tonberry_are those breasts or eyes?20:34
trenderjust checking for signs of life man20:35
trenderyes i can asure you20:35
trendereyes 20:35
trenderey the linux okes are a serious bunch :)20:36
Tonberry_22:30 on a Friday evening? People have social lives20:37
trendersome do yea20:38
trenderi dont try work to hard20:38
trendermore smarter that harder20:38
trenderthan 20:38
trenderbut i keep strange hours20:39
trenderbeetroot sarmies anyone ? 20:57
somaunnHello 22:01

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