jab416171my laptop locks up all the time. I have no idea why, and I'd really like to get to the bottom of it.00:00
carreraFlannel, why not?  Isn't ftp an offtopic question00:00
wilee-nileejab416171, Can you give the channel some details and what you have tried?00:01
carreraFlannel, oh, then what kind of question is it?00:01
Flannelcarrera: Its an on-topic question?00:02
submanI have a dual monitor setup with an nvidia card and the monitor on the crt-0 connector keeps turning to black and then back on again.  The monitor on the DFP-0 connector is unaffected and works perfectly.  If I take the monitor to another machine it does not do this.  Any ideas?00:02
jab416171I ran a test to see if it was overheating (a couple for loops, watching the temps) and it got up to 80C, but it kept running just fine. Here's the logs from right before it crashed one time: https://gist.github.com/jab416171/540969000:02
harrismy wifi works fine with all other os on my computer but it wont conect in ubuntu it just loads then ask for password again00:02
MysticalBurrito[Can someone help me? I need to share an internet connection via ethernet cable from my desktop Pc to my router, how do I do this? (manually making Wifi relay)00:04
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ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing00:04
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jab416171wilee-nilee: does that help?00:05
MysticalBurrito[will this allow me to share my connection through my ethernet port?00:05
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dr_willis_shouldent matter how its connecteed00:06
dr_willis_ive done it with dialup ages ago00:06
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MysticalBurrito[I'm taking a look at my settings, I think I messed up with my original setting configuration, brb00:07
daniela_12alejanlo arruinare00:07
byteit101anyone have any ideas on horizontal streaking in 12.04?00:08
dr_willis_clarify what you mean by that byteit10100:09
MysticalBurrito[I overlooked this in the tutorial "~You will probably need to reboot your system."00:09
byteit101I'm been having some issues with horizontal streaking on 12.04 and intel graphics. 10.10 worked fine. Happens near swapout and ACPI? events (Launching VM's, hibernation, sleeping, etc)00:09
byteit101i've tried the bios settings, but no luck00:10
byteit101and again, 10.10 worked fine00:10
byteit101streaks when one screen and dual head00:12
byteit101both in unity/compiz00:13
byteit101and gnome shell and cinnamon00:13
jab416171what would you recommend I do to prevent my system from locking up all the time?00:13
byteit101dr_willis_: another image: http://pbrd.co/11oaaYR00:13
byteit101notice the background image on the right00:14
byteit101and the streaking in the window border00:14
byteit101and the cinnamon system bar is near unusable (what time is it? no idea)00:15
craigbass1976http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1490538  Is there a link to where I can find that file since mektek washed their hands of it?00:16
byteit101any ideas?00:18
jjoshideas about what?00:19
byteit101I'm been having some issues with horizontal streaking on 12.04 and intel graphics. 10.10 worked fine. Happens near swapout and ACPI? events (Launching VM's, hibernation, sleeping, etc)00:19
byteit101both in unity/compiz and gnome shell and cinnamon00:19
dr_willis_hmm..  sounds like some quirk qirk with the intel video drivers.  there was some ppa's for newer intel drivers/a install tool to install newer ones.. but if you were running 10.10 on that box. i imagine the machine is 2+ yrs old..00:19
jab416171my laptop locks up all the time. I have no idea why, and I'd really like to get to the bottom of it.00:20
jab416171I ran a test to see if it was overheating (a couple for loops, watching the temps) and it got up to 80C, but it kept running just fine. Here's the logs from right before it crashed one time: https://gist.github.com/jab416171/540969000:20
nashantAnyone got any experience running xcp?00:20
dr_willis_try a lower end window manager like 'jwm'  or openbox. and see if the graphic issues still happen00:20
Questhow to make ubuntu/kubuntu boot and only go to console automatically. do not load gui?00:20
byteit101yea, its an Acer Aspire 6930 (2008 ish, first had 8.04 on it)00:20
dr_willis_byteit101:  it could be some  quirk with the compositing fetures of the window manager/drivers00:21
byteit101dr_willis_: do you know what that ppa was?00:21
dr_willis_byteit101:  i just saw a posting last month on intel having some instgller tool for their latest drivers.. but ive no idea if that would help such an old intel chipset00:21
wilee-nilee /set irc_join_delay 700:22
byteit101oh I think I know that....00:22
byteit101dr_willis_:  this?00:22
eoin_where can i find GNU00:23
dr_willis_eoin_:  gnu.org perhaps? what are you looking for exatctly?00:23
OerHekscraigbass1976, on this page, ( 4 min wait) you can download the mtx version >> http://www.atomicgamer.com/files/85847/mechwarrior-4-mercenaries-full-free-release or use the torrent @ http://gamingsession.taterunino.net/2010/05/01/how-to-get-and-install-the-mektek-mechwarrior-4-mercenaries-release-and-get-it-to-actually-work/00:23
OerHeksit is a free game, looks nice00:24
dr_willis_OerHeks:  that the 'fremium'  (free to play, buy use real $$ for extras)  one?00:24
eoin_a GNU plush teddy, i have tux i just need the GNU00:25
OerHeksdr_willis_, i guess you are right :-D00:25
byteit101dr_willis_: The package is of bad quality00:25
byteit101The installation of a package which violates the quality standards isn't allowed. This could cause serious problems on your computer. Please contact the person or organisation who provided this package file and include the details beneath.00:25
dr_willis_OerHeks:  was playing that with my brother last week. ;)00:25
yahyaaplease help00:27
yahyaatrying to get soud through hdmi port to my hidef tv00:27
yahyaaI am running kubuntu 12.1000:27
yahyaaany suggestions00:27
dr_willis_yahyaa:  ive had to use the sound control tool on gnome/ubuntu to select the right sound out befor.  kde may have a similer tool00:28
IamTryingHow can i get this package? E: Unable to locate package xserver-xorg-input-evtouch00:32
lordduneHi can someone help me please. I was having problems with nonstop read/write on a HD with old windows data, so I removed that HD and then tried to reboot the system. Somehow I lost the boot menu.00:36
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lordduneI then put the (removed) HD back in and now neither HD shows up in BIOS and I don't have my boot (GRUB) menu either.00:37
Questhow to make ubuntu/kubuntu boot and only go to console automatically. do not load gui?00:37
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:39
lordduneHi can someone help me please. I was having problems with nonstop read/write on a HD with old windows data, so I removed that HD and then tried to reboot the system. Somehow I lost the boot menu.00:40
lordduneI then put the (removed) HD back in and now neither HD shows up in BIOS and I don't have my boot (GRUB) menu either.00:40
dr_willis_!fixgrub  |  lorddune00:40
ubottulorddune: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:40
dr_willis_if the bios is not showing the HD. it may be miss-connected. or died00:41
lordduneI did not install windows no00:41
dr_willis_you should reinstall grub to the working hd. following the guide above00:41
lordduneok thanks I will take a gander00:42
keith_Ubuntu12-10 cpu AMD FX-4170 :      Internet Banking. My system crashes when trying to log on to ANZ Bank (Australia). This happens for both Firefox and Chromium. Can anyone help with that?00:45
dr_willis_what sort of crash exaxtly?00:46
keith_It crashes back to the system logon screen00:46
dr_willis_so X is crashing.. not really the 'system'00:47
dr_willis_but still thats weird.. wonder what the site is using. javam or flash or somthing else00:47
dr_willis_as a 'test' try a minimal window manager. lke open box. and see if the browser still crash X. if openbox works.. that points to some compiz/unity/composting type issue.00:48
keith_How do I find that out?00:48
dr_willis_if openbox also crashes. then that points to a deeper issue...00:48
dr_willis_sudo apt-get install openbox   and select openbox at the login screen00:48
dr_willis_if the site is using java. it could be you need a differnt java vm. but i would think it would print some errors.. not crash  the whole desktop.00:49
keith_Thanks I'll try that00:50
harris* - keep a notice in the topic and perhaps as an on-join message).00:51
harris* -00:51
romero126sup guys.00:51
harrisplay multiplayer games across 2 computers on same network00:51
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keith_thanks dr_willis. I exit and try what you said.00:52
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dr_willis_harris:  anyone what?00:52
harrisplay multiplayer games across 2 computers on same network00:52
dr_willis_harris:  thats been doable for decades00:53
ubuntu_I found a bug in documentation, is anyone here able to fix it?00:53
harrishow do i do it00:53
romero126Harris what game are you trying to play?00:53
harrisi dont know00:53
dr_willis_ubuntu_ what docs?00:53
harrisi want to play an appropiate game00:53
romero126you need to know that first00:53
harristhats fun00:53
romero126what kind of genre?00:54
dr_willis_harris so you expect a specific answer to a vaguee question?00:54
ubuntu_dr_willis_: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/iscsi-initiator.html -- I might be drunk but "sudo /dev/sdb1 /srv" is not how you mount volumes00:54
aaron_can you guys tell me what this command does? /usr/bin/perl -wT /usr/bin/monkeysphere-validation-agent /usr/bin/seahorse-agent --execute x-session-manager00:54
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/00:54
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com00:54
dr_willis_ubuntu_:  here used to be some #ubuntu-doc channel. but ive never been there00:55
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111000:56
carrerahow can I install ubuntu with Gnome2 or MATE, WITHOUT Unity and zeitgeist00:56
dr_willis_carrera:  gnome2 is dead..,00:57
dr_willis_carrera:  theres  ubuntu spinoffs that have mate. but mate is not supported here. so i dont know their names00:57
carreraDr_willis, what's Gnome Classic then?00:57
dr_willis_perhaps check disrtowatch.com00:57
OerHeksharris, nice list of free lan games >> http://www.freelangames.net/p/games-index.html00:58
dr_willis_gnome classic/fallbacn is NOT gnome2 - its just a gnome-2 look alike..  but its not gnome200:58
carreraDr_willis, thanks u sir. actually Mint is one distro that comes with MATE00:58
dr_willis_the next release of gnome-shell is supposed to have an gnome official gnome 2 look aloke mode also.00:58
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dr_willis_so i imagine when gnome does that.. development in mate and other gnome2  variant/clones will drop off00:58
aaron_can you guys tell me what this command does? /usr/bin/perl -wT /usr/bin/monkeysphere-validation-agent /usr/bin/seahorse-agent --execute x-session-manager00:59
RunemoroHi, when I install ubuntu kernel, I get this error: dpkg error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image01:00
harristhanks bro01:00
clicker4721Anybody feeling keen on helping an end-user with a grub issue?01:01
craigbass1976OerHeks, Thanks.  I found another site whiel I was waiting and am at 1.5 or 1.7 gigs.  I got MW2, 3, and 4 when they were all new, but had kind of stopped gaming soon after I bought 4.  No Windows box, so I've got to go this route.  I've seen a bunch of free dos games on the net for download (that I paid money for when they were new as well) and hope to try them out.01:02
Laputahi, i just installed ubuntu server 12.04, where can i find the office source list for server version ?01:03
Laputaor maybe server version is based on cdrom only?01:04
dr_willis_official sources list?01:04
dr_willis_ /etc/apt/sources.list01:04
dr_willis_server and desktop editions use the same repos01:04
Laputadr_willis_: there's only sources from cdrom. i installed the server version .01:05
dr_willis_thats weird.. server should have an identical sources.list file01:05
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.01:06
wilee-nileeLaputa, http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/01:06
Laputadr_willis_: i put the iso on hhd, and installed from harddrive .01:06
tgm4883sounds like you didn't have an internet connection when installing server.01:06
Laputaubottu: wilee-nilee thanks , i will check01:07
ubottuLaputa: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:07
RunemoroHi, when I install ubuntu kernel, I get this error: dpkg error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image01:07
dr_willis_could be the file is currupted. rename it and let it redownload01:10
tgm4883Runemoro, seems that there should be more to that error that you aren't telling us01:11
OerHeksinstalling some kernel outside the repo can cause issues :-)01:11
harrisOerHeks, do you have to download lan games to play01:11
OerHeksharris yes, if i want to play openTTD over lan, i need to download it from softwarecentre01:12
harrisyou cant play online01:12
Runemorotgm4883: It's in chroot on ubuntu core01:12
OerHeksharris on lan is different from 'online' .. but most lan games can play with online free servers too01:13
Runemorotgm4883:Also, when I do apt-get upgrade, it says that linux-image-____ depends on itself01:14
tgm4883Runemoro, are you able to post the actual output of those commands?01:14
Runemorotgm4883: Wait, I'll put them on pastebin, I can't copy-paste because it's in a VM01:15
harrisi want to play online game with my bro01:17
harriswere on same network01:17
harrisbut no downloa01:17
OerHeks!offline | harris you are online now01:18
ubottuharris you are online now: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD01:18
Runemorotgm4883: http://pastebin.com/4JhTfLuP01:18
dr_willis_an online game still downloads some stuff to your machine. ;) in the  browser..01:18
dr_willis_if thats what you mean.01:18
craigbass1976OerHeks, can you repeat what you said a while back?  xchat has scrolled too far for me to see it anymore.  The rar I got is broken...01:18
dr_willis_!info xpilot01:19
ubottuPackage xpilot does not exist in quantal01:19
dr_willis_!find xpilot01:19
ubottuFound: xpilot-extra, xpilot-ng, xpilot-ng-client-sdl, xpilot-ng-client-x11, xpilot-ng-common01:19
OerHekssome games need a server version too.01:19
dr_willis_xpilot is a fun game to play online and on your local lan   harris.01:19
harrisis it kid approriate01:20
dr_willis_its 'asteroid ships' shooting each other...01:20
clicker4721Anybody feeling keen on helping an end-user with a grub issue?01:20
dr_willis_clicker4721:  give the channel details would helpfull.01:21
tgm4883Runemoro, sorry can't help you. It seems bad to me that it can't display debconf01:21
Mio-chanhey dr_willis_, thank you for your help last night, w/my MBR issue.01:21
dr_willis_Mio-chan:  i can barely rember the issues from 20 min ago. ;)   but at least it worked01:22
clicker4721Awesome. I have been thrown into a grub rescue> prompt. I tried this (http://askubuntu.com/questions/197833/recovering-from-grub-rescue-crash) way, but it doesn't do anything for me.01:22
Runemorotgm4883: What do I do then?01:22
dr_willis_clicker4721:  tried rrunning the boot-repair tool from a live cd?01:22
tgm4883Runemoro, IDK, wait around for someone else to chime in01:23
harrisand my bro has windows so01:23
harriswill xpilot work01:23
anonymousmanhey i need some major help with my ubuntu internet connection01:23
OerHeksRunemoro, are you trying to install on Raring or Quantal 12.10 ?01:23
dr_willis_harris:  look at the xpilot-ng web site for downloads. yes. it has windows clients01:23
RunemoroOerHeks: Raring. But the live cd is Quantal01:23
harrisDr_willis, i dont want to download any games01:24
clicker4721dr_willis: Actually, I'm just straight up letting it reinstall right now. I previously enabled installation encryption, this time I'm only encrypting the home folder. If I get the same error, I'll be lost. Is the boot-repair tool on the standard install disc?01:24
harrisi want it to be in browser01:24
wilee-nileeclicker4721, Did you perchance use the bootrepair tool and have the bootinfo summary url?01:24
tgm4883Runemoro, why are you booting from a live cd?01:24
Runemorotgm4883: It's on a VM01:24
dr_willis_harris:  then i guess you dont play much of anything.. or you go looking for browser embeded games..01:24
tgm4883harris, you seem to be trickling out information. What exactly do you want?01:24
dr_willis_harris:  this spoonfeeding us all these details is getting annoying..01:25
harrisa fun game to play with my bro on two computers01:25
harristhat is on the browser01:25
anonymousmanCAN SOME one tell me what i need to do to UBUNTU to make my VERIXON MOBIL BROADBAND WORK? I run ubuntu side by side with windows 701:25
ensleephi,I am new here01:25
tgm4883harris, BS, that is not all what you want01:25
OerHeksRunemoro, i would use the kernel PPA > http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.8.8-raring/  but raring support is off in #ubuntu+1 until release @25th april01:25
harrisno downloads01:25
OerHeks"no downloads" is not possible, harris01:26
tgm4883harris, so far i have seen that you want "a cross platform multiplayer game that works in the browser"01:26
tgm4883harris, and I doubt that is even it01:26
RunemoroOerHeks: Ok01:26
harriswhat you said was perfect01:26
dr_willis_time to hit up google i think.. its not really a ubuntu support question01:26
tgm4883harris, http://www.kongregate.com/multiplayer-games01:26
harrisok ill loke01:26
tgm4883harris, other than that, it's OT01:26
tgm4883!OT | harris01:27
anonymousman@ ensleep im new here too, no one seems to wanna help me01:27
ubottuharris: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:27
dr_willis_anonymousman:  or no one knows the answer...01:27
icedwateranonymousman: you will have to get used to answers maybe coming after twenty or thirty minutes...01:27
anonymousmanDr willis any suggestions01:28
RunemoroOerHeks: Same error :(01:28
tgm4883anonymousman, also, VERIXON MOBIL BROADBAND isn't a thing01:28
icedwater...hours used to be the unit, since IRC is often left unattended in the background while real work is done :P01:28
tgm4883anonymousman, maybe if you said what device you were trying to use, people could help you01:28
dr_willis_anonymousman:  look up the EXACT device in the forums and on askubuntu.com and see if others use it01:28
dr_willis_ive never used one of those 3g usb dongles.. but i thought for many of them you just pluged them and  used the network manager to config them01:29
tgm4883dr_willis_, that is my understanding, of course drivers will need to be present for it01:29
dr_willis_im  usimg my android phone as a hotspot right now.  no usb dongles needed01:29
rolla91im having horrible horizontal lines running through the display after a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.10 . I'm assuming a driver issue however the screen appears fine during the Ubuntu start up screen the goes down when the password screen populates.01:29
Runemororolla91: I had the same problem too. Are you using nvidia?01:30
rolla91yes nvidia on a hp laptop01:31
anonymousmanThe exact device is i downloaded wubi, i have ubuntu and windows side by side... I cant make my ubuntu connect with my verizon mobil broadband..i plug it into my USB port, its the one that says VZWCCESS  I THINK THOSE R THE INTIIALS01:31
Runemororolla91: Switch to nvidia drivers, stop using nouveau. Also, try not to open many windows before you switch.01:31
harrisok thanks for trying01:32
rolla91Runemoro: i is newbz when it comes to ubuntu, how do i switch?01:32
tgm4883anonymousman, thats........01:32
tgm4883anonymousman, do you have a verizon dongle that you plug into your computer?01:32
icedwateranonymousman: please guys, get used to using lowercase or sentence case.01:32
icedwateranonymousman: let me see if I can somehow help...01:33
anonymousmanyes a verizon dongle01:33
tgm4883anonymousman, ok, what model is the dongle?01:34
anonymousmanthank u icedwater01:34
Runemororolla91: Open system settings and System -> Administration -> Additional drivers01:34
anonymousmanIm not sure what model01:34
tgm4883anonymousman, it doesn't say on the device?01:34
anonymousmanlet me see if i can google it and find a pic ...iv had it over a year01:34
tgm4883anonymousman, with the device plugged in, can you pastebin the output of 'lsusb'?01:35
=== Tux is now known as StormTrooper
anonymousmanNo just says verizone on it... its got a cord that i plug into th usb then u plug the dongle into the end of the cord01:35
icedwateranonymousman: it could be written on a sticker on the back, or something..01:35
tgm4883anonymousman, with the device plugged in, can you pastebin the output of 'lsusb'?01:36
icedwateranonymousman: tgm4883 is suggesting you could plug it in, then type a command.01:36
icedwater'lsusb' will give a list of usb devices the system sees. So we can try to guess from there what is being recognised.01:37
anonymousmanno when i got it ,it came with a instalation disck,when i wanna get in through windows i just click VZWACCESS and then it shows bars and i hit connect..its a 4g01:37
tgm4883anonymousman, can you please follow the instructions01:37
icedwatervzwaccess, and 4G. Well anonymousman that is something to go on.01:38
icedwaterBut it seems to be a problem between Ubuntu and the dongle.01:38
anonymousmanim not in ubunto now im on windows..01:38
anonymousmansomeone mention something about sikis3g01:38
anonymousmanwould that help?01:38
icedwaterAh, well... then maybe in the VZWACCESS program, you have something like Device Information, or About... or something like that?01:38
tgm4883anonymousman, and I suppose that is your only access to the internet01:39
icedwaterTry to find out what model you have.01:39
anonymousmani just downloaded ubuntu like 8 days ago..im lost on everything and just learning01:39
rolla91runemoro: under system settings-system- the options are backup,details,management service, software sources, time and date, universal access, user accounts. no administration01:39
nevynanonymousman: no need to shout.01:40
anonymousmanYES TGMA4883 ONLY INTERNET01:40
anonymousmansorry i cant see well01:40
redrockettheres a ubuntu app for that01:40
clicker4721wilee-nilee: Is the boot repair on the normal install disc?01:41
Runemororolla91: Software sources -> Additional drivers01:41
clicker4721wilee-nilee: For 64-bit.01:41
wilee-nileeclicker4721, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair01:41
anonymousmani have ubuntu wubi downloaded to my usb not to a disc also guys01:41
icedwateranonymousman: on IRC, uppercase is usually reserved for the beginning of sentences, acronyms or shouting.01:42
wilee-nileeanonymousman, Is there a receipt for the dongle on the verizon website naming the device?01:42
rolla91Runemoro: under additional drivers it saus "no proprietary drivers are in use" but when I am in this screen the lines dissapeer.01:43
icedwaterAlso, many clients have highlighting, so if you start a sentence with a name, that person will see your message in a different colour.01:43
wilee-nileeclicker4721, Run the bootinfo summary first and post the url if you like so we can take a look.01:43
icedwateranonymousman: like so.01:43
anonymousmanIcedwater my model is usb551L01:43
icedwaterAnd it is not unusual to see your own comments in a different colour as well.01:43
ensleepwho know which ime can input english with prompt01:43
icedwaterYes, I thought I saw that on Google.01:44
icedwateranonymousman: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2383397,00.asp01:44
Runemororolla91: What version of ubuntu are you using?01:44
anonymousmanmodel name novatel wireless modem01:44
rolla9112.10, now the lines are gone however the display is unstable, blinking and such.01:44
anonymousmando u wanna knw all the info on my my broad band?01:44
icedwaterYep, that seems to be it.01:44
hoyangnvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel.01:45
icedwateranonymousman: if it might be more than a few lines long, consider using http://paste.ubuntu.com/ :)01:45
anonymousmando u need the firmware version01:45
icedwaterThat could help.01:45
icedwaterBut anonymousman we will only be able to see the problem if you're on Ubuntu.01:45
hoyangubuntu support nvidia card now.01:45
icedwaterDo you remember what messages you get if the connection fails?01:46
icedwaterNot if, but when.01:46
rolla91Runemoro: 12.10 however the lines have dissapeered but the display seems unstable, blinking and such01:46
clicker4721wilee-nilee: Will do.01:46
Runemororolla91: The title of the window should be "Software & Sources". The tabs should be "Ubuntu Software", "Other Software", "Updates", "Authentification", "Additionnal Drivers"01:47
GammaX-2how can I find out which kernel im on?01:48
rolla91Runemoro: yes, that is where I am, I see nothing about nvidia in any tab01:48
icedwater...welp, he's off. I hope it's to track down error messages tgm4883.01:49
anonymousmanSorry @icedwater i got dissconnected01:49
icedwaterAh, there you are :)01:49
rolla91Runemoro: in the software sources/ additional drivers tab there is no information01:49
icedwaterStill on Windows?01:49
icedwaterSince you have Ubuntu on a USB stick, maybe you could use that to start another computer.01:50
icedwaterAnd see if the dongle has issues there.01:50
sparkssGammaX-2 : uname -a01:50
anonymousmanOK hang on01:50
GammaX-2sparkss,  gracias01:50
GammaX-2is a parport considered a serial device?01:51
anonymousmani will only have internet to one,but thats what ill do01:51
wilee-nileeanonymousman, I see a bug report and a fix in the kernel released, are you updated in ubuntu.01:51
icedwaterHmm, right01:51
icedwaterOh dear.01:51
icedwaterMaybe you should write down stuff, on paper or in a text file, then put it on paste.01:52
anonymousmanI only have the one broadband connection01:52
icedwateranonymousman: before you go01:52
icedwaterRemember to check lsusb and usb-devices.01:52
Runemororolla91: Ctrl-Alt-T and type: sudo nvidia-xconfig01:52
anonymousmanI was thinking of doing that as well, getting the stuff i need and putting in on word pad and printing it01:52
icedwaterThey do kind of the same thing, but lsusb is more concise.01:52
icedwaterYeah, I seldom print stuff :P But that's me. I'm a tree-hugging type, or I try to be.01:53
anonymousmanis that on ubuntu?01:53
GammaX-2I have a multi I/o Card and need to see if its possibly picking up the parrallel port and not just the serial ports... can someone advise?01:53
icedwaterYes, anonymousman, those two commands will need to be entered in the terminal though.01:53
GammaX-2please? :D01:53
icedwateranonymousman: you may have to press Ctrl-Alt-T to pull up a terminal.01:53
anonymousmanok and the termal u pull up by xtrl alt t right01:53
icedwater(once you go black, you never go back.)01:54
anonymousmanOk i did have that right01:54
rolla91Runemoro: Tried, says command not found01:54
icedwaterThe terminal is pretty useful :)01:54
anonymousmanso what will i type once there so i can paste it iv got my notebook open01:54
jab416171my laptop locks up all the time. I have no idea why, and I'd really like to get to the bottom of it.01:54
jab416171I ran a test to see if it was overheating (a couple for loops, watching the temps) and it got up to 80C, but it kept running just fine. Here's the logs from right before it crashed one time: https://gist.github.com/jab416171/5409690 (which is probably useless because the logs from the last time it happened are completely different)01:54
icedwateranonymousman: in the terminal, either lsusb or usb-devices01:55
anonymousmanhey jab have u tried cleanin your registry01:56
Runemororolla91: Type: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current01:56
wilee-nileejab416171, You mentioned swapping before, the computer can become unresponsive when swapping, could this be the case?01:56
anonymousmanIcedwater> ok i got that01:56
icedwaterWhat do you see?01:57
jab416171wilee-nilee: my swappiness is "1", and I have 4 GB of RAM. I haven't checked to see if I'm using up my memory, I'll do that now.01:57
anonymousmanicedwater> what is the reason it wont let me connect? when i installed it over windows one time it allowed me01:57
rolla91Runemoro: ran, says unable to locate package nvidia current01:57
icedwaterYes, Windows hides a lot of stuff from you, so you see very minimal feedback when things install.01:58
icedwaterIt looks like magic, but with Linux more often you see more.01:58
icedwaterThe trick is not to run away. :P01:59
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
anonymousmanLinux at the moment seems hard as hell, but im gonna master it01:59
Runemororolla91: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates  and after sudo apt-get update01:59
anonymousmanIv downloaded a virtual box to help01:59
icedwaterYup, it's not that difficult.01:59
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dcopedoes everything work on a thinkpad w530?02:00
=== GammaX-2 is now known as GammaX
icedwaterdcope: you're going to have to define 'everything'.02:00
dcopeubuntu.com says it only works completely if it's preinstalled but lenovo doesn't even offer that.02:00
dcopeicedwater: every single hardware feature02:00
icedwaterYes, I know it is unambiguous... are you asking for advice first or leading us up to a problem?02:01
icedwaterThat's more of what I meant.02:01
dcopeicedwater: i'm asking before i buy.02:01
dcopei don't want to drop almost 3 grand on a laptop if hardly anything works.02:01
icedwaterdcope: Good thinking.02:01
icedwaterBut don't you have the option to buy it with Windows first?02:01
dcopeYeah, that's the only option that lenovo seems to offer contrary to Ubuntu's website.02:02
icedwaterThen load up an Ubuntu live CD or USB, try Ubuntu as much as you like02:02
dcopeIf everything works, Ill buy this. Otherwise Ill buy the dell sputnik02:02
icedwaterThen install it if/when you're comfortable.02:02
dr_willis_sort of hard to justify 3 grand on a laptop these days02:02
dcopeicedwater: i have 0 intentions on using windows02:02
icedwaterdcope: generally I find laptop and operating system should be separated from one another.02:02
icedwater(given that you can install Mac OS X on most laptops now. :P)02:03
jab416171wilee-nilee: it's really hard to make it lock up02:03
jab416171it just happens seemingly randomly02:03
dcopeicedwater: and the hackintosh will work worse than my current system MBA02:03
dcopeis there a list somewhere of OEMs that offer Ubuntu?02:03
wilee-nileejab416171, That is about the level of my input a hypotheisi. ;)02:03
icedwaterdcope: I'm not sure it was meant to be anything other than thumbing the metaphorical nose at Apple.02:04
icedwaterHmm... good question. Does any of the regulars know this?02:04
icedwater(also, a guide to interacting with ubottu might be handy.)02:05
icedwaterRight, ubottu?02:05
* icedwater winks.02:05
icedwaterubottu: tell them about yourself!02:05
wilee-nileeicedwater, There ia a bot command list.02:05
Pici!usage | icedwater02:05
ubottuicedwater: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:05
dcopeicedwater: I have yet to find one.02:05
icedwaterAh right. Thanks.02:05
anonymousmanI think i got it figured out by using my virtual box...i'll talk to every one later thnx for helo icedwater02:06
dr_willis_dcope:  a quick google search showed dell,, and system76 and a few year+ old sites that listed other makers02:06
dcopedr_willis_: there's this (http://webapps.ubuntu.com/partners/oem/) but no links to actual models02:06
rolla91Runemoro: ran that, then it allowed me to get apt nvidia-current, still unstable, blinking and lines02:07
wilee-nileedcope, I believe the manufacturers have there own tweaked versions.02:08
dr_willis_i imagine the companies change stuff so fast its hard to keep updated02:08
dcopedamn, all i want is an ubuntu machine that works. im so fed up with my macbook air. :(02:08
dr_willis_dell i think had a slightly tweaked ubuntu for their stuff..02:08
jab416171wilee-nilee: forcing it to swap is fine02:08
icedwaterAll right, I'm heading off for some work-related stuff.02:09
icedwaterBe back soon.02:09
dr_willis_ive rarely had issues with  any laptops ive had on ubuntu.. see what system76 sells.. i thought  many of their machines are identicall/renamed/rebranded stuff from otehr makers02:09
Runemororolla91: Type sudo nvidia-xconfig02:09
dcopedr_willis_: thanks, ill check them out02:09
Runemororolla91: After you do that, reboot02:11
rolla91Runemoro: says unable to locate/open xconfiguration file. new xconfiguration file written to '/etc/x11/xorg.conf'02:11
Runemororolla91: Ok, now reboot. Lines should be gone02:12
dr_willis_i alwauys get laptops that come witn windows.. and swap out the HD ;) i put a ssd in for ubuntu these days. and keep the windows hd safe and untouched.. that way when i eventually sell/give away the laptop to my  brother.. he can have windows back .02:12
oioall procceses in ubuntu 64 bits are 64 bits ?02:13
RunemoroOerHeks: Yay! I used boot-repair and it fixed it :D02:13
dr_willis_it would be nice if they would include boot-repair on the live cd by default.02:14
rolla91Runemoro: you are awesome, no more lines! one more question, the factory hp wireless adapter is not being recognized, is there an easy way to get it working?02:14
=== pie is now known as Guest95
Runemororolla91: Ctrl-Alt-T: sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree02:16
rolla91Runemoro: finished, now reboot, or is there another command?02:18
dr_willis_wife asked me once. when i told her to reboot the pc..... . 'what does shoes have to do with computers?''02:21
dr_willis_i dident even know how to explain the term to her..... ;P02:21
peaceblasterAnyone know a good guide on "dialog" for bash scripting?02:22
dr_willis_dialog gives the old fashoned 'ncurses' type input dialog boxs' for user input.02:22
dr_willis_used by the package manager systgem and a few other scripts02:22
peaceblasteryeah, that02:23
Stanley00peaceblaster: I think just "dialog --help" is enough02:23
peaceblasterok, I mean I can get the interface up no problem I'm just confused about how its output works02:23
dr_willis_#1 question about the dialog stuff in here.. tends to be 'how do i click the ok button, when installing the ms fonts package'  ;) answer.. hit tab. then enter02:23
rolla91Runemoro: still doesn't detect wireless, computer has a physical switch for wireless on/off and now the switch does work to turn it on/off but it still doesn't detect any networks02:23
dr_willis_i thought it put its answers in enviromental variables02:23
dr_willis_http://linuxgazette.net/101/sunil.html    dialog tutorial02:24
Runemororolla91: Idk, try adking someone else :(02:25
rolla91Runemoro: no need to be sorry! you have been amazing help!02:26
rolla91Runemoro: Thank you very much for helping with the video driver issue02:27
peaceblasterdr_willis_ thank you02:27
icedwaterdcope: is your macbook air an intel system?02:27
rolla91anyone else have any idea on how to make my wireless card work with 12.10?02:28
rolla91it appears to be a broadcomm card02:28
dr_willis_rolla91:  does the addational-drivers tool show any suggested drivers for it?02:28
icedwaterrolla91: are you dualbooting?02:28
rolla91dr_willis_ : no it doesnt02:28
dr_willis_rolla91:  also i lerned the hard way once..boot to wndows.. use the switch to make sure the caard is ON.. and never touch that switch under linux. ;)02:29
rolla91icedwater: no i am not02:29
icedwaterAh, OK.02:29
icedwaterdr_willis_: yes, was going to point that out.02:29
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:29
icedwaterI was -very- puzzled because of the Vaio's windows switch.02:29
icedwaterBut the error message was different from what rolla91 is getting so.02:29
icedwaterrolla91: what is your wireless interface called?02:30
icedwaterOn ifconfig02:30
dr_willis_rolla91:  see if lspci shows the card also..   it might be sort of on./off ;) again.. i would boot to windows and make sure its on there..02:30
dr_willis_ive seen people spend an hr+ fighting with wifi cards.. only to discover the switch dosent work properly in linux.02:31
|nv|s|b|ejust make sure its on when you boot linux02:31
rolla91shows broadcom bcm431202:31
icedwaterdr_willis_: yes, but rolla91 did say he is not dual-booting.02:31
FirstmateHiyo, I'm having a strange issue. It seems that applications do not want to accept mouse clicking input.02:32
dr_willis_i had a similer issue once with a sound card..   a power on straight to linux worked.. a reboot from windows -> hardware dident work in linux.02:32
rolla91i am going to go through the guide ubottu left and try that02:32
FirstmateI can move my mouse around, but click (left/right) do not work.02:32
Firstmateclicking does*02:32
icedwaterFirstmate: that is indeed odd.02:32
FirstmateI can, oddly enough, use the top menubar (file, edit...etc)02:33
icedwaterAlso, if anonymousman ever comes back...02:33
dr_willis_Firstmate:  so the buttons are working.. in some apps...02:33
dr_willis_or some locations02:33
FirstmateIn no app.02:33
dr_willis_Firstmate:  see if it works properly in the guest session, or in other window managers would be a good test. this is a very weird bug.02:34
FirstmateOnly in Ubuntu related menus (like the launcher thingy, or the top navigational bar, or the unity launcher)02:34
FirstmateHow would I test the window manager part of your request?02:34
dr_willis_Firstmate:  you are running s normal unity setup? or have you customized anything?02:34
FirstmateIt's pretty much fresh02:34
dr_willis_Firstmate:  sudo apt-get install openbox , and select optnbox at the login screen to see if it works in  openbox.02:34
FirstmateI've installed some dev things (CS student in uni) like python, ruby..etc02:35
jeremiahAnyone know how i can get lightdm working again?02:35
dr_willis_also guest session in the login screen - may  shed some light on the issue02:35
FirstmateOk dr_willis_, I'm on the ubuntu system right now02:35
dr_willis_jeremiah:  sort of depends on how its broken.02:35
FirstmateSo I'll have to get off to try it.02:35
icedwaterFirstmate: not really.02:35
jeremiahWell, if i try to use it, i get the low graphics error02:35
dr_willis_Firstmate:  you can use a console based IRC client in the consoles to stay here as you log out/restart X and so forth02:35
icedwaterYou would need to try it on the Ubuntu system anyway...02:36
FirstmateWell I understand that, but I don't have a console irc cient setup atm.02:36
rolla91I followed the instructions in the link, still no wireless card connection02:36
icedwaterdr_willis_: yep, I like irssi for that. Also, Ctrl-Alt-F1 to F6 (for most cases) should open more consoles you can use.02:36
Firstmatesudo apt-get install irssi fine?02:36
icedwaterJust log in normally, Firstmate, then you can apt-get install irssi and set it up :)02:37
jeremiahDr_willis,  If i try to use it, i get the low graphics session screen.02:37
jeremiahI have an AMD ATI Radeon x2300 graphics card02:38
GammaXMy multi IO card only shows up as using the 2 serial ports and not the parallel port... can anyone help please?02:38
qiyongwhat's the default filesystem?02:38
GammaXubuntu on mine02:38
icedwaterjeremiah: not too sure about that.02:38
icedwaterqiyong: these days it's ext4 I think.02:39
jeremiahicedwater,  what do you mean?02:39
icedwaterjeremiah: I mean I'm not sure how to help you. I suppose your ATI isn't cooperating...02:39
icedwaterSome people seem to have suggested things like setting acpi, nomodeset, etc at boot time...02:39
RubyChellosis it easy to mine bitcoins on linux?02:40
icedwaterBut it might be different.02:40
qiyongicedwater: is ext4 stable enough?02:40
jeremiahicedwater,  No, and itnever has. in the graphics card driver setting, i have no options. So i run off of the default fglrx or whatever it is02:40
Firstmatedr_willis_: I can't scroll up, was is openbox?02:40
icedwaterFirstmate: yes, openbox is an alternate DM.02:40
icedwaterqiyong: I have had no problems so far.02:41
jeremiahicedwater,  though, this only happened not long ago. ubuntu has been running on it for a year now without issues...02:41
icedwaterjeremiah: just out of curiosity, do you remember vaguely when?02:41
jeremiahicedwater,  when it stopped working? two weeks ago. no one replied to my forum thread, so i came here02:42
icedwaterBecause then you might find more clues in /var/log/apt/02:42
icedwaterCould be something you upgraded that broke the driver...02:42
jeremiahthats what i am thinking02:42
icedwaterBut that would also be buried in a stack of other upgraded packages.02:43
jeremiahit happened right after an update, i had to restart it for that update02:43
icedwaterAt least you get some clues from history.log.02:43
icedwaterYou know what they say about those who don't learn from history...02:43
Firstmateicedwater: So terminals created with Cntrl-Alt-F1-6 stay active?02:43
icedwater...they're doomed to reboot it02:43
icedwaterFirstmate: yes, those are started by the system. I forget where you can specify how many you want.02:44
FirstmateIt's fine, just doing what dr_willis_ asked earlier.02:44
FirstmateNice to know this irssi stays open.02:44
icedwaterAh, OK.02:44
jiltdilcreate file name as /file . How to do that02:45
jeremiahicedwater,  i think i may have cleared my logs.. O_O02:45
icedwaterjiltdil: not sure about that. What are you trying to do there?02:45
icedwaterjeremiah: is there anything other than .log in that directory?02:46
jiltdilicedwater, noting just checking to make file name using special characters02:46
Firstmateicedwater: So I changed the window manager to openbox, logged in. but ubuntu threw an error. I can't see anything on the screen, so...I don't know how to get out02:46
jeremiahicedwater,  in where? I cleared my home log files02:46
FirstmateI'm gonna have to reboot.02:46
icedwaterjiltdil: Ah. OK, escapes with \ usually work.02:46
icedwaterFirstmate: hang on02:46
MicdiscHi everyone02:46
icedwaterjeremiah: in /var/log/apt/02:46
Micdiscfirst time here02:47
icedwaterThe system keeps those, you usually wouldn't have permission to delete them.02:47
jiltdilicedwater, like touch /\a     ?02:47
MicdiscI have a question about Kubuntu and Compiz if anyone can help02:47
jeremiahi do have that02:47
firstmateuhhh icedwater : How do you shut down via terminal?02:47
icedwaterjiltdil: Technically, yes.02:47
icedwaterBut I believe those \/ should be the other way round.02:48
jiltdilicedwater, not working .. it is making file in /02:48
icedwaterAnd will be interpreted first as paths.02:48
icedwaterSo permissions apply.02:48
icedwaterYep, it works for most other characters though. :P02:48
icedwaterfirstmate: sudo poweroff or reboot :)02:48
icedwaterfirstmate: wait02:48
firstmateGonna have to find out how to google in this terminal when I'm back :V02:48
icedwaterfirstmate: I didn't realise you were still here. :P02:48
firstmateI left, but didn't know how to shutdown...02:49
icedwaterI don't have a list of names on the side :P02:49
jeremiahicedwater,  yea, i have those files. but ubuntu updates like every two days, so i have no clue whatsoever...02:49
firstmateI'll be back later.02:49
icedwaterjeremiah: maybe go to as close as possible to where the problem began?02:49
jeremiahicedwater,  what do you mean?02:49
icedwaterfirstmate / Firstmate isn't one to wait :/02:49
icedwaterjeremiah: look around for the upgrade commands near about 2 weeks ago, since you say the problem started occurring then...02:50
jeremiahicedwater,  i found the exact date, i made a facebook update when it happened about it :P02:50
icedwaterAlso, will all the full-time Ubuntu support staff here raise their hands? :P02:50
jeremiahicedwater,  could that help?02:50
icedwaterjeremiah: it could. That would narrow down your search through the logs.02:51
icedwater(I was making a point. There are probably -no- full-time support staff here.)02:51
jeremiahicedwater,  but how do i tell what date the log was?02:51
icedwaterjeremiah: well, in /var/log/apt/history.log, each block of updates is preceded by the date when the command began.02:52
jeremiahicedwater,  ah02:52
icedwaterYou see "Start-Date: $date $time" at the top of each paragraph.02:53
jeremiahum, why do most of them start at x.x.2012???02:53
icedwaterLook for the Commandline: line.02:54
icedwaterIf they are apt-get --yes then it's probably automatic updates? I'm not sure about that though.02:54
icedwaterMy manual downloads all appeared without the --yes, so I'm guessing.02:54
jeremiahit was automatic02:54
icedwaterAlso, I'm heading off now, will be back shortly.02:55
jeremiahfound it02:55
Runemorohi, does anyone know what "microcode: CPU0: update failed for patch_level=..."02:57
RunemoroIt hangs on that screen for around 1 minute02:58
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest35251
histojeremiah: test heard03:13
histo!test | jeremiah03:13
ubottujeremiah: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )03:13
jeremiahjust making sure i wasnt disconnected03:14
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dr_willis_paid irc support staff...   ;)03:21
GrivvelHello. I've attempted to uninstall apache2 several times (using sudo apt-get remove apache2), but it keeps returning. Does anyone know what might be causing that?03:23
GrivvelOr is there a way to see what caused it to install?03:23
jordan__did you try purging?03:24
GrivvelNo, I haven't. I'll try that. Is it possible for a program to re-install itself if you don't purge?03:25
jordan__I'm fairly certain it isn't03:25
=== Reina is now known as Guest72112
GrivvelHuh, actually, according to apt, apache2 isn't installed at all... but it's definitely running and serving an empty directory03:25
histoGrivvel: dpkg -l | grep apache03:29
jda2000So on Ubuntu 12.10 is there an easy way to make a launcher?03:29
histojda2000: what kind of launcher?03:30
joshuakadeI'm running out of space on my duel boot ubuntu drive03:30
Grivvelhisto: Aha! Thanks! Somehow apache2.2-bin was installed as well03:30
joshuakadeI'm not sure what to do though03:31
jda2000histo, for a binary I know the file name of.03:31
joshuakadeI literally have 3.00 MB left but it's a 300 GB drive and I know I haven't used 300 GB's up03:32
jda2000histo, say for example:  /home/jda2000/Android/Development/adt-bundle-linux-x86-20130219/eclipse03:32
wilee-nileejoshuakade, Check /var/logs03:33
jda2000hiso, I can't seem to be able to just drag it over from nautilus.03:34
joshuakadeWhat am I looking for03:34
wilee-nileejda2000, It is root check the properties for the data amount.03:35
jda2000histo,  I think I found it: http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/create-application-launcher-add-icon-to-unity-ubuntu-12-10/03:36
jarray52I have the following dhcpd.conf file. http://dpaste.org/JkuPz/ However, when I try to start the dhcpd process, I get the following error message.03:36
jarray52No subnet declaration for eth0 (no IPv4 addresses).03:36
jarray52** Ignoring requests on eth0.  If this is not what03:36
jarray52   you want, please write a subnet declaration03:36
jarray52   in your dhcpd.conf file for the network segment03:36
jarray52   to which interface eth0 is attached. **03:36
FloodBot1jarray52: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:36
wilee-nileejoshuakade, It is root check the properties for the data amount.03:36
histojda2000: there are .Desktop files in the /usr/share/... somewhere I believe03:36
histojda2000: for a reference03:37
histojda2000: why not install eclipse from the repos btw?03:37
jda2000histo, OK, thanks.03:37
joshuakadeI'm confused03:38
contrapunctusHey folks. Anyone know which file xchat uses to store info for favorite servers and channels?03:41
histojda2000: find /usr/share -name '*.desktop'03:41
histocontrapunctus: somewhere in ~ check for .xchat or in .config03:42
joshuakadeWhat does that mean wilee-nilee?03:42
jda2000histo,  When you install the Android Development Kit it has it's own version.03:42
wilee-nileecontrapunctus, It is in .config/xchat unhide home.03:42
contrapunctushisto: Already checked. But which file?03:42
=== chaos_ is now known as soahccc
wilee-nileejoshuakade, what does what mean?03:43
histocontrapunctus: don't have xchat installed can't help there. man xchat should yield some info on config possibly03:43
joshuakade"It is root check the properties for the data amount"03:43
histocontrapunctus: howbout grep -i 'server' ~/.config/xchat/*03:44
contrapunctushisto: Oh, wait. Got it. servlist_.conf. The entries after J= under the relevant server are the autojoin channels. Thanks :)03:44
joshuakadewilee-nilee"It is root check the properties for the data amount"03:44
wilee-nileejoshuakade, /var/log is in your root part of the OS. Right click log and it will tell you how much data is in there.03:44
dr_willis_ive seen many people in here over the last few months that get HUGE amount of log files  - sevral gb worth at times.03:45
wilee-nileeright click then clicl properties03:45
joshuakadewilee-nilee : Contains: 191 items, totalling 5.2 MB03:45
joshuakade(some contents unreadable)03:45
histodr_willis_: logrotate is your friend03:46
dr_willis_sudo du -hs /var/log    may also tell you how many mb is in there03:46
wilee-nileejoshuakade, Cool I was just following what I saw others check for in a similar situation.03:46
dr_willis_histo:  yea. excet i think some of these were the x error logs in the users home.03:46
histodr_willis_: oh yeah those don't get rotated03:47
histodr_willis_: they should get purged though if they don't have stuff owned by another user.03:47
joshuakadeWhat do I need to do in order to increase the amount of space Ubuntu can use?03:48
dr_willis_yea. makes me wonder if there shouldent be some sort of startup check to clean out older x org log error files.. or try to break them down into smaller chunks so older ones can get removed03:48
histojoshuakade: what kind of install?03:48
joshuakadeDuel install with Windows Vista03:48
dr_willis_joshuakade:  not a wubi install?03:48
dr_willis_did you boot a cd/usb to install? did you make partions for the system?03:49
jda2000histo, It looks like I have more of those .desktop files than I have apps......03:49
joshuakadeI used the installer from the Ubuntu website... histo03:49
histojoshuakade: if you used wubi i'm not sure I believe it's a file contained on your C drive. not a seperate partition03:49
histojoshuakade: you may have to search askubuntu not too many people here use wubi03:50
dr_willis_joshuakade:  pastebin the output of the 'mount' command..  a  of 'df -h' it will tell us some basic info03:50
histojoshuakade: and sudo fdisk -l  in your pastebin also03:50
dr_willis_the days of wubi - are numbered... ;)03:50
Pinkamena_Ddoes anyone know if their is any known tool to fix the "overlapping partitions" error in gparted?03:50
bigbadbenhow can I tell if my log files are encrypted?03:51
histoPinkamena_D: You could try having gparted fix the errors03:51
dr_willis_bigbadben:  try to read them? ive never seen them encrypted .03:51
histobigbadben: did you setup an encrypted partition?03:51
jda2000Pinkamena_D, gparted03:51
OerHeksjoshuakade, howto increase a wubi install > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1625371&highlight=resize2fs%20wubi03:52
bigbadbenmy home folder is encrypted but I don't know about my log files03:52
Pinkamena_Dwhere am i going in gparted?03:52
Pinkamena_DIt just shows the entire thing as an unaccolated error now03:52
Pinkamena_D(no problems booting from any of the OS's though)03:52
Pinkamena_D(the problem came up when I made the swap a little bigger)03:53
joshuakadehisto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5720546/03:54
histojoshuakade: yeah you'd have to use windows or a live cd to increase the size of your loop device on drive C:03:57
histojoshuakade: that's were / is03:57
lnx-ehi everyone04:00
lnx-ei have a problem after last update04:01
lnx-e any one can help me ?04:02
LinDol_lab_hi lnx-e04:03
LinDol_lab_i m here, but i am a newbieee04:03
gfbHey all - i'm really pretty new to all this and I was wondering if there is anyone(s) who could help me with setting up an apache server/ resolving some issues im having04:04
zykotick9lnx-e: you should probably, say what that problem is...04:04
lnx-ei made last update yesterday... and this morning i started the computer but it freezes when it comes ubuntulogo screen (ubuntu12.10)04:05
lnx-esorry for my english  :)04:05
lnx-ei thnk it was kernel upgrade04:06
Pinkamena_DIs their anyone here who can help me find the problem If i post my partition table?04:06
=== Liam- is now known as Liam-away
Pinkamena_DI have been looking over the guide but I am a bit lost04:07
KorbitIs there a better way to check what programs are installed than 'dpkg --get-selections | grep -i "program"'?04:07
Stanley00kermit: try "dpkg -l program"04:08
zykotick9lnx-e: do you get a grub menu when you boot right now (to select other kernels)?  if not hold SHIFT while booting, and see if using an older kernel works (assuming you have one).04:08
bigbadbenPinkamena_D,  post I can try04:08
Pinkamena_Dthank you for replying.04:08
Stanley00Korbit:  try "dpkg -l program"04:08
Stanley00kermit: wrong name, sorry :(04:09
bigbadbenPinkamena_D,  what am I looking for?04:09
Pinkamena_Dgparted says their are overlapping partitions04:09
KorbitStanley00: thanks, that works a lot better and is easier to type.04:09
Stanley00Korbit: you are welcome ;)04:10
lnx-ei recovered grub  (boot-repair) and i tried advanced grub menu... i tried other options oother kernel options04:10
joshuakadehisto, how would one do something like that04:10
Pinkamena_Dthey all look to be in a fairly linear order, not including the extended. (but thats normal, right?)04:10
bigbadbenPinkamena_D, does it not let you boot or whats the issue?04:11
histojoshuakade: don't know I would search askubuntu i'm sure someone has asked on there04:12
Pinkamena_Dgparted wont let me do anything. All the partitions boot correctly. This is a problem because things aill not auto mount now, and I cant clone to my new drive04:12
lnx-ezykotick9 :04:12
zykotick9lnx-e: sorry, i don't have any suggestions for you.  best of luck.04:12
lnx-e<zykotick9> : thnk you very much04:13
zykotick9!tab > lnx-e04:13
ubottulnx-e, please see my private message04:13
=== wally__ is now known as Guest40827
bigbadbenPinkamena_D, when did you make these new partitions?04:15
Pinkamena_Dwell, It was stupidly a long time before I noticed anything was wrong.04:16
Pinkamena_DI am 90% sure the last change i made was changing the size of the swap04:16
Pinkamena_DIf you are asking literally when, I think 2-3 months ago04:17
bigbadbeneither way your sda2 and sda5 look like they are overlapping you might want to ask on a second opinion tho04:17
dr_willis_hmm. sda2 would be a primary partition. while sda5 would be a logical Inside an extended..04:18
dr_willis_is the swap partion sda2 or sda5?04:18
rdilsituation:  i only have a keyboard connected to a ubuntu box i want to pull files from.... problem:  how do i open a terminal emulator from the ubuntu desktop without the use of a mouse?04:18
Paul_MyBBCtrl + Alt + T04:19
bigbadbenDr_willis,  you can take a look here http://pastebin.com/3maDrbED04:19
dr_willis_rdil:  alt-ctrl-t, or tap the super key and type terminal04:19
rdilthanks :)04:19
zykotick9dr_willis_: thanks to GPT, those rules no longer apply :)04:19
bigbadbenDr_willis_,  you can take a look here http://pastebin.com/3maDrbED04:19
jordan__Would a LibreOffice Calc or Excel master plz message me if you're out there?04:19
Pinkamena_Dtbh I dont know04:19
rdilwhat is the super key, btw?04:19
Pinkamena_Dwell it cant be SDA204:20
Pinkamena_Dbecause that encompasses all of the other ones04:20
zykotick9rdil: windows key, poorly named really.04:20
rdilah, that did nothing. i tryed ctl esc too, ctl alt t works perfectly though :)04:20
contrapunctusrdil : If you're using XFCE, it easily lets you set shortcuts - mine's set to Alt+`04:21
Pinkamena_Dthe one clue I saw on gparted manual was this "At least 2 sectors of unallocated space are required in front of logical partitions. "04:21
histozykotick9: meta key or super key04:21
histozykotick9: super key04:22
Pinkamena_Dhow can you tell if the partition is logical? =P04:22
dr_willis_sda1 and sda2 look like they are overlapping by 10 blocks here.04:22
dr_willis_sda 1,2,3,4 would be primaries..  a logcal would be sda5+04:22
rdilthis was just a stock install.  i don't know if it was xfce or gnome though04:22
rdilbut reguardless, thanks guys.  i'm set now that i have a terminal :)04:23
dr_willis_and a extended  partition is holding the logicals04:23
dr_willis_sda2 may be the extended holding the logicals.04:23
Pinkamena_Dsda2 has a start value well above sda1's end value?04:23
Pinkamena_Dwhy is it overlapping?04:24
dr_willis_the end of sda1 seems to be overlapping the  beginning of sda1 from what im reading04:24
Pinkamena_Drdil, if you want a real terminal press ctrl+alt+F! =D04:24
dr_willis_sda2 and sda104:24
Pinkamena_Dsorry, ctrl+alt+F104:24
Pinkamena_Doh crap04:25
Pinkamena_Dwait dont press it04:25
dr_willis_looks like you got  (sda1) (sda2 <sda5>) (sda3) (sda4)04:25
Pinkamena_DI hope hes ok04:25
rdilstrange, ctl alt f4-f8 didn't do shit :P04:26
histoPinkamena_D: is it a large hd and gpt partitioned?04:26
histo!language | rdil04:26
ubotturdil: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:26
Pinkamena_Dyes, I used gparted04:27
Pinkamena_DI don't know why it caused this error04:27
=== azend is now known as DGNP
Pinkamena_Dalso to me its looking like (sda1) (sda2 <sds5> <sda3> <sda6>) (sda4)04:28
=== DGNP is now known as Azend
dr_willis_hmm.. sda3 should be a primary. not a logical..04:29
=== Azend is now known as azend
* dr_willis_ is getting eyestrain from squinting at the #'s04:29
dr_willis_gparted should show it in a nice graphic. ;)04:29
Pinkamena_Dlol, but it wont because their is an error04:29
Pinkamena_Dbut I cant find the error04:29
dr_willis_looks like sda1 is overlapping sda2 to me04:30
Pinkamena_Dwhy do you say that?04:30
Pinkamena_DI am trying to figure it out04:30
dr_willis_the #'s show the end of sda1 to be like 10 more then the start of sda204:30
bigbadbenPinkamena_D,  sda1 ends at 48928319 while sda2 starts at 48943102  (sda2-sda1)=1478304:31
dr_willis_or am i missreading04:31
bigbadbenor dr_willis04:31
zykotick9histo: ya, i don't find anything "super" about windows ;)04:31
CFenixhi everyone, i just installed Lubuntu(on a old machine) but it doesn't detect my Nvidia chipset like Ubuntu, i don' t know how to get the proper drivers04:31
IdiothelpOh god I'm blind04:32
Pinkamena_D4that is a bigger number right? I am not making that up? XD04:32
rdilis there a way to get a total progress meter for cp?04:32
dr_willis_CFenix:  the addational drivers tool shoiuld be in a tab under software-soruces for 12.10. or just run  jockey-gtk for 12.0404:32
Idiothelppls help need to reset video settings, but can only type into a terminal04:32
dr_willis_CFenix:  or just  be brave and try 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current'04:32
dr_willis_Idiothelp:  what video settings? does the login screen appear properly?04:33
IdiothelpNo, can't see anything. Used xsomthing to input a bad res and rebooted04:33
Liam-awayif it's 12.10 the additional drivers in software sources won't work04:34
Liam-awayfor nvidia-current04:34
Idiothelpdidn't write any files directly04:34
dr_willis_Idiothelp:  if its in your xorg.conf   use the text mode option to boot to text mode and rename the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file04:34
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:34
IdiothelpAlso oddly, ctrlaltf1 doesn't work04:35
CFenixdr_willis_: i alredy installed the jockey-gtk, i don't see the drivers in "additional drivers", i'll try the line on terminal right now04:35
bigbadbenPinkamena_D, that compaq diagnostics might be causing the problem04:35
dr_willis_CFenix:  could be your card is so old. nvidia has dropped support for them04:35
Pinkamena_DI would not card if I have to get rid of it04:35
falcom_i setup ssh and byobu.. do i just have to make ubuntu boot up to console mode (no gui ) to complete its headless-ness?04:36
Pinkamena_Dwhere is the overlap?04:36
Liam-awayCFenix: what version of lubuntu?04:36
dr_willis_Pinkamena_D:  if you have made a 'recovery dvd' set for wundows. then you can most likely delete the  compaq partitions. but be sure you got a backup/restore disk set made04:36
zykotick9bigbadben: oh man, i haven't heard "compaq diagnostics" in YEARS - i worked for compaq (in tech support) for a number of years.  thanks for bring back some bad, and good, memories ;)04:37
CFenix12.10,  and  yes it is old, but i never had a problem with Ubuntu detecting the graphic chipset04:37
Liam-awayCFenix: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/ubuntu-quetzal-nvidia.html04:37
Pinkamena_DI dont care about the windows, I just use it to play one game that I cant get to work with wine04:37
Liam-awayshould still work for lubuntu04:37
Liam-awaythat is the only method, the manual way04:37
dr_willis_!text | falcom_ make text mode the default and it will boot to the console. and can then be headless ->04:37
ubottufalcom_ make text mode the default and it will boot to the console. and can then be headless ->: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:37
Liam-awayyou cant just install nvidia-current, you have to build against the linux-source04:37
bigbadbenPinkamena_D, there is no overlap that I can see but I once tried installing Ubuntu 12.10 on my brothers compaq and it would only let me make more than 4 partitions or something crazy like that04:37
Liam-awayin 12.10, that is04:37
bigbadbenzykotick9, you poor thing tech support is the worst I am sure it was awful at compaq as well04:38
falcom_ubottu: why are some tutorial stating that i should modify /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf?04:38
ubottufalcom_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:38
Pinkamena_Dwell this is actually an IBM thinkpad, I have no idea why gparted is calling it a compaq04:38
falcom_dr_willis_:  why are some tutorial stating that i should modify /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf?04:38
zykotick9bigbadben: it was a lot better then Dell ;)  </OT sorry>04:38
Pinkamena_Deverything is a lot better then dell04:39
dr_willis_falcom_:  depends on what you want to do.. for a headless box. theres no point in starting ligghtdm. how you keep it from startisn is up to you04:39
dr_willis_falcom_:  because theres differnrt ways to stop the service from starting04:39
bigbadbenzykotick9, next your going to tell me you worked for gateway lol all done no more off topic I swear04:40
dr_willis_text mode will stop any of the *dm login managers from starting04:40
Pinkamena_Dok well as another option is their a forum you guys would recommend I put this in? I really don't want to start from scratch, this is my daily work and play computer04:41
bigbadbenPinkamena_D,  your sda2 and sda6 both end on the same block try making one one block bigger04:41
IdiothelpI think I rmd xorg.conf, but still booting to a bad res04:41
IdiothelpI fooled with it via xrandr04:42
Pinkamena_Dok I will reduce the swap a little on both ends04:42
bigbadbenPinkamena_D, let me know how it works you may be the first person I have ever successfully helped here lol04:44
dr_willis_Pinkamena_D:  you could just delete the swap and remake it...04:44
IdiothelpAnyone else have any suggestions on how to get a working res? I had one but put some stuff I didn't understand through xrandr04:45
ShapeShifter499I have used clonezilla before to make a backup of a ubuntu partition, I was able to "clone" that backup over any fresh install of ubuntu to restore my system, can I use this method to make my system encrypted?   (run ubuntu install, make sure it encrypts new install, use clonezilla partition restore to restore my system into the encrypted partition)04:46
dr_willis_Idiothelp:  each user can have their own res setting - via that monitors/display tool.04:46
Idiothelpdr_willis_ I can't see anything04:48
Pinkamena_Dwell I cant edit it when I am running from it...be back in a bit04:48
IdiothelpI was trying to set a custom res04:48
dr_willis_i thought you got it working with xrandr?04:48
dr_willis_how did you set the res? what application?04:49
Idiothelpxrandr -set somethig04:50
IdiothelpI'm trying to do the same thing with the prev res now, I thibk04:50
dr_willis_that wouldent be a perment change04:50
riddribHello everyone04:50
dr_willis_how are you seeing to use that xrandr command then?04:50
IdiothelpGuessing my way to getting gterm window up04:51
dr_willis_!info gxrandr04:51
ubottuPackage gxrandr does not exist in quantal04:51
IdiothelpStill broken :'(04:52
dr_willis_theres some gui front ends to xrandr04:52
dr_willis_but xrandr would not make the change perment.04:52
=== lantizia_ is now known as Lantizia
dr_willis_Idiothelp:  so is the lightdm login screen the correct res or not?04:52
Idiothelpxrandr --output04:53
IdiothelpTrying to set it back to the original didn't work04:53
riddribwhere can solve problem to ubuntu?04:53
dr_willis_if lightdm is incorrect. then i would double check that you have removed the xorg.conf file04:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:54
IdiothelpI'll try that again what's the correct path to xorg.conf?04:54
dr_willis_  /etx/X11/04:54
dr_willis_  /etc/X11/04:54
dr_willis_remove it, restart lightdm -->   sudo service lightdm restart   and see if the res is correct got lightdm and the guest user.04:55
IdiothelpGot a nosignal like it was gonna go to a mode, but didnt04:57
IdiothelpDo i need to login again?04:57
IdiothelpTo awesome04:57
dr_willis_if you restart44d the lightdm servie it should be at the lightdm login screen04:57
IdiothelpWell, back to a terminal and still can't see.anyrhing. any other ideas? :(04:58
dr_willis_you mean a CONSOLE?04:59
dr_willis_or are you at a  low res X session?04:59
IdiothelpI can put commands into a terminal04:59
Streppyhello all, how do I make LoveFilm work in ubtuntu 12.04?05:00
dr_willis_are you in X now? or are you at the CONSOLE?05:00
IdiothelpX session05:00
IdiothelpAwesome, specifically05:00
dr_willis_so how did you login if you cant see?05:00
IdiothelpI just typed my password in05:00
IdiothelpI'm sure I'm at a yerminal because reboot now temporarily shuts off mouse/keyboard05:01
riddribTo install LOVEFiLM run the following command in a new Terminal window:05:01
riddribsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lovefilm-desktop05:01
dr_willis_so you basically have a low res screen? or is part of the monitor/screen not showing?05:01
StreppyThanks, what about the MS Silverlight software??05:01
IdiothelpNo screen at all05:02
dr_willis_Streppy:  good luck getting silverlight working in wine.. its doable but a challange.05:02
dr_willis_Idiothelp:  so how did you verify you deleted the xorg.conf?05:02
IdiothelpI ensured that I typed it correctly05:02
IdiothelpAlso I tried locatong pne beforehand05:03
dr_willis_Idiothelp:  and why dident you just go to the alt-ctrl-f1 console ?05:03
dr_willis_or use ssh if you can ssh in from a differnt box05:03
IdiothelpThat doesn't work either :/05:03
IdiothelpCtrl alt f105:03
Streppywhat do I need to do in Wine? You make it sound like it's not possible which is a bit scary as I'm a complete beginner on ubuntu.05:04
Idiothelpdoesn't work05:04
dr_willis_i would suggest rebooing into text mode and see if the consoles work and verify the xorg,conf file is gone and see if you can start a x session from the text consoles05:04
IdiothelpThere wasn't an xorg.conf in the.first place05:04
IdiothelpOnly xorg.conf05:04
dr_willis_Streppy:  silverlight is not going to be easy to get going in wine at all..  its taken a LONG time for someone to get netflix with silverlight working in wine05:05
Idiothelp.d folder with input srttings05:05
dr_willis_Idiothelp:  and a user running an xrandr command would not affect the whole system.. so you got somthing very odd going on05:05
riddribinstall Moonlight 1.0 Siverlight of linux  http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/05:05
dr_willis_Streppy:  what is LoveFilm anyway?05:06
riddriband you can watch video05:06
IdiothelpCable was loose lmao05:06
dr_willis_moonlight does not work with DRM protected vvideo05:06
deitarionWhat's the proper way to upgrade from xserver-xorg-core to xserver-xorg-core-lts-quantal? I have a graphics tablet I want to set up and I need 1.13.0 to avoid triggering a major bug when I set up a coordinate transformation matrix to compensate for my multi-monitor desktop.05:07
IdiothelpWell that was anticlimactic.05:07
deitarionI'm on Precise LTS currently.05:07
StreppyLveFilm its the 3rd biggest company for on-demand video streaming service (similar to netflix)05:07
sonofzeusHi anyone here uses transmission?05:07
dr_willis_Streppy:  well  there is that ubuntu netflix package that does support some other companies i recall seeing. check it out.05:07
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop05:07
JPmKHello, I am trying to install firefox manually. What I have done: downloaded the last version of firefox, untar the package, move it to /usr/lib and made a symlink in this way: ln -s /usr/lib/firefox-20.0/firefox /usr/bin/firefox. But when i try to run firefox, it says: bash: /usr/bin/firefox: No such file or directory. I checked in /usr/bin with "ls -l" -> firefox -> /usr/lib/firefox-20.0/firefox* (it looks fine to me). Why it doesn't work? Please, I would like05:08
sonofzeusDoes transmission have a seperate IRC channel?05:09
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:09
IdiothelpThhanks for helpong05:10
Streppythank you, dr_willis and riddrib. I'll go away and follow the instructions you have provided. Bye05:10
dr_willis_JPmK:  if you cd to where the firefox binary is at . does ./firefox work ?05:11
JPmKdr_willis_: acrually, nope05:12
falcom_is there a equivalent of /etc/init/startx.conf in 12.10 quantal?05:12
dr_willis_JPmK:  there ya go. :) thats the issue05:12
dr_willis_i thought it was start-firefox or some script that you ran....05:13
JPmKthat's the reason... dr_willis_ thanks :) But I just downloaded, why it doesn't work?05:13
peteyis there a command i can run that searches a folder full of files for a string of text?05:13
JPmKaha, ok :)05:13
JPmKpetey: man find05:13
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins05:13
falcom_petey: grep -r "keywords" .05:13
peteyman find?05:13
peteyah okay05:13
dr_willis_best would be to use the package manager to update firefox05:13
peteycool thanks a lot falcom05:13
JPmKdr_willis: thanks :)05:14
zykotick9petey: i find using "i" with grep helpful, then upper/lower case doesn't matter, and grep will return both05:16
deitarionI'm not hugely familiar with how not-officially-supported backports work on Ubuntu. Is it possible for me to get a kernel 3.7.x or higher on 12.04 LTS without compiling it myself?05:17
=== falcom_ is now known as falcom
deitarionFailing that, does anyone know of any problems with using the -lts-quantal userland with the pre-LTS 3.2 kernel rather than the LTS 3.5 kernel?05:20
deitarion (I'm trying to reconcile the need for a specific xorg-xserver-core bugfix from 1.13.0 (only in the LTS backports) with the need for a specific driver that got merged in 3.7 but is available in a patched 3.2 kernel for Precise)05:21
tjthegeekhi people I need some ubuntu sound help05:28
riddribyou need install the driver to you sound card05:29
anekshey guys I installed ubuntu on its own and let it take over the whole hard disk but when I reboot after the installation all I get is a black screen and a blinking cursor.05:29
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
dr_willis_!nomodeset | aneks05:30
ubottuaneks: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:30
=== elixir_ is now known as elixir
tjthegeekI have sound but have problems with using libav or ffmpeg after I install qjackctl, using mic loopback ... when giving the loopback command I dont get the mic all the time I get a crazy distortion that increeses very loudly untill i reboot05:33
pabs3where can I find the alternate installer for Ubuntu raring?05:34
tjthegeekis this because i need to specify an exact hw plug or what ?05:34
tjthegeekpactl load-module module-loopback05:37
tjthegeek I use this command for loopback so I can hear my mic while doing screencast's05:37
tjthegeekpactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=105:39
tjthegeekcorrection I use this command05:39
=== AndChat-224721 is now known as Dr_Willis-
bazhangpabs3, raring discussion in #ubuntu+105:40
Dr_Willis-there is no longer an alternate installer cd as of 12.04 + i belive pabs305:40
tjthegeekanybody good with ffmpeg or libav ?05:42
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bazhangtjthegeek, try #ffmpeg05:45
cukenI'm having a problem with vsftpd, internally on an ftp conection I'm able to see the directories that I specify, if I access it from an external address, I have to force it to use active mode, and it shows no directories05:53
mob001Hi, how to install Twiki on ubuntu 10.04 64bit server... pls help on this..05:57
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histo!info twiki lucid06:12
ubottuPackage twiki does not exist in lucid06:12
histomob001: https://library.linode.com/web-applications/wikis/twiki/ubuntu-10.04-lucid06:14
mob001histo: thanks for help06:14
histomob001: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/TWikiOnUbuntu06:14
l057c0d3rhey hiso..  any idea...why xchat..  even though it was closed showed up in the system monitor  and top  twoic...06:15
l057c0d3rbut was unable to kill them..   well no error was reported when killed.. but they remained in the list.. using 0 ram 0 cpu and a mode z flag rather then s in top...06:15
l057c0d3rthey were just taking up pid space basicly. but doing and using nothing06:16
histol057c0d3r: zombie process06:16
histo!zombie | l057c0d3r06:16
histo!kill | l057c0d3r06:17
ubottul057c0d3r: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:17
l057c0d3rhmm..  k so im lazy.. what is a zombie process...06:17
ktosieka process that died,  but still lives on06:18
histol057c0d3r: it's defunct06:18
histol057c0d3r: ps aux | grep xchat  to get the pid and just kill pid#06:18
l057c0d3rwell i had the pid from top...06:18
histol057c0d3r: kill it in top06:18
l057c0d3rbut a kill 2012 did not remove it from top06:18
ktosiekwell, at least result of it's life live on, waiting for some good soul to collect them06:18
histol057c0d3r: make sure it doesnt' have a parrent06:19
l057c0d3ractually tried killing both of them in the system monitor as well and they still stayed there kicking06:19
histol057c0d3r: pstree pid#06:19
peterrooneyl057c0d3r: or more simply, kill -15 $(pidof xchat)06:19
ktosiekl057c0d3r: it won't, the process waits for it's parent to collect return status06:19
ktosiekyou should kill the parent06:19
ktosiek(if parent is not PID 1)06:19
l057c0d3ri see i see06:19
ktosiek(if parent is PID 1 you have found a bug in init)06:19
opiengI am currently in root in the terminal, how can I get back to my username?06:20
l057c0d3rbut since they were using 0 ram and 0 cpu..  were they causing any harm realy06:20
ktosiekopieng: how did you become one?06:20
wilee-nileeopieng, exit06:20
histol057c0d3r: pstree -p pid#06:20
opiengI typed sudo -s06:20
l057c0d3rone more nob questoin.. system cache.. what is it used for exactly...06:21
histoopieng: ctrl+d or type exit and hit enter06:21
opiengI need to go to root to install sagemath06:21
histol057c0d3r: what swap?06:21
l057c0d3ri've noticed after a few days my system is using 30% of my ram for programs.. whish is about what it uses after i start everything i want after fresh boot...06:21
l057c0d3rbut system cache is at 50%06:22
l057c0d3rstill 0 swap being used though since i have about 8gb ram06:22
opiengI typed in xchat, now my terminal line is blank, exit or ctrl+D does not work?06:22
ktosiekl057c0d3r: system cache is things like files read from disk lately06:22
l057c0d3rah i see...06:22
SecretFireIm having problems with xubuntu randomly logging me out, it has something to do with X crashing and the fact that I have nvidia. Can someone help me debug?06:23
l057c0d3rbut the system will give this space back if needed right..  like say if i go to play tf2 or champions of regnark06:23
ktosiekl057c0d3r: it's ready for use by apps almost instantly, but still gives you quite some boost (that's why you want to have some "unused" RAM)06:23
l057c0d3rk was asking because you combine 50 and 30.. heh thats 90% of 8gb or ram being used06:24
l057c0d3rerr 8006:24
l057c0d3rblah i cant math tonight06:24
Dr_Willis-opieng:    use 'command &'   see bash job controll docs and  guides for more info on the topic06:26
opiengok thanks Dr_willis06:28
l057c0d3rhmm thanks again for the information... i'll have to remember that ptree -p ###06:30
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jackwwhere is ubuntu 13.0406:33
jackwcant wait for it06:33
tjthegeekzorin os anybody?06:34
Fuzzleshavent tried it06:34
histo!raring | jackw06:34
ubottujackw: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+106:34
bazhangtjthegeek, whats the question. its not supported here, though they have a channel on freenode06:34
Biomechdso i got bored and decided to play a flash game or two, but the game i wanna play is popping up a "flash settings" thing but i can't do anything with it.06:34
bazhang!alis | tjthegeek have a search for it06:34
ubottutjthegeek have a search for it: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:34
Dr_Willis-Biomechd:  fullscreen the flash  video/game and see if the flash settings dialog thenworks.06:36
Dr_Willis-Biomechd:  its an old issue with work arounds.. should be mentioned at askubuntu.com06:37
BiomechdDr_willis: didn't work06:40
linuxdumbI have a live usb lubuntu with persistence enabled that was working but now goes to blank screen when it finishes booting, I just want to start again with a fresh lubuntu but problem is I saved some documents that I really need  under the now faulty lubuntu live usb, any suggestions for an easy way to recover these files06:40
Bodsdalinuxdumb: boot off of other live media, then mount the usb drive to retrieve the files06:43
linuxdumbtried that bodsda but could not find the files, I presumed it was because persistence is a special case and the files are within some other file06:45
Bodsdalinuxdumb: no, persistene just means that the 'live' usb is treated as a normal external install - the music for example should be in /mount/mydevice/home/user/Music06:46
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Neozonz#boston for all boston MIT shooting updates06:47
bazhangNeozonz, dont advertise06:48
bazhang!cn | ensleep06:48
ubottuensleep: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:48
ensleepjoin ubuntu-cn06:49
ensleepin english06:49
jstrakeNewbie using 12.04. Something is eating up my hdd and I can't find it. Numbers don't match with disk usage analyzer.06:49
Bodsdaensleep: try  /join #ubuntu-cn06:49
Neozonz#boston Police confirm these are the Marathon Bombers[30]  EDIT 2:48 EST: Suspect who is at large is confirmed to be the Marathon Bomber with the white hat!06:50
xroHi, i just found a /dev/.tmp11-1 what is this? is it legitimate?06:50
linuxdumbok bodsda, I saved the doc under documents folder originally but now when I mount the flash drive that contains the faulty os I see no sign of such files or directories06:52
Bodsdalinuxdumb: can you pastebin the output of   ls /mount/mydevice/home/username/     please - replacing 'mydevice' and 'username' as appropriate06:53
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linuxdumbthe directories on the faulty os do not look like they did when this os was booting and working06:53
Bodsdalinuxdumb: ok... without seeing a directory listing then, I can't help06:55
linuxdumbok, I'll need some time though06:56
linuxdumbI'm a beginner06:56
Bodsdalinuxdumb: do you understand the concept of how mounting works?06:56
linuxdumba little06:57
linuxdumba very little06:57
linuxdumbI know I need to mount and unmount that is about it06:57
Bodsdalinuxdumb: ok, a linux filesystem structure starts at / and the bit your used to seeing is in /home/username/ - when you mount another system, its / is at the mountpoint on whatever other system your using, so all files from /mount/mydevice  are the same as the files from / if you booted into that system06:59
linuxdumbyeah that is what I thought it might be yet it does not look that way, everything is weird from the mount point07:00
tjthegeekhey all\07:01
Bodsdalinuxdumb: define 'weird'07:01
linuxdumbit does not look the same in terms of directories etc... as it did when it was the boot07:01
burakgonHi everyone07:02
Bodsdalinuxdumb: can you show me the directory structure using pastebin?07:02
tjthegeekgod bless the usa fuck alquita07:02
Bodsdatjthegeek: language07:02
tjthegeeklol gime a pass please07:03
linuxdumbthe username and password on the current lubuntu is different to the old faulty one, could that be the problem07:03
Bodsdalinuxdumb: no07:03
burakgonCan I switch to ubuntu 13.04 stable from nightlies after release?07:03
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.07:03
Bodsdaburakgon: afaik that should happen on release07:04
linuxdumbsorry I don't really no how to do that but will give it a try07:04
burakgonThank you so much07:04
Bodsdalinuxdumb: in a terminal type   'ls /mount/mydevice'   then copy and paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com07:04
burakgonBut will it get 13.10 packages after it? I don't want that07:04
burakgonBecause of nightlies07:04
bazhangburakgon, nope07:04
Bodsdaburakgon: no, you will then be as a clean install07:05
burakgonLove you l07:05
linuxdumbfor username with the ls command do i use the current one or the one for the faulty os?07:06
Bodsdalinuxdumb: the one on the faulty usb07:06
jstrake12.04. Something filling my HD. Can't find it. Help.07:07
burakgonHey jstrake use "disk usage analyser" tool07:09
burakgonIt's pre installed07:09
jstrakeburakgon, Thanks. I did but the numbers don't match.07:09
linuxdumbno such file or directory so sorry but I can't seem to get that to work, maybe I have the username wrong but it was the default which i think was lubuntu07:10
Bodsdalinuxdumb: lets start with just  ls /mount07:10
burakgonCheck partitions with "df" command07:10
jstrakeburakgon, can you give me more specifics on that command?07:11
burakgontry ctrl + h shortcut to see hidden files07:11
linuxdumbsame result07:11
linuxdumbwhich agrees with what i see in file manager07:11
Bodsdalinuxdumb: is the usb drive mounted yet?07:11
burakgonGenerally programs using home folder to save data. Maybe there is a hidden folder.07:12
linuxdumbyes, so i am confused07:12
Bodsdalinuxdumb: please pastebin the output of    mount07:12
rohitkavI want to install gnome 3.6 on my ubuntu 12.1007:12
rohitkavkindly help07:12
rohitkavhow to do that07:12
bazhang!notunity | rohitkav07:13
ubotturohitkav: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.07:13
Dr_Willis-bot islagged07:13
Silne30Question for all of you: New to Linux (probably have heard this before). I was recently hired as an SDET for a company that uses Oracle/Java/Linux and I was formerly at a Microsoft shop. I want to know, is there a huge difference between Red Hat, Oracle Linux, or Ubuntu?07:13
linuxdumbin file manager it shows up as pendrive under places but when i go to directory structure it is not under mount, mount is empty07:13
bazhangBodsda, please /msg ubottu if you dont know07:13
rohitkavnot unity bazhang07:13
burakgonIs '!' sign a alias to apt-get install?07:13
Silne30I have a VM with Oracle Linux and am wondering if I still need to install VMs with Red Hat and Ubuntu.07:13
bazhangrohitkav, read what the bot actually wrote07:14
rohitkavI just wanted to change the way it looks07:14
Dr_Willis-linuxdumb:  look in /media/07:14
rohitkavI couldn't get what he mean their07:14
Bodsdabazhang: could have sworn I'd used that before - may have been on another bot, my bad07:14
jstrakeburakgon, df shows only 950M left in my main ubuntu partition.07:14
bazhangrohitkav, gnome-shell   <----------07:14
histoSilne30: different package managers, and default packages, and configurations07:15
bazhangrohitkav, install that.07:15
linuxdumbbods, there is nothing to show you under mount, I don't understand why it is there when it is clearly mounted07:15
linuxdumbI mean why it is not there07:15
Bodsdalinuxdumb: I'm not after a directory listing now - I meant run the command    mount07:15
burakgonTry "mount" command07:15
burakgonCheck etc fstab by "nano /etc/fstab"07:16
histoSilne30: but once you are proficient in cli you are good in all07:17
linuxdumbok, the pendrive shows using mount as under /media07:17
histolinuxdumb: ls /media/07:17
Dr_Willis-linuxdumb:  look in /media/    ;) like i said earlier....07:17
Silne30Is CentOs as good as Red Hat?07:18
histo!best | Silne3007:19
ubottuSilne30: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:19
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Dr_Willis-ask in #redhat or #centos perhaps07:19
linuxdumbbods, there is no home under /media/pendrive07:19
Dr_Willis-linuxdumb:  so what is under /media/pendrive ?07:20
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linuxdumbautorun.inf  dists        md5sum.txt  preseed             ubninit07:21
linuxdumbboot         install      menu.c32    README.diskdefines  ubnkern07:21
linuxdumbcasper       isolinux     pics        syslinux.cfg        ubnpathl.txt07:21
linuxdumbcasper-rw    ldlinux.sys  pool        ubnfilel.txt        wubi.exe07:21
FloodBot1linuxdumb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:21
histolinuxdumb: that's your usb07:21
linuxdumbok, sorry07:21
Biomechdso i'm still trying to play this game and i still can't do anything with the flash settings thing. i'm running chromium.07:24
Biomechdand yes, i've tried putting the game window in full screen.07:24
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histoBiomechd: what game?07:25
Biomechdhisto: it's something on newgrounds. madness: project nexus. i was in the mood for one of the madness games and decided i'd try it out since i haven't played it before.07:26
histoBiomechd: let me check07:27
Dr_Willis-what 'flash settings thing' do you mean exactly?07:28
BiomechdDr_willis: when you right-click the game screen and click "settings"07:28
Dr_Willis-seen varioys work arounds.. such as fullscreening the thing, holding shift, and i seem to recall a few other tricks from ages past..07:29
Dr_Willis-i think holding the right mouse button and clicking  with the left also worked for some people07:29
Dr_Willis-this was a common flash issue a few months/year back07:30
Biomechdfullscreening the game window didn't work. i even tried popping the game out into a second window and fullscreening it.07:30
anekswould sudo apt-get install grub /dev/sdb install grub onto a different disk?07:30
histoBiomechd: there was a page on adobe's site where you could adjust your flash settings was the old workaround. Not sure if it's still there.07:30
histoaneks: you don't install grub that way07:31
histo!grub2 | aneks07:31
ubottuaneks: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:31
anekshisto, I installed ubuntu on it's own and for some reason it installed grub onto my other hard drive where all my data is.07:31
vnc786in ubuntu 12.04 64 bit if "Graphics = Driver: unknown"   "Experience: Standard" does this affects system performance(like moving in multiple windows, opening dash etc)  RAM=4gb, AMD dual core CPU07:31
vnc786ActionParsnip: do any other driver will work i dont know but something "common driver"  which i can download07:32
GabouHello here07:32
GabouI have a question07:32
GabouIs there a free alternative to Landscape ?07:32
GabouI tested puppet and it's very hard, same for Ganglia (seems not updated)07:32
GabouAnyone can help me ?07:32
bazhangGabou, try #puppet07:33
histoGabou: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/59247307:34
histosorry wrong link07:34
histoGabou: http://alternativeto.net/07:34
Dr_Willis-vnc786:  whats your video chipset?07:35
GabouI will see for #puppet thx bazhang07:35
hje841This is critical: can anybody help me restore my resolution settings as in nvidia xserver settings in 12.04? right now I'm suck with 640x48007:35
Dr_Willis-hje841:  run the nvidia-settings tool to verify the nvidia drivers are in use yet? and try changeing res  with it?07:36
Gabouhje841, apt-get install xrandr arandr07:37
GabouAnd launch arandr for set your resolution07:37
hje841Dr_willis, it claims that it is not in use, but I'd like it to be07:37
Dr_Willis-hje841:  reinstall the nvidia drivers then and see if you can get them used.07:37
Dr_Willis-if they are not in use. your xorg.conf may be causing an issue. if it exists07:38
Dr_Willis-hje841:  have they ever worked? how did  you install them befor?07:38
hje841Dr_willis, using the 'restricted driver' thingy07:39
Dr_Willis-12.04 -> run 'jockey-gtk' and see what drivers are in use or suggested for the system07:39
vnc78600:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler [Radeon HD 6310] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Subsystem: Giga-byte Technology Device d00007:39
Dr_Willis-hje841:  so rerun that ;)07:39
vnc786Dr_Willis: i tried proprietary drivers it didnt help ...07:39
vnc786Dr_Willis:  do any other driver will work i dont know but something "common driver"  which i can download07:40
hje841Dr_willis, okay, now I can't see the 'OKAY' button :S07:40
Dr_Willis-vnc786:  you are thinking with a windows mentality.   the default X setuo has most of the drivers allready. the proparity ati and nvidia drivers are about the only 2 you will ever need to install manually.07:40
hje841Dr_willis, I had to resize the window07:40
Dr_Willis-hje841:  hold alt key. and click and drag  window around perhaps..07:41
Dr_Willis-vnc786:  the default radeon/ati driver can give basic funcationality for most cards.. but i rarely use ati. the fallback would be the vga/vesa drivers.. which would be slow i imagine.07:41
Dr_Willis-the fglrx drivers would be best, if you can get them working07:42
hje841Dr_willis, the 'Additional Drivers' installation failed. /var/log/jockey.log talks about KMH enabled: false and 'alt_ld.so.conf'07:45
Dr_Willis-hje841:  never seen  those kind of messages befor. You may want to check the forums and askubuntu.com for the exact wording of the errors07:46
hje841Dr_willis, okay. thanks :)07:47
Dr_Willis-or just try instaslling 'nvidia-current'  with apt-get07:47
hje841Dr_willis, well.. nvidia-current is already the newest. not just activated07:48
Dr_Willis-so 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current' says its allready installed eh?07:48
hje841hmm.. in the forums they suggest --reinstall nvidia-current. I'll try that07:49
fishcookerhello 13.0407:49
Dr_Willis-fishcooker:  13.04 is in #ubuntu+107:50
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Dr_Willis-for a few more dayss at least. ;)07:50
hje841is it worth upgrading from 12.04 to 13.04 on release day?07:52
Dr_Willis-if you are going to upgrade.. id do it BEFOR release day.. or wait a week or 2 after release07:52
ddssccan someone direct me to some docus about getting a hdmi monitor to work?07:53
vnc786Dr_Willis: another story, i got IBM x3100 m4 on which i installed ubuntu 12.04 64bit but it is very slow since graphic drivers are not there...In software update window there was option for Graphic driver which i selected and installed successfully but after restart the resolution changes 1024x786 and 800x600  only  prior to which i was having 1280x1024 etc..  now the in System Details:...07:53
vnc786...Graphic=VESA MGA20007:53
Dr_Willis-ddssc:  err..i just plug mine in and they work.07:53
Dr_Willis-vnc786:  if its using the 'vesa'' driver that would explain the slowness.  Intel has some tool now to install their latest drivers.  i saw it mentioned on the webupd8 blog site. (or was it the omgubuntu blog site)07:55
ddsscDr_willis: xrandr doesn't detect it.. which is funny because it's showing a logo, I just can't get to it07:55
Dr_Willis-ddssc:   was it plugged in when you powered on the pc? or did you plug it in after system was booted?07:56
ddsscDr_willis:  lemme reboot07:56
jstrake12.04. Anybody know why "module" in my home folder is keeping old copies of linux-headers? It's eating up over 3G of my HD.07:58
jstrakeHelp, anybody.08:00
Dr_Willis-ive never heard of a module directory in the users home..  you been compiling kernels or doing any dev work?08:01
TakeItEZjstrake: they won't be installed there by default, are you sure you didn't just backup them into your home? usually it should be safe to remove them08:01
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vnc786Dr_Willis: thx for that link will check my main concern for graphic driver is on MB (gigaybyte e350n with AMD dual core) because i am running ubuntu 12.04 on Fat clients and i want to install graphic driver because of performance is slow. Graphic = Standard08:02
* Dr_Willis- has no idea what 'graphic=standard' means in this context.08:03
vnc786in system details (GUI) --> Details ...08:05
Dr_Willis-cant say ive ever seen 'system details'08:06
jstrakeThanks, TakeItEZ. I'm not sure how they got there, then.08:06
Dr_Willis-must have just never noticed it08:06
jstrakeWait, my bad. Not in home. In lib. Still safe to remove?08:07
Dr_Willis-jstrake:  if you have a lot of kernels instgsalled.. you may want to use the package manager to remove the kernels..08:07
TakeItEZjstrake: remove the unneded packages, not the files/dirs08:07
jstrakeThank you. How do I do this?08:08
Dr_Willis-jstrake:  use the package manager to remove the unused kernels..08:09
jstrakeOkay. Thank you!08:09
TakeItEZjstrake: if you are sure your current kernel runs fine, you might use this command to get rid of all old kernels http://paste.ubuntu.com/5720931/08:10
vnc786Dr_Willis:  on one of my box MSI with core i5 it showed IVY Bridge(System Setting--> Details-->Graphic) on which system runs like bugatti veyron08:10
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* Dr_Willis- works for Chrysler ;P08:11
Dr_Willis-if its using the proper driver.. it makes sence it would work faster then a system using the vesa drivers08:11
ddsscDr_willis: still got that hdmi issue. is there a way to reinstall drivers?08:11
Dr_Willis-ddssc:  use the package maanger tools.08:12
Dr_Willis-ddssc:  what driver/chipset?08:12
ddsscDr_willis: nvidia 52508:12
stevenmLets say I want 12.04 - but I want the latest GNOME 2.x - Tried MATE, it's fine except for things that look for gnome or gconf and fail - So I'd like real GNOME 2.x - is there a ppa for it?08:12
Dr_Willis-stevenm:  gnome2 is basically dead..08:13
Dr_Willis-i doubt if you can get it on newer ubuntu systems with out breaking things badly08:13
stevenmDr_willis, I don't care - it'll do for now until MATE matures/fixes-the-bugs or until I'm happier with another DE all together08:13
Dr_Willis-it it cant be done you wont care.. because it cant be done..08:14
sveinseI dont get it. I cant my Logitech USB headset mic to work anymore. It has been working flawlessly for over two years. Pavucontol report just silence from mic and alsamixer sais mic is fully on. I'm running precise on amd6408:14
sveinseHow can I fix this?08:14
stevenmare you saying that on some kind of basis?08:14
Dr_Willis-gnome-shell is working on a better fallback mode for the next release of gnome-shell. of if you want an old skool desktop - many people use lubuntu, or xfce08:14
bazhangstevenm, search the ppa. thats not supported here.08:15
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stevenmMATE is based on GNOME 2.32 right?  so if MATE is compatible by adding a PPA for itself and dependencies - so could the original GNOME 2.3208:15
bazhangstevenm, its not supported, thus offtopic08:16
Dr_Willis-never seen  a ppa for gnome2 mentioned in here.08:16
bazhangstevenm, gnome the coming version will have a fallback option, as was mentioned08:16
stevenmbazhang, well a) that's not here yet b) i don't trust it'll work the same08:17
Dr_Willis-i imagine once the gnome devs have a nice official fallnback mode.. these other 'gnome 2 wanna bes' will fade away08:17
bazhangstevenm, and this has nothing to do with ubuntu.   MATE is an unsupported PPA, go search the ppa if you wish08:17
Dr_Willis-but getting that release of gnome-shell working - will require 13.04+ from what i hear.08:17
sveinseThe problem with the "missing" USB mic seems to have come with a recent kernel or update or something. It's fails consistently across multiple USB headsets08:17
Dr_Willis-sveinse:  try the older kernels from the grub menu to see if it comes back?08:18
stevenmeverything i've read says the fallback mode is scrapped08:18
Dr_Willis-latest gnome shell news for 3.8 ive read mentioned how they are having their own official  gnome2 theme08:19
bazhangstevenm, thats not correct. this is from GNOME, not UBUNTU08:19
jstrakeThank you Dr_Willis! Gave me nearly 4G back!08:19
Dr_Willis-jstrake:  you had a lot of old kernels :)08:19
Noskcaj10is anyone online with experience coding testdrive?08:20
stevenmbazhang, yeah I'm reading that from GNOME08:20
jstrakeYes! And I'm still not sure why it has been saving them. I only have GRUB set up to keep the most recent copy or two.08:20
jonyhow can I open remote desktop in Haguichi with Remmina?08:21
TakeItEZtime to add an option to remove old kernels in the system-settings (or wherever). except for devs it's nonsense to keep more than 2-3 kernels in a system08:21
Dr_Willis-'classic mode'08:21
Dr_Willis-jstrake:  grub just displays the last 2.. thats noting to do witth what the package manager installs08:22
ddsschow do I install nvidia drivers? http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html08:22
Dr_Willis-TakeItEZ:  the computer-janitor tool used to be able to remove old kernels.. but that app got removed.. ;0 i recall it had a  tedency to remove all the  kernels. ;)08:22
l057c0d3rDr_willis, i believe ubuntu-tweak still have the option to remove old kernels08:23
Dr_Willis-i havent had much luck getting ubuntu-tweak to work lately.. but i havent really needed it much lately either.08:24
TakeItEZDr_Willis-: "all the kernels" might be a bit overzealous08:24
Dr_Willis-TakeItEZ:  yep. :) it was a little overzealous in what it removed08:24
Walexddssc: the nVidia drivers are in standard Ubuntu packages. It is much better to use the packaged version than the raw download from nVidia.08:26
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto08:26
lotuspsychjeim looking for a package to sort logs in colours/groups for easy searching08:26
keweldoes anyone know if the chrome browser in the lubuntu repos is different?08:26
kewelhow would I find out? thx08:27
ddsscWalex: which ones?08:27
Dr_Willis-lubuntu uses the same repos as ubuntu does08:28
TakeItEZchrome browser is in the official repos? chromium is08:28
Walexthe link above: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto explains everything08:28
Walexddssc: the link above: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto explains everything08:28
Walexddssc: but you can always also enable the universe/multiverse archives, 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'apt-cache search nvidia'.08:29
Noskcaj10does anyone online have testdrive installed? i need some bugs confirmed08:29
kewelman I feel like an idiot08:29
Walexddssc: the important detail is that there are different driver versions for older models of nVidia cards.08:29
ddsscWalex:  got geforce525M. should I use nvidia-current?08:31
Noskcaj10bzr won't let me branch anything, halp!08:31
kewelall I know is that 'sudo apt-get install google-chrome' installed chrome 26 (latest) on my fresh install of lubuntu 12.04, and the included flash doesn't work.  it seems everywhere I look, pepperflash should come with chrome, oh and work too! pff08:31
ae86-drifterkewel, its not         chrome08:31
Dr_Willis-chromium is differnt than google-chrome08:32
ae86-drifteru haveto manually  add   google repo08:32
kewelI know that08:32
kewelI want to tell you everything I do know.. jk  I've got a post on ubuntuforums .. I was just hoping someone here had seen something similar08:33
TakeItEZkewel: so its 3rd party stuff. besides there are no "lubuntu-repos", so all ubuntu-flvours use the same official repos08:34
lotuspsychjekewel: did you install lubuntu-restricted-extras?08:34
kewellotuspsychje: yes and ubuntu rest ext08:34
ae86-drifterso its notafresh install08:34
lotuspsychjekewel: does flash work on your firefox?08:34
kewel_oh and now chrome is crapping on me08:37
kewel_(webchat, here)08:37
Noskcajdoes anyone online have testdrive installed? i need some bugs confirmed08:37
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XRavenHey Guys08:41
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kewelalright, in xchat instead of webchat08:45
kewelchrome and chromium are screwing up.  someone please tell me it's a good idea to remove and reinstall them08:46
Dr_Willis-remove/reinstalling to 'fix' things is sort of a windows mindset/trick..08:47
Dr_Willis-whats screwing up with them?08:47
kewelboy am I with you on that one.08:47
kewelI was on webchat.freenode.net and they kept disconnecting me .. didn't used to do that08:47
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keweli mean really tho .. if anyone has a few minutes, I'd like to see how to get chrome or chromium installed and using flash08:49
kewel(o at least to show someone I'm only a little bit crazy)08:49
Dr_Willis-all i did was apt-get install them. and installed the flash player insaller package and they work for me kewel08:50
Dr_Willis-i did nothing fancy08:50
kewel=( I tried that too.08:50
PeterGriffinHello. When I try to shutdown or restart the PC in the normal way in Gnome it stucks at the screen with the stopping processes. The message in syslog is "gnome-session[1304]: WARNING: Unable to stop system: Authorization is required". I don't know where I can find more detailed info on the error.08:51
PeterGriffinAnd I am still able to login with ssh08:52
Noskcajdoes anyone online have testdrive installed? i need some bugs confirmed08:52
PeterGriffinHello. When I try to shutdown or restart the PC in the normal way in Gnome it stucks at the screen with the stopping processes. The message in syslog is "gnome-session[1304]: WARNING: Unable to stop system: Authorization is required". I don't know where I can find more detailed info on the error.09:05
zxc123hi all09:15
Dr_Willis-sounds like the user dosent have rights to shudtown the machine. try shutting down from the lightdm login screen  and see if that works PeterGriffin09:15
kewelhow do I see my kernel ver?09:17
PeterGriffinDr_Willis-: it seems that I can't log off either. What is lightdm screen?09:17
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »09:17
Dr_Willis-PeterGriffin:  the login screen you see at first bootup is 'lightdm' by default09:17
kewel!kernel version09:18
Dr_Willis-what do you mean you cant log off?09:18
Dr_Willis-the logout menu item does what exactly when you try it09:18
donttrustemI am trying to setup vsftp on my unbuntu box but I get this error 500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/home/clivegoves09:19
theadminkewel: uname -r09:19
kewelthat's the spot09:19
PeterGriffinDr_Willis-: The same as when I try to shutdown - list of stopping things, gets to "mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth" (it always stops at this point) and then just waits. Every now and then appears new line, saying: INFO: task Xorg: 1092 blocked for more than 120 seconds09:21
shapeHello, can someone please tell me why Gparted can't open my Fat32 microSD card it says "dosfstools ,mtools" are required for Fat32 system support but they are already installed!09:22
Dr_Willis-PeterGriffin:  sounds like it 'shutdown' but dident power off the pc.09:23
PeterGriffinI will configure it not to login automatically to see if it will shut down without loged in user.09:23
shapeDr_Willis-: I forgot to thank you for recommending me XBMC HOLY MOLY I wasn't expecting such awesomeness on linux!09:23
PeterGriffinDr_Willis-:  If so wouldn't I be UNable to login through SSH09:23
Dr_Willis-shape yep - its nifty. Ive been tryout out Plex also.. its sort of xbmc variant.. but its not totally 'free' but has some neat featrures.09:24
Dr_Willis-PeterGriffin:  see if you can et to the other consoles also.. via alt-ctrl-f1 through f609:25
PeterGriffinI can, but then I can't enther text09:25
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Dr_Willis-so you see a login: prompt? but cant actaually login?09:27
kewel"You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. " means there's some sort of flash?  I'm afraid everyone doesn't speak earth.09:28
Dr_Willis-do some /any flash videos work kewel ?09:29
PeterGriffinDr_Willis-: Well I can login, either automatically or whan prompted for password. The problem is when I try to logout, shutdown, restart (same from lightdm)09:29
PeterGriffinDr_Willis-:  syslog sais only gnome-session[1304]: WARNING: Unable to stop system: Authorization is required09:30
PeterGriffinshould I be a member of a group ot something?09:31
cumminsdon't be stupid be a smarty09:32
cumminscome and join the Nazi Party09:32
kewelwell I'm seeing all sorts of posts about problems with flash and chrome (which now comes installed with 'pepperflash' .. the new linux variant after v11.something) .. I do know that my chrome came with PepperFlash (not listed in chrome:plugins) and for somereason ALSO adobe flash 11.2 .. as stock I went to youtube and it said 'could not load flash plugin' .. I've seen posts that say to disable that.. so now when I visit youtube it s09:33
kewelays I need to *upgrade* flash .. I think it's falling back on the 'pepperflash' .. now what to do with that I'm searching .. seeing plenty of people with problems09:33
keweloh back .. I disabled adobe flash and then it fellback onto the pepper flash .. that's what I've gathered so far09:34
kewelsorry confusing09:34
vnc786Dr_Willis: can u please  tell before going for Fglrx how can i restore my current xorg intact or backup incase something went wrong with Fglrx ? which file need to be backed up09:36
theadminvnc786: Don't worry bout that, remove xorg.conf and it'll fall back to default09:37
Dr_Willis-vnc786:  hmm.. you dont really.. if you dont want to use flgrx you remove the package  basically and it should default back to the other ones09:37
Dr_Willis-you may not even have a custome xorg..conf to remove09:38
vnc786okay going for that !!!09:39
kewelweird.  my ubuntuforums post is now on ebugg-i.com freaky09:45
kewelwild goose chasing my own tail now09:45
harsh___I have questions about using Ubuntu 12.4 Server in production. Can someone please assist??09:46
harsh___I have questions about using Ubuntu 12.4 Server in production. Can someone please assist??09:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:49
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Benkinoobyhi, when i do "connect to server" i nautilus... where does that stuff get mounted? its not in media or mount :/ i'd like to acess it via command line09:54
GreenTuxerhi guys. 13.04 RC was supposed to be released yesterday (according to release schedule), is there any info on the delay and when it will be released? Thanks09:54
PAEhi guys. I ran ubuntu 10.04 lucid with PAE. Now i installed 12.04 precise. Do I still need PAE??09:54
theadminPAE: You don't "need" PAE. PAE is a way for 32-bit operating systems to use more than 4GB of RAM.09:55
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kewelgot "ValueError: cannot convert float NaN to integer" when adding a repo09:55
theadminPAE: If you have more than that, you probably should use a 64-bit version of Ubuntu09:55
PAEtheadmin: more than what? 4gb ram? i tried the 64 bit cd but it didnt boot (maybe i burned the cd too fast..)09:56
theadminPAE: Hm, what's your processor?09:56
tmsHm, is anyone particularly familiar with vagrant?09:57
tmsI have a strange-but-possibly expected thing going down09:57
PAEtheadmin: intel p. D CPU 3 GHz x 209:57
theadminPAE: Hm, that's 64-bit...09:58
PAEtheadmin: but I *think i have only 4GB ram.09:58
PAEtheadmin: this is what lshw says: /0/2c/0                    memory      1GiB DIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 n /0/2c/1                    memory      1GiB DIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 n /0/2c/2                    memory      1GiB DIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 n /0/2c/3                    memory      1GiB DIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 n10:00
PAEtheadmin: are therre any advantages in the 64bit version? im not a progremmer....10:02
theadminPAE: The only real advantage is the ability to use more RAM10:02
GreenTuxerdon't forget PAE won't use RAM (>4GB) the same efficient way 64-bit versions will10:03
PAEok, theadmin, is it correct that i dont need it then (see my lshw  message), GreenTuxer?10:03
dr_willis_i think my video reencoding was a tad faster on 64 bit.10:05
maximilianohello guys, i have installed nvidia drivers according to the instructions described in this page http://falkvinge.net/2013/02/15/how-to-install-nvidia-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-10-quantal/ . i believe the "apt-get install nvidia-current-updates" worked well since no error was displayed, however, the following part "nvidia-xconfig" produced an error: "validation error: data incomplete in file...10:05
maximiliano.../etc/x11/xorg.conf. Device section "default device" must have a driver line"10:05
maximilianofor the record, i am using 12.0410:05
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dr_willis_maximiliano:  use nvidia-settings to make a valid xorg.conf perhaps10:06
dr_willis_you dont need an xorg.conf from what ive seen. except in some cases these eats10:07
maximilianodr_willis_, in the terminal, do i just use this as "nvidia-settings"?10:07
dr_willis_days..    ";-)10:07
dr_willis_its an x app10:07
PAE_ok, theadmin, is it correct that i dont need it then (see my lshw  message), GreenTuxer?10:07
theadminPAE_: Well, yes10:07
PAE_thx, theadmin!!!10:08
dr_willis_install drivers. reboot.  run nvidia-setti gs  to tweak the system10:08
maximilianodr_willis_, i did it and it opened a window about the nvidia settings. it seems it worked well, my only concern is that in the website i first mentioned the person who wrote it indicated that the "nvidia-xconfig" step is essential because they ended up with a black screen after rebooting when they skipped it10:09
maximilianowell, i'll try rebooting and if there are no problems i'll come back for some advice on installation of cuda toolkit. brb10:11
maximilianodr_willis_ thanks for your time, btw10:11
maximilianoi'm back, it seems it worked well10:13
maximilianohowever, in system settings>details in Graphics it indicates "unknown", should this be nvidia?10:14
kewelthen I upgrade pepperflash with https://launchpad.net/~skunk/+archive/pepper-flash .. and youtube still tells me I need to upgrade flash..10:16
kewelWhitt's End -- no u turns allowed10:16
kewelwell shoot.  see a discrepancy with version numbers.10:18
theadminkewel: Why not just use Chromium?10:24
contrapunctuskewel: What's wrong with the adobe flash plugin package in the repos?10:24
keweloh boy10:25
keweleither chrome or chromium would be great as long as flash would work10:25
architmorning, evening, afternoon10:26
kewelall I know is that this new pepperflash is what I'm supposed to get working .. and disable adobe flash10:26
theadminkewel: Use Chromium + Adobe Flash, that works fine10:26
kewelI'll try again .. bbin510:26
ddsscwhat's the eaiest way to remove ubuntu or any other linux on a win/linux dual boot machine?10:27
ddsscI want to uninstall mint and install ubuntu. got a mint/win dual boot right now.10:28
keweltheadmin: when I use the adobe flash it says failed to load .. when I disable adobe flash it says I need to upgrade my flash .. I suppose it's falling back on the pepper flash.10:28
architDelete Linux Partitions10:28
theadminkewel: Maybe, but use Chromium. Chrome isn't exactly supported by Ubuntu or Canonical10:28
kewelright .. same for both tho10:29
k1l_ddssc: just install ubuntu onto the mint partition10:29
ddssck1l_, can I reformat the partition and install ubuntu over it from ubuntu install dvd ?10:29
keweltheadmin: this is what I'm trying to get working right now: https://launchpad.net/~skunk/+archive/pepper-flash10:29
k1l_ddssc: yes.10:29
ddssck1l_, I don't want to have mint and whatnot left in my boot menu.10:30
contrapunctusAnyone know of a quick, memory-light way to play mp3s in the CLI? Purpose - I'm making a bash script, part of which is required to play audio files.10:30
theadminddssc: You can choose to replace Mint10:30
theadmincontrapunctus: mplayer would work fine10:30
k1l_ddssc: ubuntu installs a own bootloader10:30
keweltheadmin: this http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=108086 says I need to use pepper10:30
kewelsays what's integrated rather...10:31
ddssctheadmin, ok. I just don't want any unwanted conflicts. want a fresh install formated partition etc.10:31
theadminkewel: That applies to Chrome. Chromium works fine with Adobe's Flash.10:31
architk1l, u have to restore the MBR10:31
contrapunctustheadmin: Thanks, will check it out.10:31
keweltheadmin: okay .. any idea what version I should be looking for?10:31
architboot from windows dvd and choose Repair10:31
ruanthree times the power10:32
k1l_archit: no10:32
k1l_archit: read what he wants. he want to remove some other linux and install ubuntu onto that part10:32
architsince u have installed win and then nix i think u r using GRUB10:32
jonyhow can I set vino to autostart with system (before login)?10:32
clarkkI am having a few problems with my two displays connected to a nvidia geforce GTS 240. I want the larger one to be my primary display, on the left, but when I boot up all the kernel and init output shows on the seconary. Does anyone know how I can change that please?10:33
ddssck1l_, aye. so I was wondering about the order of things I should do. reformat partition first or just do it staright from ubuntu install dvd ?10:33
architthen u can directly install ubuntu on linux paratation , just remove / delete it when ubuntu asks where to install10:33
Dr_willisjony,  im not sure you can with vino. If you want a vnc session you can connect to starting at bootup. theres other ways to do that. depending on the detils of what you want10:33
k1l_ddssc: there is no need to seperately format before starting with the install run. just check the option to format at install10:34
theadminkewel: Version of what? sudo apt-get install chromium-browser flashplugin-installer10:34
Dr_willisclarkk,  that would be how the bios works.. Mine does the same thing.  POST, grub and other items are on the DVI conevtor here.. untill X starts up then the hdmi kicks in10:34
keweltheadmin: I'm laughing cause that SHOULD work!!!10:34
clarkkalso, I really need to close X so that I can install the driver, but when I click one of the function keys to go to the shell without X, the primary display loses its signal. Does anyone knw how I can resolve that too?10:34
clarkkhello Dr_willis10:35
jonyDr_willis, I want remote desktop from Ubuntu desktop to another Ubuntu desktop10:35
ddssck1l_, I got a separate drive for swap right now as per this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdcH_mcWVMs tutorial. Can I assign the swap drive to ubuntu ?10:35
Dr_willisclarkk, boot to text mode perhaps10:35
ddsscdo I have to?10:35
jonyDr_willis, and I cannot use portforwarding10:35
kewelalready installed.10:35
ddsscdoes ubuntu need a swap drive?10:35
k1l_ddssc: yes, just assign it to /swap in the dialog10:35
kewelman I had stuff working alright, then a few nights ago I did 189 updates and stuff went awry10:35
clarkkDr_willis: so there is no way to change them over without swapping them on the card?10:35
theadminddssc: It doesn't need one, but it's recommended10:35
Dr_willisjony,  err.. yes.. vnc is for remote desktops..  what does port forwarding have to do with it? You want to use vnc over the internet? you should setup a ssh tunnle for that.10:36
ddssck1l_, alright cheers.10:36
Dr_willisclarkk,  not that ive seen.10:36
ddsscwill post results10:36
architk1l, i thought he want to remove linux part. once it for all10:36
k1l_ddssc: it doesnt need  /swap. that depends on your ram and workflow10:36
jonyDr_willis, however, all is set up and working with hamachi + vino, but vino starts only AFTER login :(10:36
keweltoo awry.  so being nice and rash I did a fresh install .. then got all my updates then went on the quest to get youtube back up10:36
Dr_willisjony,  make lightdm auto login your user perhaps?10:36
kewelI'm worried lubuntu doesn't like my olda$$ putor anymore.10:36
kewelI should said that hours ago, right?10:36
jonyDr_willis, I want an unattended access on the remote pc10:36
keweljust a hunch10:36
* theadmin is happy here with Firefox :P10:37
clarkkDr_willis: ok, that's a minor inconvenience. However, I really need to be able to use the F keys to get to the shell. It worked before the latest kernel update. Do you know how I can resolve this?10:37
kewelshyea .. I _ran_ chromium instead of firefox cause this machine has 512 ram10:37
jonyDr_willis, but I want some kind of security on the remote desktop too since I won't be there phisycally10:37
clarkkDr_willis: but, how do I boot to text mode, incidentally?10:37
Dr_willisjony,  you can set up vnc servers to start automatically and not even have X loaded at all. those sessions would not be visible on the local machine either.. vnc is a flexiable tool. VINO is only one way to be using it.10:37
keweland heck it was long ago when I got stuff working, I think I had problems with flash and ff too.  oh well.10:38
Dr_willisjony,  you way.. the desktop would be totally visible to whoever is in the same room as the pc.10:38
kewelas in, that was another reason I used chrome10:38
Dr_willisclarkk,  edit the /etc/default/grub and put in the text option 'quiet splash text'10:38
Dr_willisclarkk,  or for one time usssage.... edit the grub menu line10:38
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode10:38
jonyI didn't installed any VNC... only openssh and vino on the remote desktop10:40
jonyDr_willis, I didn't installed any VNC... only openssh and vino on the remote desktop10:40
Dr_willisjony,  and vino is one specilized vnc server.10:40
Dr_willisjony,  theres several others out there.10:41
Dr_willistightvnc, vnc4server, x11vnc10:41
jonyDr_willis, so I can install a VNC server wich will connect to remote without showing anything on the remote PC's display?10:41
Dr_willisjony,  thats how MOST vnc servers work.. vino and x11vnc show the current desktop.. tightvnc, vnc4server and others DONT show the current desktop.10:42
clarkkDr_willis: than you - I will give that a go, and report back10:42
Dr_willispeople think vnc on linux can only work by shareing the current desktp. :) thats not the case on linux.. it is the case on windows10:42
jonyDr_willis, which do you recommend for my situation?10:43
Benkinoobyhi, i want to mount something to ~/blah - but when i use mount, i have to use root-account and later i can not access the mounted files (permission) - how do i go about that?10:43
kewelhow do I get this: https://launchpad.net/~skunk/+archive/pepper-flash/+build/435424910:43
kewelthat's my chromium ver10:43
Dr_willisjony,  you have really not given any details.  You can easially set up tightvnc where your user can ssh in, and then start the vncservice, then connect via any client.. but if you are doing this over the internet. you will wan tto set up a ssh tunle. or just use ssh + x forwarding to forwared single apps.10:44
Dr_willisBenkinooby,  make a proper fstab entry for the filesystem would be one way10:44
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo_
BenkinoobyDr_willis: fstab would be permanent? also its a windows share i want to mount10:46
BenkinoobyDr_willis: i just need it from time to time...10:46
Dr_willisBenkinooby,  you can use the user/noauto option in fstab and mount it as a user when needed10:46
Dr_willisor just browse the share with nautilus. or some other tools to access the share10:47
Dr_willis!info smbfs10:47
ubottuPackage smbfs does not exist in quantal10:47
BenkinoobyDr_willis: i just read nautlius works with gvfs - is that an otpion for me10:47
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
Dr_willisBenkinooby,  nautilus uses gvfs correct.. if you are using gnome/unity and nautilius it would be an option....10:48
Dr_willismany other file managers can also browse samba shares10:48
jonyDr_willis, connecting via hamachi it doesn't require an SSH tunnel, right?10:48
Dr_willisive neer used hamachi - so no idea what it does jonathaN10:49
Dr_willisoops.. jony10:49
Dr_willisi basically only use vnc on a local lan also..10:49
miksdhamachi is just a vpn basicly10:49
Dr_willis!info smbnetfs | Benkinooby10:50
ubottuBenkinooby: smbnetfs (source: smbnetfs): User-space filesystem for SMB/NMB (Windows) network servers and shares. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3a-1 (quantal), package size 64 kB, installed size 187 kB10:50
jonyDr_willis, it creates a VPN connecttion between or more computers10:53
BenkinoobyDr_willis: sorry, m connection was lost for a moment - did i miss something?10:54
Dr_willis!info smbnetfs | Benkinooby10:55
ubottuBenkinooby: smbnetfs (source: smbnetfs): User-space filesystem for SMB/NMB (Windows) network servers and shares. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3a-1 (quantal), package size 64 kB, installed size 187 kB10:55
Dr_willisBenkinooby,  nautilus uses gvfs correct.. if you are using gnome/unity and nautilius it would be an option....10:55
Dr_willisnight all... bbl11:00
adrianrhhi! does anyone know about a manual for prioritizing ram usage in ubuntu?11:01
nibbler_adrianrh: don't start processes you don't need11:02
nibbler_adrianrh: what is your problem?11:02
adrianrhI need to run a series of script, they have a CPU intinsive part and a ram intensive part, I want to run them simultanously (have 8 cores), but want them to wait for each other when they arrive at the ram intensive part11:03
SpacePoethow do i clone a drive onto a larger drive??11:04
subaashtar it11:04
SpacePoettar it?11:06
adrianrhnibbler_, did you see my answer (forgot to add your name)11:07
nibbler_adrianrh: got it. well, i guess you shold do some ipc or locking then.11:07
=== CatKiller_ is now known as CatKiller
adrianrhnibblier_ what is an ipc? and what do you mean by locking?11:08
adrianrhnibblier_ what is an ipc? and what do you mean by locking?11:09
subaashadrianrh: ipc is inter process commn.11:10
nibbler_adrianrh: inter process communication. like locking. before entering the memory intense part check for existance of /tmp/my.lock, if its there, wait a bit, recheck. if its not there, create it, do memory intense stuff, delete it.11:11
nibbler_adrianrh: the important thing is to do things atomar to avoid race conditions11:12
MoooookiEHi, can someone please tell me why the older installation of ubuntu 12.04 have the 3.2 kernel but the server I set up last week with 12.04 have the 3.5 kernel?11:15
adrianrhnibbler_ thankyou for your help, I have written down your advice and will try to use it. saidly the scripts i need to run are not atomar and I cannot spit them (they are written elsewhere), I will try the tmp/my.lock thing and look into ipc.11:16
maxbMoooookiE: The inference I draw from that is that you have not, in fact, set up a standard install of 12.0411:18
keweltrying to add a ppa and got this: http://pastebin.com/aRewsL3j11:19
MoooookiEmaxb: I thought I use the default server iso from ubuntu.com11:19
maxbSounds to me like you installed 12.1011:19
MoooookiElsb_release -a tells "Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS"11:20
maxbWhat about "uname -a" and "dpkg -l linux-image-generic" ?11:21
TuxVarmariGuys, I'm in trouble11:21
TuxVarmariI resized my screen11:21
TuxVarmariAnd now I can't click the ok button11:21
TuxVarmariTo resize it back11:22
TheVarmarihelp me please11:22
MoooookiEmaxb: on the one server there is `linux-image-generic-lts-quantal` installed instead of `linux-image-server`. How can this happen?11:23
maxbI guess someone installed it11:23
TuxVarmariis there like a shortcut for pressing the OK button in system settings?11:24
TuxVarmarithat is shortcut for rotation in display11:25
MoooookiEmaxb: that must happend at the install process. Nobody installed this manually.11:25
ruperthm, then trial and error with tab11:25
=== elixir_ is now known as elixir
TuxVarmariit worked the first time around11:25
TuxVarmariand now it's EVEN BETTER11:26
TuxVarmaribefore it was like, too small11:26
maxbPerhaps there's some logic in the installer for that then, I do not know. Maybe it felt the hardware needed a newer kernel to be best supposed or something? (This is guesswork)11:26
TuxVarmariblack bars11:26
TuxVarmari^_ ^11:26
bazhang!enter | TuxVarmari11:26
ubottuTuxVarmari: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:26
bjensenWhen I try to git clone my private repo from my server: ubuntu 8.04 LTS. I get this error msg: ror: server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt while accessing https://github.com/bjensen/nordplaner-backup.git/info/refs11:27
SpacePoethow do oyu check if a disk is mounted??11:27
dr_diamondSpacePoet: you should see it in /media11:28
=== security is now known as megha
kewelfor real tho .. I had chromium and flash working.  then I installed 189 updates.11:31
kewelso it's my fault I installed updates.11:31
kewelLinWoesSPFree kixxed my chaps I shot my horse11:33
ActionParsnipkewel: many also did over here in the UK :)11:34
kewelactionparsnip: what happened in UK?11:35
MoooookiEmaxb: I saw it in the apt history.log. The installer installed this package. (don't know why). Thank you very much for your help!11:35
cfhowlettbjensen, so you probably know, 8.04 goes end of life very shortly11:35
ActionParsnipkewel: look up the horse meat scandal, only a month or so back now11:35
yourimym1hello there , i've just created new partion for swap from live usb , and choosed it's type linux-swap , now i'logged back into my ubuntu , and want to set it active now , can any one help ?!11:36
kewelactionparsnip: aha11:36
kewelI get it11:36
yourimym1and swap on my main hard drive11:37
kewelI read the other day that a proposed leg in the US would allow horse meat if the horse is certified not able to work or compete.  I don't get that.11:38
bazhang!ot | kewel11:38
ubottukewel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:38
k1lyourimym1: put the partition into the fstab11:39
megaTherionHi, someone here knowing the mount.ecryptfs arguments better? Im trying to specify an passwd file11:39
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions11:39
ActionParsnipkewel: horse is nice, i've had zebra too11:42
xeeприём, приём11:43
bazhangxee, #ubuntu-ru11:43
markovhis there anyway to prevent applications changing monitor settings. i have an application that disables the second screen when it runs and i have to keep enabling it again11:47
markovhor just prevent anyone from changing monitor settings11:47
davidbaumannHell together. I submitted my first bug yesterday, but I guess I made some mistakes ;)11:47
davidbaumann1170463, it's about using ALFA AWUS036NHR on Kubuntu 13.04 x6411:48
ActionParsnipdavidbaumann: ask in #ubuntu+1 for Raring support11:49
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yourimym1does any one can help me about activate the swap partion11:56
lotuspsychje!swap | yourimym111:56
ubottuyourimym1: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:56
yourimym1lotuspsychje: i've got stuckked in final steps to activating it ,11:57
yourimym1lotuspsychje: fstap step11:58
nitin__using lime is good or not12:00
ddsscburned ubuntu iso to dvd, when running boot from dvd I only get the standard grub menu. how do I enter setup?12:01
SpawnXpHi i deleted the user from webmin, but didnt delete his files , how do i go about deleting his files ?12:02
Mustang_ubuntu server 12.10 x64, after reboot first publickey auth ssh connection fails, subsequent connections by the same user with the same key work, any help to fix would be appreciated12:02
nevynhost keys?12:03
lotuspsychjeddssc: did you change bios to dvd first boot?12:03
trickyanyone know how to install ms dos into ubuntu12:04
ddssclotuspsychje, yes. and I also explicitly stated in the bood options to boot from dvd.12:04
lotuspsychjeddssc:you have another ubuntu installed right now?12:04
ddssclotuspsychje, I got mint12:05
lotuspsychjeddssc: so its the mint grub you seeing?12:05
ddssclotuspsychje, says ubuntu grub 1112:05
ddsscbut it only offers me the options to run either mint or win712:05
lotuspsychjeddssc: seems like your dvd doesnt boot ubuntu setup for some reason12:06
lotuspsychjeddssc: you got an usb to try?12:06
ddssclotuspsychje, ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso is what I burned12:06
Mustang_nevyn: not sure what your asking, public key is already on server and connecting client is already known to server. i am seeing this in auth.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/12:06
GreenTuxerhi guys. 13.04 RC was supposed to be released yesterday (according to release schedule), is there any info on the delay and when it will be released? Thanks12:06
lotuspsychjeddssc: doublecheck bios for F12 boot maybe and choose dvdrom12:07
ddssclotuspsychje, why do you think the stick should yield better results? it's not a hw issue, Im sure about that12:07
nevynMustang_: encrypted home?12:07
ddssclotuspsychje, I can even hear it booting from my dvd, so the only option is that dvd burned is not a bootable img12:08
lotuspsychjeddssc: doesnt make sense it does not boot setup, so its bios or corrupt burn onto dvd12:08
lotuspsychjeddssc: will be the dvd bad burned, try to make a bootable usb stick12:09
Eit8I've been struggling for some time on a audio problem on my ubuntu desktop. I'm using Alsa with an external DAC connected to my Digital Output. Everything is fine, but the audio volume resets at startup, anyone could help me with this ?12:09
Mustang_nevyn: actually i might be encrypted, is there a workaround if this is the case?12:16
Mustang_i guess to put keys in an unencrypted path12:17
nevynMustang_: :)12:19
nevynMustang_: it is the default afterall https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys#Troubleshooting12:19
Mustang_thanks for the help12:19
DCE25ESKhey ppl12:19
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Ar_ddoes anyone a server vpn that I can install on my ubuntu machine to connect to from Windows machines using the native vpn clinet ?  I have read that openvnp does not work12:21
FrEaKmAn_hi... I gave friend a ftp account and he can login to /home/friend/stuff ... how could I make so stuff folder is actually showing content of other folder?12:22
FrEaKmAn_I tried with symbolic links but I can't get it to work12:22
FrEaKmAn_I tried ln -s /home/friend/stuff /home/me/frirends/mike/stuff12:23
clarkkcould someone explain to me why tons of chromium-browser and chromium-browser processes start up by default on login, please?12:23
pentagonpieI have small lag when writing 'j' in terminal, no problem with other letters.12:24
yourimym1hello i want to set sda9 as my swap partion12:24
yourimym1what to add on my fstap file plz12:24
yourimym1what line should i add to enable sda9 as swap12:27
KurzaHello, I'm running Ubuntu server 10.04 and I'm trying to build a package from its source. All good, but I can't apt-get build-essentials, because it seems like the g++ libs are broken, thus it returns E: Broken package. Is there a way I can fix it? And yes I tried sudo apt-get update, it still fails. My sources.list - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721419/. Thanks in advance.12:28
MonkeyDustKurza  there's also #ubuntu-server12:31
KurzaI don't think it has any matter considering my problem12:31
=== Mavrik- is now known as Mavrik
MonkeyDustKurza  try sudo apt-get -f install             -f means fix12:32
MonkeyDust!aptfix | Kurza and also try this12:33
ubottuKurza and also try this: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »12:33
KurzaMonkeyDust: I tried both of them12:34
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jbates58hi all. im trying to edit my fstab to mount my usb drive to the same location when its unplugged and replugged into my system. but i keel getting this error: root@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~# sudo mount -a12:37
jbates58fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/OdroidStorageDrive: No such file or directory12:37
jbates58i have tried it with both the /dev/sd* and the uuid of the drive. my fstab string looks likt this: UUID= or /dev/sd* /media/OdroidStorageDrive ntfs defaults 0 012:37
jbates58where did i go wrong?12:38
mzazaWhich virtual machine should I install on Ubuntu. Virtual Machine Manager, or VirtualBox?12:38
mzazaOr to be more percise, is there a difference between the 2 packages?12:39
philinuxyourimym1: do this sudo fdisk -l > temp.txt | pastebinit temp.txt12:39
philinuxyourimym1: use copy and paste12:40
yourimym1philinux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721450/12:40
philinuxyourimym1: # swap was on /dev/sda6 during installation12:42
philinuxUUID=937ff223-0464-4d9d-87f4-5a7b60dda7f8 none            swap    sw              0       012:42
philinuxyourimym1: replace sda6 with yours and replace to your uuid12:42
ddssccan I run ubuntu setup from windows7?12:42
MonkeyDustddssc  no12:42
ddsscfor some reason my ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso won't boot from dvd12:42
MonkeyDustddssc  where did you get the iso? sure it's not corrupt? did you md5 check?12:43
atlefddssc: have you tried usb plug12:43
philinuxyourimym1: use sudo blkid to get your uuid for sda912:43
yourimym1philinux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721454/ like this ?12:44
tarek_hi people, i have a problem with the tryton-client. running it in the console, i get the following output: http://pastebin.com/c19C2g5v12:44
jbates58hi all. im trying to edit my fstab to mount my usb drive to the same location when its unplugged and replugged into my system. but i keel getting this error: root@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~# sudo mount -a fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/OdroidStorageDrive: No such file or directory i have tried it with both the /dev/sd* and the uuid of the drive. my fstab string looks likt this: UUID= or12:44
jbates58/dev/sd* /media/OdroidStorageDrive ntfs defaults 0 012:44
tarek_any ideas?12:44
jbates58where have i gone wrong?12:44
philinuxyourimym1: make it look similar to this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721459/12:46
philinuxyourimym1: once youve editted fstab reboot and swap should be sorted12:48
yourimym1philinux: sda6 is another partion mounted on my home12:48
yourimym1what about look like this ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721473/12:48
mzazaWhich package is better Virtual Machine Manager or VirtualBox?12:48
philinuxyourimym1: as long as the uuid is for sda9 you are good to go. What about sda6 you are not touching that12:49
MonkeyDustmzaza  'better' depends on what you like and need, but vbox free and in the repos12:50
mzazaMonkeyDust: Which is more reliable?12:51
MonkeyDustmzaza  what other beside vbox do you mean? vmware? i only know vbox, as vmware is not free and not in the repos12:51
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yourimym1philinux: you gave me this " http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721459/"12:52
yourimym1and mine is " http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721459/" see the difffrence12:52
philinuxyourimym1: you posted same pastebin link ^^^12:54
yourimym1philinux: yours = http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721459/12:55
yourimym1mine = http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721473/12:55
mzazaMonkeyDust: Virtual Machine Manager, I found that Ubuntu releases updates for it.12:55
mzaza*Canonical I mean12:55
philinuxyourimym1: I should hope yours is different.12:55
philinuxdifferent set up entrirely12:56
yourimym1philinux: what should i do !?12:57
philinuxyourimym1: reboot12:57
philinuxyourimym1: then look in system monitor to check swap active12:58
yourimym1philinux: uuid is right ?12:58
yourimym1is there command to enable it ?12:58
philinuxyourimym1: how on earth can I check your uuid's12:59
leoloveIs it okay to ask 13.04 question here?12:59
yourimym1philinux: i mean is there "-" in it ?12:59
ubottuleolove: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:59
philinuxyourimym1: as long as you copied and pasted it into fstab should be good13:00
PAEhi guys: i was wondering how i can set a background picture in Nautilus. Is that not possible anymore??13:00
philinuxyourimym1: have a read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#How_do_I_add_more_swap.3F13:01
yourimym1do i need to use this sudo swapoff -a sudo /sbin/mkswap /dev/hda9 sudo swapon -a13:01
philinuxyourimym1: follow instructions from link to activate before rebooting13:02
yourimym1i have errors13:02
PAE_howto set a background picture in Nautilus on ubuntun 12.04??????????13:06
harrishow do i join a wifi from terminal13:07
rdzharris, check out the command iwconfig13:08
rdzharris, i think it worsk only if you turn of nm-applet / network-manager13:09
rdzotherwise it will override what you are setting13:09
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caboose885harris if iwconfig is too difficult you might want to try wicd-curses. Its a ncurses based network manager13:09
wilee-nileePAE_, I don't think you can. http://askubuntu.com/questions/230349/how-to-add-background-image-in-nautilus-3-4-213:09
tarek_hello people, i tried to run tryton-client but it doesn't work. I get this error message when running it in the konsole: http://pastebin.com/eyeBHRs013:09
tarek_can someone help?13:09
rdzPAE_, in system settings -> Appearance13:10
rdzPAE_, ah, sorry.. i think I misunderstood you.. since the desktop background is also managed by nautilus13:10
PAE_rdz, i think this is only for the desktop wallpaper and not for Nautilus.... ok...^^^ thx, wilee-nilee. I might find a theme w/ a descent Nautilus background hope ill be successful13:11
rdzPAE_, yeah, sorry.. I meant you meant that13:12
yourimym1how to make my swap value is 40 ?13:15
KroachPAE_: if you want to search for themes you may as well edit your current one, if the nautilus background is managed by the theme that is13:15
wookienzhi, new to compiling making debs etc. I have a source git that i am running make on, can i turn this into a dep so i can move it to another computer?13:16
bencc1is it possible to run php in a 32 bit mode on a 64 bit ubuntu server?13:16
ActionParsnipwookienz: look into checkinstall13:16
Akuwwhy is that in log  --- > Apr 19 08:45:02 skynet kernel: [  369.276880] [drm:i915_hangcheck_hung] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung13:17
ActionParsniptarek_: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue13:17
ActionParsniptarek_: how did you install the application?13:17
ActionParsniptarek_: has it ever ran?13:17
wookienzActionParsnip, thanks13:17
yourimym1?swap value13:18
tarek_ActionParsnip: /etc/issue:  buntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l13:18
tarek_ActionParsnip: installed the program via apt-get install13:18
tarek_ActionParsnip: is the first time i installed it13:18
ActionParsniptarek_: is there a config folder hidden in your home somewhere?13:18
pentagonpieActionParsnip: when you switch to another tty, using CTRL+ALT+F#, it is the messege you see at the top13:19
NewberHello. Im running Uthe newest Ubuntu and I want to know hot to install an tar.gz package13:20
tarek_ActionParsnip: in my home folder I have several hidden folders but none that start with tryton13:20
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression13:20
ActionParsniptarek_: is it in ~/.config13:20
k1lNewber: are you sure that program doesnt come in the repos?13:21
ActionParsnipNewber: the file extension doesn't tell us anything13:21
yourimym1what is best swap value for better performance ?13:21
k1lNewber: andthere should be a readme in it, or the place where you ot that archive (tar.gz is a archive like .zip)13:21
tarek_ActionParsnip: yes there is13:21
yourimym1if i have 2gb RAM and 1.5 gb swap13:21
ActionParsnipyourimym1: depends on how much ram you have13:21
tarek_ActionParsnip: there is a tryton folder in .config13:22
k1lyourimym1: there is no performance with swap13:22
k1lyourimym1: swap is always a slow fallback. using ram is always faster13:22
Newberkll, ok I will look. Thanks13:22
ActionParsnipyourimym1: 1.5Gb swap space isn't really enough for 2Gb RAM, you will want 2.2Gb, you will not be able to hibernate with 1.5Gb swap13:22
yourimym1ActionParsnip: i've disabled hibernate13:22
ActionParsnipyourimym1: I always set swappiness to between 5 and 1013:22
k1lNewber: what program do you want to install?13:23
tarek_ActionParsnip: from where do I go from here?13:23
ActionParsnipNewber: its like asking the same in windows, the archive could contain source code, or binaries, or a mix13:23
=== erry_ is now known as erry
ActionParsnipNewber: there is no single answer, simply saying that it is an archive and expecting an exact answer is a bit silly13:24
ActionParsnipNewber: is the application not in software centre?13:24
yourimym1ActionParsnip:  i need to set swap to 40 , what is the command13:24
NewberActionParsnip. Well, calling me silly is pretty silly itself. Think about it. What can I do with a file container.. Hmmmm. Maybe I want to extract it and install the content right?13:24
julian-delphikiyourimym1, 40 what13:24
ActionParsnipyourimym1: set it in /etc/sysctl.conf    you can then run:  sudo sysctl -p   to apply it13:25
ActionParsnipNewber: but what is the content, the fact it is an archive doesn't dsclose the contents, does it?13:25
SpawnXpHi i deleted the user from webmin, but didnt delete his files , how do i go about deleting his files ?13:25
yourimym1ActionParsnip: which line to edit  ?13:25
ActionParsnipNewber: some archives you can extract and run the files as they are prebuilt files, some contain source  code which will need compiling13:26
ActionParsnipyourimym1: just add the setting at the bottom13:26
ActionParsnipNewber: like I said, there is no single answer13:26
ActionParsnipNewber: the archive could be a hoarde of wallpapers to apply to the system, in which case the archive will be full of images, again this will be different13:27
julian-delphikiNewber, ActionParsnip is correct.13:27
k1lNewber: first way should be to look if its in the official ubuntu repos13:27
NewberActionParsnip, true. I shouldve been more specific. But as I said install its pretty obvious i do not want to install pictures. I mean its possible in one sense.. Nvm, this discussion is useless13:28
yourimym1ActionParsnip:  and disable , and reenable swap then ?13:29
k1lNewber: there are several different ways to "install" programs. that is depending on that format is in that archive. like source code, .sh .deb etc...13:29
ActionParsnipNewber: try extracting the archive, then look at what you have13:30
ActionParsnipNewber: you will then know and you can ask  better question13:30
snugglk1l: are you familiar with windows?13:30
esxNewber: Just tell us *what* you are trying to install!13:30
snuggloh nm13:30
k1lso asking: "how to install a archive " doesnt tell us what specific install way you need13:30
Newberkll, ok. Im used to windows and usually there is a simple way. So, I did not know that.13:30
k1lsnuggl: better try ##windows :)13:30
ActionParsnipNewber: what file did you download?13:31
k1lNewber: we have more than just .exe under linux13:31
snugglk1l: nm13:31
k1lNewber: so again: look out for your secret program, if it comes in the official ubuntu repos. or if there is a PPA for it.13:31
ubottunello: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:32
snugglNewber: in 99% of the cases do "tar xfvz filename.tar.gz; cd filenamedir/; ./configure; make; make install;"13:32
k1lsnuggl: :/13:32
k1lsnuggl: at least use checkinstall13:32
tarek_ActionParsnip: as mentioned before the .config/tryton path exists13:32
=== mpmc is now known as Woe_is_me
yourimym1ActionParsnip: thx :)13:33
ActionParsniptarek_: rename that and then run the app again13:33
Newbersnuggl: THANKS! That was a good standard answer which gives me the possibility to investigate the tar command and learn13:33
snugglk1l: you had your chance for a "real" answer and dropped it13:33
=== Woe_is_me is now known as mpmc
ActionParsnipNewber: that assumes it is source code...may not be the case13:33
snugglNewber: but as kll said, there are some kind of checkinstall? on ubuntu that you might want to use13:34
k1lsnuggl: there is no real answer in case of dropping a commandline13:34
snugglyes there are, if you ever have done it before13:34
snugglhe asked specifically how to install a tar.gz13:34
habananyhey guys , termianl is been stocked in this stage for about half hour .... what should i do13:34
habanany.2-0ubuntu8_all.deb) ...13:34
habananyUnpacking replacement python3-apport ...13:34
habananyPreparing to replace apport 2.9.1-0ubuntu1 (using .../apport_2.9.2-0ubuntu8_all.deb) ...13:34
k1lsnuggl: :/13:35
wilee-nileehabanany, This via update or a install?13:35
k1lsnuggl: i hope you stay in here untill he wants to uninstall that secret software13:35
habananyupdate usb ringtail persistent13:35
wilee-nilee!13.04 | habanany13:35
ubottuhabanany: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+113:36
tarek_ActionParsnip: renaming it didn't work and deleting it either13:36
habananyok thanks13:36
tarek_ActionParsnip: didn't work13:36
Newberkll, why are you so intressted of what I install? Its my business. Im here to learn. Though that was the deal with this place, maybe I was misinformed13:36
tflgen2hi, i'm having trouble figuring out why my init script isn't being called at boot13:36
k1lNewber: to find the best install solution for that specific program13:37
snugglNewber: becuase ppl was a dick to him when he learned, so he feel the need to pass the dickery on. welcome to irc =P13:37
snuggljust get used to it13:37
tflgen2i've run update-rc.d scriptname defaults13:37
k1lNewber: if you are interessted in automatic updates and security updates than the way mentioned is not the best way because it lacks of both13:38
Newbersnuggl, he he. Thanks13:39
BluesKajHi all13:39
Newberkll, ok. So which would be the best way and what information would you need in order to give me the best way to install?13:40
k1lNewber: you are free to install what ever you want. dont get me wrong. but ubuntu got some automatic services that could help you.13:40
Newberalright. Which is?13:40
k1lNewber: the best way is to install the software from the official repos. (like mentioned several times before). if its not in there i would suggest to look out for a PPA repo13:41
lacrymologyhow come I have kernel 3.2 when 3.8 is out? how can I install 3.8 on precise?13:41
k1llacrymology: you can get the 3.5 kernel on precise.13:42
cfhowlettlacrymology, try sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:42
k1llacrymology: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:42
lacrymologycfhowlett: I installed a LTS version so I didn't need to do that for a while13:42
cfhowlettlacrymology, I beg to differ.  I've had at least 2 kernel upgrades on 12.0413:43
k1llacrymology: LTS is meant for stability. it wont have the latest kernel and latest stuff13:43
lacrymologyk1l: fantastic. But the current kernel is broken. It's got at least a known issue that is fixed in later versions13:44
lacrymologythat's not been patched13:44
k1llacrymology: are you sure its not patched by the ubuntu maintainer?13:44
j2daoshhey all. i'm having a weird bug with unity. if i log into the gui, then switch to the f1 console, log in, run some generic commands (ls, ps -ef, etc) and then try to switch back to the gui, it never comes back. it just turns off the monitor signal (monitor light goes from green to amber) and i can't get the gui back unless i init 6. anyone else had this problem before?13:45
lacrymologyk1l: at least the issue in the tracker's been abandoned for a while with no resolution13:45
lacrymologyk1l: all I really know is I have latest packages and I can reproduce an issue that's been around for over 6 months13:46
lacrymologyk1l: ok, so different question. Is there a way I can compile and install kernel 3.8?13:46
tarek_ActionParsnip: do you have any other options?13:47
lacrymologycfhowlett: I too have had at least two kernel updates. IIRC, it went from 2.8 to 3.2. But the point still stands that 3.8 is out, and I have13:48
k1l!kernel | lacrymology13:48
ubottulacrymology: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)13:48
MonkeyDustlacrymology  true, 3.8 is out and 13.04 uses it13:49
lacrymologyk1l: yeah, but in the mainline kernel page there seems to be no 3.8 package for precise. Latest seems to be 3.313:49
cfhowlettlacrymology, if the latest shiny kernel isn't offered via upgrade, as I would expect for LTS, you might have to manually install13:49
lacrymologyMonkeyDust: well, 12.04 is supposed to have.. what, 4ys support?13:49
lacrymologycfhowlett: I think I had misunderstood what dist-upgrade does, I'll try that13:50
k1llacrymology: see the mentioned kernel compile page13:50
ronillonHello, for aabout how long is linux using package management system? i could trace it to 2002, but i guess its much longer13:50
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds13:50
snuggllacrymology: there is a kernel-ppa for newer versions13:50
MonkeyDustlacrymology  the kernel used in 12.04 is supported for several years, not replaced13:50
k1lronillon: either ask in ##linux or in the offtopic channel13:50
ronillonk1l:  thank you13:51
lacrymologyMonkeyDust: ok, so newer patches are applied to it, I guess13:51
harriscaboose885, sudo wicd-curses13:51
snugglronillon: RPM has been around since the ninties13:51
MonkeyDustlacrymology  yes, but not new kernels13:51
k1llacrymology: thats what i tried to tell you.13:51
lacrymologyk1l: sorry, didn't understand that13:52
ronillonsnuggl: i thought it would be something like that, thanx13:52
MonkeyDustlacrymology  a patch is not a new kernel13:52
harrisrdz, how do i use wicd-curses13:52
snugglMonkeyDust: it is, just not a new kernel version13:52
MonkeyDustlacrymology  snuggl explains more correctly13:53
snuggllacrymology: if you want a newer version, go to the kernelPPA, if you want to apply patches you follow help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile13:54
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lacrymologyok, thank you13:57
=== pie is now known as Guest69304
wilee-nilee!ot > DCE25ESK14:02
ubottuDCE25ESK, please see my private message14:02
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theadminIs there a channel for the Midnight Commander?14:11
petrus_good question14:12
theadminOr does anyone know what happened to their website, more of, is the project still alive?14:15
MonkeyDusttheadmin  it's still in the 13.04 repos, hence supported - does that make sense?14:17
theadminMonkeyDust: Well, it does, and the latest release wasn't that long ago it seems. Hm. Oh well I'll wait till midnight-commander.org is back up then14:17
llutztheadmin: latest version is 2 weeks old, so at least someone still does some work on it14:19
slinnky2 weeks old? I'd say that's still actively developed, llutz14:19
theadminEeeh, guess I'm worrying over nothing14:20
llutzjust the site seems to be down. better they code mc than wasting time fixing websites14:21
xeon123How can I prevent xubuntu don't start the xserver automatically?14:22
llutz!nox  | xeon12314:22
ubottuxeon123: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:22
duclmhello everyone?14:25
theodorDiaconuin an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VM, I use ctrl + alt + arrows to switch between spaces, well up and down works, but left and right doesn't. Any ideas ?14:25
BluesKajtheodorDiaconu, does ctrl+F1,2,3...etc work ?14:27
theodorDiaconutrying now14:27
=== n000b is now known as nooob
theodorDiaconuBluesKaj, it does not14:28
theodorDiaconuI checked compiz settings, and for switching it is <ctr><primary><alt> left14:28
theodorDiaconusame for up and down14:28
userHi everyone. anyone know how to install and configure italc on 10.04?14:29
userHi everyone. anyone know how to install and configure italc on 10.04?14:30
userHi everyone. anyone know how to install and configure italc on 10.04?14:32
theadmin!patience | user14:32
ubottuuser: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:32
sprezzaturahow do i know the  passwd of www-data user that gets created14:33
aneksuser, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/iTalc14:34
theadminsprezzatura: Normally there is none, that user is simply used by the daemons and you don't log in as the user or anything like that14:34
=== michaelni is now known as ffmpeg|michaelni
sprezzaturatheadmin: i have uwsgi installed and i find that the uwsgi logs are not getting written. want to find if this a  permission issue14:34
KeyboardNotFoundhow to find files owned by user 'nekoj' ?14:35
theadminsprezzatura: You can use "sudo -iu www-data" to get a shell as that user, if that's what you're looking for.14:35
useraneks, thanks. the master must be a Server O.S?14:36
theadminKeyboardNotFound: find base_directory -user nekoj14:36
sprezzaturaok. theadmin14:36
sprezzaturatheadmin:  this too : echo 1 | sudo -u www-data tee loggile14:36
theadminsprezzatura: That'd work too, yes14:37
usertheadmin can you show me the chat rules please14:37
theadminKeyboardNotFound: base_directory is the folder where to search for14:37
theadmin!guidelines | user14:37
ubottuuser: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:37
KeyboardNotFoundtheadmin Thank you14:37
sburjanHello. Does anybody know why my Ubuntu connects  to a wireless N 300 Mbit network with only 150Mbit ? I have Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000chipset, which should be able to connect to 300 wireless14:38
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I low level format my external hard drive?14:38
usertheadmin thanks14:39
=== dominic_ is now known as mdih
aneksmojtaba, maybe try Gparted?14:39
mojtabaaneks: Can I format it, low level?14:40
BluesKajlow level format , means ? mojtaba14:40
userfor italc, the master interface must be installed on a Server or it can be good for Desktop version14:40
=== mdih is now known as mihd
mojtabaBluesKaj: Actually the hard disk had some problems and I want to make sure that after formatting it, the problems are fixed.14:40
aneksmojtaba, you should be able to. I'd download gparted and try.14:41
chroif I reduce the icon size in the unity bar, they stay with a poor quality. Why?14:41
BluesKajmojtaba, what problems ?14:41
litropyI want to use my router's syslog functionality. It's just asking for an IP address ... I can figure that out just fine, but what do I have to do with my box to receive/view the log?14:41
mojtabaBluesKaj: I did not have access to part of my files. (although I had the permission)14:42
BluesKajformatting won't help . afaik , it will wipe them out , mojtaba14:42
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mojtabaBluesKaj: What about low level format, which I have heard it will kind of reset it to factory settings.14:43
=== michaelni is now known as ffmpeg|michaelni
litropylooks like I answered my own question: http://nickhumphreyit.blogspot.com/2012/09/how-to-setup-syslog-server-on-ubuntu.html14:43
litropyIf anyone has anything to add, I'm all ears.14:44
BluesKaj!format | mojtaba14:44
ubottumojtaba: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap14:44
mojtabaBluesKaj: The hard disk become unmounted automatically14:44
=== Zeev_i is now known as Zeev
mojtabaBluesKaj: For example at the moment it says: " could not stat device /dev/sdb - No such file or directory."14:45
mojtabaBluesKaj: I was using it now. I think the problem occurred when for the first time my laptop shut-down unexpectedly.14:47
chroif I reduce the icon size in the unity bar, they stay with a poor quality. Why?14:48
theadminchro: That ain't supposed to happen, try restarting unity (e.g. logging out and back in), might be some drawing issue14:48
mojtabaBluesKaj: ?!14:49
litropyYep, works.14:49
chrotheadmin, already did that, but the issue persists14:49
subthalamusis there another method to enable ipv6 in quantal besides sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=0 ?14:50
trejiinOn mint 14, would apt-get dist-upgrade take me to ubuntu 13.04?14:51
litropychro, the images for the icons come in packs of different resolutions ... Say, one image is 24x24 pixels, then 48x48, 128x128, et cetera, If you size the buttons to something inbetween, it's subject to compression artifacts. Although it shouldn't be all that noticeable.14:51
mojtabaBluesKaj: are you there?14:51
mojtabaBluesKaj: Do you have any idea?14:52
chrothanks it worked with a size of 4214:53
litropychro, yw.14:53
litropymojtaba, afak, any level of formatting a drive will wipe it clean.14:54
litropymojtaba, you'll lose all your files.14:54
litropymojtaba, but ya, it will reset to default settings, and you should be able to use it, mind you,, as a totally blank drive.14:54
mojtabalitropy: I know that, I have just copied those I could.14:54
mojtabalitropy: Will it fix the problems like bad sectors?14:55
litropymojtaba, so ya ... use a liveCD or liveUSB, open up gparted, and go ahead.14:55
litropymojtaba, it will set all the bits on the drive to 0.14:55
mojtabalitropy: Why liveCD?14:55
mojtabalitropy: I have ubuntu and it is external hard drive14:56
litropymojtaba, if your drive is physically failing, it won't fix that.14:56
mojtabalitropy: How can I make sure if it is physically or not?14:56
litropymojtaba, so long as you're not running your OS off of the drive, then you can use gparted without the liveCD/liveUSB14:56
something323where canI get "gpart" I an trying data recovery with gparted and it says I am missing thecommand gpart and to install It but I cant ifnd any info through a google search14:56
mojtabalitropy: Is there any log file or utility which can find if it is physically failing or not?14:57
anekssomething123, you mean gparted? tried sudo apt-get install gparted?14:57
litropymojtaba, off-hand, I'd say if you reformat it, treat it like you should, and you still have drive-related problems, it's pretty safe to say it's physically failing.14:58
something323no, the exact word is "gpart" gparted itself runs fine, but to run the data recovery it gives an error14:58
mojtabalitropy: Then there is no way to fix it? :(14:59
ActionParsnipsomething323: you may find data recovery success with foremost14:59
DoxinI've got a bit of a problem with this R.A.T.5 mouse I have. it has some extra buttons, holding button #12 and then clicking button #1 seems to send it as some sort of combined press which makes programs ignore it. is there some way to make these buttons send separate events?14:59
litropymojtaba, you could send it in for repair ... but with the way drives are coming down in price these days, you might spend the money on just a new drive with more storage capacity.15:00
something323well the problemis that I was already trying to fix an overlapping partition in partitionmagic when the computer froze, so not its even more screwed up15:00
litropymojtaba, but you're getting ahead of yourself. Try reormatting it and see how it goes.15:00
litropysomething323, eek.15:01
neworderhi guys15:01
neworderI changed the colors of my terminal15:02
neworderI don't know how to reset it15:02
neworderAny help pls15:02
mojtabalitropy: Thanks15:02
MonkeyDustneworder  Edit > profile preferences15:02
something323but I am still getting this problem in gparted where the "command gpart was not found"15:02
n-iCewas svn package removed?!15:02
n-iCeE: Unable to locate package svn15:02
something323something is wrong with me repo somehow, It must be long outdated if no one knows how to fix it15:03
Picin-iCe: its called subversion15:03
neworderMonkeyDust: There's no option to reset it =)15:03
litropyneworder, what color do you want the background to be, also what color do you want the text to be15:05
something323ok so its this: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gpart&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all15:05
litropyneworder, and what are both of those now15:06
something323it looks old, but how can I install it anyway15:06
jakesahiri have ubuntu 12.10 installed on virtual box but inside vbox internet is not working ..15:07
neworderLol, I can set those myself right? =)15:07
something323it says gpart has no installation candidate15:07
MonkeyDustneworder  you can, in profile preferences15:08
jakesahiri have ubuntu 12.10 installed on virtual box but inside vbox internet is not working ..15:08
litropyneworder, ya. Isn't that what you're trying to do?15:08
neworderhmm, I'm trying to reset it actually15:08
neworderI changed the colors15:08
wilee-nileejakesahir, Do you have the network from a right click on the tiny screens at the bottom ticked?15:09
neworderand I wanted it back to its default15:09
MonkeyDustneworder  not sure what you mean by reset colours15:09
neworderback to the default settings15:09
wilee-nileejakesahir, Cable connected.15:09
neworderthe original settings15:09
mojtabalitropy: I formatted the hard drive "ext4" and it is not showing at all in /media path15:10
mojtabaDo you know what should I do?15:10
ActionParsnipmojtaba: can you manually mount it?15:11
aneksneworder, in profile preferences, colors, choose use colors from the system theme15:11
mojtabaActionParsnip: How can I mount it? (I am new to linux. could you please help me?)15:11
=== lala is now known as Guest33696
neworderHmm thanks15:12
bitbyteany of you guys any good with noip2 client ?15:12
neworderAlthough I was looking for a reset button to change the colors on the color pallete too15:13
bitbyteI'm looking to try and setup a cron task to run it15:13
aneksneworder, np.15:13
bitbyteas it dosnt seem to automatically run every 30 mins on its own15:13
aneksneworder, if you choose use colors from the system theme it will go back to how it was.15:14
aneksneworder, unless you did something else.15:14
neworderhaha you are right15:14
ubuntu_Evening all.15:14
neworderconfused myself :P15:14
MonkeyDustneworder  why are you struggling like this? it's a lot easier to choose your own colours15:14
neworderYup yup15:14
* churnd scratches head15:14
ubuntu_I have a quick question. Is it possible to install a fully working copy of Ubuntu onto a USB Stick?15:15
MonkeyDustubuntu_  you mean a persistent install?15:15
litropyubuntu_ yes15:15
bitbyteany one any good with the noip2 client15:15
wilee-nileeubuntu_, Yes use the something other option in the install gui and manually install it.15:15
ubuntu_Yeah, a persistent install so that I dont have to click on Try Me everytime I boot and so I can install stuff.15:15
MonkeyDust!persistent | ubuntu_15:16
ubottuubuntu_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:16
wilee-nileeubuntu_, You will still get that with a persistent.15:16
ubuntu_Oh, so, I cant install things like flash to this USB stick I made?15:16
wilee-nileeubuntu_, How big is the stick?15:17
ubuntu_I used the LinuxPendriveinstaller to make this stick I am using now.15:17
MonkeyDustubuntu_  no, that's enough for a live installation15:18
wilee-nileeubuntu_, Please use nicks always. ;) A persistent install has a casper-rw file that fills up after awhile and is basically uncleanable it has limited use, a kernel upgrade can brick it as well. However you can have flash.15:18
bitbyteany one in here any good at making cron schedules or know any good guides, I'm looking to run the noip2 client every 30 mins as the client its self for some reason dosnt run and I've found nothing in the /var/syslog15:19
ubuntu_OKay, so it looks like what I have now is the best I will get then.15:19
ubuntu_It currently shows up as a casper-rw on the drive label.15:19
Kakerahow do you set a startup application's working directory?15:19
Kakera(cd /host/Dropbox/Documents/Python && python my_script.py) doesn't work15:19
genii-around!cron | bitbyte The official guide is here:15:19
ubottubitbyte The official guide is here:: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto15:20
llutzbitbyte: "man 5 crontab" to read. use "crontab -e" add a line like "*/30 * * * * yourcommand -with options-here"15:20
ubuntu_Question what version of flash do I want?15:20
bitbytethanks a lot guys muchly appreciated15:20
aneksbitbyte, 0,30 * * * * your_command15:20
wilee-nileeKakera, add all to startup menu   sudo sed -i 's/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g' /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop15:20
wilee-nileeupdate-manager -d15:20
wilee-nileeKakera, sorry  add all to startup menu   sudo sed -i 's/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g' /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop15:21
Kakerawhat startup menu?15:21
ubuntu_how do I change my nick?15:22
genii-aroundubuntu_:  /nick newnicknamehere15:22
aneksubuntu_, /nick newnick15:23
wilee-nileeKakera, in the terminal to open startup applications. gnome-session-properties15:23
NewberPorkman: /nick newnick15:23
aychi...  i cant see "hardware configuration tool" ... why?15:23
Kakerawilee-nilee: and what exactly does your line do?15:25
wilee-nileeKakera, which one?15:25
Kakerathe sed one15:25
wilee-nileeKakera, It populates the startup applications, it is empty on install, inspite of there being stuff auto starting.15:26
Kakeraand how is that going to help, exactly?15:26
wilee-nileeKakera, It answers your question "how do you set a startup application's working directory?"15:27
aycwilee, are you alone answering questions?15:27
aycok, could you please help me?15:28
ActionParsnipayc: what are you wanting to achieve?15:29
ActionParsnipayc: why do you need a hardware config tool?15:29
aycthanks... I cant see "Hardware configuration tool"15:29
philinuxKakera: http://askubuntu.com/questions/50085/setting-the-working-directory15:29
aycim using Ubuntu Studio 12.1015:29
Kakeraphilinux: thanks for a sane answer15:30
aycActionParsnip, did u readed?15:32
=== weltall is now known as fairmat|weltall
CatKillerAnybody noticed something weird on Ubuntu's 12.04 terminal? If you do "ctrl-s" while on a SSH session the terminal window or tab completely blocks. you need to close it and reopen one15:34
CatKillerIf you do the same, but while *not* logged in on SSH, using "ctrl-c" fixes the problem (or if you also pressed "d" after "ctrl-s" it closes the window)15:35
=== mustafa is now known as mzaza
llutzCatKiller: usually ctrl-q is used the release the terminal after ctrl-s15:36
aycanyone could help me?15:36
mzazaI have folder created as read only and I can't delete it even if i use sudo. any ideas?15:36
wilee-nileemzaza, Where is it?15:36
mzazawilee-nilee: Downloads folder, in home directory.15:36
wilee-nileeand what is it15:37
mzazawilee-nilee: cann't remove "ready only file system"15:37
mzazawilee-nilee: It was a directory I create and tried to extract iso to it and i remember using the commoand mount.15:38
wilee-nileemzaza, You can run gksudo nautilus to get to root and navigate from file in the left column and delete it, however if you do not set the root preferences to bypass trash it will be there, and be difficult to remove.15:38
CatKillerllutz: Thanks! I'll try that. What is "ctrl-s" for anyways?15:38
llutzCatKiller: xon/xoff, software flow control15:39
bitbytedoes any one know how i would tell noip2 to write to a file every time its run a sync15:39
CatKillerllutz: It worked! Thanks! :) Amazing because it often made me close a terminal with unsaved work15:39
CatKillerllutz: Good to know, thanks! :015:39
wilee-nileemzaza, Have you tried to unmount it?15:39
mzazawilee-nilee: How can I unmount a directory?15:39
wilee-nileemzaza, NOt sure how did you mount it?15:40
Kakeraphilinux: doesn't work for autostart15:40
mzazawilee-nilee: sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 /path/to/file.iso /media/iso15:40
philinuxKakera: shame that then15:40
bitbyteshould be able to just sudo mount /media/iso15:40
bitbytethats right isn't it ?15:40
MonkeyDustmzaza  about virtual machine manager: it's an unstable experimental project, i tried it for testing purposes15:41
icedwaterHey guys, I'm working on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch and I have a NO_PUBKEY error with extras.ubuntu.com. How do I get the GPG key?15:41
mzazaMonkeyDust: I'll stick then with  Virtualbox, thanks :)15:41
wilee-nileemzaza, Not completely certain on unmount to be honest. ;)15:41
=== ubuntu_ is now known as deathjester
mzazaMonkeyDust: Do you have any idea on how to unmount a folder15:42
mzazawilee-nilee: Thanks :)15:42
deathjesterIm looking at getting a raspberry Pi to run a linux box. Anyone got a RPi yet?15:42
MonkeyDustmzaza  basically with umount, but you may try fuser -m15:42
llutzdeathjester: runs fine using rasbian. there is no ubuntu for pi15:43
Kakerahow do you set a startup application's working directory? (cd /host/Dropbox/Documents/Python && python my_script.py) doesn't work15:43
MonkeyDustmzaza  ehm, a folder, you say? i meant a device15:43
mzazaMonkeyDust: It was a folder, umount did work. Thanks :) Last question :D15:44
deathjesterI heard they were working on a Ubuntu for the RPi15:44
mzazaMonkeyDust: Do you know how to extract or burn a windows ISO of flash drive under Ubuntu?15:44
mzazawilee-nilee: umount worked, umount foldername15:44
aneksmzaza, umount is usually the opposite of mount :)15:45
MonkeyDustdeathjester  better go to #ubuntu-offtopic, i guess http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=437915:45
wilee-nileemzaza, I figured it would, just never have been in the sistuation.15:46
mzazaaneks: Yes, I was trying unmount which was more logical for me and it didn't exist :D15:46
llutzdeathjester: just a tipp if you are going to buy a rpi: buy 2, they tend to die young15:46
icedwaterOK, found it in Software Sources under Software Center.. now I need to find the file it is loading so I don't have to resort to that monstrosity again.15:46
MonkeyDustmzaza  i'm not very familiar with that OS15:47
=== erry_ is now known as erry
aycCan i get help on this channel?15:47
GRIM-ServerIs there anyone that wants to try and help me get the wifi working on my acer aspire one zg515:47
MonkeyDustayc  if you're sweet15:47
GRIM-ServerIt was working then started dropping15:47
GRIM-ServerNow it wont even connect at all15:47
aycok, please15:47
ayci cant see hardware configuration tool... how i can do that? (my english is poor, sorry i f i write bad)15:48
Kakerabash -c "cd /path/to/directory && /path/to/directory/executable" did the trick15:49
aycim using ubuntu studio15:49
Kakeraalthough it's kinda ugly15:49
mzazaMonkeyDust: Thanks :) I wont use it, I just need to burn it for someone. Thanks anway, i found a tool called winusb which should do that.15:50
MonkeyDustayc  try #ubuntu-studio15:51
deathjesterSo, these changes I am making to firefox now, will they presist when I restart my PC?15:52
deathjesterLike, adding extensions to firefox?15:52
MonkeyDustayc  nobody there, what do you mean by hardware configuration, what do you want to configure?15:52
=== Sedated_ is now known as Sedated
olivier__I can't wait for Ubuntu Touch to come out. If I buy a Nexus now I won't have the nice docking and desktop convergence features right?15:53
MonkeyDust!touch | olivier__15:53
ubottuolivier__: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:53
olivier__I know but people aren't answering my question there15:54
olivier__there probably very busy with development :P15:54
sprezzaturai need to change the group and perms for my dirs recursively. does '-R' work for both : $ sudo chgrp www-data /var/www $ sudo chmod g+rwxs /var/www15:55
llutzdeathjester: you use an installation of ubuntu or live-media?15:55
deathjesterIm running from a USB Stick15:55
mzazaIt's better to use apt-get purge while removing packages, to delete unnecessary files. right?15:55
lufideathjester: you are soo hardcore15:55
bitbytehey guys I'm trying to follow the monitoring the status of noip2, via : http://www.coulterfamily.org.uk/pages/PCs/Linux/FAQ-LINUX-NO-IP-CLIENT.php15:56
deathjesterlufi I know. :)15:56
anekssprezzatura, yes it does.15:56
bitbytewhen it says a script is produced do you have any idea what i should put the script as15:56
* lufi im running from me mind15:56
BluesKajmzaza, if you never plan on using the packages again , then yes.15:56
mzazaBluesKaj: Thanks :)15:56
wilee-nileemzaza, On the persistent usb?15:57
mzazawilee-nilee: I don't get you? I lost what was my last msg to you :D15:58
wilee-nileemzaza,Sorry I confused you with another user, my bad.15:59
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mzazawilee-nilee: np15:59
something323if my partition table got screwed up, what isthe best automatic recovery anyone knows of?16:00
bencc1I'm installing a webserver in a chroot. how can I listen to a port?16:01
bencc1do I need to configure the network inside the chroot installation?16:02
GRIM-ServerCan anyone help me get the wifi working on an acer aspire zg516:05
icedwaterGRIM-Server: what seems to be the problem?16:06
GRIM-ServerWell it worked for a few days. Then got flaky, now it doesnt work at all suddenly16:06
reggie_hey folks16:09
reggie_have questions regarding a DNS issue16:10
TLManyone know a terminal command that'll shut down the computer if anyone presses a key except one that i specify?16:11
reggie_wow lol TLM I would love to know this command as well16:12
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
MarhabahHi Guys16:13
j2daoshhey all. i'm having a weird bug with unity. if i log into the gui, then switch to the f1 console, log in, run some generic commands (ls, ps -ef, etc) and then try to switch back to the gui, it never comes back. it just turns off the monitor signal (monitor light goes from green to amber) and i can't get the gui back unless i init 6. anyone else had this problem before?16:13
reggie_does anyone know how to modify resolv.conf16:14
j2daoshreggie_: vim /etc/resolv.conf ?16:14
Pumpkin-TLM: sounds like would actually need to write a program to do that (and it is a bit odd)16:16
Pumpkin-you could so something super primitive like "read -n 1 C; if [ $C != "x" ]; then echo foo; fi" (replacing echo foo with something like halt)16:16
Pumpkin-but you can totally cheat that by switching to a different terminal, or just CTRL-C'ing it16:17
j2daoshalso, I am trying to setup a samba share on my ubuntu that i can access on my windows machine. I installed samba, created the share directive in smb.conf but my windows cant access it. anyone have a tutorial for setting up a samba share?16:17
reggie_j2daosh: here is the problem16:17
j2daoshhttps://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html that one doesn't work out so well16:17
reggie_the file isn't located there, it is located in /etc/ppp/resolv.conf16:18
j2daoshok, so vim that?16:18
=== tcsavage_ is now known as tcsavage
reggie_j2daosh: not really familiar with VIM but familiar with nano16:19
reggie_so nanoed that :)16:19
j2daoshwhatever works lol16:19
reggie_cool j2daosh so this box sits within a windows domain and I have added: nameserver windows server IP16:21
reggie_but no cigar16:21
cvanceHello folks, I am having a problem. I burned a copy of the ubuntu 12.04.1 iso (and verified the md5sum). I am trying to boot my desktop into the cd in uefi mode. I am running an ASUS P8Z77-V Pro/Thunderbolt motherboard. When I select the UEFI cd entry in my boot menu, the screen goes blank for a moment then just continues to the Windows boot loader. Halp please16:21
j2daoshim not sure what the original problem was, i came in at the point you were asking how to modify it16:21
reggie_j2daosh: also added: search name of domain16:21
reggie_ohh ok so at this point if I try to reach my spam appliance I cannot get to it unless I enter ip address, so box ot resolving hostnames16:22
j2daoshoh, well if the IP won't change, you can add the entry into the hosts file16:22
j2daoshvim /etc/hosts16:23
j2daoshor nano16:23
reggie_j2daosh: can I copy the resolv.conf file outside of the /ppp direcotry16:23
reggie_so straight into the /etc/ directory16:23
=== jagger is now known as jagger|away
j2daoshyou could, but i dont know if it will have any affect on anything. if it was put in ppp on install, i would imagine there is a reason for that and if it is somewhere else, it might not pick up config changes from the non-original file16:24
reggie_okay it's blank guessing the file may not be there or doesnt exist ? j2daosh16:24
j2daoshjust add the spam appliance IP to the /etc/hosts file. if you dont have one of those, do 'updatedb;locate hosts'16:25
b80905how do i block access to my computer for 1 month?16:25
j2daoshunplug it16:25
lancienb80905,  maybe if configure iptable to block all16:26
mstentaHey all, I'm looking for some advice… I would like to create an encrypted (via TrueCrypt) USB Drive that contains a VirtualBox image. I'd like to be able to load the VM on either a Mac or a Linux laptop… but I'm not sure if it's possible due to filesystem incompatabilities…. do you think it's possible?16:26
j2daoshb80905: it depends on what access you are trying to block.16:27
b80905j2daosh: so i would not be able to use it16:27
mstentaThe main issue seems to be: I can create a FAT32 TrueCrypt partition that is accessible on both Mac and Linux, but it doesn't allow files larger than 4GB… but the VirtualBox image will need to be larger than that.16:27
j2daoshmstenta: if you make it FAT, it should work on any16:27
reggie_ok lol I'm too much of a windows user I forgot to add .conf after the host j2daosh16:27
mstentaj2daosh: thanks, that's what i figured too… see my second comment above16:28
reggie_so I'm in the file now there isn't much in there16:28
lancienmstenta,  4 why not? i dont think it's easy to make this with truecrypt but when you install your vm you could crypt her with LVM maybe16:28
j2daoshmstenta: no idea. you will have to find a compatible FS for both (maybe EXT3) and give it a shot16:28
j2daoshreggie_: huh? hosts is hosts, not hosts.conf... i dont know what file you just editted16:28
reggie_lol I haven't done anything to the file yet16:29
j2daoshthen where did the .conf come from?16:29
wilee-nileecvance, Have you looked at the uefi wiki?16:30
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:30
reggie_actually looking through the /etc directory and I'm seeing host, host.conf host.allow hostname host.deny j2daosh16:30
j2daoshdo a more on host16:30
aneksreggie_, /etc/hosts ?16:31
reggie_all I did was sudo nano host16:31
reggie_should I add more at the end of the command?16:31
j2daoshdo you see something along the lines of ip [tab] hostname?16:31
reggie_aneks: ?16:31
aneksreggie_, the file is /etc/hosts not /etc/host16:32
reggie_lol ohh crap16:32
reggie_ok much better16:32
* j2daosh bangs head on desk16:33
reggie_thanks aneks I would have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out16:33
reggie_lol easy j2daosh I am trying to learn here16:33
aneksreggie_, lol no worries16:33
reggie_I'm a windows admin trying to learn linux16:33
j2daoshwasn't meant for you16:33
reggie_bear with me16:33
j2daoshsome request that just came in... makes me wanna strangle people16:34
reggie_okay I understand, thanks for your patience j2daosh aneks16:34
j2daoshnp. been in your position before.16:35
reggie_so j2daosh I'm in the file and I'm seeing a few things do you want me to pastebin or???16:35
j2daoshthis file is exactly like c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/host16:35
reggie_would this be the place to add the dns server info16:35
j2daoshso just add the spam servers IP in their, alias the name and your good16:36
aneksreggie_, just add ip address hostname16:36
aneksthat's all the info that goes into /etc/hosts16:36
reggie_okay but I have like 20 other devices including firewalls is there an easier way of adding my win dns servers or should I build a linux VM box to handle dns info16:37
j2daoshso if i wanted my computer to ping by doing 'ping windowslicker', i would put in the hosts file ' [tab] windowlicker'16:37
llutzj2daosh: which will fail because windowslicker != windowlicker   ;)16:38
j2daoshreggie_: 'locate resolv.conf' see where that file is located16:38
j2daoshllutz: i only make typos in irc16:38
j2daosheverywhere else, i'm perfect16:38
reggie_okay so when I run locate it is giving me a few differnt locations16:38
j2daoshare any in /etc16:39
FloodBot1reggie_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:39
reggie_whoops sorry16:39
llutz!resolv.conf | reggie_ don't edit that file manually16:40
ubottureggie_ don't edit that file manually: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution16:40
j2daoshwell damn, thats a new one on me16:40
j2daoshfollow his info. i feel mine is slightly outdated16:41
reggie_thanks llutz and ubottu I will give this a read16:41
cvanceI am having problems booting ubuntu on my uefi desktop. I installed it successfully in the past and had it running, but now the system doesn't boot. Additionally when I burned another livecd and booted it in uefi, it also fails (and jumps straight into my Windows 7 install.) I don't get to the grub menu, the system displays a blinking cursor for a moment and then moves right to Windows.16:42
anekscvance, did you try booting into your live cd, installing boot-repair and running it? It'll probably fix your issue.16:43
wilee-nileecvance, You might want to use the ubuntu forums, the channel is not really uefi educated in general.16:43
pentagonpieis there any firewall working in mint by default?16:45
llutz!mint  | pentagonpie we don't know16:45
ubottupentagonpie we don't know: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:45
wilee-nileecvance, Manufacturers have different versions so it is a bit of a hit and miss on exacting info, and sometimes the bootrepair tool is needed to rewrite file names.16:45
pentagonpieubottu: ok, thanks16:46
pentagonpieok, thanks16:46
anekscvance, did you try booting into your live cd, installing boot-repair and running it? It'll probably fix your issue.16:47
reggie_thanks for your help j2daosh16:49
cvance_aneks: I cannot boot into the livecd for some reason. I don't even get into the grub menu.16:49
anekscvance_, I wasn't talking about grub. I meant, change the boot sequence so it boots from the cd, and then choose try ubuntu. Once you're in there you can install boot-repair.16:50
cvance_aneks: I manually select the CD from my boot menu but it doesn't even get to the grub prompt (of the livecd)16:50
anekscvance_, you manually select it? if your boot sequence is set to read from the cd/dvd it will boot into the live cd by itself.16:51
CKLMNanyone has experience with DES_ncbc_encrypt??16:54
=== patr|ck_ is now known as patr|ck
cvance_aneks: I think we have a little miscommunication, let me rephrase. I have a UEFI motherboard and have windows 7 installed in UEFI mode. I burned a livecd and pressed F8 at the uefi prompt to enter a device boot selection menu. I have a few options (UEFI windows 7 boot loader, UEFI old ubuntu installation, UEFI livecd, and legacy options). When I select UEFI livecd, the screen goes blank for a moment and just kicks me to Windows.16:55
anekscvance_, it seems like it's not reading your live cd.16:57
cvance_aneks: md5sum is correct, let me try again in legacy mode to verify that it's something about UEFI that's screwy, brb16:58
rdev5|workis there an upstart for mac os x?17:03
levhitaHi, there, does anyone else got an black screen at login afte the updates?17:04
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:06
anekslehvita, also, I had the same issue and it had nothing to do with nomodeset. All it was is that Ubuntu installed grub onto my other hard disk. Choosing that hard drive as my first boot option fixed it.17:08
ubuntuaddictedhi guys, my network-manager isn't running and my eth0 is a SiS900 ethernet controller and it isn't working in 12.04.2, can anyone help me?17:08
levhitaThen a grub reinstall might help, a coworker here had the same issue, with the propietary drivers17:09
micadeyeyePlease advise me17:10
micadeyeyehow can I fix this error17:10
micadeyeyeReading package lists... Done17:10
micadeyeyeW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net precise Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EA8F35793D8809A17:10
ubuntuaddictedi did a sudo service network-manager start and my system seems to have brought up the ethernet connection but it's frozen, i can't even ctrl-alt-f1, any suggestions of how to unfreeze?17:10
wilee-nileelevhita, Your graphic drivers from the ubuntu repo or the manufacturer?17:10
wilee-nileelevhita, A kernel upgrade will break them, the repos are a better option if they work.17:11
levhitait get stuck in text login, and when i login it goes black again and to the login again17:11
MonkeyDustmicadeyeye  better contact the maintainer of the ppa17:11
billionsis it possible that the 32bit installer will not boot at all on a 64bit system?17:12
wilee-nileebillions, Should.17:12
levhita+1 billions17:12
ubuntuaddictedis there anyway to unfreeze a system safely besides hard rebooting?17:12
minasi have ubuntu connected to a network in which other pcs running windows are connected as well. My pc's internet speed is good, but it's really slow on all the windows pcs. If I disconnect mine from the network, the problem goes away and their connections becomes fast again. What's going on?17:12
seedoHello, I want to mount my usb modem in ubuntu as a mass storage (To access the ROM contents), please help how to do it.17:12
wilee-nilee!reisub | ubuntuaddicted17:12
ubottuubuntuaddicted: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key17:13
billionssee, that's what I thought, but the biitdisk works on a 32bit atom but not on the 64bit system that I am trying it on17:13
billionsso it definitely is not the us drive that's wonky… after all I used the same drive an hour go to install the 64bit version17:13
=== rcerny is now known as miup
billionsand the reason why I want to test the 32bit version is because the 64bit version feels so sluggish17:13
DX099hello !17:14
DX099where do i report about strange/worrysome behaviours ?17:14
ubuntuaddictedwilee-nilee, thanks but that didnt' work17:15
wilee-nileeubuntuaddicted, Than it is frozen.17:15
seedoHello, anyone know how to mount USB Modem as a mass storage device (to read the rom contents?)17:15
ubuntuaddictedi just hard rebooted it. my network isn't being brought up during boot, where do i start to troubleshoot?17:16
nothungI'm not able to mount my USB DVD drive17:17
nothungI used "sudo lshw -short" and see that the drive is listed as /dev/cdrom17:18
nothungbut when I try "sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt", I get the error "mount: no medium found on /dev/sr0"17:18
ubuntuaddictedhow do i troubleshoot why my ethernet card isn't working, my network isn't starting at boot up17:18
wilee-nileenothung, What happens if you put a disc in?17:19
nothungwilee-nilee: ok, I'm trying, I have the USB DVD drive plugged in, opened it and put in an audio CD17:20
genii-aroundnothung: Audio CD don't really have a filesystem17:21
ubuntuaddictedlooking at my dmesg, it says the ethernet card was not ready17:21
wilee-nileeubuntuaddicted, Did you try a second reboot?17:21
wilee-nileeor a reboot17:22
nothungwilee-nilee: that didn't work, "sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt" still failed17:22
nothunggenii-around: how would I play the audio CD then?17:22
wilee-nileenothung, does the disc show on the dektop?17:22
wilee-nileenothung, You have the correct usb some need a double one for power.17:23
nothungwilee-nilee: don't see anything on the desktop, Ubuntu automounts USB hard drives and flash drives just fine.  I'm running amd64 version of Ubuntu 12.04 LtS17:23
genii-aroundnothung: Usually gvfs sort of translates it on-the-fly to your music player or file browser17:23
ubuntuaddictedwilee-nilee, yes, it's not brining up the SiS900 ethernet card17:24
nothungwilee-nilee: yes, I do have the double USB plugged into a power USB hub17:24
nothungwilee-nilee: I don't know if using a hub is a problem17:24
wilee-nileenothung, Check that the power may need to be plugged directly to the computer17:25
nothungwilee-nilee: ah, I tried a non-audio CD and automount worked17:25
billionsso I'm running 12.04 and when I scroll the screen cannot refresh quick enough, so it stutters. Is this normal?  I am running the restricted nvidia drivers btw17:26
ubuntuaddictedduring boot up i noticed it said it was starting a virtual network connection at eth0 and that eth0 was renamed to eth1, i see in dmesg that the SiS900 ethernet card is being seen17:27
ubuntuaddictednot sure where to go from here?17:27
wilee-nileenothung, It is working then to play the audio open a player and search for the disc, and make sure to try several discs17:27
ubuntuaddictedlast time I enabled network-manager my system froze17:27
OerHeksubuntuaddicted, why did you rename eth0 to eth1 ?17:27
Kenjirogood afternoon17:28
=== mani is now known as Guest17104
Kenjiroguys, I am having problems to update a server running 12.04. Everything seemed to go fine, but slapd.17:28
KenjiroI issue "apt-get dist-upgrade" and it gives me this: http://pastebin.ca/236222317:29
KenjiroI noticed it moves the content of /var/lib/ldap/ to /var/backup/dc=nodomain-2.4.25-1.1ubuntu4.1.ldapdb17:30
Kenjirobut then... what should I do?17:30
ubuntuaddictedOerHeks, i didn't, i removed splash and quiet so I could see the messages during boot up and I noticed that message during boot up. where are those messages stored because I can't find it in syslog, kern.log, or dmesg17:30
mackgHello Folks!17:30
ChogyDanKenjiro: you may want to try #ubuntu-server as well17:30
ActionParsnipKenjiro: tried making the folder in the error manually?17:31
KenjiroChogyDan: ok thanks for that tip17:31
ActionParsnipKenjiro: are there bugs reported?17:31
KenjiroActionParsnip: if only I knew which content it expects to find in dc=nodomain.ldif17:32
KenjiroI have a dump of my ldap db, in LDIF format.17:32
nothungwilee-nilee, I tried several audio CDs but they didn't work and RhythmBox didn't find them.  Is there a better audio program?17:32
Kenjiroso I tried copying that dump to the file it complains... but that didn't help17:32
ActionParsnipKenjiro : doesn't matter. The error is that it doesn't exist. Use a blank file or empty directory17:32
Kenjirohmmmm will try a blank file, hold on17:33
wilee-nileenothung, Personally I use vlc almost always17:33
ActionParsnipNothung: try totem or vlc17:33
ubuntuaddictedOerHeks, ok, i found the message, this is what shows during boot up. [   32.950647] udevd[452]: renamed network interface eth0 to eth117:33
KenjiroWTF! that seems to work17:33
wilee-nileebetter is  a personal thing. ;)17:33
holymacaroonsHello Ubunturs, I'm the Amazon Web Services page and I'm going to get a Ubuntu server. What's the difference between the regular ubuntu server and a cloud instance?17:34
ActionParsnipKenjiro : you humour the system :-)17:34
holymacaroonsI'm on the*17:34
ubuntuaddictedOerHeks, i also see the following http://pastebin.com/mSnJmGqJ17:34
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone help me figure out why my SiS900 ethernet controller and network aren't starting at boot up?17:34
llutzubuntuaddicted: check/change MAC in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules17:35
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted: can you make it work with manual intervention17:35
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, last time I started network-manager it froze my computer17:36
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : try wicd instead :-)17:37
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, ok, but it didn't freeze this time and it worked. So now the question is how to get it to work after a reboot without manual intervention17:37
nothungActionParsnip, thanks for the tip17:37
nothungwilee-nilee, I tried inserting the audio CD while VLC was running and that did the trick17:38
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : what do you do to make it work ?17:38
ActionParsnipXdm2: please don't17:38
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, all I did was sudo service network-manager start17:38
nothungwilee-nilee, I wonder why it was so difficult to get Ubuntu to recognize my audio CD.  Should I submit a bug report?17:38
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, BUT i also just noticed that its eth1 NOT eth0 which per my interfaces file says it should be a static IP but currently it's eth1 and DHCP so it's got the wrong IP17:39
xdm2system on chip with linux or bsd ?17:39
wilee-nileenothung, Not sure to be honest, rhythmbox can be a little funky though, it might be a plugin thing.17:39
llutzubuntuaddicted: check/change MAC in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules17:39
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : could add thst in /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' line17:39
holymacaroonsWhat's the difference between a Cluster Instance and the Regular Ubuntu server on Amazon Web Services?17:40
xdm2ethernet driver maybe17:40
ActionParsnipXdm2: what is your question please?17:40
wilee-nileenothung, Look in system-settings type default and choose details you might see options there.17:41
xdm2ubuntu linux in system on chip filesystem requirement17:41
ubuntuaddictedllutz, why would i need to check/change that?17:41
ActionParsnipHolymacaroons: ask in #ubuntu-server too17:42
llutzubuntuaddicted: is the MAC in that file correct? that file makes udev renaming network-ifaces17:42
wilee-nileenothung, Look at removable media.17:42
nothungwilee-nilee, hmm well I just tried running Rhythmbox and inserting the audio CD and it was recognized.  So I guess you have to have an audio program open and then insert the audio CD.  I would have expected the audio CD to be recognized without having an audio program open.17:42
wilee-nileein details17:42
emxi bought a blu ray disc and i don't know how to play it with vlc :P what do i need to choose? open disc or open directory?17:42
emxif it is a directory: which one?17:42
nothungwilee-nilee, yes, I"m in details of the system settings panel17:42
KenjiroActionParsnip: I have another problem, now on another server, regarding postgresql, but I wll ask on ubuntu-server then17:43
KenjiroActionParsnip: really thanks17:43
nothungwilee-nilee, all the settings are "ask what to do"17:43
xdm2mysql maybe more little space than postgresql17:44
wilee-nileenothung, It has been awhile since I used my external reader so you can try options, not sure the default17:44
ActionParsnipEmx: www.omgubuntu.co.uk/tag/bluray/?wpmp_switcher=mobile?wpmp_switcher=mobile17:44
wilee-nileenothung, It has a rhythmbox choice though.17:45
ubuntuaddictedllutz, i think i know what happened. i basically swapped my OS install and hard drives to new hardware thus a new ethernet controller and /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules shows eth0 MAC as something else. NOT what iconfig shows for eth1. So how do I fix it?17:46
llutzubuntuaddicted: change the MAC to your needs or simply remove that file and reboot, it will be created17:46
ubuntuaddictedllutz, ok, i'll try to just remove the file and reboot. is that ok you're saying?17:47
llutzubuntuaddicted: it should be ok, yes.17:47
llutzxdm2: stop spamming please17:47
ubuntuaddictedllutz, ok, i just moved /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules to my desktop and rebooted, hopefully it's fixed and it brings up my network during bootup17:48
xdm2ubuntu server or desktop regular linux instalation look advance17:48
ActionParsnipXdm2 : how do you mean "look advance"?17:49
xdm2ubuntu desktop better than other like redhat or fedora17:49
priyavhi guys!!17:50
ActionParsnipXdm2 : in your opinion. ...17:50
=== billions_ is now known as billions
xdm2linux ubuntu start good and graphic look nice and little17:50
priyavi'm new to this whole ubuntu business! any cool things for me to check out?17:50
ActionParsnipXdm2 : is this leading to a question?17:51
ubuntuaddictedllutz, yeap, all good now. thanks17:51
llutz <ubuntuaddicted> llutz, why would i need to check/change that?  <- now you have the answer17:51
ActionParsnipPriyav: I'd just use the OS and get used to it17:51
xdm2ubuntu business unlike redhat or fedora subscription more lesser look like17:51
zizii just instaled virtualbox on my 12.04 64bit17:52
ActionParsnipXdm2 : if you want idle chat please join #ubuntu-offtopic17:52
zizibut i get an error17:52
ActionParsnipZizi: what is the error?17:52
xdm2ever use ubuntu rarely reboot or start again17:52
nothungwilee-nilee, I tried changing the default music application to VLC, but that didn't work.17:52
priyavthanks ActionParsnip17:52
=== Guest66517 is now known as matthewvz
ziziThe VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing  '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'17:53
nothungwilee-nilee, I have a workaround solution, so that's good enough for now.  Thank you for your help!17:53
xdm2license on ubuntu look similar with other developer but multimedia service go on internet17:53
ActionParsnipZizi: Did you run the command given with sudo?17:53
ubuntuaddictedwhy did ubuntu move away from apt-get upgrade and instead I have to use dist-upgrade?17:54
bekkszizi: Did you do what the error suggests? :)17:54
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : it didn't.  You can use both17:54
ziziyes i did but i get : command not found17:54
llutzubuntuaddicted: read the man-page about the difference17:55
xdm2in ubuntu linux wifi or bluetooth17:55
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, they are for different situations17:55
bekkszizi: Then how did you install vbox?17:55
zizisoftware center17:55
ubuntuaddictedllutz, ActionParsnip for example i changed a repository and used upgrade but that didn't trigger the new packages, i had to dist-upgrade for it work17:55
xdm2in campus center ubuntu look good seen by other17:55
ActionParsnipXdm2 : the 2 technologies are completely different so picking between the two is nonsensical17:55
llutzubuntuaddicted: read the man-page about the difference, the new packages might depend on packages not already installed. those will be ignored by upgrade17:56
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, you've always needed dist-upgrade to install new packages17:56
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : Did you run: sudo apt-get update    after you added it17:56
Questlooks like ubuntu has no repository to install freepbx?17:56
=== ffmpeg|michaelni is now known as michaelni
ActionParsnip!info freepbx17:57
ubottuPackage freepbx does not exist in quantal17:57
zizii couldnt find any solution by my self17:57
bekkszizi: Uninstall vbox again and install the latest official version available from the official vbox website installation instructions.17:57
ActionParsnipQuest : looks like its not in the official repos17:57
ActionParsnipQuest : your question was also not a question but a statement17:57
QuestActionParsnip,  it had a ? at the end17:58
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, yes, i always sudo apt-get update first17:58
tgm4883ActionParsnip, you mean just throwing a question mark at the end doesn't make it a question?17:58
zizii tried but i cant install it17:58
=== CatKille1 is now known as CatKiller
QuestActionParsnip,  it had a ? at the end. it was for confirming17:58
bekkszizi: Why not?17:58
ziziError: Violates existing package 'virtualbox' which collides with: 'virtualbox'. But the '/ home/zizi/Lipseis/virtualbox-4.2_4.2.12-84980 ~ Ubuntu ~ precise_amd64.deb', provide it through: 'virtualbox17:59
zizibut uninstalled the virtualbox18:00
ActionParsnipZizi : try adding the virtualbox repo and then install18:00
zizido you have a link?18:00
ali4ever4what is the best torrent client for ubuntu (better controls on spead and sharing)18:01
ActionParsnipZizi : bit easier.  The virtualbox site has a how to18:01
xdm2virtualbox ever use but on ubuntu linux maybe run smooth work with other like netbsd or openbsd18:01
billionsso let me get this straight, 32 bit ubuntu installer SHOULD boot on a 64bit system?18:01
ziziyou mean the oracle site?18:01
bekkszizi: Correct.18:01
tgm4883billions, yes, in 99% of the cases18:01
ActionParsnipAli4ever4: you can set max up and down speeds in transmission18:01
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
billionstgm4883: what would be that 1% case? because I get a "no  valid boot disk" error18:02
wilee-nilee!best > ali4ever418:02
ubottuali4ever4, please see my private message18:02
xdm2ubuntu linux transmission lost in disc disc ussually one or two dvd18:02
billions(although the usb disk works well on a different machine)18:02
ali4ever4ActionParsnip: the default app comming in ubuntu  ok will try it18:02
rAg3nixali4ever4: qbittorrent , transmission , vize , utorrent .. any would do !!18:02
ActionParsnipBillions: I believe itaniums will only boot 64bit OS18:02
MonkeyDustbillions  first try and it see what it does, no need to scare yourself18:02
billionsMonkeyDust: see, that's what I mean, it does nothing18:03
tgm4883billions, sorry, 99.99999999999999999%18:03
billionsI just get an error that it is not a valid boot disk, although that selfsame disk works perfectly with a different machine18:03
ali4ever4rAg3nix, thanks18:03
tgm4883billions, actually, I think the installer would still work, but you would get weird quarks happening.18:03
billionssee tgm4883 that's what I was thinking too18:03
tgm4883billions, IIRC, it was just a few processors that didn't fully support the 32-bit stuff properly18:04
billionsits probably something wonky with the installer disks18:04
ActionParsnipAli4ever4 : you can also set a time window to turn on an alternative speed limit18:04
billionsgood, now I know that it can be fixed, I can fix it :D18:04
tgm4883billions, that said, why not instal 64-bit?18:04
ActionParsnipBillions: Did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?18:04
mackgI have a question: I installed 12.10 on a gigabyte board with i3 sandy bridge. installtion was smooth, boot, installed latest updates, reboot: black screen. Do you happen know something about that?18:04
ubuntuaddictedhow to get a CIFS share to mount when the password contains illegal characters? I tried 'testin@1!' but that didnt' work18:04
billionstgm4883: firefox et al are so sluggish, I was hoping the 32bit version would have a smoother experience18:04
bekks!nomodeset > mackg18:04
ubottumackg, please see my private message18:04
billionsActionParsnip: the installer works on a different machine18:04
MonkeyDustbillions  i always use 32 bit on my 64bit system, in fact, 64bit won't even boot in vbox18:05
ActionParsnipMackg: use the boot option : nomodeset18:05
tgm4883ActionParsnip, actually, Itaniums need Itanium disks, not the standard Ubuntu 64-bit disks18:05
=== kimphill_ is now known as kimphill
billionsMonkeyDust: it would be nice if I could get it to boot on my 64 bit system, too :)18:05
xdm2ubuntu linux filesystem ussually work with ext3 but not ext2 good journalling filesystem18:05
ali4ever4ActionParsnip, really , how can i do that ?!18:05
tgm4883billions, IDK why that would make sense, but it sounds like a bad burn or something18:05
bekksxdm2: ext2 isnt journaled. thats why.18:05
ActionParsnipMonkeydust: it will if you have and have enabled the required CPU features :-)18:05
tgm4883MonkeyDust, 64-bit will boot in vbox18:06
ActionParsnipAli4ever4 : its in settings18:06
tgm4883MonkeyDust, you do have to set the guest OS to 64-bit though18:06
xdm2journalling filesystem in ubuntu linux maybe look robust18:06
ali4ever4ActionParsnip, thanks18:06
bekksxdm2: Do you have any specific support question?18:06
billionsjust to be sure, this IS a 64-bit cpu right? http://ark.intel.com/products/4949018:07
MonkeyDusttgm4883  stick to support for our friend billions please :)18:07
=== m00dy is now known as erenn
zizii get this18:07
zizi No suitable module for running kernel found18:07
llutzbillions: they say it is (check "grep ' lm ' /proc/cpuinfo")18:07
tgm4883MonkeyDust, I am supporting billions, and correcting you. I can do both18:07
bekkszizi: And then it builds the kernel module needed, correct?18:07
billionsok lemme quickly see18:08
xdm2to get dvd on ubuntu linux then burn with burner on campus and able to get office duty18:08
bekkszizi: If not, please pastebin the entire output, not just a single line18:08
=== matt_grill_ is now known as iatecake
zizi* Starting VirtualBox kernel modules                                            * No suitable module for running kernel found18:08
bekkszizi: Then build the kernel modules using sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup18:09
billionsllutz: what am I looking for in the output?18:09
ActionParsnipZizi : you need a space after the sudo word18:09
llutzbillions: if you have output, its 64bit18:09
billionsllutz: I do have output ad plenty18:10
llutzbillions: "lm" flags are 64bit only (long mode)18:10
billionsso in this case, running the 64-bit ubuntu is the sane thing to do? or will the 32bit vesion offer me some type of multimedia advantage?18:10
ubuntuaddictedi keep getting mount error(13): Permission Denied when trying to mount this CIFS share18:10
llutzbillions: there is usually no benefit at all in running i386 on 64bit hardware18:10
MonkeyDustubuntuaddicted  CIFS is similar to NFS, how do you try to mount it?18:11
billionsllutz: check18:11
ubuntuaddictedMonkeyDust, using fstab entry BUT my password has illegal characters, example: testing@01!18:11
=== jack is now known as Guest54297
MonkeyDustubuntuaddicted  then try with abc123 or so and change the password if needed18:12
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : is it possible to specify a credentials file and use that?18:12
ubuntuaddictedMonkeyDust, thanks anyway, that's not the point.18:12
llutzubuntuaddicted: use:  testing\@01\!18:12
ziziagain comand not found18:12
=== some1 is now known as Guest52742
ActionParsnipZizi : Did you add the virtualbox repo?18:13
llutzzizi: ls -l /etc/init.d/vboxdrv18:13
volkanhello everyone, i did a fresh install for my pc, and took the copies of PGP keys18:14
volkancan I use them again?18:14
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, yes, I could do that. ok, yes, that worked18:15
ubuntuaddictedllutz, i just ended up using a .credentials file18:15
llutzubuntuaddicted: better than a world-readable fstab-file18:16
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : chmod it 600 to keep people out18:16
ActionParsnip Ubuntuaddicted : owned by root of course18:16
ActionParsnipZizi : what is the output of : cat /etc/issue18:17
dakotawulfy volkan same distro18:17
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, done, although i am at home and not to concerned about security and my box is NOT open to outside world.18:17
bekkszizi: Then pastebin (not into this channel) the entire command you are trying and its entire output.18:17
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : its good practice but your call :-)18:17
volkandakotawulfy: yes it is the same18:18
ubuntuaddictedActionParsnip, no, i still made it root owned and chmod 600. thanks18:18
ActionParsnipUbuntuaddicted : no worries,  we both learned today :-)18:18
volkandakotawulfy: i messed up the pulseaudio and needed to do a fresh install :s18:19
ActionParsnipHi baloo198618:19
baloo1986can anyone help me? i have install Ubuntu on a eMac G4 but i dont can find skype for ppc18:19
bekksbaloo1986: There is no skype for ppc.18:19
shojohow can i ginf the password for my rooter?18:20
bekksbaloo1986: Really.18:20
ali4ever4hey any success stories of running ubuntu on raspberry Pi18:20
ActionParsnipBaloo1986: I doubt there is a PPC skype client18:20
ActionParsnipAli4ever4 : loads18:20
shojoer... "How can a friend find the password for his rooter?" would probably sound like i am asking for myself too so...18:20
ActionParsnipBaloo1986 : you can run chat clients for text chat with skype18:21
wilee-nileeshojo, Run the reset and make a new one, or contact the provider, or manufacturer.18:21
ActionParsnipShojo: I'd try in ##networking18:21
baloo1986what? Sorry but i dont understand ???18:22
tasslehoffis there a dedicated channel for mactel?18:22
ActionParsnipBaloo1986 : what you are doing now, you can do that with skype users18:22
shojothank you!18:22
ActionParsnipBaloo1986 : you type, they type back18:23
BluesKajali4ever4, yes a few , mostly for HTPC setups18:23
dakotawulfyvolkan u just messed up pulseaudio ???18:23
ActionParsnipBaloo1986 : what is there to not understand?18:23
dakotawulfyvolkan what problem u having18:23
volkandakotawulfy: yes, there was a strange whizzling noise when I am talking to skype18:24
tasslehoffnevermind, http://randomtutor.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/installing-ubuntu-1304-on-retina.html seems to be what I came here for :)18:24
volkandakotawulfy: actually. i wanted to reduce the fan noise and read something online. modified config files and couldnt revert back18:24
dakotawulfyvolkan u got tall the stuff for pulseaudio??18:24
volkandakotawulfy: then did a fresh install anyway. now it is ok :)18:25
dakotawulfy ok18:25
volkandakotawulfy: but i dont know how to use my previous PGP keys18:25
dakotawulfy yes u can use all repos and keys18:25
dakotawulfyu got them18:25
volkandakotawulfy: i didnt get what you said with the last sentence "tall the stuff"18:25
ActionParsnipTasslehoff: #ubuntu+1 for Raring support please18:26
dakotawulfyvolkan u can use all the repos and keys if u have them18:26
ActionParsnipTasslehoff : Raring is EOL before Quantal is too, just a friendly fyi18:27
volkandakotawulfy: just coppying to my home dir?18:27
dakotawulfyvolkan did u copy the etc /apt18:28
dakotawulfy dir??18:28
dakotawulfythat has all that info u need18:28
sungyosshfs#iam@server:/home/foo /home/foo/boo fuse defaults,idmap=user,allow_other,users,gid=1000,uid=1000,IdentityFile=/root/.ssh/id_rsa 0 018:29
sungyo im ubuntu 13.04 and that's my18:29
dakotawulfyvolkan on the old install18:29
sungyocontent in 'fstab' file18:29
=== augustin_ is now known as autra
sungyoand i can't find what the problem.18:29
dakotawulfyvolkan what did u save ???18:29
volkandakotawulfy: i mean only my keys. private and public PGP keys18:30
volkandakotawulfy: i dont need apps back actually18:30
volkani only need the keys18:30
dakotawulfyvolkan  in a text ???18:30
dakotawulfyvolkan did u save them18:30
volkandakotawulfy: yeah they pgp-public.key pgp-private.key18:31
dakotawulfyjust go to synaptic and try to add them under that part18:32
ActionParsnipSungyo: #ubuntu+1 for Raring support please18:33
sungyothants ;)18:33
dakotawulfyvolkan go to settings in synaptic18:33
dakotawulfyvolkan then go to authentication18:33
dakotawulfy import key file18:34
dakotawulfy on both of them18:34
ActionParsnipSungyo : is that the same ilk as thoctor :-)18:34
zampourashello, my webcam is not working could somebody give me a hint?18:34
ActionParsnipZampouras: does it work in cheese?18:35
pijushneed little help on  nautilus shell scripting18:35
dakotawulfyvolkan sorry go to settings then to the repositories18:35
zampourasActionParsnip no, but it used to work before. neither in skype18:35
volkandakotawulfy: i will try thanks18:35
ActionParsnipZampouras: skype is a poor test app18:36
dakotawulfyvolkan then to authentication18:36
=== augustin_ is now known as autra
zampourasActionParsnip ok if you say so! do we have any solution on this?18:36
pijushi have written a script #!bin/sh touch NewTextDocumet.txt gedit NewTextDocumet.txt18:36
ActionParsnipZampouras : run : lsusb    use the 8 character hexadecimal ID to find guides18:36
volkandakotawulfy: yeah, i found it18:36
pijushnot working18:36
volkandakotawulfy: thank you very much18:37
tasslehoffActionParsnip: hm, EOL as in end of support?18:37
dakotawulfy volkan:  then add them  ask were they are point it it will add them18:37
dakotawulfyvolkan: n/p18:37
ActionParsnipTasslehoff : yes18:37
tasslehoffActionParsnip: hm. because the support duration is shorter from 13.04?18:38
icedwaterHi again :) I successfully created a bootable ISO of my own Ubuntu remix... but when I boot it with qemu-system-i386 -cdrom name.iso, no packages can be found.18:38
volkandakotawulfy: thanks!18:38
ActionParsnipTasslehoff : yes quite a lot shorter18:38
icedwaterThe error I get is E: Unable to locate any package files, perhaps this is not a Debian Disc or the wrong architecture?18:39
tasslehoffanyway, it seems to me that raring is the better choice on the rMBP, so I'll go that way. I always have the latest version installed anyway :)18:39
ali4ever4ActionParsnip, thanks18:39
tgm4883ActionParsnip, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a fix for that18:39
icedwaterIt should be both, assuming the debootstrap bits were done correctly.. so I'm a little lost as to where the packages might have vanished to on a 688MB image.18:39
icedwaterIs it something wrong with my filesystem size/manifest?18:39
ActionParsnipTgm4883 : fix for what?18:40
tgm4883ActionParsnip, for 12.10 having longer support than 13.0418:40
icedwaterAnyhow, if anyone who knows something about it sees this, leave me a message please.18:41
icedwaterI'm off to bed. Thanks :)18:41
ActionParsnipTgm4883 : you could maintain the release yourself I guess18:41
tgm4883ActionParsnip, because that would break the supported upgrade paths18:41
tgm4883ActionParsnip, nah, it's the upgrade paths I'm worried about. I think that they will probably just support upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04+118:41
ActionParsnipTgm4883 : just stick to LTS18:42
fuhoHi, I seemed to have lost sound on the laptop in the past day or two. Running U12.04 XFCE, how can I figure out what went bad?18:42
fuhoDedicated laptop buttons, still pop up applet which moves the progress bar, but no sound ever comes out.18:43
dakotawulfytgm4883: was able to get the upgrade to work from the 12.04 to 12.10 then to the 13.04 on the 64 bit but not able to for the 32 bit18:43
tgm4883ActionParsnip, yes, while that does work for some folks,that isn't going to be what everyone does. "Just stick to LTS" isn't a valid answer to "There is no valid upgrade path from 12.10"18:43
tgm4883dakotawulfy, not sure what you mean?18:43
dakotawulfywas able to do an updgrade from the 12.04 to make it 12.10 worked on the 64 bit then to the 13.04  work fine on the 64 bit but was not able to get the 32 bit to work18:45
tgm4883dakotawulfy, IDK why it didn't work on 32-bit. It should18:45
dakotawulfywell when i updated the to the18:45
dakotawulfytgm4883 12.10  was not able to get out on the web18:46
dakotawulfy had seen the bug had one time been able to get it to work but was not able to the last time i tryed18:47
tgm4883dakotawulfy, is there a question in there? I honestly don't know why you are telling me all of this18:47
TuxVarmarisw0rdfish: goddamnit, you had me searching for that file transfer for a good half an hour18:48
dakotawulfysorry  maybe read it wrong thought u wanted to no about upgrade18:48
tgm4883dakotawulfy, ah yea, I don't want to know about upgrade. We were discussing what would/should happen for 12.10 when there will be no valid upgrade path18:49
tgm4883from 12.10 ->18:49
dakotawulfy sorry just got back at computer18:49
dakotawulfytgm4883  did upgrade to 13.0418:50
tgm4883dakotawulfy, yes, currently that is a valid upgrade path18:50
dakotawulfytgm4883:  sorry just did not read that close18:51
tgm4883no worries18:51
MonkeyDustlocate marlene18:52
djshotglassi need a remote desktop solution like teamviewer that i can install over ssh18:52
djshotglassteamviewer just crapped out on me i can no longer login to any of my ubuntu machines18:53
KatsumeBliskdjshotglass: I can't give specific advice, but it sounds like you want vnc18:53
djshotglasswhich is problematic because its a $1500 flight into most of the servers18:53
FrEaKmAn_I accidentally removed /usr/bin/python2.6 .. how can I know where it's installed so I create new symbolic link?18:53
djshotglasstype -P python2.618:54
KatsumeBliskFrEaKmAn_: I'd reinstalled it. You removed the binary afaik.18:54
djshotglassbut ^ is correct18:54
tgm4883djshotglass, yea, I'd use VNC over SSH18:54
sw0rdfishTuxVarmari, ?18:54
djshotglass/usr/bin/python would most likely be the symlink18:54
=== pie is now known as Guest11734
FrEaKmAn_I cannot reinstall... because I get error because of python-software-properties18:56
FrEaKmAn_which is saying that python version is not correct18:56
KatsumeBliskFrEaKmAn_: Can you uninstall Python first?18:56
KatsumeBliskFrEaKmAn_: Does it let you?18:56
FrEaKmAn_KatsumeBlisk, no18:56
TuxVarmarisw0rdfish: your avatar18:57
TuxVarmariit showed up in file transfers18:57
* TuxVarmari kills sw0rdfish18:57
FloodBot1TuxVarmari: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:57
TuxVarmariSorry Floodbot1 :(18:57
TuxVarmariAlso what's up with the "enter as punctuation" thing being all over irc?18:57
tgm4883TuxVarmari, don't do it18:58
KatsumeBliskTuxVarmari: Enter as punctuation means using return to divide up your sentences.18:58
auronandaceTuxVarmari: readability18:58
TuxVarmariKatsumeBlisk: ik18:58
TuxVarmariBut it wasn't there yesterday!!18:58
TuxVarmariI swear to god it popped out of the ground18:58
KatsumeBliskTuxVarmari: It's always been there.18:58
KatsumeBliskTuxVarmari: Ever since I started hanging out in this channel18:59
TuxVarmariI'm seeing it everywhere, like it juts popped out of somewhere18:59
FrEaKmAn_so anybody knows there python is installed by default?18:59
TuxVarmariFrEaKmAn_: python is installed by default18:59
TuxVarmariyou actually have python 2 and python 318:59
TuxVarmariRunning command "python3 -v" returns18:59
TuxVarmari# installing zipimport hook18:59
TuxVarmariimport zipimport # builtin18:59
TuxVarmari# installed zipimport hook18:59
TuxVarmariimport encodings # directory /usr/lib/python3.2/encodings18:59
FloodBot1TuxVarmari: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:00
FrEaKmAn_2.6.5 and 2.7.319:00
TuxVarmariI AM SO SORRY19:00
FloodBot1TuxVarmari: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:00
TuxVarmariSO SO SORRY19:00
TuxVarmariSo so sorry19:00
TuxVarmariI should always check with qshell first19:01
TuxVarmariPython 3.2.319:01
TuxVarmari^ there19:01
KatsumeBliskTuxVarmari: I'd stop speaking so quickly or the bot will mute you.19:01
TuxVarmariKatsumeBlisk: But that's who I am D:19:01
TuxVarmariYOU CAN'T CHANGE ME!19:01
KatsumeBliskTuxVarmari: I'm not threatening. I'm warning you what the bot will do.19:01
TuxVarmariRunning command "python2 --version" returns19:02
TuxVarmariPython 2.7.319:02
TuxVarmari^ and then you have python319:02
TuxVarmariIf you enable it19:02
TuxVarmariI think19:02
h00kTuxVarmari: please try to keep your comments on one line19:02
=== jack is now known as Guest30154
tata_how can I be "root" in Ubuntu 10.04 ?19:03
t3hb055nuebFor ubuntu, what would be a good utility to burn dvd's and on what format?19:03
h00k!sudo | tata_19:03
TuxVarmaritata_: You can use the "sudo" command19:03
ubottutata_: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:03
TuxVarmariGoddamn ninjabot19:03
KatsumeBliskt3hb055nueb: I think Brasero is installed by default. Not sure if that's what you want though.19:04
djathorisare there any Linux packages that would allow me to unlock the Oxford 911+ firewire bridge on a LaCie "d2" dvd drive, so that it can be used for other devices?19:04
OerHeksTuxVarmari, please do not curse, thanks.19:04
t3hb055nuebdidnt work.. skipped really hard.19:04
TuxVarmariOerHeks: Sorry. I'm just so used to the "internet doesn't care" thing19:04
t3hb055nuebI am very new to this..19:04
Paul_MyBBHello, does anyone know where I can find the source PNG/SVG for the Ubuntu unity launcher icon?19:05
t3hb055nuebKatsumeBlisk: Sorry, i am new to this. That did not work for me. I am unsure of what utility I should download for which format =(19:06
TuxVarmarit3hb055nueb: Brasero should be installed19:06
TuxVarmariTry that19:06
OerHekst3hb055nueb, brasero burns nice. make sure you put in a DVD+R when you burn 12.10, it is bigger than a cd iso.19:07
TuxVarmariHello mnack19:07
mnacki have a problem19:07
TuxVarmariPlease just ask your question, we are happy to help19:07
djathorisare there any Linux packages that would allow me to unlock the Oxford 911+ firewire bridge on a LaCie "d2" dvd drive, so that it can be used for other devices?19:07
TuxVarmaridjathoris: Have you tried google?19:08
mnacki tried installing ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit on my acer aspire one A15019:08
mnackyes i've tried google of course19:08
guntbert!repeat | djathoris19:08
ubottudjathoris: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:08
TuxVarmarimnack: I meant djathoris19:08
mnackbut so now it won't boot19:08
mnackoh sorry19:08
guntbert!google | TuxVarmari19:08
ubottuTuxVarmari: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.19:08
mnacki've seen plenty of solutions for that19:08
mnackexcept my screen is completely black with nothing19:08
TuxVarmarimnack: Ok. First off, does it boot at all?19:08
OerHeksdjathoris, make sure the 2nd firewire device is connected when you boot ubuntu.19:09
TuxVarmariDo you get a BIOS screen?19:09
mnackcan't access boot order, setup, bios, nothing19:09
mnackterminal, no19:09
FloodBot1mnack: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:09
mnacki'm lost19:09
djathorisTuxVarmari, I did and found a few MacOS apps at dead links19:09
TuxVarmarimnack: I don't know... Do you have the power plugged in?19:09
mnackdoes anyone know a way i can make the USB automatically boot/run when i plug it in….19:10
mnacki don't even know if i would see anything though19:10
TuxVarmarimnack: Try booting it normally19:10
TuxVarmariWithout any usb or anything19:10
mnacki've totally tried that19:10
TuxVarmarimnack: Did you install Ubuntu or Ubuntu Netbook Edition?19:11
tgm4883mnack, does your motherboard support booting from USB?19:11
wilee-nileemnack, try tapping the f12 key at powering on if you have this unlocked from the bios.19:11
djathorisOerHeks, the problem is that the firewire bridge on the LaCie drives is locked in it's nvram to allow only LaCie dvd drives to be connected. but I've been reading that this can be unlockes to allow any ata device to be connected, if I could get softwares somewhere19:11
mnackyes i did it to install19:11
TuxVarmariThe wikipedia page says that your laptop might not support Ubuntu19:11
mnackwell there's a ubuntu page for acers19:11
mnackfor acer aspire ones19:11
TuxVarmarimnack: ignore me19:11
TuxVarmariI didn't read the whole list19:11
FloodBot1mnack: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:11
wilee-nileemnack, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne/AOA15019:11
TuxVarmariI'm not able to help you with that. Sorry.19:11
mnackthank you anyway19:12
TuxVarmarimnack: Not related, but how do you pronounce your nick? mnak? As in emnak?19:13
t3hb055nuebHi, I am really new to ubuntu. Only used it for 1 week now.19:13
t3hb055nuebCan someone help me with dvd issues?19:13
wilee-nilee!ask | t3hb055nueb19:13
ubottut3hb055nueb: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:13
TuxVarmarit3hb055nueb: Please just ask your question19:15
t3hb055nuebHigh, I am using "Long term stable release, Ubuntu lts" I am unfamiliar with burning my home movies onto a dvd.  What format should I use and what utility actually works?19:15
TuxVarmariBrasero should come as default19:15
t3hb055nuebTuxVarmari: They skipped19:16
TuxVarmariGoddamn, I so want to disable part/joins for this channel but I can't because this is a help channel19:16
ChogyDant3hb055nueb: k3b is another great program19:17
t3hb055nuebChogyDan: Thanks, I have it on my PC, I have not tried it because I have wasted over 20 dvd's trying to get this to work.19:17
guntbertTuxVarmari: you only need to tell your client to ignore them19:18
Neytirihi i need to close my /boot drive to a bigger memory card how woul di do this?19:18
t3hb055nuebChogyDan: I was wondering what format I should use to burn?19:18
TuxVarmariguntbert: I know, but then I can't see when someone I'm talking to leaves19:18
ChogyDant3hb055nueb: i dunno, the movie format?  that's about as far as I understood when I was burning svcds19:19
dakotawulfyFrEaKmAn_: hey  here all the info for the python if u still need it  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5722468/19:19
guntbertTuxVarmari: so don't complain :)19:19
TuxVarmariguntbert: Goddamnit D:19:19
TuxVarmariI hate it when people do the join-switchhost19:20
auronandaceTuxVarmari: commentary is not needed19:21
t3hb055nuebHow do I use K3b?19:22
Neytirihi i need to clone my /boot drive to a bigger memory card how would i do this? my current memory card i use for /boot is full and i cant update the kernl any more19:22
llutzt3hb055nueb: http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/how-to-burn-video_ts-folders-to-playable-dvds-in-ubuntu-with-k3b/19:23
TuxVarmari!repeat | Neytiri19:23
ubottuNeytiri: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:23
auronandaceNeytiri: get rid of older kernels you no longer use19:23
GateWhat does logrotate do if it has a copytruncate directive and there isn't enough disk space to copy the file?19:23
Neytirisorry thought a issue ocurec with my chat again19:23
wilee-nileeNeytiri, Boot drive or partition can you be more descriptive?19:24
t3hb055nuebLlutz: thanks19:24
Neytiridrive its self19:24
Neytiriits jsut /boot that is on that drive which is currently a 256 meg memmory card19:24
ChogyDanNeytiri: that is small19:25
wilee-nileeNeytiri, How many kernel sets?19:25
ChogyDanNeytiri: how are you planning to get a new drive?  swap in a new memory card?19:25
Neytirii hav a seond set of card readersin my system with a 2 gig memory card that i want to use as the new /boot drive19:26
qum_yo all19:26
^MikeI've been asked to test this kernel (http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.9-rc7-raring/) but I'm not sure how to boot it when my system has encrypted LVM set up. So, /boot is on an unencrypted partition, and then it needs to decrypt and mount / in order to continue. Instead, the kernel panics with "cant find init, try passing init=" What do?19:26
Neytiriwilee-nilee, no idea how many sets are currently on the current card19:26
wilee-nileeNeytiri, look in boot, or what does the grub bootloader show.19:27
Neytirii wanna say 919:28
qum_hello.. i'm not sure i'm using the best driver for my video card, although everything seems not bad. Is there any way to check if the driver is installed right and everything is right?19:28
wilee-nileeNeytiri, you only need 2 sets, remove the rest, that card is big enough if maintained.19:29
Neytiriwell i would still like to upgrade it19:29
Neytiriwhen i built this system i ddint have a bigger one19:29
FrEaKmAn_dakotawulfy, thanks19:30
wilee-nileeNeytiri, Why are you doing it this way boot should just be in /19:30
FrEaKmAn_well problem for me is that I created symbolic link /usr/bin/python -> /usr/bin/python2.719:31
wilee-nileeand using the mbr19:31
Neytirii wanted somethingi could take with me and keep most people off my sytem19:31
dakotawulfyFrEaKmAn_: n/p did not try too flood out before19:31
wilee-nileeNeytiri, you encrypted?19:31
qum_can ne1 answer me pls?19:31
FrEaKmAn_and then I accidentally created link /usr/bin/python2.6 -> /usr/bin/python19:31
FrEaKmAn_so python2.6 now links to python2.719:31
FrEaKmAn_what is why I want to know where python2.6 is installed so I can fix it19:31
ChogyDanqum_: what video card?19:31
Neytirino, i dont need to be, i jsut ned to be abel to keep my brother and family from being able to boot my system19:31
dakotawulfyFrEaKmAn_: so u got it working???19:32
wilee-nileeNeytiri, A live cd has full access.19:32
qum_ChogyDan: Geforce 275gtx19:32
Neytirisystem wotn boot cd19:32
FrEaKmAn_I tried to reinstall it, but python-software-properties is reporting incorrect python version19:32
ChogyDanqum_: dkms status should tell you if the driver is installed19:32
FrEaKmAn_dakotawulfy, no.. I can't find where python2.6 is installed19:32
dakotawulfyFrEaKmAn_: check synaptic19:33
Terabyteis it possible to set ubuntu server to automatically download and install updates?19:33
dakotawulfyFrEaKmAn_:  see if  u can find it19:33
qum_ChogyDan: nvidia-319, 319.12, 3.7.0-7-generic, i686: installed19:33
qum_ChogyDan: that means it's the best driver and everything should work?19:33
ChogyDanqum_: 3.7 kernel?  is that correct?19:34
wilee-nileequm_, Where did you get the 3.19 driver?19:34
wilee-nileequm_, Is this 13.04?19:35
qum_ChogyDan: 3.7.0-7-generic #15-Ubuntu SMP Sat Dec 15 16:34:21 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux19:35
qum_wilee-nilee: yep19:35
wilee-nileequm, You want the #ubuntu+1 channel until release19:36
qum_wilee-nilee: what do u mean?19:36
wilee-nileequm_, That is the development channel for 13.04. ;)19:36
qum_wilee-nilee: emm, i'm there, but what u mean i didn't get u :D19:37
qum_So ChogyDan, is that means i'm good with the driver?19:38
wilee-nilee!13.04 | qum19:38
ubottuqum: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+119:38
thePHPdevWhen will Ubuntu 13.04 be released? Or is it kind of hard to judge.19:38
tgm4883thePHPdev, april 25th19:39
wilee-nileethePHPdev, 25th I believe it is on the web.19:39
thePHPdevOoh, I look forward to it. Thanks!19:39
thePHPdevWhat about 13.10? Or has that not been started yet?19:40
Dean28Why do i sometimes get '/tmp not ready' on
guntbert!ot | thePHPdev19:40
ubottuthePHPdev: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:40
tgm4883thePHPdev, probably october 31st19:40
thePHPdevOh, thanks for telling me. Bye!19:41
Terabyteis it possible to set ubuntu server to automatically download and install updates?19:42
thePHPdevNow how do I quit this channel?19:42
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llutzTerabyte: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates19:44
mx8mangerhello guys19:49
llutzdean: check your filesystems. check if the root-fs / is mounted ro in that situation the error occurs19:49
mx8mangeram going to dual boot soon19:49
mx8mangerso i am wondering19:49
mx8mangerif i decided to remove my linux from my drive19:49
mx8mangerwhat will happen to grub boot loader19:49
k1lmx8manger: just reinstall the win bootloader with the win cd19:50
mx8mangeralll my hd are full19:50
mx8mangeri cant reinstall windoes19:50
mx8mangeri have no $$$$19:50
thePHPdevHello. I have a problem. Basically. When I put my computer on suspend mode (12.10), and then wake it back up. The whole screen is covered in loads of differently coloured pixels. Does anybody have any idea why this happens. It's fine if I don't put it on suspend. Resolution is fine and everything.19:50
mx8mangerand also19:50
k1lyou dont need to reinstall windows19:50
k1lmx8manger: dont press enter after every word19:50
mx8mangerthePHPdev, switch to anther tty19:51
fnuserhow can i set up a local mail server in ubuntu where email looks like a@server.com. i modified hosts file to server.com . still it says outgoing mail to internet not supported19:51
mx8mangerso k1l but what is most lite linux ever19:51
mx8mangeris it ubuntu19:51
thePHPdevOK, You want me to do that after I wake it up?19:51
mx8mangeryou mean mail relaying fnuser19:51
k1lmx8manger: thats better to ask in ##linux19:52
mx8mangerhere a book will help u19:52
fnusermx8manger: mail relay?19:52
t3hb055nuebThanks for the help regarding K3b, Everyone =)19:52
llutzfnuser: read the manual of your mta19:53
mx8mangersomeone should append this link to the topic cause it usefull19:53
mx8manger11 gigs will be enough for linux?19:56
k1lmx8manger: depends on your needs. but the system will easy install on 11gig.19:57
mx8mangerwell i will be installing msf on it19:58
mx8mangerbut what scares me the grub thing19:58
mx8mangercan i just use the windows boot loader19:58
=== billions_ is now known as billions
mx8mangerlike when i used to do with xp and windows 200019:58
k1lyou cant load linux with the win bootloader19:58
t3hb055nuebCan someone direct me to an ubuntu channel about security?19:59
mx8mangerbut it will be installed by default right?19:59
bkfitzanyone know how I can get ufw to autostart on reboot?20:00
mx8mangerthank u20:00
bkfitzI have ENABLED=yes in the ufw.conf file but that doens't seem to do it20:00
k1lt3hb055nueb: i dont know if there is a special security channel for ubuntu.20:00
k1lt3hb055nueb: i dont know if there is a special security channel for ubuntu.20:01
k1lt3hb055nueb: what about you ask your question in here?20:01
t3hb055nuebUsing Xirc, I cannot see the list of people in the channel. I messed up.20:01
t3hb055nuebOh, fixed that.20:01
nahatahi, do you any of you know if wget can be used to download tutorials stored on an Amazon Cloud Drive that i have to log into with a username and password, i tried the username and password switches with the part of the tutorial i wanted, and it will only download from the amazon.com/clouddrive, not from anything inside the account20:01
PsiKloPxWe have two computers on our Windows domain network that are running Ubuntu 12.10. They currently have access to internet only and are in the company breakroom for the shop employees during breaks, etc.20:01
k1lt3hb055nueb: well, xirc is not a supported irc client20:02
brandthello, is this the proper channel to ask for help regarding system logs, etc..?20:03
PsiKloPxNow the boss wants me to give access to these computers to a few folders on our Windows 2008 server where we keep machine photos and such. I have tried the directions found here with no luck. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently20:03
wilee-nileebkfitz, what do you see with this sudo ufw status20:03
PsiKloPxThe folders need to auto mount in guest account.20:04
guntbertbrandt: go ahead and try us20:06
PsiKloPxCan anyone help with mounting windows shares on ubuntu?20:06
tgm4883PsiKloPx, it would help if you started with why that link didn't work for you20:08
TuxVarmariUbuntu is a bows20:09
tgm4883a bows?20:09
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PsiKloPxtgm4883, when I'm logged into the guest account I get the message that only root can mount20:14
tgm4883PsiKloPx, yes, that is true. That isn't how you would want to mount the drives anyway20:15
=== awesomesauce is now known as Guest10841
tgm4883PsiKloPx, Since you are trying to mount it in the guest account, I'm assuming that all users have write access to the same drive share?20:15
nahatai got wget to ask me for the password to the clouddrive, but it downloaded nothing from inside it20:16
nahataoh wait a second20:16
PsiKloPxtgm4883, Yes they do. But I'm setting it up under my admin account.20:17
tgm4883PsiKloPx, you should probably mount it somewhere '/mnt/serversharename' and then do a symlink in the default user dir20:18
PsiKloPxtgm4883, full disclosure: I'm the sales manager/IT department/janitor/copy machine repairman/"whatever no one else wants to do" and I'm a novice when it comes to Linux.20:18
tgm4883PsiKloPx, have you been successful mounting it to /mnt/serversharename  ?20:18
PsiKloPxactually no20:19
tgm4883PsiKloPx, ok, what part are you on?20:19
PsiKloPxI can browse to the folders that I want to share and tried makeing a symlink20:19
tgm4883PsiKloPx, lets just work on getting it mounted first (automatically)20:19
PsiKloPxI've backed out completely and starting over.20:19
PsiKloPxfstab is back to original20:20
tgm4883PsiKloPx, Ok, create a directory in /mnt/ to mount the share to20:20
ClientAlivedoes anyone know how to set up an auto reply message in evolution?20:20
ClientAliveThe info I'm seeing in Google is out of date20:21
PsiKloPxtgm4883, Done20:21
tgm4883PsiKloPx, ok, setup fstab to mount the share to that directory20:22
nahataapparently i have to do all kinds of rigamarole with a cookie to get this password-protected page with wget, only i use curl20:22
PsiKloPxtgm4883, do I need to include smb:?20:24
tgm4883PsiKloPx, it would look similar to '//servername/sharename  /media/windowsshare  cifs  guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  0'20:25
nahatawow i guess it's way complicated to do what i want to do, isn't there a gui tool to download currently viewed pages with ubuntu?20:25
tgm4883PsiKloPx, from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently20:25
nahatai tried this CLI stuff as long as i could lol20:25
agentI saw this on login, what does it mean? "-NickServ- 75 failed logins since last login."20:26
tgm4883agent, I think that means, that since the last time you logged in, there were 75 failed login attempts to your account20:26
agentI had an intrusion recently and I was wondering if this would be something lingering from that?20:27
tgm4883agent, define lingering. Did you format the machine?20:27
Bodsdaagent: you have a fairly generic nick - it's not unfeasible to think other people where trying to use it as theirs20:27
agentthanks tgm4883, I guess some animals just can't stay out of my things.20:27
PsiKloPxI've got something wrong..."line 12 in /etc/fstab is bad" I've got to go lock up the shop. I'll be back later. Thanks for your help.20:28
agentno, I really am limited to what I can do atm. I can't even get a download.20:28
agentI've tried20:28
agentI'm off. take care.20:29
nalei need a frien20:29
agentagent provocature is hardly generic :D20:29
nahatais my problem that unusual that nobody has said anything about it?20:33
wilee-nileenahata, Kind of vague, give some details and what you want to the channel, not me.20:34
roseysdaddyanyone awake?20:39
BPowerHey all - it seems like out of the blue Compiz started using 150-200% CPU.  It started yesterday.  Anyone else having the same problem?  I'm on 12.10.20:40
DX099where do i report about strange/worrysome behaviours ?20:40
k1l!bugs | DX09920:41
ubottuDX099: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:41
k1l!ask | roseysdaddy20:41
ubotturoseysdaddy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:41
elijahjoin #drupal20:44
ozzloywhat's going on here: http://pastebin.com/JBxxMeRX20:45
ozzloywhy can't i delete byobu directory?20:45
roseysdaddy_anyone know anything about installing something like the lubuntu desktop environment?  im thinking that id like to put it on my headless ubuntu server for emergencies.  I don't want to boot into it all the time, only when I have no other web access.20:47
bray90820Anyone know of a twitter/facebook app that supports touch scrolling20:47
DX099k1l, thanks, there's a problem with xorg-core updates that rewrites "/usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so"20:49
RipsometimeI seem to have a problem with intel graphics on 12.10, i repeatedly get a system problem detected message, when nothing obvious is going wrong. The processor is a Pentium B940, and the graphics are currently unkown.20:51
BPowerHey all - I lost my internet connection. I was asking if anyone is having issues with Compiz on 12.10 recently. It just started using 150% to 300% CPU (updated) in the past few days. I'm not sure where to start looking to fix it.20:51
BPowerI tried `kill -9`-ing it but it came back instantly with no change in CPU usage.20:52
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
RipsometimeThe problem seems to only persist when i try to run graphics intensive applications.20:53
ubuntuaddictedheys guys,  i am trying to figure out this transmission-daemon, file owner, permissions, and NFS sharing issue.20:54
ubuntuaddictedanyone in here use NFS and understand permissions, etc etc20:54
BlueEagleroseysdaddy_: What you want to do is to remove lightdm (or which ever login manager you use) from the rc. Perhaps rc-update is the command you're looking for.20:54
gh__hi, anyone having problems doing "apt-get update" with ubuntu 13.04? I have a hash mismatch error on the universe package list20:55
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, what is your question20:55
tgm4883gh__, 13.04 support is in #ubuntu+1 , but no, I don't have that issue20:55
theadmingh__: Raring isn't supported until release, please see #ubuntu+120:55
gh__ok thanks for the indication!20:56
OpenSorce12.04, Toshiba laptop, I've tried using the date command, the gui interface and bios, nothing I do seems to make this machine keep proper time. It's perpetually 1 hour ahead. It will change for awhile but then always reverts back, any suggestions?21:00
theadminOpenSorce: Eh, make sure you've got the right timezone set. I think Ubuntu syncs with NTP.21:01
OpenSorcetheadmin, ah... I thought it was something like that. Any idea how to check that, then?21:02
theadminOpenSorce: System Settings -> Time and Date -> Location, type the city you're in (or the one that your timezone is usually defined with)21:03
theadminOpenSorce: Or if you're more of a commandline person, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata21:04
OpenSorcetheadmin, thats what I was hoping for :-)21:04
OpenSorceI thank you....21:05
anastasyaand so does my lappy21:05
ChogyDananyone know a good way to speed up video (ie, less distortion)?  I think I tried vlc, but it was still distorted21:09
* api984 is away: Don't follow me21:12
mx8mangercan u pass me that link again21:14
mx8mangerabout the windows bootloader21:14
k1l!language | mx8manger21:15
ubottumx8manger: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.21:15
k1lit wasnt me who gave you that link but here it is: <tgm4883> http://askubuntu.com/questions/62440/is-it-possible-to-boot-ubuntu-using-the-windows-bootloader/62442#6244221:16
DakotaMe luv windows! JK. Whats up guys?21:19
tgm4883!OT | Dakota21:19
ubottuDakota: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:19
=== New is now known as Guest6599
Dakota>.< Thank you tgm4883. Did not know.21:20
roseysdaddy_ ok, i installed lubuntu-core but when I run startlubuntu i get a Gtk-Warning error about the display21:20
=== mackg is now known as mackg|away
Avatarhi, anyone know how to setup linpopup on 10.04? only the root can send messages, clients can't reply.21:21
meLonIt seems as though my gpg-agent is refusing to flush/purge/expire my password after 60 seconds, as I have requested in ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf.  I have set use-agent in ~/.gnupgp/gnupg.conf.  Any stuggestions on how to get it to forget my passphrase after sixty seconds?21:25
jmnozhi! I'm trying to get maximized flash player to work properly on an extended desktop (two monitors). It seems to work the way I want if I configure X so that my external monitor is on the left. but not on the right. Does anyone know how to solve this?21:25
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parmpsterwhen i log into my windows XP  partition (Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop) i dont get any problems i have ubuntu 10.10 and when i log into it i get 35 multi coloured lines that apear21:29
bekksparmpster: 10.10 isnt supported anymore.21:29
parmpsterwhat is the oldest version that is supported?21:30
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theadminparmpster: 10.0421:30
theadminBut that's not for long21:30
parmpsterthen how is 10.10 not supported?21:30
theadminparmpster: 10.04 is an LTS, it has longer support.21:31
FrEaKmAn_is it ok to edit /etc/passwd on hand or should I use some tool?21:31
parmpsterOh, so I will have to update?21:31
theadminFrEaKmAn_: useradd, usermod, etcetera21:31
parmpsterI get it21:32
bekksparmpster: Yes, to 12.04 at least21:32
parmpsterthanks so much21:32
parmpsteris there any channel that supports XBMC?21:33
bekksparmpster: Not using 10.10 ;)21:33
ciwolseyim running an app from the unity launcher that requires some stuff from my .profile to be run21:35
ciwolseybasically im making additions to $PATH in my .profile, but any app that i launch from unity doesnt see the changes21:36
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Franz218hello, i installed ubuntu 12.10 - can someone help me with how to use switcheroo ?21:37
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tgm4883Franz218, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics#Using_vga_switcheroo21:38
zuxxedhi all21:38
zuxxedcan anyone help with ubuntu user accounts?21:39
Avatarhi, anyone know how to setup linpopup on 10.04?21:39
parmpsterOK i just finished the update same problem i updated to 12.421:40
Franz218thx i'll try it21:40
theadminAlright, I'm having trouble with Midnight Commander. I've set default/* Open=nohup xdg-open %f, but MC still kills the opened app if I exit it21:40
parmpsteri am so sorry 12.04 LTS21:40
theadmin(as in, exit MC)21:41
parmpstersame problem21:41
parmpsterand it works wonderfully in windows XP21:41
parmpsterthough it's VERY SLOW!21:42
parmpsteris there any way in X to fix this problem?21:42
zuxxedI had to delete my password, now i still able to use ubuntu accept for using sudo. sudo tells me wrong pass on entering old one or blank21:43
yeats!fixsudo | zuxxed21:43
yeats!sudo | zuxxed21:43
ubottuzuxxed: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo21:43
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robertzaccourIs the Xbox 360 or PS3 corded controllers compatible with the Ubuntu version of Steam?21:44
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)21:44
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro21:44
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots21:44
zuxxedstill, i cannot use old pass for gksudo, sudo etc after i deleted it21:45
parmpstertry using a new password21:46
zuxxedi got no option to create one21:46
parmpsterhave you tied to boot off a live CD and get it through there?21:47
zuxxedi even cannot log back to user accounts to set new one21:47
gansbrest /msg NickServ identify binzobka21:47
gansbrest /msg NickServ identify binzobak21:47
HilarieIs there anyway to go back 2 directories at a time? ../bleh, to ../../diffbleh21:48
robertzaccourIs the Xbox 360 or PS3 corded controllers compatible with the Ubuntu version of Steam?21:48
Hilariecd* should have been somewhere in there21:48
Hilariegansbrest you know you need to change your pw now right?21:50
Jok3rTciao a tutti21:50
ubottuJok3rT: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:50
jmnozhas anyone solved the problem of watching full screen flash on a secondary (extended desktop) monitor positioned to the right of the other screen? (having different resolutions on the two screens)21:52
robertzaccourIs the Xbox 360 or PS3 corded controllers compatible with the Ubuntu version of Steam?21:56
gansbrestHilarie: thanks, I will21:56
anton_ehis there a package that activates the panel for indicators and applets in gnome classic in 12.04??21:58
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ChogyDanjmnoz: don't forget to try chrome's pepper flash21:59
jmnozChogyDan: that's a good idea, thanks22:00
gansbrest /msg Nick22:02
theadminanton_eh: What?22:07
wilee-nileeanton_eh, Take a look here and look on the ubunut forums and or ask this question there as well, many there use the fallback classic. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseGnomeClassicTweaks#Indicator_Applets22:09
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wilee-nileeanton_eh,I don't use the classic so I cannot vouch for anything, lol. ;)22:10
KircleDoes Linux support crossfire for two sapphire Radeon HD5750's?22:12
m3powHello guys !22:13
m3powwhy can't i change the server in the software sources from Main to the ones that it finds to be the most suited22:13
m3powor is there any other way to change it22:13
anton_ehthanks wilee-nilee22:13
muratmurat yldirim22:14
wilee-nileeanton_eh, No problem. ;)22:14
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mindcodesomeone here with c socket programming skills? (its a simple question)22:14
theadminmindcode: Try ##c22:15
mindcodethe channel?22:15
theadminmindcode: Yeah22:15
m3powno ideea on the server change issue ? it did work a couple of weeks ago22:15
theadminm3pow: You can edit /etc/apt/sources.list manually with your favorite text editor, choose the appropriate mirror and replace the URLs with it22:17
mindcode... 100 of users, and all sleeping :-/22:17
m3powgreat, thanks theadmin!22:18
utreejoin ##c22:19
iUnifyok guys, im in a mess here22:20
iUnifyive been coming in the past few days asking questions about getting a system problem22:20
iUnifyim using Audacity a lot to record music, my files (after HOURS of work) continually become corrupt after the system freezes.22:20
ddsscgot a problem with display drivers in ubuntu. says Drive Unknown in the details. also can't use any hdmi monitors. graph card nvidi g525m. which driver should I get?22:21
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ddsscalso got intel integrated, if I could use that instead, would be dandy.22:21
jmnozChogyDan: pepper flash doesn't seem to have the problem with display scaling. It still will exit the fullscreen mode as soon I move the mouse cursor to the second screen unfortunately.22:22
anton_ehgratitude as always22:22
iUnifyAl I'm looking for is getting Ubuntu running smooth.... so done with windows, loving Ubuntu, but, I've had noting but trouble thus far.  If I could get myself to a place where i can record without these issues, i'd be a happy camper.  thanks.  oh, already did a full reinstall TWICE.  Same thing each time, system problem reported.  than using audacity makes it freeze after awhile.... i7 2.20ghz 8 gigs ram22:23
iUnifyubuntu 64b22:23
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Pyro_KillerI tried installing ubuntu 12.10 x64 through wubi (there are complications) and i have gotten this far:22:25
Pyro_Killerthen i just the error when trying to boot:22:25
Pyro_KillerFile: \ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr Status: 0xc000007b22:25
chamunksanyone know anything about how jenkins works with apache vhosts?22:30
wilee-nileePyro_Killer, Do you have uefi setup?22:45
W4RH4WKgot a22:45
bray90820Anyone know of a touch friendly app such a gwibber22:46
wilee-nileePyro_Killer, http://askubuntu.com/questions/225048/is-wubi-for-windows-822:47
W4RH4WKgot a raid question over here, i just setup (hardware) raid 5 on a computer and now i'm installing ubuntu. when it asks me about partitioning i see 4 hard drives (all 4 are the raid 5 array) is that correct i thought i'd only see one big partition22:47
W4RH4WKi know the difference between raid 5 and raid 0, just asking if that's how it's suppose to be22:47
ddsscis there a way to have hdmi monitor  working on an optimus nvidia/intel laptop?22:48
mhoughI have a problem with libgoogle-glog-dev on precise22:50
mhoughanyone have time to help explain its removal?22:50
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sybiani got a prblem i can't play howard stern show22:51
mhoughits says libgoogle-glog-dev was requested removed because of qa22:52
mhoughbut the bug listed is a gem problem which must be wrong right?22:52
ddsscsybian, have yout tried john stewart?22:52
Evansch0im having some trouble with mono :/22:52
sybiani tried andy kaufman22:52
mhoughlibgoogle-glog-dev is a C++ package22:52
ddsscsybian, the john stewart show, check it out.22:52
sybianddssc: yeah its a weird codec maybe22:53
Evansch0would anyone be able to help me with the error i get on my terminal when i type "mono Terraria.exe"   (the error i get is "(mono:13579): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap"")22:54
Evansch0anyone seen this error before?22:55
Ryan_Hello everyone, I'm new to Ubuntu and I had a question regarding my new Private folder not asking for a password when attempting to access it.22:56
Evansch0are you logged in under the account you created it from?22:56
Evansch0that might be why22:56
Evansch0not too sure22:57
Evansch0did you password protect it?22:57
ViaNocturna85yeah, if you try to access it from another user account it should not allow you to access it22:57
Ryan_Yes.  But I don't receive a prompt.22:57
sybianshaka when the walls fell22:58
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Evansch0Ryan_: i found you a site :)22:58
Ryan_Is that why?  I don't use any other accounts, but I have financial information etc that I don't want being accessed from my account.22:58
ViaNocturna85Ryan_: do you want a file or folder to be password protected even in your own home?22:58
Ryan_Yes, in my own home.22:59
Evansch0Ryan_: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/create-a-private-password-protected-folder-in-ubuntu-11-10-12-04/22:59
ViaNocturna85Ryan_: look into Cryptkeeper22:59
Evansch0Ryan_: that should help22:59
sybiandarmok and jalad at tanagra23:00
ViaNocturna85i do it the old lazy way...put a dot in front of it XD23:00
Evansch0Ryan_: you have to logout or restart you computer for the password protection to apply23:00
Pyro_KillerViaNocturna85 ,  no, just no, it is bad practice and you know it23:01
bray90820Anyone know of an app like gwibber that is touch friendly23:01
ViaNocturna85Pyro_Killer: yeah but since my HDD is encrypted and nobody ever uses my laptop, im not too worried23:01
Evansch0so can anyone help me with my mono error?23:02
Ryan__I have Cryptkeeper but it never launches.  I've tried looking up solutions but I'm confused by them, as I've never used Linux before.23:02
ViaNocturna85bray90820: try 'friends'...although i think thats only 12.10/13.04 though23:02
Pyro_KillerBut telling someone who clearly hasn't encrypted their HDD too just use dot method is not right23:02
sybiantemba his arms wide23:02
bray90820ViaNocturna85: does it have touch scrolling23:02
ViaNocturna85Pyro_Killer: I didnt say that, i said that I do it the old lazy way, I told him about Cryptkeeper23:03
ddsscEvansch0, have you tried #mono ?23:03
Pyro_Killerwhy does wubi not have an IRC23:05
SonikkuAmericaPyro_Killer: 'Cuz it's going down the drain23:05
Pyro_Killerwell it just got "support" for windows 823:06
Pyro_Killerthough it doesn't work23:06
Pyro_Killerthis makes me sad23:07
tgm4883wubi should have died long ago23:08
tgm4883it was a feeble attempt at making it easy for users to test out Ubuntu. The problem is that it did a poor job (performance wise) at it23:08
Pyro_Killeranother question then, is there a way to make a "installer usb pen" for ubuntu with usb 3.0 support?23:08
wilee-nileePyro_Killer, The designer of wubi stated themselves that it was a tryout method, no wubi installs in a UEFI setup as well.23:09
SonikkuAmericaThe first indication of Wubi saying sayõnara was when knome said "No support for Xubuntu"23:09
SonikkuAmericaGrr... sayounara then23:10
anonymous024How safe do you all think text-based browsers are? More or less prone to malware than popular browsers like firefox?23:10
harris how do i use wicd-curses23:10
Evansch0_anyone heard of mono error                         (mono:13727): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",23:10
Pyro_Killerwell it got installed, and got added to the boot list of windows, it just threw an error, it got updated like 2 weeks ago23:10
wilee-nilee!av | anonymous02423:11
ubottuanonymous024: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus23:11
SonikkuAmericaEvansch0_: You do know what Mono is, right?23:11
Evansch0_i do23:11
ViaNocturna85Evansch0_: try this command: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf23:11
wilee-nileePyro_Killer, http://askubuntu.com/questions/225048/is-wubi-for-windows-823:12
SonikkuAmericaWell, looks like the pixel mapper done got busted.23:12
Evansch0_pixel mapper?23:12
ViaNocturna85Evansch0_: on launchpad people with the same error report that package fixed it23:13
ViaNocturna85Evansch0_: np23:13
Evansch0_lets try terraria startup again23:13
Evansch0_another error >:|23:14
Evansch0_(mono:14662): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "ubuntulooks"23:14
ViaNocturna85Evansch0_: which error?23:14
harrisno one knows?23:14
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Evansch0_stupid errors xD23:15
wilee-nileePyro_Killer, Some have to use wubi for various reasons I support that, however it has limitations is all, and is not part of the next release. There is only one helper at the ubuntu forums that has any real skills with it, and is here on occasion.23:15
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zykotick9wilee-nilee: really, wubi is being removed?23:16
wilee-nileezykotick9, yeah.23:16
Pyro_Killerwilee-nilee i see my problem has been posted everywhere, i am honestly thinking that it is an issue that has not been resolved23:16
alainushow do I install a .deb package and automatically install all dependencies ?23:16
ViaNocturna85alainus: install gdebi23:17
wilee-nileeplains, I use gdebi it will added them if available.23:17
zykotick9wilee-nilee: thanks23:17
GfelisI have a small problem with a USB printer over 12.10. When i connnect the USB it does not create the device, can any one help please? thank you.23:17
SonikkuAmericaalainus: You can also do [ sudo dpkg -i $PACKAGE ] then do [ sudo apt-get -yf install ]23:18
wilee-nileeGfelis, Have you brought up printer and looked for the driver23:18
zykotick9alainus: the alternative, not using gdebi, is install the deb with dpkg, then run "sudo apt-get -f install" to pull in the dependencies.23:18
SonikkuAmerica(I call it the "yeff-install")23:18
SonikkuAmericazykotick9: Gotcha covered.23:18
Evansch0so ViaNocturna85: seen that error b4?23:19
anonymous024wilee-nilee: I hear that XSS is still a problem on linux, which is why people use programs like no-script with firefox. I'd wonder if that would be an issue on a text based browser.23:19
Evansch0(mono:14662): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "ubuntulooks"    <---- anyone seen this error b4?23:19
Gfelisno, it does not show a linux ubuntu driver, but it has a linux redhat driver..23:20
CFenixhi everyone, I have a clean Lubuntu 12.04 installation and Chromium is giving me an Error with FLash "Could not load Shockwave FLash", i did some search and i found that there's a problem with the file " PepperFlash" wish for some reason i do not have, so i don't know how to fix this problem, thank you for your time23:20
zykotick9anonymous024: most text based browsers lack javascript... i believe elinks supports it a bit (it allows gmail logins anyways)23:21
wilee-nileeanonymous024, I would not use a text browser personally, I use FF with that add on and a few others, but that's me. ;)23:21
wilee-nileenot necessarily for security but ease of use23:21
Pyro_Killerlinks can do javascript the last time i checked23:22
Pyro_Killerbut ff with noscript usually does the job23:22
Evansch0CFenix: chromium-browser --ppapi-flash-path=/opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/libpepflashplayer.so --ppapi-flash-version=    <--- try this in your commandline23:22
Evansch0CFenix:  did that help?23:25
wilee-nileeCFenix, You might check the source of your chromium I don't believe it is really maintained the last sable ppa was updated 11 months 3 weeks ago, I would just run chrome of the two.23:25
Evansch0whenever i try to install gtk ubuntulooks in the terminal it says "Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package gtk2-engines-human-theme"23:30
Evansch0wrong one xD23:31
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: Have ou tried running sudo apt-get update first?23:31
Evansch0no :/23:31
Evansch0running it right now23:31
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: If the theme still exists in the repos, that should fix it.23:31
Evansch0oh ok23:32
Evansch0i will tell you if that works KatsumeBlisk23:32
Evansch0no it doesnt exist23:33
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: What version of Ubuntu are you using?23:34
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: Unity?23:34
Evansch0heres what it did say when i tried installing ubuntulooks with the terminal23:34
Evansch0Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Package gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source However the following packages replace it:   human-theme  E: Package 'gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks' has no installation candidate23:34
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: Have you tried installig human-theme?23:34
Evansch0says it doesnt exist23:35
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: ubuntulooks has been deprecated because Unity doesn't use GTK2 anymore23:35
Evansch0oh :/23:35
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: According to that line, human-theme replaced it.23:35
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: Have you tried installing human-theme itself?23:35
Evansch0what command shall i use then23:35
Evansch0to install that23:35
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: "sudo apt-get install human-theme"23:36
Evansch0*listens to elevator music*23:36
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: What are you trying to accomplish with this?23:36
Evansch0running terraria23:36
Pyro_Killeror ditch the whole thing and use cinnnamon, or xfce, or kde23:36
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: This probably won't fix that. Why does Terraria require GTK2?23:37
Evansch0but i am using mono23:37
Evansch0no idea23:37
Evansch0so :/23:37
Pyro_Killerif you install gnome-shell i think that will install gtk223:37
Pyro_Killersudo apt-get install gnome-shell23:37
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: Sorry if I'm not much help23:37
KatsumeBliskPyro_Killer: GTK2 is deprecated23:38
KatsumeBliskPyro_Killer: and that doesn't make the engine he wants to install in the repos23:38
KatsumeBliskEvansch0: You're installing a whole new DE.23:38
Evansch0what do i install then23:39
Evansch0i guess i install nothing23:41
KatsumeBlisk!repeat | Evansch023:41
ubottuEvansch0: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:41
Pyro_KillerEvansch0 is you entire goal to run terraira in ubuntu?23:41
Evansch0that is my goal23:41
Evansch0sounded easy at first23:42
Pyro_Killerhave you patched it`?23:42
Evansch0now its a pain in the A$$23:42
Evansch0no idea how Pyro_Killer23:42
harris how do i use wicd-curses23:43
Pyro_Killerharris: it's just a library23:43
Evansch0you know how to patch it Pyro_Killer23:43
harristo connect to wifi from terminal23:43
Pyro_Killerone sec, i'll try abnd do it myself23:44
harrisPyro_Killer, to connect to wifi from terminal23:45
Noskcajare there now 2 nexus 7 images or has the original been discontinued23:47
AmbroseHi I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 desktop and when it boots up the menu (start menu) is missing, I can still see the clock/wifi/sound icons but just the start menu is missing. I already tried removing the .compiz files and .Xauthority and restarting but that didn't fix it. Anyone know what else to check? Thx.23:47
Pinkamena_DSo I have a new hard drive, and 3 disks: backtrack, ubuntu, and winxp. What is the smoothest way to install 3 side by side?23:48
KatsumeBliskPinkamena_D: Install XP, then one Linux distro, then another.23:49
Pinkamena_Dlast one you install will boot first?23:49
KatsumeBliskPinkamena_D: Depends on how you set it up. Install XP first though. Windows doesn't like other OSes.23:50
Pinkamena_Dyou got that right23:50
wilee-nileeNoskcaj, you might want the #ubuntu-touch channel for nexus installs there is the touch and the raring desktop install.23:50
Noskcajwilee-nilee, thanks, i forgot about that channel23:51
wilee-nileePinkamena_D, Install XP first then ubuntu, we don't support backtrack, however XP first is the important part.23:51
wilee-nileePinkamena_D, If your going to multi-boot you want to be familiar with reloading bootloaders to the mbr if it is a msdos mbr setup.23:53
nat_have a huge question to ask..i'm wish to make ubuntu where i do not have sudo/sudoers.d files on it at all, with a named account that has full access to the entire system, is this possible? i know debian can do it23:54
KatsumeBlisknat_: Ubuntu doesn't have the root account, but that's because it can be dangerous.23:56
KatsumeBlisknat_: Why do you want it?23:56
KatsumeBlisknat_: You can use "sudo su" for a temp "root"23:56
Poisoned_DragonIf you install from an expert install, you can create an ubuntu install with a root user that can be logged in to.23:56
nat_i understand all this, but i'm wishing to make a system that has a root account23:56
nat_don't need a temp root access, wishing user to have full blown access to system23:57
nat_is there any way to install the "root" account?23:57
Poisoned_DragonAll you do is make an admin account and use sudo in terminal23:57
Poisoned_DragonThat's the way it is, and always will be.23:57
nat_i'm already part of admin account/group and still using sudo in terminal, i wish to be dangerous in linux with no sudo23:58
jamesaeppGreetings! I noticed my hard drive was about 66% full for no apparent reason (I don't have 500GB of movies :P) So I did sudo du -h | grep G and found /var/lib/mlocate.db.e1GYsY to be almost 600GB!!! Is it safe to delete this file?23:58
Poisoned_DragonIf you install from an expert minimal install, you can set root to be logged into by you.23:58
KatsumeBlisknat_: Remove the password requirement for sudo for that user. RUnning sudo in front of every command would essentially do what you want.23:58
Poisoned_DragonI don't think you can change that after an install is done without a root user.23:58
jamesaeppnat_ : I use sudo su23:59

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