* micahg hopes he didn't forget to upload something...01:21
holsteinmicahg: we'll forgive you if you did :)02:49
holsteinzequence: question02:49
holsteindoesnt our irc client point to #ubuntustudio?02:49
len-1304holstein, no03:05
len-1304There is a menu item in the ubuntustudio submenu that does though03:05
len-1304holstein, The changes needed to make ubuntustudio the default in the default settings are too much03:06
len-1304xchat does not have a place we can put default settings in. That stuff is all part of the binary :P03:09
holsteini see03:10
len-1304clear as mud?03:10
len-liveFrom what I saw on the release channel we should be treating the daily builds as release candidates and be testing them as such04:08
smartboyhwzequence:  Archive FinalFreezed now \o/ 10:15
* smartboyhw is proposing that we should remove the 12.10 link in this single channel10:21
smartboyhwHey DarkEra10:41
DarkErahi smartboyhw 10:42
DarkErai guess the rc release is postponed10:42
smartboyhwDarkEra: Not sure.10:42
DarkErapretty sure, 18 was the release day and that was yesterday :)10:43
smartboyhwDarkEra: No worries, I will inform the whole world that it i ready for testing.10:43
DarkEraby the way, i start think that xorg x server - core server update screwed it up on the 13.04 10:45
smartboyhwDarkEra: Uh oh. Report bug?10:45
DarkEranot done yet10:45
zequenceDarkEra: You mean about the temperature?10:46
DarkErabut, the graphics card temperature went up way high yesterday and the problem is still there. Using 12.04 at the moment10:46
DarkErazequence, yep10:47
zequenceDarkEra: Did you try blowing out the fan outtake yet?10:47
DarkErayes i did10:47
zequenceDarkEra: There is another possibility. The temp reader may be the problem10:48
zequenceDarkEra: And, just anything adding to increased activity10:48
DarkErait's not a hardware issue, i'm pretty sure. 13.04 worked great until after the updates10:48
smartboyhwzequence: I need to prepare all the announcements before Wednesday. I'm having a test on Friday so no computer for Thursday. I'll still be here to do the actual releasing, but not doing any QA.10:49
DarkErai have two other distro's running on this machine and the fan is almost silent10:49
DarkErawhen using them10:49
zequenceDarkEra: Did you measure CPU temp?10:50
smartboyhwDarkEra: The RC images are held up by the language packs.10:50
DarkErasmartboyhw, ah, ok. Thanks :)10:50
DarkErazequence, how?10:50
zequenceDarkEra: install sensord10:51
zequenceDarkEra: Then, do: sudo sensors-detect10:52
zequenceDarkEra: And to see the temps: sensors10:52
DarkEragonna write that down and boot into 13.04 later10:53
zequenceDarkEra: It's of course possible that one will make the other warmer, since the air inside gets warmer10:53
zequenceDarkEra: How was the fan outtake? I did a couple of really hard blows, and man, there was dust there I couldn't have imagined, since I didn't see it with my eyes10:55
zequence..before I blew it10:55
DarkEraif you look at the GPU temp on 12.04 through nvidia-setting at the moment it's 58°C. By now it would have been 75 to 78°C by now. I'll check both again when on 13.04 and i was just thinking about that too that one heats up the other10:55
smartboyhwzequence: I only got high temps when I am either building software or doing QA.10:56
DarkErazequence, i clean it from time to time so there wasn't too much dust in it :)10:56
zequencesmartboyhw: In other words, whenever you put stress on the CPU?10:56
smartboyhwzequence: Yeah. And RAM.10:57
zequenceRAM won't make the temp higher though10:57
zequenceI mean, using more RAM, that is10:58
DarkErabbl, checking 13.0411:11
DarkErazequence, i check on 13.04. This is the output taken with intervals of a few seconds and within a minute: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721291/11:33
DarkErayou clearly see the GPU temp rising11:33
DarkErathe CPU stays around the same temperature from what i can tell11:35
smartboyhw_DarkEra: Someone reported a bug having simliar issues as yours, but found out it was also a problem in -generic.11:40
DarkEraso it's not related to the kernel (which i found out already) or ubuntu studio. 11:42
DarkErasmartboyhw_, that's also on 13.04?11:43
zequenceDarkEra: At this point, it's hard to say11:49
zequenceDarkEra: You could try installing the same kernel on 12.0411:49
DarkErai have a better idea11:49
DarkErainstall 13.04 again and not pull in the xorg x server - core server update11:50
zequenceDarkEra: It would be easier, and quicker, if you installed the kernel11:50
zequenceDarkEra: http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/linux-image-generic11:50
zequenceJust download it, and install it manually11:50
zequenceThere was also a PPA for kernel backports, but I don't have it11:51
zequenceDarkEra: To install proprietary drivers, or any other kind of modules, you'll need the headers http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/linux-headers-generic11:54
zequenceI mean, to build modules..11:55
DarkErai know :)11:55
zequenceDarkEra: I'd appreciate it if you could install the kernel on 12.04 and see if there's a difference11:56
zequenceThere was a guy with the same kind of problem here before, but I think he also updated the xorg stuff, so that was not very helpful11:56
zequenceon 12.04, that is11:57
zequenceI mean, he had heating problems the newer the release was, and 13.04 was the worst. But, when he installed a newere kernel to 12.04, I think he also installed a newer X11:57
zequenceI was trying to help him, but I was away each time he was in11:58
zequenceAnd now, he's not responding anymore11:58
DarkEraok, no problem. I'll do it to help out and make sure :)11:59
DarkErazequence, sorry, can't install them12:29
DarkEraDependency is not satisfiable: linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic12:31
DarkErai have to go in a few so i leave the stuff as is12:32
zequenceDarkEra: That's the package you should isntall12:46
zequenceDarkEra: Not the meta package12:46
zequenceDarkEra: Which arch is it?12:47
zequencehmm, the packages were not downloadable http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/amd64/linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic/download12:50
zequenceoh, no, sorry12:50
zequencethere's the mirrors below12:50
zequenceThat's for 64bit12:50
zequenceand this is the 32bit http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/i386/linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic/download12:51
zequenceAnother way is to change the apt to say "raring" instead of "precise", do sudo apt-get update, and then only install the kernel, nothing else, if already installed: sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade linux-generic12:52
zequencein /etc/apt/sources.list12:52
zequenceNot sure if the last will work12:52
smartboyhw_zequence: Will there be an S kernel blueprint? I would like linux-lts-raring-lowlatency in 12.04.3 (if that doesn't kill you off maintenance and regression testing.12:55
zequencesmartboyhw_: Why would you like to have that kernel?12:58
smartboyhw_zequence: Hardware enablement?12:58
smartboyhw_That's the reason Ubuntu has linux-lts-raring-generic12:59
smartboyhw_Or maybe add in linux-rt?13:00
zequenceWe should look at adding linux-rt for 14.0413:01
smartboyhw_zequence: Mmm kay;)13:01
zequenceDoing a SRU for the LTS is not really a S blueprint. I'll look into that13:02
DarkErazequence, i'm on 64bit13:02
smartboyhw_zequence: \o/13:02
DarkErabut i gotta run now. bbl :)13:02
zequenceDarkEra: See you later13:03
zequencesmartboyhw_: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-t-flavor-ubuntustudio13:10
zequenceSorry, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntustudio-t-kernel13:11
smartboyhw_zequence: Whoo hoo!13:11
* smartboyhw_ subscribes to blueprint.13:12
zequencesmartboyhw_: I haven't at all looked at what the -rt patch consists of, but it is possible that we don't need the entire patch in order for us to get a good realtime kernel13:14
zequenceIt's also quite possible that we would be able to add the patch ourselves to a Ubuntu kernel, which is not supported by the -rt folks13:14
zequenceSo, one option is to enchance -lowlatency with a patch to make it more realtime13:15
zequenceIt would be best if we could sync with Ubuntu, but if we can't, and we still want to add a -rt kernel, we add the kernel that is supported then. 13:16
smartboyhw_zequence: +113:16
* smartboyhw is back!14:24
madeinkobaiaHi all : )14:45
madeinkobaiaI've got an idea for the social network banners.14:47
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: Do tell us;)14:48
madeinkobaiaHi : ) What about adding a kind of sticker on the banners, with a slogan, something like "13.04 release available now !"  we could keep that version with stickers during 2 weeks, since the first day of the released date.14:52
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: Whoa good!14:54
madeinkobaiasmartboy : Thanks, well I will try a version with that slogan, but is it correct in English ? Does it sounds good ?14:57
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: extremely good!14:58
smartboyhwzequence: ^14:58
madeinkobaiasmartboy : Have you an idea of the release date (more or less) ?15:00
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia… Next thursday15:01
madeinkobaiasmartboy : Thanks, so I must hurry a little bit :P15:02
madeinkobaiamay I add a "sign of the horns" on it ? 8-)15:09
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: What what?15:10
madeinkobaiasmartboy : its the name of the rock'n roll sign : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sign_of_the_horns15:12
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: No no:P15:13
madeinkobaiasmartboy : lol, I was kidding15:13
madeinkobaiasmartboy :  I didn't knew that this sign have a name, I just discovered that too. I never heard something similar in french.15:16
DarkErazequence, the following: i re-installed the daily built i had on usb stick and left out 2 updates from the Ubuntu Studio base updates. X acceleration library -- runtime and Xorg X server - core server. Guess what, nividia-settings shows me a temperature of 60 °C now15:22
smartboyhw_DarkEra: xserver-xorg is really killing computers:P15:23
DarkErathe next step i will do is install the X acceleration library -- runtime update and leave out the Xorg X server -core server one to see what it does15:23
DarkErasmartboyhw_, guess so :D15:24
DarkErareally, it stays at 60 °C now after 5 minutes, no increase so far15:25
DarkErai'm glad i have this netbook to stay in touch while trying things on the laptop15:26
DarkErai'm going to install the runtime update now and reboot to see what happens next15:27
DarkErarebooting and crossing my grey hair for luck15:29
smartboyhw_DarkEra: Good luck! ;)15:30
DarkEraX acceleration library -- runtime is updated, temperature of the GPU is 61 and dropping15:31
DarkEraso it's the Xorg X server update15:32
DarkErathat causes trouble15:32
DarkErawhere to report it? at ubuntu studio on Launchpad or Ubuntu 15:34
DarkEranice, still 60 °C :)15:35
smartboyhw_DarkEra: The package I think.15:36
smartboyhw_ubuntu-bug <packagename>15:36
DarkEraok, i'll look into that15:38
DarkErasmartboyhw_, do i need to join ubuntu first? when clicking on report a bug i'm forwarded to the Documentation/wiki15:46
smartboyhw_DarkEra nornally you do report a bug using the method aboce15:47
DarkEranow i'm lost... lol15:48
smartboyhw_DarkEra: Are you trying to report a bug against a specific package or just the Ubuntu project itself?15:51
DarkErawell, i think the package then Xorg x server -core server15:53
DarkErabest thing to do is report it on "xorg-server" package in Ubuntu then15:53
smartboyhw_DarkEra: In a terminal type "apport-bug" there should have a specific button for X.org15:54
DarkErasmartboyhw_, ah yes, i see Display (X.Org). Thank you :)15:55
smartboyhw_DarkEra: :)15:56
smartboyhw_madeinkobaia left:(15:58
holsteinsmartboyhw_: lemme look15:59
smartboyhw_holstein: OK thanks:)16:00
holsteinsmartboyhw_: i might be back by then16:03
holsteinwhats up?16:03
smartboyhw_holstein: I need somebody to change channel topics for me in #ubuntustudio, it's release day.16:04
holsteinsmartboyhw_: i can probably pop in and do that real quick16:04
smartboyhw_I have privileges (along with zequence) in here but not user chan16:04
holsteinsmartboyhw_: we used to do it several months late.. so, i think anytime that week would be an improvement16:04
smartboyhw_holstein: Thanks!16:05
smartboyhw_holstein: :O16:05
holsteinsmartboyhw_: im around and free that morning for sure16:09
smartboyhw_holstein: \o/16:10
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
smartboyhwzequence: I thought of one thing: Shouldn't contact@ubuntustudio.org divert emails to you now?16:15
=== DarkEra2 is now known as DarkEra
zequenceDarkEra: What exactly did you update? Do you have a list of the packages you updated?16:49
DarkErai had a daily built but can't remenber from what date but it wasn't too old and applied all updates except Xorg x server - core server zequence 16:52
DarkEradunno if i can get a output or history of the updated packages16:53
zequenceDarkEra: What do you get when you do: apt-cache show xserver-xorg-core | grep Version16:54
DarkEraVersion: 2:1.13.3-0ubuntu6   Version: 2:1.13.3-0ubuntu516:56
zequenceDarkEra: So, it's the latest version16:56
DarkErathe latest version is the one that causes the trouble yes16:57
zequenceDarkEra: So, how did you verify, exactly?16:57
DarkErai didn't install it and all is working as should16:57
zequencemadeinkobaia: I like the idea of the social banners. You want to use the ones you already did?16:57
zequenceDarkEra: But, now you installed it and it doesn't work anymore?16:58
zequenceer, wait16:58
zequenceLet me check something16:58
DarkErathe temperature of the GPU is still around 60 to 63°C which is ok, when i install the update it goes up to 78°C16:58
DarkEraso, i left it out16:59
zequenceDarkEra: Could you please verify by installing only xserver-xorg-core, by doing: sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade xserver-xorg-core16:59
zequenceThen, you can revert back17:00
zequenceif you like17:00
madeinkobaiazequence : I think so, I will just add a sticker on it (but a great one ; ) )17:00
DarkErazequence, it's the only update i have left now. How can i revert it back afterwards when rebooted?17:01
DarkErai'm always willing to learn :)17:01
madeinkobaiazequence : If you're agree for the slogan "13.04 release available now ! " I start work on it this w.e.17:02
zequenceDarkEra: It should work with: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-core=2:1.13.3-0ubuntu517:03
zequenceDarkEra: Or maybe not17:03
zequenceDarkEra: It didn't work on this Debian install, but it will as soon as I change repos which has older versions17:04
DarkErazequence, ok, i'll install it to verify. If it can't be reverted i re-install 13.04 again. No big deal and should be done within 30 minutes including updating. I just want this release to rock just like you do :)17:05
zequenceDarkEra: Great. Thanks!17:06
DarkErano thanks zequence , that's why i joined in in the first place :)17:06
DarkEraswitching to the netbook and then reboot the laptop17:08
* DarkEra bangs his head against the wall17:58
zequenceDarkEra: No temp increase?17:59
zequenceI think these kind of issues are not easy to track down, unless you know well what components in the OS could be responsible17:59
DarkErait's a bit higher zequence instead of 60/62°C i now have 63 to 65 °C but that's it for now after multiple reboots as test18:00
DarkEraweird stuff18:00
zequenceDarkEra: Are you absolutely sure it's higher now. How are you measuring? Idle session, only using sensors?18:01
zequenceIs the computer in the same place. Did you have sunlight on it before, etc..18:02
zequenceIf it is higher because of xorg, I think it's worth reporting18:02
DarkErai look at the GPU temperature in nvidia-settings, before the xorg x server update it was between 60 and 62 °C. Now as said before, it starts at 63 °C and goes up to 65 °C sometimes but that's ok i guess. Yesterday the temperature started at 72 °C and went up to 78 °C at some point The laptop is still in the same place en temperature.18:05
DarkErathe joys of testing :D18:05
DarkEraby the way, nvidia settings and Xchat are the only two i use right now18:08

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