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Tor-MentorHi! im having some wierd problems with my scripts and bash_completion. Service does not autocomplete my scripts but initctl does. Does it depend on the content in the scripts somehow?08:24
jodhTor-Mentor: /usr/sbin/service is *not* an upstart command - it's a SysV one. However, to make life more familiar, links are created from /etc/init.d/$foo to the corresponding upstart jobs in /etc/init/ to allow you to continue to use that command.08:34
jodhTor-Mentor: hence, if you want the bash completion, please use initctl.08:34
Tor-Mentoraahh thanks. That clears that one up! 08:37
tjaaltondo you folks see anything alarming on this job http://pastebin.com/2bZu24yG14:35
jodhtjaalton: you don't need the "console output". It's possible your job will never detect plymouth-splash running though I think as your job is probably going to start after plymouth-splash.14:48
tjaaltonjodh: oh right, that was cruft..14:49
jodhtjaalton: also, your job is going to run that ping in a very tight loop.14:49
tjaaltonugh, yes :)14:49
jodhtjaalton: are you looking to put this change into raring?14:49
tjaaltonjodh: if possible, yes14:49
tjaaltonok added 'sleep 0.1 after fi14:49
jodhtjaalton: ok - if this goes in though and other jobs are changed to make use of the new event, I lot of testing is going to have to happen in the next week :)14:50
tjaaltonjodh: yeah..14:50
tjaaltononly lightdm for now I think14:50
jodhtjaalton: ok. Are QA aware they'll need to test this?14:52
tjaaltonnot yet14:52
tjaaltonslangasek suggested to use 'start on startup or started plymouth-splash' and it worked this time (didn't before for some reason)14:53
jodhtjaalton: just spotted another problem: you 'if' and 'while' reference 'STARTED' where it should be '$STARTED'.14:53
tjaaltonthis can go in plymouth in any case14:53
tjaaltontesting lightdm can be done as an sru14:53
tjaaltongood thing lp timed out when adding it to the bug..14:54
tjaaltonit's a monster bug with 100+ dupes14:54
tjaaltonok, the upstart job is now good enough, thanks for your help :)17:26
elmojodh: hey is there an ETA for the upstart dbus bridge  and/or anything already written?17:33
jodhelmo: no concrete eta, although I was hoping to have something for 'S'. No code yet. We have a dconf/dsettings bridge that's almost complete.17:37
elmojodh: ok, cool, just curious, most of my ideas for user upstart jobs would trigger off of dbus17:37
slangasekAIUI a dbus bridge is not currently a priority for the desktop team17:41
slangasekwe'll double-check that with them next month, though17:41
elmoFAOD, my curiousity is entirely idle/spare time and not professional :)17:44
slangasekelmo: so you're not writing a job that runs 'juju deploy' based on an incoming indicator-message event? ;)17:46
elmoyes, that's my plan for juju auto scale17:47
elmopagerduty + ubuntu webapps + indicator-osd + upstart-dbus-bridge + user upstart job -> juju add-unit17:47
elmo(oh god, that's so horrible, I want to bleach out my own mind)17:48
* slangasek giggles17:48
elmono, FWIW, I mostly want to be able to see things like network changes and screen lock/unlock events, which AFAIK are announced most usefully on DBus17:50
* slangasek nods17:50
xnoxslangasek: that quote on the wiki, got me scared =)17:55
slangasekxnox: is your entire life RSS-driven? :)17:56
xnoxslangasek: ssshhh17:57
xnoxslangasek: have you seen this yet http://youtu.be/A25VgNZDQ08 that was my reaction when I heard the news about google reader shutdown.17:59
slangasekfunny thing is, I had just started using Google Reader on my phone two weeks before the announcement18:00
xnoxslangasek: yeah, I'm waiting for newsblur to scale, their mobile app is good enough. They are scalability issues, since they got effectively DDOSed after google reader announcement.18:01
* xnox ponders if Blogger and Feedburner are the next to get the cut. Cause clearly people should blog by doing "public posts on G+"18:01
slangasek"It may amaze you gentlement that Orkut is still up and running" -hahaha18:03
slangasekxnox: right... except for the days that G+ is failing to add stuff to your stream18:04
slangasek(I had a ~16h outage where people I'm following were not having their posts showing up in my stream - right before the google docs outage)18:04
xnoxwell..... I can't tell the difference on my G+ feed really. Half of it is cats, the other half is people playing ingress.18:05
slangasekyou should follow more interesting people18:06
slangaseklike jodh18:06
slangasekO right, all his G+ posts are links to his blog which you already have in RSS ;)18:07
xnoxi follow people who reshare interesting rss feed posts via google reader instead =)18:08

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