dirschi downloaded libre office on xubuntu, but i do not know how to make it an application that is usable. can someone help me?00:39
packetfrogdirsch goto a terminal> type this: sudo apt-get install libreoffice00:48
packetfrogpoof it will be in your menu00:48
ddsssin ssh keys - what are the last thing in public key. Is that like user@host ... or it can be any remark?00:55
harrisdo you have to download lan games to play01:12
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trickyherohello, I just made a blog post on what I think could be improved on xubuntu, could I post it here?02:11
SonikkuAmericaAs a link, but in #xubuntu-offtopic02:12
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nezbJust upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04... Xubuntu rocks!02:33
nezbThe only sensible desktop Linux still around... all the other distros are going off the deep-end :P02:33
SonikkuAmericaAwesome. Now for the next week, support goes into #ubuntu+1 instead...02:33
SonikkuAmericaOh really? What about Kubuntu?02:33
nezbKubuntu is good, but I still prefer Xfce02:34
nezbalthough I must admit, KDE has come a long way since I first used it ... at version 1.x02:34
nezbXfce is serious - "no frills"02:35
SonikkuAmericaKDE 4.WhateverTheHeckThey'reOnTheseDays is awesome.02:35
SonikkuAmericanezb: GNOME 2, but not GNOME, nor 2..02:35
SonikkuAmericaIt even has its own compositing manager, but you can use Compiz with it too02:35
nezbI don't need all that fancy stuff :P02:36
nezb(although I admit, transparent window borders look nice)02:36
nezboh, and if there's any developers or maintainers in this channel, props to you too02:36
SonikkuAmericaBelieve me, they're in here..02:38
nezbSonikkuAmerica: probably have the window hidden as they frantically put the finishing touches before release day ;)02:39
nezbisn't it ~1 week from now?02:39
SonikkuAmerica6 days in fact.02:40
nezbso I guess technically we're in the release candidate stage02:40
SonikkuAmericaYeah, but there is no RC to be seen.02:40
trickyherothe daily builds are pretty much RC02:41
SonikkuAmericaThere actually used to be designated RCs02:42
nezbit seems pretty stable to me02:42
nezbexcept for pulseaudio using 100% of my CPU from time to time ...02:42
nezbbut I don't blame xubuntu on that02:42
SonikkuAmericaThat's something to blame PulseAudio on. If your sound card is that low-end use Lubuntu02:43
SonikkuAmericaIt still uses ALSA by default.02:43
nezbit's an integrated sound card, but pulseaudio worked just fine in 12.04 and 12.1002:43
SonikkuAmericaExpect it to. Those are stable releases.02:44
nezband 13.04 isn't stable!?02:44
SonikkuAmericaNot until 25 April02:44
nezbWell, I like to live on the bleeding edge02:45
SonikkuAmericaThen, just like in test cricket, it will be declared.02:45
nezbif restarting pulseaudio every time it freaks out is what it takes to be on the bleeding edge... then I'll live with it02:45
* nezb sighs02:45
nezbok all. it's time for me to go.02:46
SonikkuAmericaMe 2 bai02:46
packetfrognezb Its not you02:46
packetfrogIt happened to another guy and me last night02:47
coder25thinkpad t40 (Pentium M 1gb RAM) has Xubuntu 12.10 installed now. PC is not PAE compliant, package installer is broken and won't repair, I need to install Abiword or Libreoffice.  The Ubuntu website includes instructions for installing Ubuntu, where user is given the choice of replacing existing OS or not.  I do want to replace Xubuntu 12.10 with Xubuntu 12.4.  How do I do this?  Thanks.03:59
heoyeais ur partition seperated?04:01
coder25How do u  recommend I check on partitions?04:03
heoyeau have all ur data backup?04:05
coder25not much data.04:06
coder25I'm familiar with unetbootin, bootable usb, gparted.04:07
heoyeawell if u dont need those then just install as usual04:07
coder25but i cannot install anything now, b/c installer is broken.04:07
heoyeaput in livecd or liveusb04:08
coder25i could use a different pc to create bootable usb04:08
coder25please tell me in advance what u plan to do.  thanks.04:08
heoyeadidnt u want to reinstall?04:09
coder25are u familiar with the non-PAE compliant issue?  is Xubuntu 12.4 the one to use?04:11
heoyeaPAE is only for ppl that wants to use 32bit system that has 4GB ram+04:11
heoyeaotherwise just use the regualer 32bit04:12
coder25in running repair of the installer on Xubuntu 12.10, get error message that this PC is not PAE compliant and installer isn't repairable.  I do plan to use the 32 bit 12.4, or should i go to a version prior to that?04:13
heoyea12.4 is fine04:15
coder25how do i logoff?04:15
heoyeawhere u at04:16
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Noskcajdoes anyone online have testdrive installed? i need some bugs confirmed08:37
Noskcajdoes anyone online have testdrive installed? i need some bugs confirmed08:48
knomeNoskcaj, please don't repeat08:53
knomeNoskcaj, besides, i would imagine there are better places to ask for help with that, like #ubuntu-quality or even #xubuntu-devel08:54
Noskcajknome, oops, hadn't realised i posted twice. and i have08:54
Joe_______Hi all09:21
Joe_______Anyone can tell if xubuntu 13.04 will be a LTS version?09:22
Joe_______no info on google available...09:22
koegsJoe_______: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS09:23
MyrttiJoe_______: all Ubuntu derivatives release their LTS versions (if they have them) at same time with the main distribution which is every even year april.09:24
Myrttiat the current pattern09:24
Joe_______Ooops,.. Got disconnected09:44
Joe_______Thanks Myrtti09:44
Joe_______The reason I'm asking is that Xubuntu seems to be offering LTS every two years09:45
Joe_______There was no 11.04 LTS, 9.04 or 7.04 LTS09:45
koegs[11:23:35] < koegs> Joe_______: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS09:45
MyrttiJoe_______: as I said, every even year.09:46
Joe_______I know about Ubuntu being LTS every April, but it does not seem to apply on Xubuntu09:47
Joe_______Am I mistaken?09:47
Myrttino, not every april09:47
koegsjust read the wiki, LTS will be every two years for Ubuntu and Xubuntu is following that schedule09:47
Myrtti"all Ubuntu derivatives release their LTS versions (if they have them) at same time with the main distribution which is every even year April."09:48
Joe_______Oh, I see09:50
Joe_______So 18 months support, right?09:51
koegsJoe_______: did you even take a look here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS09:52
Joe_______You get free security updates for at least 9 months on the desktop and server.09:53
Joe_______That's what I read09:53
Joe_______But from previous versions I have in mind that it was 1809:53
Joe_______I also see on the diagram that the orange bars are getting shorter in time09:54
knomeJoe_______, from 12.10, regular releases are supported for 9 monts and LTS releases (for xubuntu) 36 months.09:56
Joe_______Thanks again10:02
Joe_______It's a shame, 13.04 looks sooo much better....10:02
knomeyou can simply upgrade to 13.10 when it's out and you'll have the extended support period10:03
Joe_______I think we'll stick to 12.04 and try apt-get dist-upgrade next year10:05
Joe_______If something fails we'll stick to 12.04 until  201710:06
knomeJoe_______, the xubuntu-speciifc parts only have 3 years of support though.10:08
Joe_______Thanks for pointing out knome! This is important!10:09
Joe_______Anyone else interested in support and reasoning on short 9 months: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2013-March/001527.html10:11
MyrttiJoe_______: the Ubuntu effort on mobile devices.10:13
knomewell tbh, 18 months for the interim releases was "too good" to start with. i'm glad it happened though, but it's time to move on10:23
antisober552Knome thx for the help last night i got the permission right10:32
antisober552So i can save all my work10:33
knomeantisober552, good10:34
Stek_TurkuHi all10:38
Stek_Turkudoes anyone have problems with thunderbird (xubuntu 12.04)?10:38
jpmartinsHi everyone... top of the morning for you guys :)10:39
Stek_Turkuwhen i reply or write new mail, thunderbird open a new window after very very very very long time....10:40
Stek_Turkuit happen also when i open a mail in a new window... and it didn't happen if i open a mail in a new tab10:41
jpmartinsCan anyone send me a list of printer brands that are Xubuntu friendly?10:43
knomejpmartins, http://www.openprinting.org/printers10:44
jpmartinsCool thanks... is that list regularly updated?10:45
knomeas people test new printers, yes10:45
knome(and send them to that database, of coursE)10:45
jpmartinsOf course :D10:45
buchstabensalathow much does enabling/disabling compositing affect battery run time?10:46
jpmartinsWell thanks a bunch and have a great day :)10:46
knomeyou too10:47
Stek_Turku... xubuntu 12.04 lts... apport doesn't work... ??? ubuntu-bug works... i am confused... why?10:49
jpmartinsAnd a great weekend for all :) mine will be spended surfing... Lisbon has 25º C and mild winds for the weekend with some great waves pumping. For you guys who also love surfing... this is like honey :D10:50
DabidoOops, so this morning when I turned on my box11:12
DabidoCompositing and windows borders were gone11:12
DabidoI'm using Xubuntu 12.04 but with the xfce ppa (Thunar 1.6.2)11:13
DabidoThe mouse cursor is always busy, too11:13
DabidoAny ideas? Or at least, who should I report the bug to?11:14
knomeDabido, for starters, the ppa is not officially supported11:15
knomeDabido, you might want to run xfwm4 to get the window borders back though11:15
DabidoI understand. However, I'm a little confused as to where should I report the bug. Isn't it the expected thing to do? (I'll check xfwm4)11:17
knomewell... not really, since you are running an unsupported version.11:17
DabidoWell, aren't some people (Xfce developers, for instance) interested in knowing this kind of things...?11:20
knomepossibly. the point is that your bug might be a regression of you using the ppa11:21
knomeso what is the bug even?11:21
knomewindow borders disappearing?11:21
DabidoNo more borders, no compositing (the dock background is black)11:24
knomedid you run xfwm4 already and did it fix your problems?11:24
DabidoSome fields can't be edited, alt-tab doesn't work and only one desktop (impossible to switch between desktops)11:25
DabidoWell, I just did and it worked.11:25
DabidoThank you very much.11:25
knomeok, that's known, but we don't know what causes it11:25
knomeusually a non-normal shutdown or something.11:26
DabidoOk, sorry for bothering you then11:26
DabidoI did try to look for the answer with a search engine, I promise.11:26
knomeif you want to file bugs against xubuntu and are willing to use a non-LTS release, upgrade to 12.1011:26
knome(and soon, 13.04)11:26
DabidoShould I change a value somewhere to prevent this from reoccuring on reboot?11:27
knomeas long as you save your session on logout (or haven't saved it before), you are fine11:27
DabidoGood to know11:29
DabidoWell, I sorta of like the idea of LTS even though some of the features I find very useful arrived in xfce only later (hence the ppa)11:30
knomei can't promise anything, but the "interim" xubuntu releases have been pretty stable in the past as well11:31
knomei've been using them from the beginning in my production machines, and i've been fine (some upgrades have been problematic, but recoverable)11:31
DabidoIn my (not so long) experience Xubuntu tends to be very reliable indeed.11:33
cadfaelQ: Is there a simple way to drop the titlebar from the window decorations in xfwm? Since I already know the hotkeys, I'd like to dispense with the titlebars if I can...12:13
TheSheepcadfael: you could probably make a custom theme12:16
TheSheepcadfael: xfce-terminal also has an option for that, but that's just for the terminal12:17
cadfaelYes, a custom theme perhaps, or to switch out xfwm for a wm that supports titlebar toggle natively. It would surprise me if I was the first to ask this question. But googling around, I don't see a simpler answer.12:21
TheSheepcadfael: making themes is not that hard12:22
TheSheepcadfael: you can look at an existing one and try to modify it12:22
cadfaelOkay then, I will try that first. Surely it can't be that hard. Thank you.12:23
rusman_y_dcadfael try do to /etc/usr/share/themes/....currenttheme.../xfcwm/ and edit themerc file12:24
rusman_y_d*go to12:24
TheSheepmake a copy...12:24
cadfaelThanks again.12:38
xubuntu234hello all13:24
cfhowlettxubuntu234, greetings13:25
xubuntu234anyone here know if it is good voyager 12.04? , I beseech answer13:25
cfhowlettxubuntu234, umm ... english?13:26
xubuntu234are from romania13:26
baizonxubuntu234: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/voyager.html13:27
baizonxubuntu234: i would recommend xubuntu, voyager isnt that good13:27
GridCubexubuntu234, voyager its not a recognized distribution13:27
xubuntu234this is a good operating system?13:27
cfhowlettxubuntu234, is good13:28
baizonxubuntu234: xubuntu > voyager13:28
xubuntu234which is better? Xubuntu or voyager?13:28
xubuntu234aha ok13:28
GridCubexubuntu234, you are asking in #xubuntu, what answer do you expected13:29
baizonGridCube: the truth :>13:29
xubuntu23412.04 Voyager I installed the stick, and after installation, I recognized Grub13:29
SonikkuAmericaHe installed a stick? :)13:30
cfhowlettSonikkuAmerica, ESL  ... pretty sure he meant he installed from a USB stick13:30
xubuntu234I installed the stick on a hard13:31
SonikkuAmericaPardon my Murrica.13:31
xubuntu234stick with the voyager 12.0413:31
koegsxubuntu234: just install a plain Xubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 and you are good to go13:32
SonikkuAmericaDon't know much about Voyager, but I have corresponded with dedoimedo in the past... but yeah, why would I choose it over a French-language Xubuntu13:33
cfhowlettsacre bleu!13:33
SonikkuAmericaVoi si je m'inquiète.13:34
xubuntu234I love Xubuntu is a good operating system13:34
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Id_just installing funbuntu. is it good of hidding gay kiddy porn???14:44
Id_nah am joking :)14:45
GridCube!coc | Id_14:45
ubottuId_: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv14:45
Id_not reading14:46
Id_cant :(14:46
Id_am a mong14:46
GridCubewell, respect the code of conduct please then, there are things that are not even jokes14:46
Id_The code of coduct has to earn my respect first!14:47
GridCubenot really14:48
Id_yeah. unless its not a bruv it dont get no respect nigga14:48
Id_am sorry i am off me head on jewish blood seeds.14:50
packetfrogId_ Take it somewhere else.14:51
Id_where to?14:51
packetfrogTry #defocus or #politics14:51
packetfrogYou will have more fun. I assure you.14:52
Id_ok thanks man. good bye people :)14:52
* packetfrog waves14:52
packetfrogdont forget to /part #xubuntu and /join #somethingelse14:53
xubuntu065hello, does xubuntu work well on older hardware? Got a old notebook with intel  celeron 1300 MHz, 512 MB RAM.15:38
baizonxubuntu065: http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/15:39
baizonlook under Minimum system requirements15:39
GridCubexubuntu065, lubuntu its recommended, or xubunt 12.04, sadly xubuntu aint recommended for old hardware anymmore15:40
xubuntu065Tahnk u GridCube, can u recommend a ditstro?15:41
holsteinxubuntu065: lubuntu is what GridCube just recommended.. though, you can try xubuntu live and see15:41
GridCubepuppy, slitaz, tinycore, dsl, slax, lubuntu, all should work xubuntu06515:42
xubuntu065thank u15:42
xubuntu065lubuntu probably the fanciest one??15:43
packetfroglargest of those15:43
GridCubeits ubuntu based, so probably, though slitaz its pretty enough, and puppy its powerful enough, and tinycore its tiny enough, and dsl its too15:43
holsteinxubuntu065: AFAIK, they all have a live mode, try them and see which fits your needs15:44
xubuntu065imo pupy slitaz dsl all look oldfashiond15:44
xubuntu065i tried them all already :)15:44
holsteinxubuntu065: if you are looking for a distro for old-fashioned hardware....15:45
GridCubeP: you will gotta live with that with old fashioned hardware xubuntu065,though you can always prettify15:45
xubuntu065i want it all , fancy look, fast, little, good performance, great hw support. haha :)15:47
koegsbodhi linux, ubuntu based, E17 window manager15:48
XajinalHave you tried enlightenment? It's extremely quick even with a lot of flashy effects15:48
GridCubei liked slitaz, it looked nice for me15:48
xubuntu065Haha, i actually supposed to joke and got new dsitros. This is nice.15:50
xubuntu065Didnt try Lighwight nor bodhi15:50
xubuntu065thx 4 recommending15:50
holsteinxubuntu065: the hardware support is not a problem.. the memory you have and the celeron might be.. i used to run main ubuntu 10.04 with gnome2 on my celeron 900 with 1 gb of ram.. i would just try some things live and see.. peppermintOS is a nice LXDE implementation15:51
XajinalThe fastest OS is always one you have compiled from source naturally... so Gentoo might be worth checking out, though it will take more time to configure initially15:51
xubuntu065Somehow I have the feeling this is a much more friendly community the suse :)15:53
xubuntu065I'll give the lightweight a try15:53
GridCubexubuntu065, you can install xfce on puppy and use some fancy theme15:54
xubuntu065also a very nice idea GridCube15:55
aienaIs there a way to find out CPU and graphics card and other temperatures in xubuntu16:15
packetfrogaiena There are dock apps for cpu/hdd/gpu if a remember right16:17
aienayou mean panel16:17
koegsaiena: lsusb, lspci or lshw16:17
koegsoh, sorry, did read that wrong16:18
packetfrogalso apt-get hddtemp sensors-applet16:18
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.16:18
packetfrogThank god for gridcube :)16:18
aienahmm what aboutout gpu and mother board temperatures ?16:18
aienathanks gridcube for this link though :)16:19
packetfrogaiena lm sensors does motherboard16:20
GridCubeaiena, all sensors informations is available trhough lmsensors16:20
packetfrogand gpu apparently :>16:20
aienaok wow !! :)16:20
GridCubeyou need to add some program that can use lm sensor though, like an applet for the panel, there are many16:20
holsteinaiena: i use conky16:21
aienaI am a 3D hobbyist so I use my PC for rendering so it can get hot and it does get handy to monitor temperatures16:22
aienaholstein: will have a look16:22
aienaholstein: is conky a terminal app like alsamixer or it has a gui and integrates with the desktop ?16:23
holstein!info conky16:23
ubottuconky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.0-2 (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 42 kB16:23
packetfrogaiena Conky makes an overlay on your desktop outputting info for you16:24
holstein^^ i use the overlay on the deskop16:24
packetfrogaiena images.google.com search Conky screenshot and you can see some crazy setups people have16:24
aienapacketfrog: I have a realtek card on my PC which gives awesome output on WIndowswhen I run ALSAmixer in terminal it list my card so I assume that linux is detecting it butI dont get that good quality sound16:25
aienashould I install the realtek driver on the website ?16:25
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:26
holsteinaiena: i would open a terminal and run "aplay -l"16:27
holsteinif you see output there, then, i would move on to "alsamixer" and trust *none* of the labels.. then, to pavucontrol also trusting no labels16:27
aienaholstein: Built in analog input is listed but not my realtek device16:28
aienabut alsa mixer list the device16:28
holsteinaiena: trust *no* labels16:28
aienathe built in stereo sounds crap16:29
holsteinaiena: built in analog device could be it16:29
holsteinaiena: also, if you are using 2 devices, and you can disable one in the bios, one that you are never going to use anyway.. that can make life easier16:29
aienahmm its a laptop so I guess the soundcard is integrated16:30
holsteinaiena: you can check the bios and see if it can be disabled...16:30
FarisHi. What's the simplest way to share wi-fi using wi-fi itself ?16:39
FarisI get internet from Wi-Fi, and I want to share it using the same wi-fi adapter.16:39
FarisI know it's possible under windows using "Connectify Hotspot"16:39
FarisIs there such a solution under xubuntu ?16:39
holsteinFaris: http://askubuntu.com/questions/72989/how-to-share-my-wifi-internet-via-wifi16:41
GridCubeFaris, http://askubuntu.com/questions/1385/how-to-set-up-ubuntu-as-wireless-accesspoint16:41
FarisThank you!16:41
Farisby the way, how do we call this kind of wi-fi sharing ?16:44
xfceap mode16:44
Farisap for access point ?16:44
xfcecheck ur adapter first16:44
FarisIt already proved that it could do it under windows16:45
xfcethere is 2 types , ad-hoc and ap16:45
xfceon ad-hoc u can use encrypt web, on ap mode u can do it wpa wpa2 etc16:46
holsteinFaris: the windows driver support is irrelevant16:46
Farisis it normal that I may only share with wpa2 encryption ?16:47
Farisand that I cannot do it without encryption at all?16:47
xfceno is not, if u can do wpa2 u should be able to do wpa/wep aswell16:48
xubuntu064Hi all. I need to know how set spanish language in Xubuntu17:04
xubuntu064I instaled only spanish language and the OS is still in english!17:06
GridCubexubuntu064, you need the language pack17:06
baizonxubuntu064: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115203217:07
baizonxubuntu064: http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/07/18/setting-languages/17:07
GridCube:) xubuntu064 you can also come join us in #ubuntu-es if you want to17:07
cgardnerHey guys, I have a dual screen setup, and it seems that my VGA connected monitor is offset to the left and wrapped.  Has anyone seen this before?17:07
GridCubeyou mean like when you maximize a window it doesnt occupy the whole screen?17:08
xubuntu064thank's for the link17:08
cgardnerGridCube: It does take the whole screen, but it's pushed to the left, and the stuff that should be off the screen is on the right.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/vl1rqagc0e0nwbq/IMG_20130419_100000.jpg17:09
cgardnerThat picture shows what it's doing17:09
cgardnerThis is a fresh install with only a few packages installed17:09
GridCubeoh i see17:10
cgardnerweird, right?17:11
GridCubecgardner, see if you dont have over "suposition?" of space using arandr17:11
cgardnerGridCube: how do I do that?17:14
GridCubeopen arandr and see17:15
GridCubewith your eyes P:17:15
cgardnerIt doesn't look weird, and I moved the screens around a bit to see if it made any differences.  It didn't17:17
GridCubetry changing they orders17:21
GridCubelike one on top of the other or its sides17:21
GridCubesee if that changes something17:21
GridCuberestart xfwm4 with xfwm4 --replace and then restart the panels using xfce4-panel --restart17:22
cgardnerneither worked17:24
GridCubechange the monitor resolutions using arandr?17:25
cgardnernot using arandr, but I did change the resolutions17:25
Cheri703cgardner, it is not the "officially supported" method, but I installed xfce 4.12 to deal with my dual monitor setup and it has been completely fine for me17:30
Cheri703I did this: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-use-multiple-monitors-in-xubuntu.html17:30
cgardnerCheri703: I tried that yesterday, but I had the same problem.  I re-installed this morning thinking that that was the problem...  Turns out that I was wrong.17:31
Cheri703I know what you're talking about17:31
Cheri703where when you boot up your mouse goes on to the other screen, right?17:32
Cheri703boot without the vga monitor connected, then plug it in after. it'll work fine17:32
Cheri703it's super duper annoying17:32
Cheri703what video card do you have?17:32
Cheri703that happens with mine if I use a vga and a non-vga17:32
Cheri703OR install amd catalyst (if it's an amd card) (though to be fair, this one only worked when I used regular ubuntu, I had hiccups with xubuntu) and you can set it up in there and it's happier17:33
techno__Hello all, I am looking to get involved with a linux community if someone could point me in the right directions that would be much appreciated18:00
GridCubetechno__, :) please join #xubuntu-devel18:01
techno__thank you18:01
nantoudear xubuntu helpers18:13
nantouthe printer is holding a work on hold and i dont know why18:13
nantouI have cancelled it several times, after waiting for 5 minutes only to see that it didnt do anything18:14
GridCubeCheri703, P: this might be your area of expertise18:15
Cheri703I'd suggest rebooting both printer and computer and trying it again18:16
packetfrognantou This is the ubuntu printer troubleshooting page, for reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPrintingProblems18:17
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xubuntu815another successful install  :)20:24
xubuntu815quick question - what is the best way to get vpn set up against a checkpoint fw?20:25
xubuntu815anyone had success with that?20:26
xubuntu815i spend a few hours with snx and various vpnc kvpn etc configs but none worked, hoping xubuntu is a bit better20:28
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cadfaelQ: In thunar, I often use the ctrl-S hotkey to find useful files with "Select by Pattern". It's a great feature, but it would be even better if it was case-insensitive. Didnt see anything in thunarrc about this. Does anyone know howto fix this plz?23:38
packetfrogSorry I do no not.   Im just a user like you though.23:39
packetfrogYou should be able to use Regex23:40
packetfrogsomething like [gG][a-bA-B].*23:41
cadfaelOf course, and yes I know to do regex. But writing regular expressions isn't the fastest way to search. Ctrl-S is already super-useful, case-insensitive would just make it a little quicker.23:45
cadfaelAnyhow, if case-insensitive isnt avail, then I will have to make do. Maybe lodge a feature request somewhere.23:46

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