rick_h_hatch: I don't know if I'll hug you or send a punch-o-gram when I see the diff. :P01:45
hatchhaha rick_h_ you still atound?02:40
rick_h_hatch: yea, chilling02:42
rick_h_calculating shipping times. Want to order this desktop but think it'll show up while we're in oakland doh!02:42
hatchcool - well in that case I'll work on creating a branch for the multiple dispatching bug02:43
rick_h_hatch: hah! you're just a day late :P I'll be very happy to see it go though. Congrats on hunting that down. 02:43
* rick_h_ isn't worthy02:43
hatchlol thanks it's actually only a +3 -4 diff02:44
rick_h_lol, programming isn't putting lines of code to the file, it's getting the *right* lies of code to the file.02:45
hatchhaha unfortunately02:45
rick_h_the browser is working pretty nicely on the N10 in chrome and FF. /me keeps tinkering with it02:46
hatchawesome, what kind of computer are you looking at?02:47
rick_h_though chrome's reload on tab select FML02:47
rick_h_ah, system76 leopard extreme02:47
hatchlol, why don't you build?02:47
rick_h_sick of building. I built forever and got sick of trying to match up cpu/socket/best mobo/memory/etc02:48
rick_h_went laptop for my last 4 machines and built a little file server like 3 years ago02:49
rick_h_now I just want a tank dropped off I can run 20 lxcs for juju'd services on it 02:49
hatchactually yeah building is a pita02:49
hatchwell that can surely do that02:49
rick_h_and this is liquid cooled and supports a company doing ubuntu machines so I feel warm/fuzzy as well02:49
rick_h_so maybe order it right before oakland and get it right after I get back. install raring on it and such02:50
rick_h_yea, 6core 32GB of ram beastly. make me put down the laptop because it'll be too slow :P02:50
hatchhaha - I'd really like to find a mac-mini like machine to install raring on02:51
hatchI'm no longer a fan of the big towers02:51
rick_h_It'll be nice to get two machines again. I always fear upgrade time for fear I'll not get work done with a bug or two02:52
hatchmaybe that will change if I have to run 20 lxcs02:52
rick_h_yea, I've done a mac mini back in the day, and laptops after that. but man, I want to be able to test this stuff we're doing better and use it more. 02:52
rick_h_and if you're going to get a second machine, might as well be faster than the one you've got now right?02:53
rick_h_I was thinking of just a small 1U arm type thing02:53
rick_h_but it'd be slower than my laptop so meh02:53
hatchahh yeah I hear ya - I've been wanting to do some gaming but no luck with the stuff I have02:54
rick_h_haven't done gaming for a long time. ALmost crazy to think of the house I spent on BF related games. 02:55
rick_h_battlefield 1942, vietnam, etc03:00
hatchI actually want to play eve online03:01
hatchbut I hate monthly payments03:01
rick_h_yea, gaming these days irritates me with online only, monthly payemnts, in app purchases, etc03:01
rick_h_was bad enough I had to upgrade my video card, spend $60 on a game with so many bugs03:02
rick_h_by the time they got it close to stable they'd start cutting back servers for it as it was getting aged/replaced03:02
hatchlboxing right now...03:05
hatchfigures the tests break03:06
hatchoh poo03:10
hatchI knew my fix was too simple03:10
hatchmissing edge cases03:10
hatchedge case*03:10
rick_h_well I'm off to bed. past my bed time. have a good night/weekend03:11
hatchyou too! I'll see how far I get fixing this :)03:11
hatchI think I fixed it!03:13
hatchyou left too soon!03:13

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