mwhudsoni'm trying to follow https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/quantal/juju-quick-start.html00:50
mwhudsonand having a few problems00:50
marcoceppimwhudson: what are the issues you're having?02:41
mwhudsonmarcoceppi: ah, hi02:41
mwhudsonmarcoceppi: i overcame my initial issues but now i get02:41
mwhudsonroot@calxeda02-11-00:~# juju  bootstrap02:41
mwhudson2013-04-19 21:41:45,622 INFO Bootstrapping environment 'maas' (origin: distro type: maas)...02:41
mwhudson2013-04-19 21:41:47,124 ERROR No matching node is available.02:41
marcoceppimwhudson: Just so you know, I glanced over those docs and they're pretty outdated02:42
mwhudsonmarcoceppi: i sort of suspected as much02:42
mwhudsoni'm wondering if this is some kind of series (precise vs quantal) thing02:43
mwhudsonbut it's all pretty opaque to me :)02:43
marcoceppiDid you install Juju from the ppa or from the distro?02:43
marcoceppiexcellent, do you have nodes in maas that are 'ready' (or whatever the state is that maas displays)?02:45
mwhudsonand clicking 'start node' on one of them worked02:46
mwhudson(eventually :-)02:46
marcoceppimwhudson: cool, let me poor over my notes from when I tried this about a year ago02:47
mwhudsoni've got as far as seeing "MAASAPINotFound: File not found" and "NodesNotAvailable: No matching node is available." in the maas.log file when i try to bootstrap02:47
mwhudsonbut i don't know what arguments are being passed...02:47
mwhudsonwas poking around the juju source02:47
mwhudsonmarcoceppi: fwiw, this is an armhf setup02:48
marcoceppiheh, so all bets are off ;)02:49
mwhudsoni couldn't possibly comment!02:49
marcoceppiWhen I tested this, I used virtual box to simulate maas nodes, so what I got working probably isn't a standard setup02:49
marcoceppimwhudson: A couple of things, are the nodes assigned to the same user whos oauth key you're using?02:50
mwhudsonmarcoceppi: the nodes are not assigned at all yet02:50
mwhudsonthere is only one user set up in maas yet02:50
marcoceppimwhudson: I think that user needs to "own" them to use them, which might be why you're getting the no matching node available02:51
mwhudsonoh ok02:51
marcoceppiI found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/172011/no-matching-node-is-available-error-when-trying-to-bootstrap-juju02:51
mwhudsonmaas-cli default node acquire node-.* sort of thing?02:51
mwhudsoncommissioning is complete02:52
marcoceppimwhudson: I wouldn't be able to say02:52
mwhudsonthe api method that bootstrapping is calling (and failing on) is acquire02:52
marcoceppiah, so it acquires them for the user02:53
marcoceppiAll the questions on Ask Ubuntu about that error say that means there are no machines "ready" but as you've said that's not the case02:53
mwhudsoni'm about >< this far from editing maas source to add some logging methods :)02:53
mwhudsonah hahahaha03:04
mwhudsonPOST:<QueryDict: {u'mem': [u'512'], u'cpu_count': [u'1'], u'arch': [u'amd64'], u'op': [u'acquire']}>,03:04
mwhudsoni think i can see the problem here03:04
marcoceppiOH, right it defaults to amd6403:05
marcoceppiFor all cloud providers03:06
marcoceppiYou should be able to change that with --constraints "arch=armhf" in the bootstrap and subsequent commands03:06
marcoceppimwhudson:  https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/constraints.html03:07
mwhudsoni can't put that into environments.yaml?03:07
mwhudsonLookupError: SSH authorized/public key not found.03:10
mwhudsonthe key isn't on this node...03:10
marcoceppimwhudson: unfortuntately no, you'll have to specify it for each bootstrap, and then either keep specifying it for each deploy or use set-constraints to change the default03:10
mwhudsonwell, i presume *something* is happening :)03:19
marcoceppimwhudson: if bootstrap exited cleanly, then there's a good chance something _is_ happening after a few mins you'll find a node somewhere has turned on and is ready to roll03:20
mwhudsonah yes, life on the serial console of the allocated node03:23
mwhudsoni guess i'll be wanting to set up a local archive mirror if i'm going to do this a lot...03:23
marcoceppimwhudson: probably a good idea03:23
marcoceppimaas esp can be pretty package hungry03:24
mwhudsonalthough configuring packages seems to be taking the vast bulk of the time03:30
mwhudsoni wonder if anything came of that "dd an image onto the disk" idea...03:30
mwhudsonfrigging ssh host key checking03:46
mwhudsonmarcoceppi: seems that the arch constraint was automatically propagated into the environment03:49
marcoceppimwhudson: they may have changed the default behavior of bootstrapping with constraints. It does make sense to make that the default03:50
mwhudsonright, two more nodes pending03:51
mwhudsontime to go home03:51
mwhudsonmarcoceppi: thanks for your help!03:51
marcoceppimwhudson: o/ no problem!03:51
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