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Kalidarnhah i was wondering where raring-desktop-amd64.iso was, then i refreshed my browser :D07:06
Kalidarnmust have just been uploaded.07:07
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Kalidarnooh, i should try out secure boot, in Kubuntu 13.0410:58
smartboyhwKalidarn, thank you!10:59
Kalidarnis there a guide for setting up the key stuff?10:59
Kalidarnor do you do that post install with secureboot off11:00
Kalidarnbecause I noticed with the latest bios update for the E6530 dell i have here that it added a heap of secure boot stuff11:00
Kalidarnafaik the system would only have a master key for windows11:01
Kalidarnsmartboyhw: yeah that documentation could do with a bit more verbosity https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#SecureBoot11:04
Kalidarnand probably an update11:05
smartboyhwKalidarn, maybe you can help?11:05
* smartboyhw doesn't have UEFI here phew11:05
Kalidarnsmartboyhw: ill give it a look at it.11:06
Kalidarnalthough bug 1087501 sounds pretty serious11:06
ubottubug 1087501 in shim (Ubuntu) "Unable to boot unsigned kernel, boot freezes in shim call" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108750111:06
smartboyhwKalidarn, eee no good11:07
smartboyhwAny python experts here?11:07
Kalidarnsmartboyhw: maybe ask in #python11:07
smartboyhwKalidarn, they said I should try to find the problem myself:O11:07
smartboyhwIf I can find the problem myself I wouldn't have asked11:08
Kalidarnmaybe try a python users mailing list11:08
Kalidarnuhh oh, noticed one problem11:50
Kalidarngrub-install dummy failed "This is a Fatal error"11:50
Kalidarnhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5724219/ hmm11:56
Kalidarnthe line in particular seems to be:11:56
KalidarnApr 20 11:49:58 kubuntu kernel: [  274.164004] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=800000000000000911:56
yofelsmartboyhw: not an expert, but what's the problem?11:57
Kalidarn:) uhh oh :D11:59
Kalidarni think i just ran into bug 116762211:59
ubottubug 1167622 in linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot change EFI variables using efibootmgr (raring regression)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116762211:59
KalidarnSteveRiley: any ideas how i might bypass this? (while still installing with EFI)12:05
Kalidarnat this point im prepared to roll my own media with the patch12:05
Kalidarnactualy if it's a regression beta2 is probably alright12:08
apacheloggerScottK: looking12:09
apacheloggerScottK: might be a bug in our qt (version)12:12
apacheloggerwill have to debug the qt codez, which could take a while seeing as I am not home right now12:12
BluesKajHowdy all12:24
soeeho can i exclude some folder from beeing indexed 12:30
soeefor example in my home direcotry i have several subfolders thath should not be indexed12:30
soeeok i think i got this - Cutom folders 12:33
Kalidarnsoee: sounds more like a question for #kubuntu12:34
BluesKajHey again12:58
Kalidarnhmm kubuntu beta 2 seems to finish the installer and tell me to reboot before it is actually finished13:33
Kalidarni don't think it installed a bootloader either.13:34
smartboyhwKalidarn, eh?13:34
smartboyhwHow come?13:34
Kalidarni decided to use beta 2 because it has kernel 3.8.0 instead of 3.8.3 (the one with the EFI regression)13:34
Kalidarnthe progress bar was going along them bam it smacked a dialog in my face saying it was finished :S seemed abrupt13:35
smartboyhwKalidarn, em 3.8.0 isn't exactly 3.8.013:35
smartboyhwIt's 3.8.4 (or 3.8.5, I forgotten)13:35
Kalidarnand wasn't able to boot off the interhal hd13:35
Kalidarni didn't get the grub error :P13:35
Kalidarnsuccess :D13:45
Kalidarnsilly dell bios didn't automatically add a EFI option13:46
smartboyhwKalidarn, :D13:48
Kalidarnhad to go into the BIOS and point it to grubx64.efi then it would boot properly.13:50
lordievaderGood afternoon14:50
Kalidarn:S im positive a update has broken my network driver15:24
smartboyhwKalidarn, uh oh15:25
Kalidarnso get this right my e1000e was working just fine in the livecd, both the daily for the 20th and beta 215:25
Kalidarnand it was working post install, anyway i did a dist-upgrade15:26
Kalidarnand now it's "unplugged" tried two different cables, tried to manually bring it up and down and run dhclient on it15:26
Kalidarnno errors in syslog or dmesg, but it seems to think it's unplugged, and also i tried removing the e1000e module and replacing it, no errors.15:27
Kalidarnbut it sure as hell doesn't work anymore :P15:27
Kalidarnim kind of out of ideas15:27
Kalidarni know its not a hardware issue, cos i rebooted into the live daily for today and it worked in that.15:27
Kalidarnand im 99.9% confident it isn't a user error15:29
shadeslayerpastebin apt logs15:36
shadeslayermaybe something was removed15:36
Kalidarnthat's possible15:36
Kalidarnwas actually going through them now :)15:36
shadeslayermy computer needs linux-firmware-nonfree to get the wifi to work :P15:37
shadeslayerso possibly you also need that?15:37
Kalidarnnah the wifi works, its the ethernet that doesn't15:38
Kalidarnhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5724772/ apt-history15:38
Kalidarnnow im sure15:38
Kalidarnah its cut it15:38
Kalidarnthe history file was too long i think pastebin didn't put it all up there15:39
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:39
Kalidarnill stick it up on my own server15:39
ScottKapachelogger: Thanks.15:41
Kalidarnso yeah shadeslayer http://david.corra.com.au/history.log and http://david.corra.com.au/term.log15:47
Kalidarnanyway it was working right until the last dist-upgrade15:47
Kalidarnin which it installed a new kernel15:47
Kalidarnthat would have been Start-Date: 2013-04-20  23:26:4615:48
shadeslayerI see a new kernel15:48
shadeslayertry booting with the old kernel?15:48
Kalidarni will try specifically on that15:48
shadeslayerand if it works in that, that's a pretty huge regression15:48
Kalidarnbut yeah the daily 2013/04/20 works15:48
shadeslayercheck what kernel that one has?15:48
Kalidarnand it worked just before it was updated :D15:48
Kalidarnill defintely do all that :D15:49
Kalidarncos it's got me worried now :)15:49
Kalidarni think ethernet breaking is one of the most annoying things too :P15:50
Kalidarnand yes the other one it upgraded from was 3.8.0-16 to 3.8.0-1915:52
Kalidarnand yes shadeslayer booting the old kernel fixes it!15:52
shadeslayerso regression15:53
shadeslayerplease report in #ubuntu-release15:53
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Kalidarnshadeslayer: i thought that it was frozen only documentation changes?16:26
shadeslayerkernel bump was planned16:26
shadeslayerKalidarn: I'd recommend reporting a bug using ubuntu-bug16:27
shadeslayerso that it can be put in the release notes16:27
nonickname2could someone with casper or plymouth knowledge maybe look at bug #1170421? might also be something for the release notes imho16:56
ubottubug 1170421 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Live session shutdown "hangs" (not showing "Please remove media ..." message)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117042116:56
smartboyhwnonickname2: Hmmm.......16:58
smartboyhwI think this bug will be quite critical.16:59
nonickname2someone else confirmed it in the meantime16:59
smartboyhwnonickname2: Ask in #ubuntu-devel will be better I think.17:03
* yofel ponders bug 117060919:59
ubottubug 1170609 in choqok (Ubuntu) "No french translation for choqok 1.3 in kubuntu 13.04 although it is translated in french" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117060919:59
yofelfor some reason, comparing the upstream choqok-1.3.tar.bz2, and the choqok_1.3.orig.tar.bz2 from debian looks like this:20:00
yofel$ diff -ruN c/choqok-1.3/ cc/choqok-1.3/ | wc -l20:00
yofelScottK: could I squeeze a 1.3a upload into raring still? Or would it be less of a change to simply patch all po files into the package?20:15
yofelI'll ask the debian maintainer later how this happened.20:15
ScottKyofel: Can still get it in.21:35
xnoxyofel: diffstat is a more useful presentation of changes.22:04

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