wgrantcjwatson: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/amd64/ubuntuone-couch00:30
wgrantcjwatson: It was overridden then reverted00:30
wgrantBut only amd64 got the third pub, apparently.00:30
wgrantHm, no, overriden twice the same way00:30
wgrantThis is what you get when you write RDBMS-based code that assumes exclusive access...00:31
stokachuim trying to do an api call on a search task for a project and its giving me an 400 URL must be absolute error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5723110/, this seems to only happen when i use the assignee query param with a uri encoded self link00:40
stokachudo i not include the api url in there?00:42
wgrantstokachu: Why's there no leading / on that whole URL?00:42
wgrant'ubuntu-advantage' is not a valid path00:42
wgrant'/ubuntu-advantage' is00:42
stokachuthats just the query params00:42
stokachuthe entire url is https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/ubuntu-advantage....00:42
wgrantAn odd way to construct it :)00:42
stokachui think it gets dropped during the debug output00:43
stokachuit works if i drop assignee=...00:43
wgrantThat URL works fine00:43
wgrantSo your code is probably double-encoding it before sending it, or something00:43
wgrantTry that in a browser00:43
stokachuhmmmmm so it does work00:44
stokachui bet you i am encoding it twice00:44
stokachubut the query params look correct in the debug output... i need to investigate further00:45
wgrantThat HTTP status looks like it's talking about the path, not the query string.00:45
wgrantRegardless, I'd dump the request that I sent and fix the obvious problem with it.00:46
stokachuok ill do that, thanks for the second set of eyes00:46
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cjwatsonwgrant: Can you think of a way to resurrect ubuntuone-couch short of a new upload?11:09
wgrantcjwatson: Delete and copy14:05
wgrantOr just copy14:05
wgrantIt'll pick all the built binaries that were every published.14:05

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