george_eQuick question: I'd like to enable ARM builds on a PPA, but I just wanted to clear something up... on the /CommunityARMBuilds page, it states:01:08
george_e"You have less than 10 builds a week."01:08
george_e...as a requirement.01:08
george_eSo does this mean 10 builds _per series_?01:08
george_eI have a recipe that builds daily for Precise, Quantal, and Raring.01:09
george_e...so if it meant _per series_ then that would mean 3*7=21 potential builds a week.01:09
george_eCan anyone clarify?01:09
maxbgeorge_e: I have a feeling it's intended to mean 10 builds total per week01:19
george_eWell, perhaps the best thing to do is open a question on LP and clearly explain the situation. Then it's up to the appropriate administrators to decide.01:20
wgrantgeorge_e: 10 builds per PPA01:27
wgrantNot per series.01:27
george_eWell, all I can do is hope for the best: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/22708901:27
george_ewgrant: Oh, oops.01:28
george_eSorry, I guess we posted at the same time.01:28
george_eOkay, in that case everything should be fine then.01:28
wgrantI think you misunderstand01:29
wgrantIf I upload a package to 3 series, that creates 3 builds.01:29
george_eSo it would be a problem then?01:30
george_eIs there any way to have ARM builds _only_ for Raring?01:30
george_eBecause if I had to choose only one series, it would be Raring,01:31
wgrantNot at the moment, unfortunately.01:32
george_eSo basically, I need a new PPA and a new recipe?01:32
wgrantProbably :(01:32
george_eWell, if that's the requirement, then I am okay with that.01:32
george_eIt's just a shame though because that PPA would be wasting resources building for i686 and amd64.01:33
marcoceppiAbout how long does it typically take for a package to be deleted from a PPA?02:40
wgrantmarcoceppi: It should usually disappear within a day, but you still won't be able to upload the same version again.02:42
marcoceppiOh, that's cool, I'll bump the version number. I'm just stuck until the package goes away from the archive as it's breaking another build in the ppa02:43
marcoceppiAt least now I know I can relax and stop trying to refresh the archive page02:44
marcoceppiSeem almost faster at this point to just delete the ppa and create it agin02:44
wgrantmarcoceppi: Oh, if you just want it to not be available as a dependency any more, that will usually happen within 20 minutes.02:54
wgrantmarcoceppi: It'll drop out of the Packages file during the next publisher cycle (usually every 10-15 minutes), but won't disappear from the pool, and so won't reduce your PPA's disk quota usage, for up to 24 hours02:55
marcoceppiwgrant: ah, excellent, I'll give the build another shot! Thanks for the info02:55
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