submanI assume that installing/running lubuntu under ubuntu installed with sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop is the same as running it by installing just it alone01:54
Unit193Not quite, you'll have all the gnome/unity leftovers/daemons.  Not even !purelubuntu is *quite* the same.01:57
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »01:57
submanUnit193, I understand but is the performance/experience about the same?  I'm just testing 13.04 and was wondering if reporting anything I find is worth it.01:59
submanProblems I might encounter could be due to my method of installation/running.01:59
submanSo far it seems to run much lighter and faster than xubuntu/xfce02:00
Unit193Xubuntu leans towards lightweight at times, but considers itself midweight.02:02
submanIt seems that way for sure.  This is noticeably  faster and lighter.  Memory requirements are much less, cpu usage is very low.02:03
submanThe clock defaulting to 24 hour format is a pita for me personally.02:04
submanfirefox seems to be the major resource hog no matter what flavour of Ubuntu I run!02:12
Unit193You can always try xxxterm/xombrero.02:15
submanchromium seems light enough so far.02:22
submanI've never hear of xombrero until now.  I just might have to try that!02:24
phillwsubman: there is a 'test' version of xombrero available via the dev area.02:26
subman'dev area'?02:27
phillwsubman: https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/non-official-apps02:28
phillwit is an area where the devs 'try' things out.02:29
submanphillw, trying it right now!  Thanks.02:35
submanChromium is light though.  What makes FF so heavy?02:35
Unit193FF is actually ligher for me. >_>02:35
submanUnit193, maybe it is the pages I'm on.  Like google+02:36
phillwsubman: the new FF is better (Don't quote me).02:36
submanI think I'm at version 20?02:37
Unit193That could be part of it, I'm at version 22.02:37
submanAh.....Not in 13.04?02:37
phillwsubman: lubuntu 13,04 will launch with chromium02:38
phillwas default02:38
Unit193I'm on 12.10.  It's been better for my usecase anyway for a bit.02:39
submanIt looks like Chromium beats xombrero in both 'lightness' and speed.02:40
Unit1930_o  You have one weird, weird system. :P02:40
submanStandard netbook02:40
submanWatching with htop02:40
Unit193Are you including all of chromium's processes?02:42
submanRight now I'm looking at overall load02:42
phillwsubman: if you have xombrero using more resources than a a normal browser, you have a real problem...02:43
submanxombrero uses around 20% of my cpu and 42% of memory.02:44
submanI'll now check chromium.  Exact numbers should not matter as this is comparative02:44
submanmy load with xombrero is .5702:44
submanChromium takes 17% of memory and 6% of cpu.  load is .3202:47
submanSame pages loaded02:48
phillwsubman: as we are discussing possible stuff, as opposed to actual; can you please move to lubuntu-offtopic02:48
submanphillw, done.02:49
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linuxdumbI have installed lubuntu 12.04, if I choose to install all the updates from update manager will that upgrade my version of Lubuntu to the latest version which I think is 12.10, or do the updates not chance what release you have installed?11:34
WendigoWould Lubuntu run well on a IBM Thinkpad R51, Pentium M 1.6GHz, 768MB of RAM, 40GB of HD, ATI Mobility Radeon 9000?14:21
miksddoes that cpu have PAE support?14:29
miksdi had some older laptop ith pentium m cpu and it did not have PAE support and therefore was not able to run newer versions of ubuntu because newer ubuntu kernels does not have non-pae cpu support14:31
mikeconceptssh: 1: inxi: not found16:22
pinportalhello, can I install Lubuntu on a tablet with CPU WM8650 ?20:03
phillwpinportal: what size is the hard drive?20:22
phillwpinportal: none of the ubuntu family will install with just 1GB20:24
phillwit's an ARM processor?20:24
phillwlubuntu only have an image for the ac10020:25
pinportalthis is my tablet CPU20:26
pinportal600Mhz ARM926EJ-S processor20:26
phillwpinportal: have a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARMTeam that has details of where to ask.20:27
pinportalI installed on there20:28
pinportala android 2.220:28
pinportalbut It is slow on my tablet20:28
pinportalso I wanna try Lubuntu20:28
phillwI know there is a lubuntu arm distro that runs with 512Mb. But the ARM team are the best people to ask :)20:29
phillwthey welcome new people :)20:29
pinportaloh ...20:30
pinportalthanks :D20:30
pinportalbecause I know that Ubuntu for tablet20:30
pinportalwill be very heavy20:30
pinportalso will need a good CPU :(20:31
pinportalmaybe FirefoxOS could help me20:31
phillwpinportal: that is why I suggest asking them. I have no idea if the ac100 iso would run on your system. They will be able to help you. Their channel is #ubuntu-arm20:32
pinportalok thanks )20:34
pinportalI will try it, bye20:34
phillwI've also joined the channel20:35
linuxdummyI want to edit a .cfg file using leafpad but when I goto save it I get "can't open file to write" error23:36
linuxdummyI got my answer, gksudo leafpad23:56

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