mwhudsoni'm trying to follow https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/quantal/juju-quick-start.html and having a few problems00:51
mwhudsonthe first was00:51
mwhudsonerror: Environments configuration error: /home/ubuntu/.juju/environments.yaml: environments.maas.default-series: required value not found00:51
mwhudsonso i added that00:51
mwhudsonthen there was nothing listening on localhost:542000:51
mwhudsonthere is something mass-ish on 5242 though00:52
mwhudsonbut changing the url to that doesn't work either00:52
mwhudsonjust setting maas-server to http://localhost/MAAS/ works00:58
mwhudsonnext: 2013-04-19 19:58:49,376 ERROR No matching node is available.00:58
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