MikeRLNoticed that Libreoffice doesn't highlight menu buttons in the global menu in Raring. Where should I report this? Is this a known issue?00:10
MikeRLAnyone here familiar with Libreoffice? As a developer?00:14
MikeRLI need to ask a brief question.00:15
IdleOnethere is #libreoffice you can try00:18
MikeRLThanks. Just wondered if I should report it here since they may not deal with a globalmenu issue.00:18
IdleOneand as for b reporting a bug you can use in terminal: ubuntu-bug libreoffice00:18
IdleOneerr that sentence was difficult to type for some reason :)00:19
MikeRLThanks. Just need to check for duplicates.00:19
IdleOneno problem00:20
lagboxwhy in 13.04 can i not scroll in gtk apps with my scrollwheel unless i am ontop of the 1 PX scroll bar ? and why does the filemanager not have a status bar and is crippled ?01:18
SonikkuAmericaGood question.01:18
SonikkuAmericaAs you can see, though, Nautilus got itself an overhaul01:19
lagboxyea .. it looks nice01:19
SonikkuAmericaI'd say so too... but who am I to speak, I don't use Unity.01:20
SonikkuAmericaOr GNOME 301:20
lagboxyea every release gets me closer to not using unity01:20
SonikkuAmericaGot a flavor switch in mind?01:20
lagboxi might be switching to mint or arch01:21
lagboxdid ubuntu fix vino-server yet ?01:21
SonikkuAmericaIs that the VNC thingie?01:22
SonikkuAmericaDunno. Never used it.01:22
lagboxi don't like when distros ship with broken software01:22
lagboxand i haven't switched from ubuntu since i started using it many years ago01:22
SonikkuAmericaYou know, you're better off switching to KDE, XFCE or LXDE while still using Ubuntu.01:22
SonikkuAmerica(Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu)01:23
lagboxdon't like kde , never have ... xfce is nice .... i would prefer gnome-shell01:23
lagboxbut i dont mind unity in 12.10 it was getting pretty stable i thought01:23
SonikkuAmericaUbuntu GNOME? They're an official flavor now?01:23
lagboxmaybe i will have to check that out01:23
SonikkuAmericalagbox: Wait till you see 14.04's Unity...01:23
lagboxi am not down with sending out the searching to ubuntus servers01:24
SonikkuAmericaRunning on top of Mir rather than X.org and using Qt01:24
lagboxwell i can't wait for X to go away01:24
SonikkuAmericaMeanwhile, the rest of us will still use X01:24
lagboxyes ofcourse01:24
SonikkuAmericaA new type of X11 will be released soon, rumor has it01:25
lagboxthough i believe there is a distro shipping with wayland this year01:25
bjsniderby 14.04 gnome will run on wayland/weston01:25
SonikkuAmericaWhen everyone in the Linux world quits using X, I will switch to the FreeBSD rip-off they call OS X.01:25
lagboxfor me things have been only getting worse in the last few releases, not better01:25
lagboxSonikkuAmerica, hehe01:25
lagboxdarwin kernel01:26
SonikkuAmericaNo, Mach01:26
SonikkuAmericaUNIX kernel nonetheless01:26
lagboxthough i guess i can't go back to 12.10 easily so i better fix these problems01:26
SonikkuAmericaNo east way to do that01:26
SonikkuAmericaOr west, south or north... *easy01:27
lagboxexactly ... i know ... ive been dealing with fixing stuff myself since 1998 when i started using linux01:27
SonikkuAmericaI'll cry when X dies for good.01:27
lagboxi was really happy when ubuntu came out and fixed the debian package issues ... it got very stable, but it seems like it is changing almost to fast lately01:27
SonikkuAmericabjsnider: Didn't know that...01:28
bjsniderit's very much in the works right now01:28
SonikkuAmericaI know Wayland is C++, is it built off Qt/QML?01:28
bjsniderthe work is happening as we speak01:28
lagboxmy issue is i have never like qt or kde ... but it seems like ubuntu is making the push to qt01:28
lagboxbut the latest qt stuff looks nice from a development standpoint01:29
SonikkuAmericalagbox: XFCE and LXDE aren't... they will stick with GTK+ 3ff. 'till they die01:29
SonikkuAmericaAt least for now.01:29
lagboxi understand01:30
lagboxi wouldnt expect them to switch01:30
SonikkuAmericaIf GNOME abandons GTK+, XFCE will probably continue to use it.01:30
lagboxthat is funny01:30
lagboxand i was just getting good with Vala :)01:31
SonikkuAmericaThey could rename it XForms, and XFCE could get its name back! :)01:31
lagboxwell i guess i have a lot of decisions to make01:31
SonikkuAmericaFun fact: LXDE is 30% XFCE-based.01:31
lagboxi was content with unity .. but i don't think i agree with the direction it is going ... but i am one man01:32
SonikkuAmericaThe only reason I use XFCE is it's the best fit for the Ubuntu Studio setup for an Intel 965 whose highest res is 102401:33
lagboxgood point01:33
lagboxi do like xfce .. i always have it installed01:33
SonikkuAmericaAnd because zequence likes XFCE the best.01:33
lagboxi just have been a gnome fan since back in the day01:33
SonikkuAmericaI <3 GNOME and GTK+... would be sad to see it die off... why can't they rewrite GTK+ in C++ anyway?01:34
lagboxconsidering all the useful stuff i do comes from compiz anyway as long as i can continue to use compiz i am happy01:34
SonikkuAmericaOr just all Python?01:34
lagboxi didn't mind gtk++ i had fun with it01:34
SonikkuAmericaThere's only 1 "+" in GTK+01:34
lagboxor use vala to interact with the gobject system01:34
lagboxno .. gtk++    gtkmm01:34
lagboxc++ lib for gtk+01:35
SonikkuAmericaThat would be awesome...01:35
* SonikkuAmerica dreams of GTK+ 4 in C++01:35
lagboxit has been around for awhile01:35
lagboxcould be dead for all i know though .. i have used it before01:36
lagboxthough it seems the trend is going toward functional languages now01:36
SonikkuAmericaGTK+ 3 is functional... look at GNOME 3! :)01:37
SonikkuAmericaHowever... I am no programmer, just a visionary, ambitious college freshman. So kick me off the cliff. XD01:38
SonikkuAmericaI would run Ubuntu with Unity if I had a more powerful machine.01:39
lagboxthough i will have to hit the web and figure out how to get these obvious things working01:39
lagboxsince unity is the default for ubuntu it should be working good ... scrolling issues are a no go01:40
SonikkuAmericaOh right... you came here with a support question...!! lol01:40
lagboxi like to talk too :)01:40
lagboxthis is the year for linux though01:40
SonikkuAmericaYou bet. With XP dying, this is the big shot for us to make Linux more popular than ever before!01:41
lagboxwhich is why i think ubuntu should be backing off the phone shh..tuff for a bit and focusing on the desktop01:41
lagboxthere is a vacuum in the desktop market with Mac and Windows going for mobile .. .there is no reason for ubuntu to be jumping into phones so quick when that market is saturated at the moment01:41
lagboxbut that is my opinion ... with mir they will be able to tackle desktop and mobile but i think they should be focusing on making the best desktop experience not the best all around on any device experience01:44
lagboxoh yeah i can scroll in xchat ... how exciting ... lol01:45
SonikkuAmericalagbox: I actually see things on Mark Shuttleworth's side in this case, no matter how much I appear to badmouth him.01:46
SonikkuAmericaI mean, try implementing X (esp X11) on a tablet.01:46
SonikkuAmericaIt's horrible.01:46
SonikkuAmericaUnless you're like the Plasma Active devs01:46
lagboxbut why push into a market that is saturated by android when the desktop market is opening up ?01:47
SonikkuAmericaWhat's a desktop again? Remind me what that ancient thing is.01:48
SonikkuAmericaOh yeah. That thing.01:48
lagboxdesktops and laptops aren't going away any time soon01:49
SonikkuAmericaBut yeah, I see where the repugnancy of Windows 6.2 (call it what it is, Microdaft!) can get a little opening in the desk/laptop market.01:49
lagboxthough my droid x played video better than my previous laptop did .. which was interesting (graphics card issue)01:49
SonikkuAmericaThe Droid X doesn't use X11.01:49
lagboxpeople are starting to push back a bit against microcrap01:49
lagboxofcourse not01:50
SonikkuAmericaI like the Razr HD the best.01:50
lagboxmy father has one01:50
lagboxi am going for a galaxy as my next phone ... so i can install ubuntu on it and stock android01:50
lagboxi do want to play with ubuntu on the phone because i think it is a good idea ... but i worry about directing to many resources to it01:50
SonikkuAmericaI played with it in the Verizon store... played the DLF Indian Premier League T20 highlights as if there wasn't a server problem.01:51
SonikkuAmericalagbox: Ubuntu Touch?01:51
lagboxyes i would suppose that is the name01:51
SonikkuAmericaNot really...01:51
lagboxnot really what01:52
SonikkuAmericaI have a buddy who messed with his Razr and put Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on it (flashed a .img with CWM)01:52
SonikkuAmericaWorked (slightly) well01:52
lagboxi just want to see what the touch interface is all about ... the guys on the linux action show had some nice things to say about it .. but at the time it was terribly limited in what you could do01:53
SonikkuAmericaIt's a little better now, but still in open alpha01:53
lagboxi figured01:54
SonikkuAmericaGalaxy Nexus and Google Nexus 4/7/1001:54
lagboxthen again 13.04 is considered alpha01:54
SonikkuAmericaUmm.... we're in Beta 2 if you didn't notice on the Web site.01:54
lagboxand it is to be released in 6 days .. its my bday present i guess01:54
lagboxi did01:54
SonikkuAmericaApril 25?01:54
lagbox25th release ... bday 24th01:54
lagboxmy bad ... the upgrade manager in 12.10 says 13.04 is alpha01:55
SonikkuAmericaOutdated release notes, is all01:55
lagboxso i guess ubuntu didn't want to wait for wayland ... or just doesn't want to rely on 3rd parties anymore ?01:57
lagboxi guess i need to get my names straight here .... canonical01:57
SonikkuAmericaHmm... maybe a question for #ubuntu-discuss...01:59
lagboxgood point01:59
lagboxso the status bar issue in nautilus ... they have removed it even the option to have it  ... this is what i am talking about .. going the wrong way02:00
lagboxnot even an option02:00
SonikkuAmericaDid you check in Edit > Prefs?02:02
lagboxthere is no such thing02:02
lagboxi mean in the prefs02:02
SonikkuAmericaExcuse me (like I said I'm using XFCE so expect some blatant ignance)02:02
lagboxits all good02:03
lagboxyea the option doesn't exist02:03
SonikkuAmerica(Ejukashun xpensiv? Tri ignance!) :)02:04
SonikkuAmericaI guess the GNOME people dumped it. You can still go up to the root directory and manually browse, or run [ nautilus /path/to/dir ] in a terminal or by Alt+F2'ing the dash.02:05
lagboxnautilus has a floating status bar02:05
SonikkuAmericaA floating one, not a sinking one?02:06
lagboxmy problem is i only use the status bar to show free space02:07
lagboxnow i have to right click a folder go to properties and find it there ... kinda annoying02:08
SonikkuAmericaWell, we always had that option. I started with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. It was always there (I was a Windows migrant)02:08
lagboxif you can't get that information easily it is just insane to me02:09
SonikkuAmericaI guess you're one of the people that thinks a gesture and 3 clicks is too much to turn off a desktop machine then? :)02:10
SonikkuAmericaYou'd enjoy Windows "8" (6.2) then.02:10
lagboxcan't stand it02:10
SonikkuAmerica<3 it (but I have a penabled graphics tablet)02:11
SonikkuAmerica(I'm a guy, I promise)02:11
lagboxits nice on a tablet02:11
SonikkuAmericaIt has a keyboard and Synaptics touchpad too.02:11
SonikkuAmericaIn most ways, it's a laptop.02:11
SonikkuAmericaBut Unity is no longer viable (at least to me) on a 1024.02:13
SonikkuAmerica(I think it's unethical to hide the launcher)02:13
lagboxi have mine autohide always02:14
lagboxtakes up to much space02:14
SonikkuAmericaI wouldn't hide it on a 16:9 display02:16
SonikkuAmericaBe back in a flash02:17
lagboxyea not finding any information about this02:38
DJJeffany Ubuntu Raring release parties?02:40
lagboxanyone know of any issue with mouse wheel scrolling in the new nautilus (3.6) rediculously named Files ?02:41
atrusupgrading to ubuntu 13.04, seeing this: (EE) module ABI minor version (1) is newer than the server's version (0)03:22
atruson loading the "ati" module03:23
atrusany idea what i'm looking for?03:24
atrusseems like the xserver and ati driver that 13.04 has currently are not compatible?03:27
atrusoh. and 13.04 is frozen. so open-source radeon driver appears to be broken on release, if i understand right :/03:31
atrusoh wait, i might have a different X server version installed for some reason....03:35
atrusthat looks better.03:36
atruspanic off :)03:36
lagboxanyone know of any issue with mouse wheel scrolling in gtk apps05:13
lagboxperhaps a lib issue because of upgrade05:17
lotuspsychjelagbox: clean installs are always a good idea05:17
lagboxthis is true05:17
lagboxthe weird part is if i click the scroll wheel and move it ... it does scroll05:33
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quarqwhat is raring ringtail final release date?08:06
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ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases08:11
valoriequarq: ^^^08:11
enzotibhi, k9copy is not available in raring?08:26
quarqthanks all08:29
bazhang!find k9copy08:40
ubottuFile k9copy found in gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux08:40
bazhangguess not08:41
enzotibbazhang: thanks, wikipedia says the author stopped the development. I installed the package from quantal, seems to work09:02
kvarleyPidgin keeps not responding when I open it. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?09:18
matiuI just upgraded ubuntu and now gnome terminal shows unicode boxes instead of colours. Any suggestions appreciated09:29
matiu(from raring to raring, just did a dist-upgrade)09:30
Fudganyone know what base 14.04 will start on? from raring, or precise10:06
MonkeyDustFudg  let's first wait for 13.1010:07
Fudgoh yeah I forgot about that one :$10:08
Fudgsilly me10:08
Fudgwho decides how much accessibility attention point releases get?10:09
yeatsFudg: LTS releases sync with debian testing10:09
Fudgyeats thanks, I think I mean more the Unity accessibility to make sure everything is working etc in relation to accessibility :)10:11
yeatsFudg: I was answering your question about 14.04 - I can't answer about accessibility10:12
Fudgthanks mate10:13
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l_rif i download and install the daily 13.04 ,will that differ from the final in substance?10:28
k1l_today? yes. noone knows what the final will look like. but it will upgrade to the final anyway :)10:30
matriks404(matriks404) It is safe to update ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04 daily?  Any important bugs?11:01
qumk1l_: check the prv msg clown11:18
qumu cna ban me here too if u got op, but trust me, in a hour or so, u'll be a clown without rights.11:18
Fudgchill out11:33
k1l_qum: if you want to discuss that kick and ban join #ubuntu-ops (like mentioned in the channel guidelines) but dont missuse the support channels for that.11:47
qum_nah, i don't want to discus anything. I got that covered.11:49
Kalidarnim finding that when the kubuntu installers tries to install the bootloader it fails to install grub-install dummy11:57
Kalidarnthis is the error from syslog http://paste.ubuntu.com/5724219/11:57
Kalidarnthese lines in particular:11:58
KalidarnApr 20 11:49:58 kubuntu grub-installer: error: Running 'grub-install  --force failed.11:58
KalidarnApr 20 11:49:58 kubuntu kernel: [  274.164004] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=800000000000000911:58
Kalidarndoes anyone know what might be causing that11:58
Kalidarnand how i can get the installer to skip past it11:58
Kalidarnoh i think it might be this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/116762211:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1167622 in linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot change EFI variables using efibootmgr (raring regression)" [Medium,Confirmed]11:59
l_rwhere can i download the today's image from?12:19
Kalidarnl_r: are you installing with UEFI?12:19
Kalidarnif you are don't.12:19
l_rKalidarn, what is uefi?12:19
Kalidarnis your system new?12:20
l_rKalidarn,  i usually download an image . burn in on a dvd and then install on sda12:20
Kalidarni mean the motherboard12:20
l_rKalidarn, if there's a way to avoid the burning part then that would be better12:20
Kalidarnyeah i usually use a usb stick12:20
Kalidarnin any case most recent system boards have EFI12:21
Kalidarnand currently if you use the latest daily for ubuntu it will fail :) like above12:21
Kalidarn(if you use EFI)12:21
Kalidarnwhich most current systems do12:21
l_r i don't think i have efi12:21
l_rthe laptop is 6 years old12:22
Kalidarnoh yeah you wouldn't then12:22
Kalidarnso it'll work just fine12:22
Kalidarnin any case i usually get them from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/12:22
Kalidarn2013/04/18 worked fine on my old workstation12:23
l_rkubuntu and ubuntu are in sync?12:23
Kalidarnwhat do you mean12:23
l_rwith regard to the core components12:23
l_rkernel versions, sys libs12:24
Kalidarnexactly the same source12:24
Kalidarnthey get them from12:24
BluesKajHowdy all12:24
Kalidarnthe only difference with kubuntu is it installs KDE instead of unity12:24
Kalidarnall the system libraries and kernels come from exactly the same place (as they are exactly the same)12:24
Kalidarnso in sync probably isn't the best way to think about it as they only come from one place.12:25
BluesKajHey again12:58
philinuxwassup BluesKaj13:07
BluesKajhey philinux , not much , youy ?13:07
philinuxnah chillin13:08
BluesKajmanaged to get my ext4 drives recognized in W7 , strange because it worked so easliy this time vs no luck with in my previous attempts13:10
philinuxBluesKaj: how u manage that in w713:11
philinuxah nice13:11
derbarbi have a strange problem, my music and downloads folder have gone missing from 'places' in my file manager13:27
derbarbanyone know how to replace them?13:27
l_ri like the idea of parallel tasks when installing13:35
BluesKajnever tried it because I'm in the boonies and updating/upgrading during the install process takes too long with my 800kbs dsl service.13:38
hayswow BluesKaj that's worse than mine and I thought mine was bad13:41
hayspray for Google fiber heh13:42
BluesKajhays, well , I could go with cable but it's expensive just for internet service alone , the tv and phone service they provide isn't so good13:45
BluesKajcable here is fiber optic13:45
haysI am in a similar boat. I don't want/need cable tv/phone, and the internet is expensive..13:45
haysAlthough I am considering Comcast Business.  still I loathe the idea of giving comcast more money13:46
haysnot sure if they are fiber optic here...  its branded "xfinity" which means im sure nothing13:46
BluesKajbundling is the only way to save money , they gouge you otherwise13:47
admin_davhi kde plasma desktop start with just black screen and no other graphic. Suggestion?13:47
hays16/3 is $70 per month13:47
hays(for business class)13:47
admin_davother desktops works fine13:48
BluesKajadmin_dav, do you get to the kubuntu greeter page /lightdm where you login or just ablack screen after the grub menu ?13:49
admin_davBluesKaj after login on lightdm  kde starts but on black screen, without graphics. Now I'm on kde but to start app i use alt-f2.13:51
BluesKajadmin_dav, did you install kubuntu-desktop?13:51
admin_davyes, i've tried to remove and install kubuntu-desktop, kde-standard and so on. Nothing13:52
BluesKajdo you have a panel with Kmenu etc?13:53
admin_davnothing, i see just black screen. The system works because with alt-f2 i can run everything13:54
BluesKajok , try ctrl+alt+F1 , login again , then ctrl+alt+F713:55
admin_davsame problem14:01
admin_davwhen i login (graphic mode) on kde desktop it starts, usually icons but enter with black screen and no other graphic14:03
admin_davother desktop works fine14:04
admin_davblueskaj What did you mean before?14:07
BluesKajadmin_dav, do you have a cursor showing on the dektop , if so right click and choose "default desktop settings"14:09
admin_davi have a cursor but nothing happen when i right click....14:11
BluesKajadmin_dav, the Xserver is obviously not working properly then , which graphics card ?14:12
admin_davnvidia but with other desktop (example enlightment) all works...14:13
admin_davCan I re-install xserver?14:13
admin_davnvidia GT52014:14
hggdhadmin_dav: I doubt reinstalling will solve; I have a similar issue (starts OK with KDE, then display freezes), and I am still trying to figure out what causes it14:22
hggdhthis started last week, or so14:23
BluesKajadmin_dav, run glxinfo | grep OpenGL , you probly have to install mesa-utils for the command to work , the driver is "version string "in the output. For example , "OpenGL version string: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 310.44"14:24
admin_davblues here output: OpenGL version string: 4.2.0 NVIDIA 304.8814:29
BluesKajok then the driver seems properly installed , try sudo nvidia-xconfig then startx14:30
admin_davhggdh Do you have a balck screen?14:30
admin_davi try14:31
BluesKajbefore you do starx i just remembered the lightddm display has to be stopped , sudo service lightdm stop14:34
hggdhadmin_dav: no. As I said, the display freezes after a while; the last images are still displayed14:35
admin_davblues i've tried. I have (really) a gray screen and the right mouse button works. It seems openbox desktop but i have no graphics14:36
Levanthhi I got a problem with phpmyadmin under ubuntu 13.04, I cannot open the phpmyadmin on my own machine via localhost, what can I do to solve this problem?14:41
LevanthIt' installed via lampp14:47
derbarbim having trouble with a re-install of 13.04, an error occured during the instalation and it said i might have to install some packages on my own, but when unity starts up it is very slow any one have an idea why?14:49
lordievaderGood afternoon14:51
Kalidarnokay this is weird, my ethernet just stopped working14:51
Kalidarnusing driver e1000e14:51
Kalidarnwas working in livecd, doesn't work now it's booted says the plug is unplugged.14:51
BluesKajKalidarn, did you try unplugging and plugging back in14:56
Kalidarnyes i have14:56
Kalidarntwo different cables14:57
Kalidarnlivecd works, and now booted system does not14:57
BluesKaj2 nics ?14:57
Kalidarninfact i think a recent update broke it :S but i see nothing in logs14:57
Kalidarnno one.14:57
Kalidarnit's a laptop lol14:57
Kalidarni tried sudo ifconfig eth0 down, and sudo modprobe -r e1000e and sudo modprobe e1000e and sudo ifconfig eth0 up and then sudo ifconfig dhclient eth014:58
Kalidarnno luch14:58
Kalidarnstill thinks it is unplugged, but i reboot and load the live usb stick it works again14:59
Kalidarn(in the livecd that is)14:59
LevanthKalidarn: Did you made an Update before it stopped working?15:00
Kalidarni think so15:01
BluesKajtry just , sudo dhclient eth015:01
LevanthDid you checked if the Driver is still installed?15:01
Kalidarnyeah did try that15:01
Kalidarnyeah it is15:01
Kalidarnthe e1000e is still there15:01
Kalidarni unloaded it and loaded it no errors15:01
Kalidarnand dhclient times out15:01
Kalidarnif i look in network manager it says the cable i unplugged.15:02
LevanthAnd you checked if the driver wasnt blacklisted during the update?15:02
Kalidarnhmm no15:02
BluesKajsudo dhclient eth0, times out Kalidarn?15:02
Kalidarnyeah it doesn't get an IP15:02
Kalidarnand /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist is empty15:03
BluesKajKalidarn, assume you aren't using network manager ?15:03
Kalidarni am15:03
Kalidarnit says the plug is unplugged15:03
Kalidarndoesn't report any other issues15:03
BluesKajdo you have wifi , Kalidarn?15:04
Kalidarnyes thats what im using right now15:04
Kalidarnand yeah network manager just says http://paste.ubuntu.com/5724665/ that under the connection15:06
Kalidarn(i censored the mac address)15:06
BluesKajI have to go foer a fe mins , my xorg is acting up15:06
Kalidarnthat's taking the network interface down and back up15:10
Kalidarndoesn't reveal anything wrong15:10
habananyplease help me to install ringtail dual boot alongside mint15:28
habananyim on the stage "edit partition "15:28
habananyuse as ?15:29
habananyand mount point ?15:29
habananyis it ok ext4 ?15:29
habananymay i use /boot as mountpoint ?15:30
habananyplease help cause i tried / as mountpoint and ringtail installed but it does not show up at booting15:31
habananygonna have to try bymeself15:32
derbarbi have a strange question. i accidentally deleted my music and my download directories. i created new folders but they no longer show up in 'places' in nautilus. how can i fix this?15:32
BluesKajhabanany, do you have / already setup as a mountpoint for mint ?15:33
habananyforgot to mantion, i want to install ringtail in the first partition where windows15:33
habananyi have mint as 2db partition15:34
habananyBluesKaj im kind of newbie15:35
habananyBluesKaj i guess i cant share a screenshot through here , may I ?15:36
BluesKajhabanany, yes , use imagebin and post the url here15:37
habananyBluesKaj yes, when i installed i assigned / to mint15:38
BluesKajderbarb, right click in places then navigate to the files you want to add'15:38
derbarbnothing happens when i right click on places15:40
habananyBluesKaj , im on ringtail live now , just booted from first beta ...15:41
ironhalikHow is the fglrx situation in raring? It seems kinda bad, considering only the latest betas have 3.8 kernel support (and they're not available in the repos)15:42
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BluesKajsorry i have to go for a while BBL.15:52
KalidarnBluesKaj: sorted15:57
Kalidarnit's a regression introduced in 3.8.0-1915:57
Kalidarnbooting 3.8.0-16 makes the problem go away15:57
hggdhOK. It seems my issues with display are, in part, caused by nouveau. Switching to nvidia 310 seems to have solved them. So, now, I am only left with bug 1170697 (and, perhaps related, bug 117071016:03
ubottubug 1170697 in linux (Ubuntu) "Sound not working after upgrading to 3.8.0-19" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117069716:03
ubottubug 1170710 in linux (Ubuntu) "BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffff88020a6b7ff0 -- snd_hda_query_supported_pcm+0x9e/0x290 [snd_hda_codec]" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117071016:03
derbarbi've been having this problem since maverick meerkat, your login keyring did not get unlocked.16:46
derbarbi put in my current password but it says it's wrong16:46
MikeRLRaring seems to be acting up with the global menu in Libreoffice. Can someone take up this bug? Nobody is assigned but it has been marked as high priority. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/115335017:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1153350 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice4 Global Menu Items Do Not Highlight on Mouse Hover" [High,Confirmed]17:11
skp1__1can someone help me with no sound?17:27
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MikeRLWell, while I wait around here for my question to get answered, does anyone need help?18:28
bjsniderMikeRL, i really don't know if this is the right channel to be asking for developers to take up bugs and whatnot19:08
LukeLmore of a discussion than a support channel19:17
MikeRLI'll read the IRC guidelines religiously from now on, then. I don't want to waste space on here.19:29
k1lMikeRL: to "talk" with the devs you should use the comments under the bugs19:30
MikeRLOK. Thanks for that.19:31
MikeRLI just have certain bugs that drive me nuts. I'll try to cool myself down then. Life isn't perfect.19:31
Troniccommit 8a151cd68d3ce9cd8dea96e54cbff502a7f7db6b19:33
TronicAuthor: Seth Forshee <seth.forshee@canonical.com>19:33
TronicThis kernel patch breaks efibootmgr on my system.19:33
TronicKernel developers are currently (a few days back) working a proper fix but I am wondering if that fix will land on 13.04 or not.19:34
TronicI'm using Linux Shakat 3.8.0-18-lowlatency #12-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 12 12:15:29 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:35
nonix4hmm, where do I report a rather typical bug in text mode installer - special characters in passwords are not escaped properly?19:35
TronicAssuming that Seth's patch is included in Ubuntu kernel patches, as it was only included in upstream at
TronicIn any case, having this fixed is quite crucial because otherwise UEFI installs will fail.19:36
ChogyDanTronic: I know that the 3 point version number does not correspond to the linux 3rd point version number.  I don't know how exactly to tell, but for example, 3.8.0-17 is based on 3.8.619:38
bjsnidernonix4, launchpad19:39
ichatif i want to / need to   upgrade udev  how is that done...   im trying to install the official google chrome  amd64.deb  but it errors  saying can not resolved dependancy  libudev >= 14719:44
zequenceTronic: Whatever is included with -generic will be included with -lowlatency19:45
zequenceTronic: Is there a bug report for this?19:45
bjsniderichat, latest libudev in raring is 19819:45
ichatbjsnider:  - argh...19:46
trismichat: according to https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=226002 it is supposed to be fixed in the latest dev channel release19:47
ichatbjsnider:  meaning that somehow my update manager is broken19:47
bjsniderapparently it is a google problem19:47
ichatbjsnider:  - im still at  195 and apt-update | apt-upgrade  doesnt help...19:49
sam113101what's new in the next version?19:49
bjsniderichat, 195 is good enough19:50
trismichat: the issue is chrome deps on libudev0 but that was deleted in raring a couple weeks ago because we have libudev1 now19:50
trismichat: and as I just said, it is supposed to be fixed in the latest google-chrome dev channel release19:50
bjsnidersoname bump?19:50
bjsnidersoname changed from 0 to 1?19:50
trismyep with the switch to the systemd version19:51
bjsniderwell, the source package is listed as systemd19:52
ChogyDanichat: huh, I seem to have libudev0 installed as one without a repo.  chrome-stable working19:55
trismChogyDan: if you upgraded to 13.04 before it was deleted, you have it, otherwise you can't get it (without downloading the deb manually of course)19:56
nonix4How do I restart installer started in live session, when it is stuck in unresponsive state & not responding to Quit from launcher? Without rebooting that is?19:56
ChogyDanyaya, makes sense trism19:56
Troniczequence: Yes there is but I am not sure if people on that bug are already aware of the cause or the fix.20:18
TronicI found it while googling this a few days back. LKML discussion only happened after that.20:18
atrusyay, apport crashing :(20:20
atrusif only i could report it somehow...20:20
zequenceTronic: Do you have the bug number?20:23
TronicLet me google it again.20:24
zequenceTronic: I'm sure Canonical Kernel Team should be aware of discussions at LKML, but doesn't hurt to find out20:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1167622 in linux (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1167567 Cannot change EFI variables using efibootmgr (raring regression)" [Medium,Confirmed]20:32
TronicPossibly related and LKML thread is linked here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/116762220:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1167622 in linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot change EFI variables using efibootmgr (raring regression)" [Medium,Confirmed]20:34
zequenceTronic: Sure the bug is fully fixed?20:36
TronicNo idea.20:39
Tronic3.8 kernel also seems to be omitting quite many of my UEFI variables (not shown under /sys/firmware/efi/vars/).20:40
Tronic3.5 displays more, not sure if it shows all of them, either.20:40
TronicAnd I've at least once managed to mess up the BIOS so that I had to reflash on Windows to make setup options actually work (I could change things such as CPU speed and save my changes but it would still use earlier settings hidden somewhere on flash but not shown by the setup).20:42
TronicSpeaking of buggy implementations :/20:42
TronicI think this occurred after using the clear CMOS jumper on M/B.20:42
zequenceTronic: I get the feeling the Kernel team is on this, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask someone. More activity during weekdays, at #ubuntu-kernel20:44
zequenceI'm the maintainer of -lowlatency, but I basically just rebase the kernel against the commits that happen in -generic, so I don't keep tabs on what happens there. I just assume it's all good20:45
Troniczequence: Alright :)21:03
TronicFor the record, I have Gigabyte Z77 series motherboard and these are very common in recently built desktop setups, so any bugs with it will hit a lot of people.21:06
odayhi, guys, i'm a little confused, isn't there a right mouse button action on desktop on ubuntu 12.10?22:08
wilee-nileeoday, yes22:09
wilee-nileeoday, #ubuntu is the channel for 12.1022:09
odayyes u mean there should be and i don't have or yes there is no action? :D22:10
wilee-nileeoday, "isn't there a right mouse button action on desktop on ubuntu 12.10?" yes22:11
odaywhy not?22:12
wilee-nileeoday, You are thinking in double negatives, yes there are right click functions22:12
odayso why don't i have?(22:12
wilee-nileeoday, Not sure use the correct channel though this is 13.04 only use #ubuntu.22:13
odaykk. ty.22:13
odayty k1l :D22:15
BluPhenix316i join #kubuntu+1 and it comes here23:48
BluPhenix316anyway i have a uefi system(Alienware X-51), and i'm trying to install kubuntu 13.04 to a usb hdd and i created a efi partition on it, and a / partition and a home partition, and it installed nicely, but when i reboot it boots to my first hard drive even when i select to boot from the usb hdd23:49
BluPhenix316do you think it is because the installer makes a mbr partition table instead of a GPT partition table?23:51

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