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MeizirkkiWhat prevents one from using android kernel directly with ubuntu?10:36
Meizirkkion a tablet, for example10:36
ogra_nothing .... but you need to change the configuration10:37
ogra_and it shouldnt be to old for some options the userspcae needs10:37
ogra_(udev or upstart require some settings that are only there from certain versions on)10:37
Meizirkkiso as long as the kernel source is available one could in theory boot ubuntu on any tablet?10:38
ogra_well ... theoretically10:38
ogra_android kernels usually have no support for consoles enabled ... if you are lucky the vendor included a driver but disabled it ... often there is no code at all for this ...10:39
ogra_the issue with android kernels is that they usually are heavily hacked to get driver support in ... but in a way that possibly breaks building the kernel with other configs10:40
ogra_so its really depending on how good the vendor implementation is or if its just a bad hack on top of a mainline kernel or so10:41
ogra_and then there are indeed no xorg drivers for most of the tablets out there since android doesnt use X10:43
MeizirkkiYup I see.10:44
MeizirkkiWill wayland work?10:44
ogra_dunno, mir will :)10:44
Meizirkki(isn't it what ubuntu touch is looking forward to using)10:44
* Meizirkki googles mir10:44
ogra_no, ubuntu touch will use Mir10:45
ogra_its similar to wayland ... but different :)10:45
* Meizirkki gets a bunch of submarines and space ships googling mir10:45
ogra_(there is an #ubuntu-mir channel)10:46
MeizirkkiThanks ogra_ :)10:48
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darkfaderMeizirkki: thanks for bringing ubuntu-on-android up, might help me solve my gps issue (if i dare try, that is)11:01
aks_hello all, i am working on beagleboard, i have installed ubuntu 11.04 image which was provided by vendor, now problem is i want to compile kerenl module for that but i m not able to get kerenl files in /lib/modules11:12
aks_even i not able to find source of that kernel11:13
aks_kernel version is 2.6.3211:13
aks__hello all,11:24
aks__i am working on beagleboard11:24
aks__i have installed ubuntu 11.04 image11:24
aks__on it which done not have kernel source11:24
aks__kernel version is 2.6.3211:25
aks__i want to compile kernel module11:25
aks__but i dont find kernel source image in installed image11:25
aks__so how can i do that11:26
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* Snark wonders if emacs runs on ubuntu-touch19:44
pinportal_hello, can I install Lubuntu in a CPU WM8650?20:34
pinportal_WM8650 = 600Mhz ARM926EJ-S processor20:36
ogra_nope, ubuntu (or lubuntu in that case) only supports ARMv7 and newer ... yours is a v520:37
ogra_(see channel topic)20:37
phillwogra_: thanks, I only know to send ARM questions here :) pinportal_ I have had a dig around, and it seems that debian sid should work, this is the link http://wm8650.net/index.php?newsid=44420:54
darkfaderi think i ripped one of those out of a nas box, they had a "netbsd.bin" in their fw package20:58
darkfaderbut i never got up my spirit to hack at it20:58
pinportal_so I can install on WM8650 tablet?21:02
k1lpinportal_: no. no ubuntu21:06
pinportal_it is bad :(21:16
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