skraitohi all00:27
jeahi skraito 00:40
skraitohow are ya00:41
jeagood thanks00:41
skraitowhich part of aussie are u from jea00:41
skraitonice taken ure breakfast00:42
skraitoaww i never visit brisbane before00:42
skraitois it a nice city00:42
skraitoonly sydney and eastwood00:42
skraitoi love eastwood nsw00:42
jeaWell I like it00:42
skraitoah ic00:43
skraitois summer there right00:43
skraitoalmost winter00:43
skraitosigh i miss aussie00:43
skraitoah u setup this channel jea00:55
skraitowhich one is more popular is aussie00:55
skraitofedora or ubuntu00:55
skraitoare u the founder00:55
skraitoseems everyone not awake yet00:55
jeano, not the founder00:55
jeai am not sure which is more popular00:55
jeabut in this channel ubuntu certainly is00:55
skraitoah ic01:01
skraitono one here i just taken my breakfast01:28
skraitohave u jea ?01:29
jeaquite a while ago01:31
jeaare you from/in Australia?01:31
skraitoi am last time01:33
skraitobut i am in indonesia now01:33
skraitoi am immanuel01:33
skraitojust last year in sydney01:34
skraitowell is the channel01:43
skraitohere is only bot jea01:43
skraitocome to our channel ##0x7101:43
skraitobe part of our team01:43
skraitocan u code in any language such as perl ?01:43
skraitowhat time is the peak hour in this channel01:44
skraitoi want to talk more to australian01:44
jeathere is no real peak time01:47
jeaevenings are busier01:47
jeaI would ask that you refrain from promoting hacking groups in this channel01:48
skraitookay sory about that01:50
skraitohi alll06:12
skraitoanyonealready awaken06:12
skraitodang jea07:02
skraitois dead channel07:02
skraitou there07:02
ikt_skraito: hey13:07
=== ikt_ is now known as ikt

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