stlsaintUnit193: ok, so i tried moving my directories, IE: Documents, videos etc00:02
stlsaintinto the more simple, Documents -> docs, Videos -> vids, etc etc00:03
stlsaintUnit193: but then after getting out the terminal i saw all my dirs on my desktop, now whenever i place a dir in my /home/stlsaint they appear on the desktop00:04
stlsaintnot sure how to really "search" or troubleshoot this :\00:04
Unit193stlsaint: Did you touch ~/Desktop ?  What's in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs ?00:10
stlsaintUnit193: do your individual folders point to their respective dirs? IE: xdg_pictures_dir="Pictures"?00:12
Unit193stlsaint: /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults is default.00:13
stlsaintUnit193: yea, does your user-dirs.dirs who different folders or all in home?00:15
stlsainttest time, brb00:16
stlsaintUnit193: lol no bueno00:20
Unit193stlsaint: Mine is pretty basic.00:25
Unit193( http://pastebin.com/9Qs6MHM0 )00:25
stlsaintUnit193: yea see mine just said $HOME/" smh, but i added in some dirs and rebooted but i still get a folder on my desktop when i try and make it in the /home/stlsaint00:26
matt_symesjavanic: Try to identify if it's a kernel freeze or x locking up03:25
matt_symesTry pressing the caps lock key when it has frozen to see if the caps lock light toggles03:26
matt_symesTry rebooting using the magic key combination03:26
matt_symesTry getting to a console03:26
matt_symesTHat will help narrow down the problem03:26
matt_symesLook in the log files for clues. /var/log/syslog /varlog03:27
matt_symesYou need to narrow down where the problem is before you can start looking for a fix03:28
matt_symesDo a search on your hardware to see if there is any known issues and work arounds for it03:28
matt_symesFor a brute force approach try some of the kernel command line parameters and driver quirks03:32
ubot93A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:32
matt_symesThat may narrow it down and help you find the  best solution03:32
matt_symesSearch on launchpad with you hardware and problem. It may have been fixed03:33
Unit193(He quit.)03:33
matt_symesblast :|03:33
matt_symesI think i scared him off :)03:34
matt_symesThat is quite a wall of text i just wrote there though03:34
* matt_symes crawls back into his hole03:35
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nehaljwaniPlease help me with this error: libc6-amd64:i386 : Depends: libc6:i386 (= 2.15-0ubuntu20) but it is not going to be installed14:02
rostamHI I have a sudo access to my system, every time I use it, I need to enter the password. How could I configure sudo command do not ask for the password? thanks14:03
matt_symesare you really sure that's wise rostam ? You'll be circumventing one of the things that helps like Ubuntu more secure14:17
matt_symeswhat are you trying to install nehaljwani ?14:22
rostammatt_symes: this is a personal system no one else use it ...14:25
matt_symesi don't advise it at all unless you never connect it to the internet or any network.14:27
matt_symesyou can disable it by editing /etc/sudoers using visudo14:28
nehaljwanimatt_symes: I am trying to install lib64expat114:28
matt_symesI'll not tell you how to do it though as i think it's a very bad idea. It gives you a place to start researching though14:28
rostammatt_symes: Is there a way I can restrict using sudo for certain commands. For example if I want to use cowbuilder/pbuilder I want sudo do not ask me for password? thanks14:29
matt_symesnehaljwani: If you start a thread on the forum i'll help you out. Post a link here.14:29
nehaljwanimatt_symes: sudo apt-get install lib64expat14:29
nehaljwanigives me the error14:29
nehaljwaniI have installed ia320libs which have magically removed the folder /usr/lib6414:30
matt_symesrostam: Yes you can. You'll have to edit the sudoers file to do it for particular commands14:30
matt_symesnehaljwani: Start a thread in the forums and i'll help14:30
rostammatt_symes: oh okay then that will be safe. thanks14:30
matt_symesnehaljwani: post the link back here14:31
nehaljwanimatt_symes: OK14:31
nehaljwanimatt_symes: I have posted on the forum14:40
anasI'm trying to install my usb wifi, that shows nowhere except in lsusb. Ifconfig, iwlist, iwconfig, show nothing. lshw shows me my wired connection...I tried many resources found on internet, starting from compiling rt73 drivers, ndiswrapper, ndisgtk.....any help?14:45
matt_symesnehaljwani: Just post in the forum14:54
matt_symesrostam: Read the man page for sudoers and look at the examples of NOPASSWD14:55
matt_symesrostam: Edit the file using visudo. This will check what you have entered for mistakes. If you break you sudoers file it's a pin to fix14:55
nehaljwanimatt_symes: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213731714:55
matt_symesrostam: also read the man page for sudo14:56
rostammatt_symes: thanks so much14:56
nehaljwanimatt_symes: How to post in code format?14:57
matt_symesnehaljwani: I have post in that thread. Read my reply as i want you to post some information there14:57
matt_symesnehaljwani: Wraps the text in code tags like this [code]text[/code]14:57
nehaljwanimatt_symes: Check reply14:58
nehaljwanimatt_symes: I don't think the problem relates with sources.list15:03
matt_symesnehaljwani: Read my last post15:08
nehaljwanimatt_symes: Actually, I am testing to build the latest revisions of exiv2 on ubuntu using Solaris Compiler15:10
nehaljwanimatt_symes: One of its dependencies is libexpatt415:10
nehaljwanimatt_symes: I have tried to download the package and install it manually, using autoconf15:10
matt_symesand that did not work ?15:10
nehaljwanimatt_symes: But then while building exiv2, I get the error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5724696/15:12
nehaljwanimatt_symes: Solutions on internet suggest me to create a symlink with  /usr/lib64/libexpat.so but this file doesn't exist15:14
matt_symesthat's not good nehaljwani15:14
nehaljwanimatt_symes: Care to explain a bit more?15:14
matt_symesyour cross compiling for solaris yes ?15:15
matt_symeson a Ubuntu machine ?15:15
nehaljwanimatt_symes: Since I want to test the tool's installation on many platforms (as a developers perspective), I am doing this15:16
matt_symesI've just been told it's not even in the raring repos15:17
matt_symesI need to investigate this for you and try to see what is going in. Keep an eye on the thread15:18
nehaljwanimatt_symes: Sure, thanks a lot! :)15:18
nehaljwanimatt_symes: I had compiled that expat lib using gcc compilers. Maybe I should try with Solaris Compiler and then check15:19
nehaljwanimatt_symes: No, that didn't solve the problem15:22
eprabhakarHi, my Ubuntu server is running 12.10  with codename : quantal, I am unable to run the 'at' command as it gives  -bash at: command not found on bash shell and sh :1: at: not found on dash shell15:23
matt_symesnehaljwani: I made another post. You may want to read it15:50
matt_symeshey eprabhakar what the output of: which at15:51
matt_symeseprabhakar: /usr/bin/at15:52
matt_symeseprabhakar: echo $PATH15:52
matt_symeseprabhakar: ls /usr/bin/at15:52
matt_symesand finally (for the moment) : ls -l /usr/bin/at15:53
eprabhakarmatt_symes: thank you for the kind enquiry, which at gives nothing16:01
eprabhakarmatt_symes: /usr/bin/at gives -bash /usr/bin/at: no such file or command16:02
eprabhakarmatt_symes: echo $PATH gives /usr/share/nodejs:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games16:02
eprabhakarmatt_symes: ls /usr/bin/at: gives ls: cannot access /usr/bin/at: no such file or directory16:03
eprabhakarmatt_symes: ls -l /usr/bin/at:  gives ls: cannot access /usr/bin/at: no such file or directory16:03
matt_symesHmm. Maybe you dont have it. What does this return ?16:05
matt_symesapt-cache policy at | grep -i installed16:05
eprabhakarmatt_symes: when I run 'apt-cache policy at | grep -i installed' it gives 'Installed : (none)'16:07
matt_symesIt's not installed then16:07
matt_symessudo apt-get install at16:08
eprabhakarmatt_symes: yes, then is there any way to get it installed16:08
matt_symes^^^ my last command16:08
eprabhakarmatt_symes: great, thank you16:08
eprabhakarI will try that16:08
matt_symesthat will work. It'k16:08
matt_symesIt'll be install to /usr/bin/at (assuminng you don't change it)16:09
eprabhakarmatt_symes: Yes, I got it installed into /usr/bin/at, after running 'apt-get' and checking it with 'which at'16:10
eprabhakarthank you very much, it is of great help16:10
matt_symesi'm off for dinner. back later nehaljwani16:14
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nehaljwanimatt_symes: but its says >=2.1417:32

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