tiagoscdmhall119: pong00:14
tiagoscdhey :)00:14
mhall119tiagoscd: hey, you've got a work item on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-1303-revamping-ubuntu-community-pages00:18
mhall119still marked as TODO00:19
mhall119trying to clean up WI's for this cycle00:19
mhall119is that something you think you'll have time to do this month?00:21
mhall119if not, you can mark it as POSTPONED00:21
mhall119but I know dholbach could really use the help on those00:21
tiagoscdmhall119: fine, I think that I've no much free time, as I said on email, but I think that I can pick one or two pages to revamp00:22
mhall119tiagoscd: thanks man!00:23
tiagoscdmhall119: I'll send an email for dholbach right now checking about it, thanks for remember00:24
mhall119thanks tiagoscd, I know he'll be happy to get the help00:29
tiagoscdmhall119: great, I replied it asking two pad pages00:35
tiagoscdmhall119: let me ask you00:37
tiagoscdcould you send what was discussed at that hangout with webapps devs?00:38
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smartboyhwdpm clearly has a strange Planet Ubuntu feed.09:23
smartboyhwHis latest posts are ones about 2012:O09:23
popeysmartboyhw: can i ask why you joined https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-online-tour-team ?13:21
smartboyhwpopey, can't I join13:25
popeyI'm asking why you'd want to13:26
smartboyhwpopey, because I think I will want to help making the online tour.13:27
smartboyhwBut let me translate it first:P13:28
smartboyhwI mean the 12.04 one13:28
popeyI want to make sure you're joining the right team13:28
popeybecause that team was setup purely to have that ppa13:29
smartboyhwpopey, eh?13:29
popeywhat 12.04 one?13:30
smartboyhwpopey, http://davidplanella.org/get-the-ubuntu-online-tour-on-your-loco-site/13:31
popeyi dont think you need to be a member of that team in order to translate13:33
popeydo you?13:33
smartboyhwpopey, if I am only translating I wouldn't want to join the team would I?:P13:33
* smartboyhw really wants to do it for 13.04 and after.13:33
popeywell, this is why I am asking.13:34
popeyi dont think the tour has been updated for 13.04 and after13:34
popeyand still, you dont need to join the team to do that.13:34
smartboyhwpopey, ;O13:34
popeythe instructions on dpm's site don't indicate you have to? Or am I mistaken?13:35
smartboyhwpopey, I don't have to.13:35
popeyok, anything else I can help with?13:38
smartboyhwpopey, :)13:38
smartboyhwpopey, good BBQ BTW:P13:39
popeyheh :013:39
popeyer ☻13:39
* popey is sat next to it in the garden ☻13:39
elfypopey: make the most of it ;)13:40
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