SonikkuAmericaSo with the systray whitelist going in 13.04, I can foresee a VERY limited systray experience. What is the whole point of this?16:02
Calinousolution: use xubuntu16:02
Calinouand enjoy your troll life16:02
Calinouplease troll about the AMD drivers now16:03
SonikkuAmericaI take it you people get that question a lot... lol16:03
SonikkuAmericaAaaand... I can't troll about the AMD drivers. I have an Intel 865.16:03
SonikkuAmericaThanks for your input... :P16:04
Calinousee, you have a low end intel IGP and you troll16:05
Calinouyou need a nvidia card to troll16:05
Calinouit's a troll license16:05
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