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eliaspsHello, I want to obtain a cloak for my irc account, how do I do that?18:21
xnoxsticking around long enough to get an answer would be one thing =)21:43
xnoxand one needs to become Ubuntu Member21:43
Myrttifor Ubuntu cloaks, yes.21:46
k1lwell, asking in here does assume he wants a ubuntu cloak, yes21:47
* xnox is naive enough to think people read irclogs.u.c22:04
odayhello. any op can help me?22:07
k1loday: whats the issue?22:07
odayi pm u. wanted to say i'm sry for my attitude before.22:08
odayIt won't happen again.22:08
odayI wasn't in a mood, it's not an excuse but a fact. So once again, i am sorry and can u pls unban me on #ubuntu ?22:10
k1loday: ok, since you apologized i will give you a second chance. but be aware to stick to the guidelines22:12
odaythank you.22:12
odayk1l, tell me when i can join.22:14
odayI need help obv :D22:14
k1lijust commented the bantracker and will take the ban out22:14
odayty k1l :D22:15

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