pleia2summary writer email sent out03:33
pleia2I'll probably be able to do most of the prep this weekend03:33
pleia2JoseeAntonioR: I'm going to give you a shell account on my community server so you can run the scripts without the whitespace problem, please send me your preferred username and public ssh key when you have a chance :)03:34
Unit193Ooooh!  Free shell account!03:35
smartboyhwpleia2, if you have any spare time do me a flavour and review my wordings for the UWN draft:P15:32
pleia2smartboyhw: a lot of these are really short again15:41
smartboyhwpleia2, grrr.15:41
pleia2like in the "10 Best Ubuntu 13.04 Features" you want to say what some of them are15:41
* smartboyhw leaves them for the other people.15:41
smartboyhwNo time to fix, sleep!15:41
pleia2people won't touch them since they will think they are done already15:41
pleia2I'll need to fix them all :(15:41
pleia2I've tried to explain this to you before, the summaries need to do more than just repeat what the article title is in different words15:42
smartboyhwpleia2, extremely sorry:(15:43
pleia2I highly encourage you to take more time on each one and leave some of the work for others instead of doing everything quickly like this15:43
* smartboyhw posts a reminder to self at the computer.15:43
pleia2doing them all quickly just makes more work for me15:43
smartboyhwpleia2, OK15:43
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Pendulumsmartboyhw: when I do summaries, I generally figure they should be about a paragraph (so about 4 sentences). And they really do require reading the entire article. I'd had summaries longer than that for longer articles (it's hard to get 8 pages into 4 sentences), but you can't really get a good summary in less than a paragraph18:05
Pendulum*I have done summaries longer18:05
skellatNew summary for Burning Circle 110: "The  newly appointed Leader for Ubuntu Ohio, Stephen Michael Kellat, talks  about the on-going Membership Awareness Poll as an effort to gauge what  members are actually out there. ┬áMention is given as to preparing for a  possible UbuCon at Ohio Linux Fest 2013. ┬áThe leader declared at the end  that he intends to set up IRC office hours but has come to no decision  yet in that regard."18:14
PendulumDid we start summarizing podcasts? We used to just post the notes provided by the podcasters18:40
pleia2thanks Pendulum and skellat :)20:50
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JoseeAntonioRpleia2: ping23:27
pleia2JoseeAntonioR: pong23:28
JoseeAntonioRpleia2: mind a PM to send the info?23:28
pleia2go for it23:30

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