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ScottKThe xserver-xorg-video-intel in proposed is verified to fix the problem is was uploaded for, so I'm going to unblock it.03:31
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tjaaltonScottK: thanks!05:56
ScottKYou're welcome.05:57
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stgraberutlemming: hi08:39
stgraberutlemming: Can you give me a list of "products" to add to the tracker?08:39
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Kalidarnhey guys, found a regression with the latest kernel 3.8.0-19 the e1000e network driver doesn't work anymore15:53
Kalidarnbooting an older kernel 3.8.0-16 seems to make it work again15:54
shadeslayerthere used to be a factoid for regression15:54
* shadeslayer doesn't remember it off the top of his head15:54
ubot2Factoid 'regression' not found15:54
shadeslayerhmmm ... nope15:54
Kalidarnweird thing is nothing in error logs15:55
Kalidarnbut basically when you run 3.8.0-19 network manager will say it is "unplugged"15:56
Kalidarntried removing the module and replacing it and bringing the interface up, then down and running dhclient on it, none of that works15:56
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ogra_cjwatson, do you have any access to the cron logs on nusakan ? somehow my sync script doesnt send mail anymore and i cant really see why (not urgent to happen this weekend or so, but i dotn really want to fill crons logs in the long term)17:37
Kalidarnshadeslayer: it seems to be working now :S and i think it booted into 3.8.0-19 which is really odd18:18
Kalidarni did see an intermittent bug marked as not a bug18:19
Kalidarnon the redhat bugtracker18:19
Kalidarnill keep an eye on it though!18:50
cjwatsonogra_: No more than you do21:48
ogra_cjwatson, ah, well, thanks ... i just found that suddenly the gmail spamfilter i route my mails through considered all nusakan mail as spam ...21:58
ogra_so it wasnt nusakan at all21:58
ogra_(not that i wasted half a day on it :P )22:03
phillwogra_:  yeah, the spam filter can be a pain at times :)22:05
ogra_well, i would just have switched it off if i had even tought about that possibility ...22:06
phillwI do view my spam area from time to time, just to ensure it is not getting toooooo keen on things. robot emails are high on its' kill list :)22:07
ogra_i never use the gmail UI ... its my emergency fallback if i have no access to a normal machine while traveling etc ...22:08
phillwI have an 'educational' gmail account system. Having my cell/mobile phone send me the PIN number to it whilst I was in India on a training course was pretty cool! (I'd taken my list of the 10 time sign on once codes with me).22:10

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