HSakaRoyK, yeah deluge.00:19
HSakafor torrent00:19
xvicariousHello, I was wondering I could get some help with some problems I'm having getting software set up on Ubuntu Server 12.0400:19
xvicariousI used tasksel to attempt to install lamp-server but configuration of mysql-server failed.  This is a brand new install fresh of 12.04.  I tried it on my old install and i also ran into the same problem00:20
xvicariousI've searched far and wide of the internet for solutions to this problem, all people have the same (or similar problem) but solutions that have worked for them don't seem to work for me.00:20
xvicariousThe MySQL admin password doesn't want to set, and the mysql service fails to start00:21
sarnoldxvicarious: ah, sorry, I kept expecting a more specific error or something :)00:34
xvicariousOh I wish you said.  Well...00:35
sarnoldjust got distracted elsewhere while waiting, hehe :)00:35
xvicariousInvestigating trying to find someting specific now.00:36
xvicariousIs there a pastebin sort of rule here?  Or can I post this? its like 4 lines.00:36
sarnoldabout three feels like a reasonable tradeoff point.. six, please pastebin :)00:37
xvicariousThis is when I try to finish configuring with apt-get (after using tasksel to install lamp): http://pastebin.com/NCef9gRe00:38
sarnoldxvicarious: check /var/log/syslog or /var/log/mysql.log or /var/log/mysql/error.log for more information..00:39
xvicariousVery well.00:39
xvicarious/var/log/syslog : http://pastebin.com/1xbkudy500:41
sarnoldaha :)00:42
xvicariousAnd finally /var/log/mysql/error.log : http://pastebin.com/VaevjRSh00:43
sarnoldxvicarious: intersting, the second paste seems to show that the innodb storage engine couldn't allocate memory; if the debug logs are correct, it couldn't get 128 megs?00:46
xvicariousNo... I have a chunk with 128mb total memory.00:47
sarnoldxvicarious: you may need to fiddle with your mysql configuration to request less memory00:48
xvicariousWhat configuration file would that be, and what would you suggest?  I have um... 4mb left apparently... So I assume it is a no-go?00:49
sarnoldxvicarious: hrm, /etc/mysql/my.conf looks like one starting point, though it appears to include others, so you miht have to poke around in there a little bit to find enough memory tweakable settings to turn down00:51
xvicariousThis seems troublesome00:52
sarnoldyeah. the default config obviously assumes a lot more than 128 megs of memory :)00:53
xvicariousIts frustrating because my friend used to host me, but the person who ran the vps thing just up and disappeared00:54
sarnoldI've got some mysql tests running in a VM at the moment, it looks like 256 would go a long way towards making it usable00:56
xvicariousSadly I don't quite have the money at the moment for upgrading... I guess it isn't bad since this is a free account I have this on. Thanks for the help though.00:58
sarnoldxvicarious: the amazon aws t1.micro provides 600-ish megs of memory: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/concepts_micro_instances.html01:03
sarnoldxvicarious: t1.micro is intended for mostly-idle machines, so it might not be a great fit for you, but it can be free, or very cheap: http://aws.amazon.com/free/faqs/01:04
sarnoldahh, free for just a year. but still, not bad.. :)01:05
patdk-lapheh, I often see t1.micro pause for 30seconds at a time01:05
sarnoldpatdk-lap: ouch01:05
patdk-lapya, nothing like watching vmstat01:06
xvicariousMeh, I'm at school right now.  But I'm transfering out of here to somehwere closer to home and I have a job back there.01:06
patdk-lapseeing steal at 100% for 30seconds when it start responding again01:06
sarnoldI really only used my t1.micro as a shell for an hour here and an hour there.. nothing extensive. I've heard the CPU penalties are steep, but ... 30 seconds? ouch.01:06
xvicariousSo when I get back to my job I'll upgrade my chunk.01:06
sarnoldof course I had a few larger instances run for a few hours and the bill came to -- wait for it -- $0.43. I didn't bother expensing it. :) hehe01:07
xvicarioussarnold your username is quite a reminder of a teacher I had in my senior year of high school lol.01:07
patdk-lapsarnold, heh, I have run some huge ones, cost me like $1001:07
patdk-lapcan't remember exactly what I was testing on them01:08
sarnoldis he the bugger that took the 'sarnold' launchpad username? :)01:08
sarnoldpatdk-lap: .. course a buddy left some huge hadoop machines running for a month, it was in the thousands...01:08
xvicariousGosh I don't know. He really didn't seem like the computer type.01:08
patdk-lapya, my friend loved to load up static websites on t1.micro01:09
patdk-lapthen he kept wondering why it would never load, and asked me to look into it :)01:09
patdk-lapt1.micro being cheaper than s3 webhosting :)01:10
ia0001why the heck is flash not working01:10
ia0001im going to go insane01:10
patdk-lapwhy would flash ever work?01:10
ia0001because its the same freking thing01:10
patdk-lapthey stopped making flash a long time ago01:10
ia0001yeah it stoppe being supported or something?01:10
ia0001So your saying there no flash for server 12.04 LTS01:11
patdk-lapI dunno it was ever supported01:11
xvicariousIf it weren't for um... A certain media... I wouldn't have flash installed. lol01:11
patdk-lapbut adobe stopped making flash for everything, except windows, over a year ago01:11
ia0001I had ubuntu-server installed on my old computer I thought it was the same thing and I thought it worked01:12
patdk-lapia0001, a lot of the times I have flash and nvidia issues01:12
sarnoldia0001: what bug number?01:12
* patdk-lap can't think of anything that uses flash01:12
sarnoldpatdk-lap: at least they still provide security fixes... thank goodness01:12
sarnoldpatdk-lap: youtubs01:13
ia0001I mean theres no bug01:13
ia0001I mean it just doenst work01:13
sarnoldia0001: ah. you should file one :)01:13
ia0001I have tried manually installing flash01:13
patdk-lapsarnold, I always use mp4 on youtube, no flash needed01:13
xvicariouspatdk-lap certain media websites... That have media.01:13
sarnoldpatdk-lap: oooh? :)01:13
ia0001how do you convert youtube to mp4?01:13
patdk-lapxvicarious, screw them :)01:13
patdk-lapbut then, I won't do media01:13
patdk-lapia0001, you select mp401:13
xvicariousHehe screw.01:14
ScottKjamespage: FYI: http://rb.doesntexist.org/blog//posts/lack_of_cooperation_from_ubuntu/03:38
ScottKrbasak: ^^^ you too.03:38
Humatieldo you need to be registered to remain in this channel?03:46
jetoleHey guys. I was just reading about a site and the architecture they designed. They mentioned they do 15GB of logs per hour. How does someone set up logging servers to handle that?04:58
jetoleI mean how do you actually aechitect logging servers for that capacity?04:59
jamespageScottK, on my list - that will be fed back to debian - in direct contact with maintainer05:10
ScottKjamespage: OK.  You might comment on the blog post then.  I wanted to make sure you were aware.  That was on Planet Debian.05:11
qman__jetole, by deciding how far back you need logs and installing a log server with the appropriate terabytes of disk space05:13
qman__those numbers are probably also uncrompressed, log data is generally very compressible05:14
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jetoleqman__: so what if I need log server HA. They mention using syslog-ng but just in general, what would you recommend for logging HA? Should I stick it behind a load balancer with a gfs2 / drbd or is there a better means05:28
jetoleI don't like drbd for a lot of things because I hate the limit on the number of nodes it can handle05:28
jamespageScottK, actually that post really annoys me - I've been discussing stuff with the MongoDB maintainer in Debian esp around the linking with openssl licensing issues which I think I now have a resolution on with upstream which both distros can benefit from05:29
ScottKI thought it might.05:29
jamespagejetole, syslog-ng has a mongodb module that you might find useful as a backend for log storage07:07
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jetolejamespage: thanks07:48
jamespagejetole, might do what you want - clients can send logs direct to mongodb which can be  spanned across multiple servers.07:48
jetolejamespage: ah that's cool. I hadn't looked yet but I was assuming you meant between multiple logging servers07:49
jetolesomething else. I run cacti on a network but I am looking for a system where I can create graphs from multiple sources. Specifically we multiple haproxy load balancers and I want to collect the log data into one graph for request counting and graphing i.e. parsing the logs on lb1 and lb2 to create a single graph showing web traffic throughput07:50
jetoledoes anything come to mind on how I should / could do this?07:51
jamespagejetole, you could probably do something like that with ganglia07:53
jamespagehmm - well it would show you the network traffic at least07:54
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jetoleI started to read about a few different graphing solutions the other night but didn't get too in depth07:56
jetolemaybe I'll write something since haproxy can and in my case logs to syslog which can be centralized07:56
jetoleIs there any common way to run a syslog server that a client can connect to so that it can view output? I'm trying to think of a multi node connect model and contemplating via ssh but seems like a bit too much08:31
gustavHi. Trying to install postgresql on 12.04. It's not starting up and it doesn't have /etc/postgresql. I installed postgresql and postgresql-contrib.09:23
gustavWhat am I doing wrong?09:23
gustavHow do I start postgresql?09:33
gustavOk, nevermind.09:34
mindcodehi, i wrote an smtp server in c, the server just has to revice any email sent on my domain, but there is a problem: it works fine some provider like arcor, and google. they connect to my smtp server (port 25), sending "HELO" and all the rest.. i got that email... but other servers like gmx just conencts to my server and then nothing happens... no "EHLO" or "HELO"... just nothing ... after sevral minutes i got the QUIT command from12:27
mindcodethe provider or i got spammed with \n charakters.. what is the problem?12:27
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xnoxjamespage: rbasak: just posted this on debian planet http://blog.surgut.co.uk/2013/04/ftbfs-fixes-and-other-patches-available.html pointing out that _all_ debian package maintainers should check and apply ubuntu patches from debian PTS.17:46
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Googol30While attempting to view the contents of /etc/acpid/event using "sudo vim /etc/acpid/event", it says nothing but "Permission Denied".  Google only suggests workarounds for pipes, so I came here.19:37
Googol30I've changed the file permissions, owner, and group in an attempt to view the file, but it still says "Permission Denied"19:38
Googol30Additionally, in my Googling, I've come across suggestions to use "sudoedit" and "sudo -e", but both commands return "resource busy" errors.19:39
Googol30Any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions?19:47
Googol30Is anyone even at their computer?19:56
Googol30Hello? Is anyone here?20:03
Googol30Can I even get a response from ubottu?20:05
Googol30If noone is going to help me here, can someone redirect me to somewhere I _can_ get help?20:06
guntbertGoogol30: I don't have that directory on my machines. please show us the output of sudo ls -l /etc/acpid/event20:45
jdrabGoogol30: btw what ubuntu release are you running?20:48
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Googol30jdrab: I'm running Ubuntu Server
Googol30guntbert: And I meant "/proc/acpi/event"20:57
yeatsGoogol30: what's your end goal?  why are you trying to view that file?21:00
yeatsGoogol30: this thread may help: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=1390021:01
guntbertGoogol30: files under /proc are no normal files. You can (sometimes) read them via   cat   or   less, but you certainly cannot edit the via vim. They are just a way to communicate with the kernel21:10
patdk-lapguntbert, sometimes you can edit them with vim21:49
ArrickHow does one access the logs of this channel? I am looking for an answer that was given to me yesterday, so I dont have to repeat my questions...22:38
shaunoArrick: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/19/%23ubuntu-server.html22:41
ArrickI am trying to setup a webserver which has a functional outbound email... I have performed "sudo apt-get install mailutils" and also "sudo apt-get install postfix" and have those installed, but I cant for the life of me figure out why the server cant send out an email using "echo "test" | mail email@address.com(started my server build from scratch this afternoon, due to other people messing it up)22:41
ScottKArrick: The Ubuntu server guide has good instructions on setting up a mail server.  I'd recommend following that.  There's a link in the channel topic.22:43
ArrickYeah, I'm following the guide, however the system is not mailing out like it did yesterday (or at all, and I think its because of the firewall)22:50
Questis this a full poe 48 port switch or half poe (24 port). how do i know http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-SG200-50P-Ethernet-Mini-GBIC-Warranty/dp/B004GHMU6A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366497510&sr=8-1&keywords=cisco+sg200+48+poe   ?22:54
ArrickOk, I need the following all installed on a server; Apache 2, PHP 5.3.2 minimum, PHP modules: iconv, ctype, zip, simplexml, spl, pcre, dom, xml, json, mbstring, openssl, tokenizer, xmlrpc, soap, gd, intl, and Mysql 5.025 or higher.... What would be the easiest way to install all of these at once? (I am not normally a *nix guy, so I need some refreshing)22:54
Arrickquest, here is the tigerdirect same thing, http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=7152554 and it says it is 2422:57
Questwhile purchase. what keywords to look while reading the box pack?23:00
Quest$800 ts so costly? normal switchs cost about how much for 50 ports non-poe?23:01
ArrickQuest, If you are looking at Cisco gear, your best answers will probably come from ##cisco, and you might be able to get some used gear and save some money.23:03
QuestArrick,  how much cost would be of  a dell swtich of similer specs?23:03
genii-aroundCisco has a refurb program as well23:03
Questgenii-around,  ^?23:04
ArrickI dont know Quest I tend to stick with the 2960S POE switches across the board.23:05
genii-aroundQuest: http://www.cisco.com/web/ordering/ciscocapital/refurbished/index.html23:05
genii-aroundMuch cheaper than new23:05
Questcan you give a rough idea on how much will a dell or other switch would be how much cheaper?23:06
Arrickabout half...  but... you definately get what you pay for.23:07
genii-aroundWhatever Cisco device you buy, if buy similar from somewhere else, it's typically half to two-thirds the price23:07
Arrickhey, is php 5.3.10 higher than 5.3.2 ?23:08
Questif a cisco peo switch of 48 port is 800 dollars than a normal cisco non-poe switch should by roughly 100 dollars?23:08
ArrickIm guessing yes, but I dont want to speak out of turns.23:08
QuestArrick,  yes23:09
Arricknope.... 400_23:09
genii-aroundQuest: No, not 100... more like 400-60023:09
Questgenii-around,  hm23:09
Arrickactually poe - non-poe doesnt change the price but by about 100 lower for non-poe23:09
Questgenii-around,  what would a 12 port poe cisco swithc cost then?23:10
Arrickdepending on the model and sla you need23:10
Questgenii-around,  if 12 port poe is cheaper. I would buy 4 such switchs and combine them23:10
QuestArrick,  you meant 400 - 500 . right?23:11
Arrickwhy? you have 4 points of failure at that point.23:11
Questwe want 40 peoS23:11
Questfor 40 cisco phones for voip23:11
Arrickthen just get a 48 port 2960s and be done with it23:11
Arrickthen you have 8 ports for scalability23:12
Quest8 port scalability?23:12
genii-aroundYou can find second-hand Catalyst on ebay/amazon for dirt cheap23:12
Arricksomething like that23:12
Arricklook for a used one23:13
Arrickdont forget to buy the module you need for the uplink though.23:13
ArrickI only buy new cisco, and FROM cisco or CDW-G (Government) so that my SLA is in order from the beginning.23:14
Quest $1,449.95 hm.23:14
genii-aroundYou can also buy poe injectors separate, etc23:14
Arrickthats not bad, other ones cost upwards of 450023:14
Questsecond hand would be of  half the price23:14
Arrickand injectors are about 75-90 each (I just had to buy 2 for a site)23:14
QuestArrick,  genii-around  i hope that model is full poe. and not half poe23:14
Arrickthe on I just posted in full poe23:15
genii-aroundOops! I forgot faceoff is just happened....!23:16
* genii-around runs away to watch hockey23:16
Arrickof course, you also have to think of your phones.. .some of the newer ones out ther do gigabit as well, so you want the more expensive ones.23:16
Questrecently our netadmin ran. we discovered that the phones connected on a del poe switch works on the cisco switch too but the phones (cisco) connected to a cisco switch do not even power ONNs if attached to the dell switch. i dont have specs atm though.23:17
shaunoat the other end, some are only 7W so can get away with cisco's funky 'half' poe (where they can do, eg, 48x7W or 24x14W, but not the whole 14W on all 48)23:17
QuestArrick,  i wonder why could that be. i mean where to start investigation23:18
Arrickcheck to see if POE is turned on on the cisco switch (Its either all or nothing)... Also, are there other dell switches in the network somewhere?23:19
Questsome phones run ok on that cisco switch. so poe is onn23:20
Arricksome of the older switches (iirc) had a add-on power supply for poe as well.23:20
Arrickyou could have burned ports.23:20
QuestArrick,  only one 48 half poe dell switch , one non-poe cisco, one half poe cisco23:21
QuestArrick,  some phones are already working on those ports.23:21
ArrickI have found that a dell/cisco mix or a hp/cisco mix doesnt play well.23:21
QuestArrick,  i think theres some problem with compatibilty23:21
Questsome one added.23:22
Quest<eirirs> Quest: there are two poe standards23:22
Quest<eirirs> Quest: cisco inline power (pre-standard) , and 802.1af23:22
shaunoright.  newer switches will do both, older might only do pre-standard.  and just to mess it up, there's phones that'll do both, or only one.  so if you get a phone that only does standard, and a switch that only does pre-standard, it's messy23:23
Arrickit sucks to high heaven.23:24
QuestArrick,  shauno  so he must have altered/configured the phones or the swithcs     or both?23:25
Arrickmy department has all 7940s, 7960's and 7912s, but the rest of the network has all the new gigabit video phones with the thin client addon..23:25
Arrickshauno, there is nothing like walking into a closet full of non-poe switches and seeing an umbrella of poe bricks hanging from hooks on the ceiling of the switch room.23:25
shaunothat bit I couldn't tell you.  I come from the other side, where we have other poe equipment on the switches.  which is where you hit cisco's 'half-poe' stuff because they use cisco's protocol to negotiate23:26
Quest wait. i can use none-poe swithc and use power adapters for phones?23:26
shaunoso you can stick 48 7W phones on a half-poe switch, but not 48 of our own devices23:26
Quest that will be cheaper for us as poe and non-poe swtichs are half in price23:26
Arrickto the tune of 75-90 per phone23:26
shauno40*75 is 3000, that can eat the difference quickly23:27
Arrickeven if you have 15 phones you need to inject, its more than a single 48 port poe switch thats full poe23:28
Arrickhowever... I need to get back on task,....23:29
ArrickOk, I have installed Mysql, Apache2, and PHP5... I need to add some modules into php, how do I do that?23:29
QuestArrick,  shauno  thanks!23:29
Questreat help23:29
Arrickspecifically, these modules, iconv ctype zip simplexml spl pcre dom, xml, json, mbstring, openssl, tokenizer, xmlrpc, soap, gd, intl23:29
Questare power injectors cheaper than if i buy a 48 poe switch?23:38
Quest and whats a "magic jack?23:39

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