wilee-nileeno problem00:01
tsukasa_hey guys00:09
tsukasa_quick question00:09
tsukasa_is any dev working on the htc one s at this moment00:09
tsukasa_i am asking this because i might be able to help in the development00:14
FUFso, following instructions here: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds/42413/downloads00:55
FUFon grouper, once the flash is completed and the device reboots, after the initial Google boot logo, the device powers off.00:56
FUFi.e. phablet-flash completes, devices reboots into recovery and flashes, then reboots again and the device powers off after initial Google logo.00:57
FUFany thoughts, anyone?00:57
Steve____Hi team02:11
solstaghi there03:01
solstagim trying to install via manual procedure in a galaxy nexus03:02
solstaganyone had success with that?03:02
solstagim trying to understand what the "adb push" commands do, since they dont seem to do nothing but transfer a file... : P03:02
solstagalso, my galaxy nexus isnt recognized by adb in recovery mode03:02
solstagshould I just apply those adb push commands under a normal boot?03:03
wilee-nileesolstag, Are you using the install wiki?03:03
solstagany ideas would be appreciated03:03
solstagyes, im using the install wiki03:03
solstagwilee-nilee: ˆ03:04
wilee-nileesolstag, You added the phablet ppa and apps?03:04
solstagthats the problem, i dont have an ubuntu machine handy right now03:04
solstagso im trying the manual install procedure03:04
solstagat the end of the install wiki page03:05
wilee-nileesolstag, Ah, there is a manual install from that wiki from ubuntu, thought you meant that, that is about the limit of my help.03:05
solstagwilee-nilee: ah, ok, thank you very much anyway +)03:06
solstaghopefully someone else who has some understanding reads this...03:06
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harriswill it come to galaxy tab 2 10.103:47
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user82hello all. can i just install ubuntu touch with clockworkmod recovery via "factory reset/wipe all" and "install zip from sdcard"?07:39
kirixhas anyone else had trouble with " phablet-flash –alternate-settings raring_settings.py07:49
rigvedhi everyone07:58
rigvedusing the new raring images, is it possible apt-get dist-upgrade ?07:58
wilee-nileerigved, A dist-upgrade is not a release upgrade08:00
kirixdo I need to specify my device with "phablet-flash -alternative-settings raring_settings.py"?08:10
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kirixguess I need to try to manually install raring08:12
rigvedwilee-nilee: what i mean is is that do i need to flash the daily image to get a new version or is it possible to get updates via apt-get?08:13
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Double_Wcan samsung galaxy gt-i8150 use ubuntu touch?08:16
wilee-nileerigved, You can get apt-get updates yeah, but the images may have changes not included in a update at times I suspect.08:18
kirixhad to put android back on my phone. im too dumb to upgrade developers preview to raring08:24
ogra_just use the manual method from the install wikipage then ... its not hard, its only 4 commands08:26
user82sorry for asking again. can i just install ubuntu touch with clockworkmod recovery via "factory reset/wipe all" and "install zip from sdcard"?08:46
kirixuser82: right now im pushing the raring files to the SD card in recovery and going to try installing zip from sd card in Clockwork Recovery08:48
kirixthat worked09:04
user82kirix thank you for the information09:10
user82kirix what did you need to do? full wipe/factory reset?09:10
kirixi "adb push" raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip and raring-preinstalled-armel+maguro.zip and installed those two in order09:18
kirixi think i got raring on there, i cant find the version indicator inside ubuntu touch09:18
user82okay thanks. i wanted to do that without adb09:20
kirixyeah i barely understand it09:20
kirixit's still in test phase not for dumb people who ask too many questions09:21
MeizirkkiI was wondering, what exactly is so different between android and ubuntu kernels?10:15
NamidairoMeizirkki: currently? the defconfig.10:19
MeizirkkiI was thinking the standard ubuntu kernel and the standard android kernel. As in, are there some things that make them incompatible besides the drivers for individual hardware?10:22
MeizirkkiOr am I totally lost here?10:29
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MeizirkkiWhat I'm wondering here is why can't the normal ubuntu arm release work if an android kernel is just dropped in10:31
MeizirkkiThis is maybe the wrong channel to ask as it has nothing to do with ubuntu touch10:31
ogra_yeah, #ubuntu-arm might be better10:35
urbanslugHey guys is there a way I can run ubuntu touch inside Linux Mint11:09
smartboyhwurbanslug, do it yourself...11:10
smartboyhwYou can ask the Linux Mint devs11:11
gammiehow do i install ubuntu on samsung galaxy s1?11:14
urbanslugLinux Mint devs? Okay I've been programming for just six months and I feel confident enough to try my own ideas on it.11:15
smartboyhwgammie, please look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/galaxysmtd11:19
poutineThere doesn't appear to be a toro in here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130420/ any reason why?11:30
smartboyhwpoutine, toro?11:31
poutineverizon galaxy nexus11:31
smartboyhwWhich device are you specifically talking about?11:31
poutinethey're all labeled by their sushi name, figured that was common nomenclature11:31
smartboyhwpoutine, erm Galaxy Nexus I think means the normal one.11:32
poutineThis is a normal one, this is built off cyanogenmod, why couldn't the cyanogenmod for the toro be used?11:32
smartboyhwpoutine, if you seriously want one you have to port it yourself11:33
smartboyhwoh wait11:33
poutineOk I will look into it11:33
smartboyhwpoutine, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=3829487011:33
smartboyhwI think that's the toro thread for porting11:33
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Orangermhall119: Hey ! Thank you for your branch ! :) There is still an error because qt5-qmake and qt-chooser are virtual packages, i'm trying to fix it12:12
mybrohello everyone12:23
mybrogetting strange errors when I attempt to flash the latest Dev Preview12:24
mybroNexus 4 - Did a clean install of 4.2.2., enabled USB debugging, device shows up in adb12:24
mybroany ideas?12:25
mybrothe actual error is in the pastebin I just typed in....12:25
ogra_did you follow the exact steps on the wiki ?12:25
mybroThis time I used the ones on the ISO testing site12:26
mybrothough I doublechecked the preparatory steps on the wiki12:26
mybrodidn't run into this problem back in Feb when I flashed the original build12:27
ogra_well, you are obviously missing one :)12:27
ogra_go through them again12:27
mybrook, checking again...12:27
sergiusensmybro: ogra_ if you are flashing from an android OS you need to add -b12:29
sergiusensto the flash12:29
sergiusensthe instructions on isotracker are for people already using ubuntu touch12:29
mybrosergiusens: Thanks.  I didn't realize that12:29
mybromy internet connection is horribly slow, so it takes about 4 hours each try if the images aren't cached.  Will give the phablet-flash -b a try12:30
sergiusensogra_: you around?13:13
sergiusensogra_: nevermind...13:14
ogra_sergiusens, i am13:22
sergiusensI'll be triggering a build soon, that's all :-)13:24
ogra_well, the i can see if the mailing works again ... good13:27
ogra_somehos this mornings build didnt send a log13:27
UserError1Does the beta have terminal or file manager?13:45
OrangerUserError1: There is no beta version13:45
OrangerUserError1: But the terminal and the file manager are being developed13:46
OrangerUserError1: You can install it if you want, bug reports are welcome :)13:47
UserError1Do you guys have it set up so I can just chroot in or emulate on vbox / qmu and push to shared folder?13:48
UserError1Slashdot headlines, why did I believe them. They are throwing around the B word13:49
OrangerUserError1: You want to use Ubuntu-touch in a VM ? Or you are already using it there ?13:50
UserError1i have a galaxy nexus, i don't know how i would otherwise get the files to that image other than chroot or something of that sort.13:51
UserError1Touch supports adb?13:51
OrangerUserError1: I'm sorry I can't answer you now I have to go, hope someone else will help you here ! :) Some poeple did it before you so I'm sure this is possible13:53
sybrekhi, does somebodyknow which features are working on htc sensation (pyramid) ? i can't find any information about that15:40
BascalinHello, one little Question: It is possible to use/install Ubuntu Touch on an x86 Tabler (like Wetab or ExoPC) ?16:04
BascalinAnybody here who knows of capability running ubuntu touch on x86 tablets ?16:16
AndiTheBestHi, is there anywhere a changelog of the new ubuntu touch raring beta?16:24
OrangerAndiTheBest: A changelog which include all changelogs of all apps updated in ubuntu-touch ?16:33
speedlyhi all16:45
shadeslayerogra_: btw the framebuffer is on /dev/graphics/fb016:46
speedlyI looking for install ubuntu to my tablet A10 cortex8 1gb ddr3 mali400 and resolution 800X480 anyone can help me16:46
shadeslayerogra_: and there's a sysfs interface as well /sys/class/graphics/fb016:47
Orangerspeedly: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:48
speedlythanks oranger which device compatible whit me A10 cortex8 1gb ddr3 mali400 and resolution 800X48017:04
Orangerspeedly: I think that nobody tried with your device actually, you can try yourself to find which device will work for you ;)17:07
JHOSMANHello there!17:07
AndiTheBestOranger: I want to know how usable ubuntu touch now is.17:07
JHOSMANplease helpme, im run Ubuntu Next :~/unity/unity-next$ ./run ./run: 43: ./run: ./builddir/qml-phone-shell: not found17:08
OrangerAndiTheBest: He is still in developpement, you can use it but keep in mind that few bugs will appears and a lot of core-apps are not finished :)17:09
OrangerJHOSMAN: what is that ?17:09
speedlyorenger thanks :)17:10
JHOSMANOranger:  http://www.ma-no.org/en/content/index_how-to-run-unity-next-on-ubuntu-12-10_1364.php17:12
JHOSMANOranger:  Step Four: Running Unity Next17:12
JHOSMANIn cd ~/unity/unity-next    ./run17:13
Orangeryou don't c/p "cd ~/unity/unity-next    ./run" I hope17:14
AndiTheBestOranger: there is no OS without bugs ;) i'm searching for a replacement for my old n900, android didnt make me happy. as today everythig is webbased, i'm thinking about using ubuntu touch as main phone OS now.17:15
JHOSMAN:~/unity/unity-next$ ./run17:15
JHOSMANand the console print "./run: 43: ./run: ./builddir/qml-phone-shell: not found"17:16
OrangerAndiTheBest: The beta version of ubuntu-touch is not really planned to be use as a main phone because it is not yet stable. But if you want you can, nothing stopping you :) Every bug report is needed :)17:18
OrangerJHOSMAN: What do you have in ~/unity/unity-next17:19
JHOSMANOranger: See http://i.imgur.com/yx7LN9P.jpg17:25
AndiTheBestok, i will give a try :) thx17:29
isemenovhello guys17:30
isemenovI'd like to know if ubuntu phone runs compiled code or uses a Java VM similar to Android17:31
isemenovor is it possible to install a version of it that runs compiled code17:31
isemenovthnka you17:32
bef0rd_there is no java vm17:32
isemenovwel, I've seen "ubuntu on android" and got worried17:32
isemenovso does installing ubuntu phone mean that I get a real linux kernel, which is not locked down in any fashion, and a full collection of GNU utilities as in gnu/linux?17:33
isemenovalso a deb package manager and root access by default?17:34
isemenovbef0rd_: ^17:34
isemenovthank you!17:34
bef0rd_isemenov: I think so, but I do not know all the things "under" it17:35
bef0rd_I know that video drivers will be android compatible to make it easier17:36
bef0rd_and most of the other stuff is probably yes, I don't see them changing the package manager17:36
isemenovok, great17:37
isemenovwant to get rid of android in my tegra-based pda17:37
isemenovyeah, it has no root access and uses java, what for17:43
isemenovjava go home17:43
isemenovthose who can't code c++ flee away to java17:43
mhall119Oranger: I'm not sure what the problem is now, I'll have to ask the experts on Monday17:44
Orangermhall119: I know the problem17:44
mhall119what is it?17:44
isemenovshadeslayer: didnt expect to meet you here ;)17:44
Orangermhall119: I watched at the quantal build, but qt5 is only avalaible on raring17:44
shadeslayerheh :P17:44
mhall119Oranger: oh, right, it's in the ubuntu-sdk-team PPA on quantal....17:44
* shadeslayer high 5's isemenov17:44
shadeslayerisemenov: trying to get KDE to run on the Nexus 10 :P17:45
Orangermhall119: So we can't build ubuntu-docviewer-app for quantal :)17:45
isemenovyeah go go17:45
shadeslayerI finally have the device showing up on the usb interface during the boot17:45
Orangermhall119: I'm fixing the last build errors for raring, it will be ok for today... i hope17:46
mhall119Oranger: the PPA should be getting them from the SDK team's PPA....17:46
mhall119fginther or popey might be able to help figure this out17:46
Orangermhall119: Oh... ok, so I let them do it ^^17:46
JHOSMANOranger: Yes, I understand you do not find the directory, but I followed the steps17:47
OrangerJHOSMAN: Sorry, i'm with you in few minutes17:48
JHOSMANOranger:  One question, bazar files only work in Ubunu 12.1018:13
OrangerJHOSMAN: Depend of the app18:14
JHOSMANI get the same error, I have Ubuntu 13.04 Raring18:17
shadeslayerogra_: around?18:37
JHOSMANI tried several times but it still has the same problem.18:48
OrangerJHOSMAN: Bazaar file of what ?19:06
JHOSMANOranger: in the comand19:07
JHOSMAN$ ./run19:07
JHOSMAN:) It's Run!19:07
OrangerJHOSMAN: Good ! :)19:07
JHOSMANThe documentation of OmgUbuntu it's out!19:08
JHOSMANand add the LP and Bazzar repositories19:08
JHOSMANhow to close applications, what is? in UnityNext19:11
OrangerJHOSMAN: Yes, you always have to follow official tutorials, not in blogs20:16
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JHOSMANOranger:  Although the official tutorial is not very specific, for people who are not accustomed to using Bazar20:56
OrangerJHOSMAN: Then edit it :)21:00
JHOSMANYes =)21:00
JHOSMANthe problem is that I have no permissions on these blogs :P21:01
OrangerJHOSMAN: Can you send me the link ?21:01
kirixdoes Maps work in raring?21:01
Orangerkirix: maps ?21:02
JHOSMAN http://www.ma-no.org/en/content/index_how-to-run-unity-next-on-ubuntu-12-10_1364.php21:02
OrangerJHOSMAN: I tought of the wiki21:02
JHOSMANI do not understand21:04
OrangerJHOSMAN: This link is for you the officiel tuto ?21:04
JHOSMANBut the information of http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unitynext/ It was not clear21:05
JHOSMANfor this21:06
JHOSMANBuild dependencies  If its your first time, download & build deps  $ ./build -s  this will:      Add ppa:phablet-team/desktop-deps     For 12.10, add ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper and ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa     Build and install lp:libunity/phablet, lp:unity/phablet-mods, lp:hud/phablet and lp:unity-lens-people locally     For 12.10, build and install lp:nux/phablet locally     Install build dependencies21:06
OrangerJHOSMAN: Oh yes ok I see, this is only for dev... Yes the wiki need a tutorial for beginners21:22
Roberth_hola buenas tardes21:35
OrangerRobbyF: hey21:35
Roberth_como estas??21:35
Roberth_quiero saber como puedo instalarle a mi tetelefono celular ubuntu21:36
OrangerRoberth_: Did you search in google ?21:40
Roberth_nmmmm ok21:40
Orangermhall119: I fixed the build for raring, the quantal build still got errors21:50
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iLarsonaI need help22:59
haysdoes the ubuntu-touch on a nexus4 have a phone?23:36

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