GeochrHi all, is there any link with transation stats for 13.04 ?19:14
teolemonunfortunately no19:19
teolemonthat's something most of us badly want back19:19
teolemonthere are high level statistics19:19
teolemonfor languages19:19
teolemonat this address19:20
teolemonis that enough for your needs ?19:20
Geochrteolemon, i know this link19:21
Geochrbut in  previous versions we had a web page with stats for every language.19:22
teolemonyes, David answered about this: he was using an unofficial API from launchpad and had to stop19:24
Geochrfor example for 12.04 we had the following adrress19:25
teolemonhe proposed patches to LP but they haven't been applied19:25
teolemonyes i know about that19:25
Geochra ok19:25
teolemonthat was the url I was referring to when saying unfortunately19:25
teolemonso in short, we need to merge the changes into Launchpad19:26
teolemonor to have them merged19:26
Geochri hope to fix again on the future19:26
teolemonwe need somebody with technical know how to do this19:29
teolemonand some time19:29
teolemonactually more time than technical skills19:29
teolemoni'd say19:29
teolemonhere's a TODO list:19:29
Geochrthanks for the info19:35

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