simihey someone pop up05:03
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* mungbean_ has tidied the kitchen before 9.30am on a saturday and wioped out already08:32
MartijnVdSmungbean_: time to call a doctor? ;)08:34
* popey also just tidied the kitchen08:35
popeygoing to get the bbq out today08:37
mungbean_my life is such that when i get home from work, i put elder sprog to bed, eat food then get the baby at 7.30 while mrs goes to bed early, to cope with the 4am wakes08:37
mungbean_hence from mon-fri every waking hour is spent working or holding baby08:37
mungbean_went 4 days without a shower last week, there was nothing else i could do. although i realised we have showers at work08:37
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mungbeangonna do some "snipping" in the garden with sprog the elder this morning, after he's played on the tablet forhis saturday treat08:38
mungbeanpopey: first bbq time since last autumn?08:39
mungbeanlots of spider poo/webs inside?08:39
mungbeanintel trying to run android/chrome...ewww08:41
mungbeanafter snipping09:00
mungbeanshaun the sheep is a most excellent programme09:02
mungbeanbought this airfix kit to go with it http://www.airfix.com/_assets/files/A50018%20Shaun%20Land%20Rover%20Kit.pdf09:06
BrianTheDoghello everyone09:13
BrianTheDogi have a laptop with a wireless connection, ubuntu 10.4 lts doed not reconize the wireless adapter09:14
mungbeanwhich wifi card is it09:15
mungbeanlspci command should tell you09:15
BrianTheDogit would help if I had the laptop with me :P silly me09:18
mungbeanwhich laptop model?09:18
BrianTheDogwell the adapter came from an Acer Aspire 510009:19
mungbeanusually in 10.04 my similar issues are solved by installing firmware-linux-nonfree package09:21
mungbeanlol i grew up reading all the terrance dickd dr who books my library could offer http://www.amazon.co.uk/Doctor-Who-Angels-Mystery-ebook/dp/B009KJ6DTO/ref=pd_cp_kinc_209:37
popeyeveryone must be outside ☻13:49
popey(like me)13:49
DJonesNah, some of us are inside watching the Rugby, outdoor tv's are useless due to the sun blocking out most of the screen13:50
mgdmsadly we had the good weather yesterday13:51
mgdmhappily, I was on holiday and spent it sailing \o/13:51
DJonesLUcky you13:51
DJonesIts beautiful here, blue skys etc, 1.5 mile dog walk, a few miles on the bike, now sat watching the rugby while my bread rises ready to cook13:52
MyrttiI don't know what kind of alien mosquitos you people have in here but I've never gotten anything this big from Finnish ones13:52
DJonesProbably a horsefly, they're buggers13:53
* brobostigon contemplates beer.13:53
DJonesThankfully we don't have mosquitos here, on our honeymoon, my wife ended up with about 100 bites and had to call the doctor out in Mexico13:54
Myrttiit didn't sound like a horsefly13:57
MyrttiI've got one red thing that was the size of a golf ball and one a bit smaller on my thing, and I didn't even notice them biting13:58
Myrttiresorted into taking a pill of levocetirizin I had13:59
DJonesDoesn't sound good, hopefully antihistamine cream/antiseptic is dealing with it13:59
MartijnVdSFresh Win7 install "I need to install 142 updates!"14:55
MartijnVdSGood thing it's on SSD 8-)14:55
MyrttiMartijnVdS: you need a running tally and a stopwatch to keep track of how many reboots you need15:08
MartijnVdSMyrtti: During installation of Windows: 215:09
MartijnVdSMyrtti: It's still installing updates.. no further reboots needed yet15:09
MartijnVdSMyrtti: 3...15:41
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: well, Ubuntu requires 2 (one from installer to live system, one to boot the security-updated kernel)15:43
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: it's only slightly worse :)15:44
brobostigonMartijnVdS: very true, :)15:44
brobostigonoh dear.15:46
MartijnVdSbut it wasn't finished with 3 yet15:46
MartijnVdSand now it's complaining that it rebooted in the middle of that update 8-)15:51
MartijnVdSGo go MS go!15:51
brobostigonlol, again.15:52
MartijnVdSInstall antivirus: 515:53
Myrttitold you you need to keep track of the reboots15:53
brobostigonmaking up words now. :)15:53
Myrttiit makes it more fun15:53
MartijnVdSMyrtti: 8-)15:55
brobostigonnew dr who, 18:45 bbc1, :)15:56
popeyLaney: that cat video has gone "viral"16:12
MartijnVdSthe licking one?16:13
MartijnVdS6 (SP1)16:15
MartijnVdS7 (still SP1)16:17
MartijnVdS8 (post SP1 security updates)16:20
MartijnVdSthis is getting silly16:20
Laneypopey: you trend setter16:33
Laneywhen i looked it had 700 views :O16:33
dwatkinsthat cat is superb16:48
brobostigon12 minute warning everyone,17:33
SuperMattoh, doctor who17:35
SuperMattit was at 6 last week, weird17:35
SuperMattand 6.15 every week before that17:35
SuperMattI though I'd missed it17:36
MartijnVdSomg.. geography joke @ Doctor 8-)17:55
SuperMattI'm loving this new series17:58
MartijnVdSas am I :)17:58
SuperMattMatt Smith's doctor has taken a turn17:58
czajkowskiAlanBell: http://hackntalkjune.eventbrite.com/17:59
MartijnVdSToday's episode is properly scary18:00
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: hush up18:00
czajkowskipeople may not be watching it live18:00
czajkowskiand they'll be upset if they read here18:00
MartijnVdSczajkowski: true18:01
SuperMattsigned up!18:02
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czajkowskixnox: jelmer loads of time to get a talk prepared :)18:04
xnoxczajkowski: I wonder what should I demo =)18:06
xnoxczajkowski: or talk about....18:06
* xnox ponders something about Debian18:07
MartijnVdSxnox: !ask ;)18:07
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:07
czajkowskixnox: anyting you fancy18:09
czajkowskiI dont promote it as an ubuntu event so it was nice to see lots of diversity18:09
SuperMattoh gawd, I'nm in stitches18:09
NET||abusehi guys, trying to sort out lvm by hand.18:42
NET||abusemain disk is os, and i have the other 2 1TB disks which i want to use as a single mirror'd volume.18:43
NET||abusebut setting this up is a little confusing.18:43
NET||abuseso if i initialise /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc with pvcreate. then i lvcreate Data1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc   now they're all in the same logical volume.. but i should have made them mirrored at this point?18:45
mungbeanyep get up to much21:06
dogmatic69What is a good way to duplicate a folder over to another server.21:53
dogmatic69I am moving from one to another and its a lot, maybe 15GB of php sites21:54
brobostigonscp, rsync ?21:54
dogmatic69ye, I think rsync is probably the way21:54
dogmatic69are ssh tunnels one way or two way21:57
dogmatic69not related to initial question in any way21:57
dogmatic69ali1234: yes?21:58
ali1234yes, they are one way or two way21:59
dogmatic69default is one way I guess?21:59
ali1234technically they are left (-L) or right (-R)21:59
ali1234you can also set up a socks proxy over ssh, which is both but requires the application can talk socks22:01
popeyheh, never thought of them as left or right22:02
popeybut Local or Remote22:02
ali1234i guess that's valid22:03
ali1234-L -> listening port is local, packets come out the remote22:03
ali1234-R -> listening port is on the remote, packets come out locally22:04
ali1234you can also use -w for a two way tunnel using tun device (ie it works like a network card)22:06
ali1234that may also work with tap devices, not sure22:06
ali1234can you edit tweets?22:25
ali1234or only delete them?22:25

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