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jjesseevening rick_h_01:56
rick_h_everyone partying hard?01:58
jjessefriday night is not a party night as we are usually up early to go for a run01:59
jjessewife is in bed already01:59
rick_h_hah, we managed to score a baby-sitter so we had a dinner out. celebrate work calming back down a bit02:01
jjessewe did dinner out as well tonight (celebrate pay day :) )02:01
jjessehailing again outside02:07
jjesseand driving rain02:07
jjessemother nature is drunk02:07
rick_h_yea, kind of bummed. Was hoping for some nice weekend weather to get the bike out now that work has calmed down02:09
jjessemust be nice to have work calm down02:09
jjesseits gotten crazier for me02:10
rick_h_well 13.04 is next week and now we've got a couple of weeks vs days.02:10
rick_h_until we start the next batch. Then it's the race to get it all for 13.1002:10
rick_h_http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/bws/sidebar/precise/apache2-6/ almost looks like something :)02:11
jjesseis this what you've been doing02:12
jjesseits pretty sweet looking02:12
rick_h_yea, a week ago it didn't look so sweet, at least now it's getting close enough to show/walk through.02:13
rick_h_with just a bunch of bugs/missing bits that still need to be added02:13
rick_h_funny when you reach a point where things start to work you can just sit there hitting the buttons back/forth :)02:14
snap-lGood morning15:37
snap-lInstalling Windows 7 into a virtual machine.15:37
snap-lyippee. :)15:37
snap-lActually, Windows 7 install is not that bad15:37
snap-lThey really cleaned up things from XP15:38
snap-lOf course there's a few maddening things in there as well, but overall not bad.15:38
jjessewindows 7 is good15:47
jjessebut that's because vista was bad :P15:47
rick_h_Blazeix: ping, do you have notes/docs on how you were setting up your redis/sql data models?16:07
rick_h_snap-l: yea, what I did with my wife. Pretty happy with it16:07
Blazeixrick_h_: no real docs, though this presentation was super-helpful: http://nosql.mypopescu.com/post/34748264438/modeling-a-simple-social-app-using-sql-and-redis16:08
rick_h_Blazeix: cool, going through the redis cookbook and tempted to start poking at some things.16:09
brouschsnap-l: The maddening part is after install when you have to download hundreds of updates and reboot 10 times16:15
brouschBlazeix: Do you want a free ticket to mobidevday detroit?16:15
Blazeixbrousch: thanks for the offer, but i already have one :)16:20
Blazeixhow'd you end up with an extra, are you not able to make it?16:22
snap-lbrousch: This is SP1, so not too bad on that front17:01
brouschBlazeix: they are giving speakers a free ticket17:16
snap-lSo I just received my new Google Chromebook Pixel. Now what??17:33
snap-lI refuse to further increase my dependence on Google by running Chrome OS.17:33
snap-l^- Quote from this post: https://plus.google.com/108313527900507320366/posts/G3MxjUv2zFj17:33
brouschI think ChromeOS is lock-in than Android17:36
brouschYou're using webapps, which you could control17:36
brouschGoogle pisses you off? go run Linux/Windows/OSX and you still have all the same webapps17:36
brouschChromeOS is LESS locki-in17:37
brouschWith Android many of your apps only run on Android17:38
snap-lMy point is why buy a Pixel if you're not happy with Google.17:48
brouschsnap-l: Supposedly the screen is the bizomb18:33
brousch3:2  2,560x1,700  12.8"18:34
brouschAnd it's a touchscreen, which some people like18:35
brouschThey evacuated the 2nd tallest building in GR due to flooded basement and generator fire18:40
rick_h_ ok, coffee shop test #2. Good 4g connection here +1. Farthest one from my house -119:33
rick_h_coffee is served in a big milkshake mug...hmmm...19:35
rick_h_and servied with a spoon and a straw19:36
rick_h_Blazeix: you sure you don't want to work in some python? :)19:52
brouschrick_h_: That's not coffee, that's a dessert19:58
rick_h_brousch: yea, I'm confused for sure19:59
Blazeixi'm not certain, but it sounds like you may have accidentally ordered a milkshake.19:59
Blazeixi'll write python, but i demand we use django's orm.20:00
rick_h_Blazeix: lol20:00
rick_h_Blazeix: https://trello.com/board/bookieio/5172f2ebf2e69b95770022fa20:00
rick_h_there goes my next 3 years :)20:00
Blazeixrick_h_: did you see this? http://www.commafeed.com/welcome20:01
Blazeixstraight up java, so yuck, but might still be interesting20:01
rick_h_Blazeix: no, hadn't seen it20:02
rick_h_*sigh* screenshots or sample UX or bust people20:02
Blazeix"Add an application, select JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.0" /runs away20:02
Blazeixrick_h_: credentials are demo/demo20:03
rick_h_hmm, UX issues. feed items only show after I moues over them.20:04
rick_h_not bad though after that20:04
rick_h_hmmm, python3 chance.20:13
brouschrick_h_: What is 3 years?20:56
rick_h_brousch: well bookie was 3yrs worth of work really20:58
rick_h_brousch: so figure here goes my coding spare time for another 320:58
rick_h_brousch: have you done virtualenvs in py3?20:58
rick_h_brousch: how did you get pip in there?20:59
brouschpdfserenitynow was python3.220:59
rick_h_when I create one it creates the virtualenv but pip/etc is still pointed to the normal system versions20:59
rick_h_did a python3.3 -m venv venv  seems to setup just the python bits but no easy_install, pip, etc to use to get things into the venv21:00
brouschvirtualenv includes its own pip21:03
brouschI'm using Ubuntu's python-virtualenv python3-setuptools, python3.2 from deadsnakes21:06
brouschvirtualenv -p python3.2 venv21:06
brousch(venv)brousch@foxmeat:~$ pip --version21:06
brouschpip 1.1 from /home/brousch/venv/lib/python3.2/site-packages/pip-1.1-py3.2.egg (python 3.2)21:06
rick_h_hmm, it doesn't in python3.3 I guess :(21:13
brouschI just tried 3.3 and pip failed21:13
brouschLooks like ubuntu virtualenv is 1.7.1 but 1.9.1 is available on pypi21:15
brouschUbuntu pip is too old to install newer virtualenv21:16
brouschThere has to be a ppa for this21:16
brouschOK, got it21:20
brouschsudo apt-get remove --purge python-vitualenv; sudo apt-get autoremove;21:20
brouschsudo easy_install3 pip; sudo pip-3.2 install virtualenv;21:20
brouschThen virtualenv works for python3.321:21
snap-lrick_h_: Which coffeeshop were you at?23:01
tony-smlrSMLR is live now!  (4/20) Video: http://www.youtube.com/user/tbemus?v=DklbU5eRNm8 , Audio: http://live.smlr.us:8000/streaming23:03
brouschrick_h_: Did that work for you?23:04

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