Omnifrogcall me a conspiracy theorist but this whole Boston thing looks fabricated02:45
Omnifrogcase in point http://myepb.net/?inc=103:00
Omnifroghow is that picture even possible ?03:01
wrstOmnifrog: that pic looks a little strange the light doesn't seem to match up from the background to the cops03:02
OmnifrogI know!03:02
wrstbut that doesn't necessarily mean its a govt conspiracy :)03:03
OmnifrogI see this over and over03:03
OmnifrogI'm not saying it is a government conspiracy03:03
Omnifrogbut it looks very well produced in a very short amount of time03:04
wrstwon't argue with that or that everything has a political motive behind it03:04
Omnifroghere is another http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/photography/2013/04/boston_marathon_boming_standoff_photos_of_dzhokhar_tsarnaev_from_watertown.html03:06
Omnifrogwhen is the last time they told an entire local region to stay in their homes and for business' to stay closed so they could catch one guy?03:20
Omnifrogand then they catch him03:20
OmnifrogI dont remember that ever happening03:21
wrstme either03:22
wrstI really get that they wanted to catch him03:22
wrstbut seems extreme03:22
Omnifrogthe pictures coming out of this event have an unusually high production value03:23
OmnifrogI dunno03:23
Omnifrogsomething bother me about this03:25
OmnifrogI've doubted event like this before03:26
wrsta lot more tools to do that than say in 2001 also03:29
Omnifrogteacher leave them kids alone04:06

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