tjaaltonhasty llstarks04:31
tjaaltonsynaptics probably just needs a bump04:31
tjaaltonbryce: did you upload -intel?04:33
tjaaltonapparently so according to #ubuntu-kernel, so push git too :)04:37
brycetjaalton, ahem, it's both uploaded and pushed; check again04:59
tjaaltonthanks :)04:59
tjaaltonoh, minutes before my ping, the commit email was just slow to arrive then05:00
bryceah.  odd, I pushed it a while ago maybe an hour or so05:01
bryceanyway, 10pm on a friday night, time for no more working05:02
tjaaltonyeah, cool05:02
tjaalton8am saturday, just checking we get the fixes in05:02
tjaaltonhmm no plymouth update yet05:03
tjaaltonit'd need a lightdm upload still, but having this in now wouldn't hurt05:04
tjaaltonwell *dm05:04
bryceickle did the triage request-for-retest on all the mesa gpu lockup bugs.  So our bug graph is looking very good right now05:05
tjaaltonyeah I poked him about it yesterday05:06
tjaaltonor more like just notified we got 9.1.1 in05:06
bryceI banged down the xserver bugs a bit this week.  Looks like you've been very active too.05:06
tjaaltonI did some blob triage05:07
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tjaaltonllstarks: synaptics just needs a version bump on the ppa09:23
llstarksintel too09:24
tjaaltonintel uploaded now09:26
llstarksshould be interesting getting a proper xserver and -modesetting from staging and then targetting nvidia-319 from edgers without pulling in everything else09:27
tjaaltonhuh, synaptics is there and a newer version too than is in raring now09:27
llstarksi'm not booted into ubuntu atm, i can get you a list of conflicts09:28
tjaaltonunless it didn't actually build against the new xserver09:28
llstarksprobably not, apt wanted to hold everything back or uninstall09:29
tjaaltonjust in case09:29
llstarksi'll try later today, need to pass out. thanks09:31
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Sarvattugh this new gmail interface.. didn't realize i was top posting and quoting the entire bug when responding to bugs.debian.org :P22:23
llstarksthunderbird bro22:37
llstarks|temptjaalton: that apt log i promised http://pastebin.com/DAE43C5v22:59

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