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somaunnhello everyone06:05
somaunntrender, more06:13
trenderi bring the rain06:13
somaunnsomething new in the ubuntu  world ?06:20
somaunnexcept the fact canonical will bring an impressive concept in few days 06:21
Kilosmorning all06:26
somaunnmorning Kilos 06:32
somaunnGuys i'm actually using ubuntu 13.04 beta on my desktop and i can tell you this thing is fast good and it just works06:44
Kilossounds good somaunn 06:46
Kiloshi Guest6170 06:46
somaunnthe only things i'm busy fixing is to get my video card properly configured06:47
Kilosalways video card probs07:13
Kiloshi henkj 07:13
henkjhi Kilos 07:16
Kiloshi Squirm 07:22
Kiloshi magespawn 07:48
magespawngood morning Kilos07:48
Kilosits raining at last, 60 mm last night and so far07:48
magespawni cannot connect to irc.ubuntu.com, anybody know anything or is it just me?07:49
magespawnwell that is good news Kilos07:49
magespawnMaaz is irc.ubuntu.com up?07:49
magespawnis that the right way to ask?07:49
Kiloslol i dunno07:50
Kilosmaybe try down07:50
magespawnMaaz is irc.ubuntu.com down07:50
magespawnMaaz help07:50
Maazmagespawn: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.07:50
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.07:50
Kilosoh my he struggling too07:50
Georglanother ibid bot?07:52
magespawnMaaz help me with monitoring things07:52
Maazmagespawn: I use the following features for monitoring things: coffee, http, icecast, meeting and ping07:52
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.07:52
Kilospython bot07:52
GeorglMaaz: version07:53
MaazGeorgl: I am version 0.1.107:53
Kilosmagespawn: i cant get it either so must be down07:53
Georglyup ibid python bot07:53
Kilosohi Georgl ty for following us on the tweet place07:53
magespawnMaaz is irc.ubuntu.com up?07:53
Kilosmaintain now by the weed07:54
GeorglKilos: cool07:54
Kilosonly get ubuntu-za relevant posts there like meets and so on07:54
magespawnMaaz help with looking things up07:55
Maazmagespawn: I use the following features for looking things up: apt-file, aptitude, bash, bible, dict, distance, dns, factoid, feeds, fml, fortune, google, help, imdb, lastfm, lotto, mac, man, microblog, mlia, oeis, ports, rfc, seen, tfln, tinyurl, tld, translate, tvshow, unicode, weather and youtube07:55
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.07:55
magespawnnot what i am looking for07:56
KilosQA says its just me07:56
KilosYou tried to access the address http://irc.ubuntu.com/, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page.07:58
magespawnso maybe 07:58
Kilosi cant get there with opera07:58
magespawnMaaz is http://irc.ubuntu.com down?07:58
Georglit get the 'It works' page07:59
magespawnthat is the default for apache08:00
Georglyeah, should it be that?08:00
magespawnMaaz: is irc.ubuntu.com up?08:00
Georglor has something happened?08:00
Maazmagespawn: Yes, http://freenode.net/ is up08:00
Georglrefreshing pointed to freenode as per Maaz08:01
magespawnnot sure, that is the usual server that my irc client connects to but it could not connect today as all08:01
magespawntrying to check that specific server08:01
magespawnahh well not tooo serious i suppose08:01
magespawnahh that is a useful link Cantide08:02
Georglany thoughts on running gnome3 on 12.10? anybody doing that?08:02
Cantidehi '-'08:02
Kiloshi Cantide 08:02
Cantidehey Kilos :)08:02
magespawnlooks like it is down08:02
Cantidei mean yo yo yo Kilos my man >.<08:03
Cantidesorry, my slang is weak today08:03
Cantidemagespawn, yeah :/08:03
magespawnCantide: how the travel plans?08:06
Cantidestill working on it08:06
Cantidewent to the police station to get police clearance earlier, and they said i have to come on a weekday -.-08:06
Cantideso now i need to see when i can get time off work08:07
magespawnserving the people as always08:07
Kiloswhat a schlep that is08:07
Cantidethe policeman was quite strange as well, "Sorry bru, you can't get it now. Come back on Monday"08:08
Kiloshe is just lazy08:08
Cantidereally? you talk to people with slang when you're a policeman? and he wasn't polite about it at all08:08
Cantidequite rude actually08:08
Cantideyeah, maybe that, too :p08:08
Cantidemagespawn, and my interview is on Monday, so I have to wait and see what happens there first anyway :p08:08
magespawninterview for a job?08:10
Cantidevia Skype, because the company is in Korea08:11
magespawnhere? or there?08:11
magespawnahh right that makes sense08:11
Cantideyeah, one must arrange a job first because the visa is through the employer08:11
magespawnseemed a bit odd to go for a job interview when you are making plans to leave08:11
magespawnwas not on the same page there for a bit08:13
Cantidei should have explained it better :)08:14
magespawnno worries08:14
Cantidebut yeah, the job is quite nice :)08:14
Cantideif i get it08:14
magespawnwell good luck then08:14
Cantidethanks '-'v08:15
Cantidemy webcam is so kak, i will just blame Africa08:15
Kiloshi georgelappies 08:18
magespawnCantide: what will you be doing there?08:22
Cantideteaching English '<08:22
magespawncool you enjoy teaching?08:23
Cantidehttp://www.jobpagoda.com/en/pagoda/infocenter/faq03.jsp this place08:24
Cantideyeah, it's fun :)08:24
georgelappieshiya Kilos, how is things this morning?08:25
Cantidedifficult to start out, but after 3 months i was enjoying it a lot :) because by that point i knew the curriculum well and i was a lot more confident than when i started08:25
Kilosgood ty georgelappies and you?08:25
magespawni am not sure i could stand all the frustration teachers here have to deal with08:25
Kiloswe got both georges here today08:25
magespawnthe dep of education, the have insane adminfrom what i understand08:26
Cantidei think teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs08:26
Kiloshaha Cantide you will have to forget all the slang08:26
Cantideah, well of course that varies depending on where you teach :p08:26
CantideKilos, I barely use slang so I will be fine :P08:26
Kilosbut they most likely know it all already08:26
Cantidenot South African slang they don't :P08:26
Cantidestudents are curious about slang, and it helps them to function in the real world, but yeah, i'd not something i'd teach unless asked08:27
Kilosthey will most likely "hey" you when you say morning class08:27
Cantideit's not *08:27
Cantidenah, Koreans have too much respect for that08:27
Cantideteachers are idolized there08:27
magespawnas they should be08:27
Cantideas long as you teach them well, they will respect you and do anything you ask of them, not like here08:28
magespawnteachers are resposible for the future of a country08:29
Cantideso are students though08:29
Cantideit's a combined effort08:30
Cantideand we just have the wrong mentality in our country - no one wants to learn08:30
Kilosyip the teacher molds them08:30
Cantideyou can't teach someone who isn't interested08:30
georgelappiesgood thank Kilos :)08:30
magespawnwell i would not say no one, and generally those who do are too easily influenced by the others08:31
Cantideyeah, i'm generalizing a bit :p08:31
Kilosone day i will put a row of smileys here, to make up for not using them08:31
* Cantide looks forward to that day08:31
Kiloseasiest one is <308:32
magespawni found out the other day that there are 75 or so schools in kzn that do not offer maths for matric 08:32
Kilosthats bad amge08:32
Kilosmagespawn: too08:32
Cantidei heard that our country has the second worst education in the world when it comes to maths and science08:32
Cantideone of my friends that matriculated in pinetown said he didn't have a science teacher for the last two years of high school :<08:33
magespawnmadness, i consider maths and languages the core of any education08:34
Kilosmost of our good teachers haveleft for greener pastures08:34
magespawnwe are very fortunate with my kids primary school, awesome teachers with tons of experience08:36
Cantidenice :)08:37
Cantideprivate schools are expensive, but worth it08:37
Cantide(if you can afford it)08:38
magespawnCantide: any idea what the cost of living is like there? i see the exchange rate to the dollar is high, but does not mean much without context08:48
magespawncost of livinge versus typical income?08:49
magespawnAll Koreans speak and write the same language, which has been a decisive factor in forging their strong national identity. taken from here http://www.korea.net/AboutKorea/Korea-at-a-Glance/Facts-about-Korea08:51
Cantidemagespawn, i should be earning 2.5 to 3 million won a month08:57
Cantidein rands that's about 23 000 a month08:58
magespawnsounds a lot08:58
Cantideand my rent will be something like 3000 a month08:58
Cantidepublic transport is cheap and convenient08:58
Cantideand food is a similar price to here08:58
Cantideso i should be able to save about R 15 000 a month easily08:59
Cantideelectronics are cheaper, too08:59
Cantideand clothing was cheaper08:59
Cantidei bought an Intel 330 series 120 GB SSD there in November for about R 95008:59
Cantideand i saw it here the other day for R 169908:59
magespawnmaybe start an export business, lol09:00
Cantidei have a Korean friend who wants to do that09:00
Cantideand he was asking about exporting to SA09:00
Cantidebut i know nothing about such things :p09:00
magespawni wonder what the transport cost are like09:00
magespawni was looking into getting stuff from china09:01
Cantidei'm not sure about it09:01
Cantidewould be good to have a friend in shipping :p09:01
magespawnyes it would, altough a lot of the shipping/freight companies offer very complete services09:02
magespawnwell if you need an sa partner you know where to find me09:04
Cantidewell, my plan is to teach09:04
Cantidebut i don't intend doing it for the rest of my life09:04
Cantideso yeah, i will be looking at other jobs / opportunities while i'm there, and hopefully get into something else after about 5 - 10 years of teaching09:05
Cantide(once i've learnt the language)09:05
magespawnyou seem to be doing quite well in that area09:07
Cantidewell, i lost my teacher :p09:08
Cantidebut i will take lessons once i'm there09:08
magespawnthere are few link here http://www.korea.net/AboutKorea/Korea-at-a-Glance/Facts-about-Korea if need a headstart09:09
Cantidei think i know 90% of what's on that page :D09:10
Cantidehey Symmetria :)09:14
Symmetriacheck new toy ;p09:14
Cantideis that a rail gun? :p09:16
Symmetria150-500mm optical stabilized lense09:16
Symmetriatake photos of the hairs on a flys ass from 100 meters away ;p09:16
Symmetria(or park a few hundred meters from a nudist beach) ;p09:17
* Symmetria laughs09:17
Cantidelooks expensive :p09:17
Symmetriaheh the lense? *shrug* its actually by lense standards not bad, about 13k, its the only really *LARGE* lense that is vaguely affordable09:17
Symmetriaif you want anything bigger than that you're into the 50k+ bracket09:18
Cantidegood choice :D09:18
magespawncamera lenses that you could buy a car with09:23
SquirmI now understand why the images are such highres it takes me an age to download them09:24
SymmetriaSquirm hehe 09:25
Symmetriaheh magespawn you aint gonna get a car for 13k09:26
Symmetriaor not one that goes 09:26
magespawnno i meant the other lenses09:34
magespawnthe 50k plus09:34
SymmetriaSquirm lol, if you think those images are high res09:37
Symmetriayou should see when I start putting the raws online09:37
Symmetriacamera is capable of taking a photo that is 40meg in size09:37
magespawnirc.ubuntu.com is back up09:44
SquirmI see mybb just went down10:19
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Squirmnuvolari: is it raining?10:25
Squirmgoing to watch the rugby10:26
Squirmit better not be raining10:26
Cantidei think it is10:27
Cantidehere in Durban10:27
Cantideand it's cold -.-10:27
SquirmI know it's cold10:28
Squirmcold is fine10:28
Squirmbut you say it's raining?10:28
Cantidewet weather is not good for rugby :<10:28
Squirmoh well10:28
Cantideyes, i just looked outside10:28
Cantidebut it's not raining hard10:28
Cantidemore like drizzle than rain10:29
Squirmsame here. this is the third day :/10:29
Squirmfree tickets and a lift, so I'll be there :P10:30
Cantidei just put on an extra layer of clothing :)10:30
Cantideoh, nice :)10:30
Cantideyeah, it's worth going even if it's a bit wet10:30
Cantidebut if it pours.. meh10:30
Cantidei think most of the rain is over though10:30
Squirmand I just saw on Facebook that Red Light Stereo will be playing in the field afterwards :D10:31
Squirmoh wait, I have a heater! I'm being cold and I forgot I had a heater10:31
Cantidei was thinking of getting one10:32
Cantidebut then i put on my winter clothes from Korea10:32
Cantidefeeling rather warm now :)10:32
Squirmthis little fan heater hasn't run since last winter. 10:32
Squirmmmm, burning dust10:33
Cantidei also have a fan heater somewhere10:33
Cantideparents bitch that it wastes electricity10:33
* Cantide rolls his eyes10:33
SquirmI may need 2, it was barely able to keep my single room warm. now I have 2xsingle rooms and a kitchen and bathroom10:33
Squirmjust need to keep doors shut10:33
Cantidei just aim it directly at myself10:34
Squirmoh, I do too10:34
Squirmbut to warm up the room as well10:35
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magespawnlater all11:57
SquirmCanAFK: weather update?12:05
Squirmcheers magespawn 12:05
CanAFKno rain :p12:20
CanAFKSquirm, ^12:24
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Cantidei'm not in the city centre though12:28
Cantidebut not far out either12:28
Cantidestill, no rain here, so i assume no rain there12:28
Squirmwhere bouts are you Cantide 12:28
Cantidewell, Hillary actually - which is considered part of Durban city and not part of Queensburgh, but it's next to Queensburgh12:29
SquirmI don't know Hillary. know of Queensburgh. Can't recall going there though12:29
Cantidewell, just think of Queensburgh and you will be close enough to the mark12:30
Vince-0Cantide: !12:33
Vince-0so the LUG plans 13.04 relese party on the 4th May 12:33
Cantideyeah, i saw that12:34
Cantideand i have a 30th to attend on the same day -.-12:34
Cantidebut hopefully the release party is early enough for me to make it there and then to the 30th afterwards12:34
Squirmwhere is it?12:51
Squirmthe release party12:51
* Cantide doesn't know yet12:54
Squirmthese friends of mine are completely unable to judge time :p12:58
Squirmno, we'll pick you up at maybe 14:2012:58
SquirmI'm at home, so it's fine. but still :P12:59
Cantideit's fine until it gets to the point that you'll be late :p13:01
Squirmfree tickets, free ride :P13:02
Cantidei had free box tickets 2 weeks ago13:04
Squirmprobably going to be late :P13:04
Cantideregretted that the next day13:04
Squirmstands :/13:04
Cantideso that's why you were worried about the rain13:05
Cantidejust dress warmly and you'll be fine :p13:07
Squirmfound out why they're late13:08
Squirmthey've lost the tickets13:08
Cantidenow that sucks -.-13:11
Kilostotally lost or misplaced?13:12
Squirmwell, they can't find them :P13:12
Kilostell them look in the clothes they wore the day they brought them home13:14
Kilosor bags sachels etc13:14
Kilosthen all other safe places13:15
SquirmI'm sure they've done that13:15
Squirmfound it :p13:19
trender  __14:45
trender  V14:46
trender  |14:51
trender  |14:51
trendernobody alive14:52
trenderkilos :P14:52
Kiloswassup trender 14:53
trenderwat maay jy met dy skaap14:53
trendermaak :)14:53
trendereish just woke up14:54
Kiloshehe as hulle goed teel hou hulle die pot vol14:54
Kilosmuddy game coming for sharks/cheetahs15:02
Kiloshi there superfly 17:57
superflyKilos... surviving?17:57
Kilosyessir ty and there?17:57
Symmetriaman, I dunno wtf is up with my dog and cameras, she growls and barks at me when I pick up the damn camera18:11
charlgood evening18:34
charlMaaz: coffee on18:34
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:34
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!18:38
Symmetriasup charl18:40
charlhi Symmetria 18:42
charlMaaz: thanks18:42
Maazcharl: Sure18:42
charli am convinced that running a tiling window manager is for people with adhd18:42
SymmetriaI been sitting playing with my new camera lense and with photoshop all night18:50
superflythat would be me then.19:18
SquirmI think I should go to sleep22:37
trender  __22:50
digigramhi trender22:53
trenderalte smoke break22:56
trenderwhat doing so late digigram ?22:57
digigramstill early here in texas ;)23:04
trenderoh ya23:11
trender1am here23:11

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