harriswhy do i always have to type nm-applet why doesnt it work automatically00:00
jamesaeppIs it safe to delete /var/lib/mlocate.db.e1GYsY ??00:00
nat_i believe Poisoned_Dragon has answered my question, i will try that dragon, tyvm!00:00
nat_take care all00:01
harrisany good videos on what is a gigabit switch and how do i use it00:07
OerHeksharris, no need to configure a switch, it is an intelligent hub.00:08
harrisi know i want to know what it is00:08
harrisi have like 7 of them00:08
genii-aroundPlug cord in, plug other end of cord into something else, voila00:09
OerHekspro switches can be managed, fiber00:10
genii-aroundOerHeks: Well, true.00:11
harriswhat does it do though00:11
genii-aroundharris: If they are some higher end types with vlan, aggregation, etc, they might know more about them in ##hardware or ##networking00:11
harrisit says i cant send to hardware00:12
genii-aroundharris: Switches connect things which can use networking cable together00:12
DJRWolfthere is a difference between managed and unmanaged switches00:12
DJRWolffor a network forenics class I had, the teacher needed to bring in a hub or managed switch, an unmanged one would not work00:13
genii-aroundharris: If it's "gigabit" it means the speed is 1000 instead of 100 , etc00:13
OerHeksa switch extends 1 port into 4/8/16/24 new ports00:13
rmarkeri am locked out of my file. it is saying i do not have permission. How do i fix this?00:14
DJRWolfit is because we had to disconnect the "deep frozen" lab computers and hook them up to the hub/managed switch and he had 2 computers that he would use live malware on, an unmanged switched would not have let us view the network traffic between them as the infection happened00:14
Poisoned_Dragonharris: A gigabit switch is a router that passes data at a rate of 1 gigabit/s, or 1000 megabits/s.00:15
Poisoned_DragonIt's just like your 10/100 router, but faster.00:16
OerHeksDo not mix 100/1000 :-)00:17
BrittanyIs there any kind of application I could use that would be able to wake ubuntu from suspend and play an alarm? Curse having nothing but a $1,300 machine to be an alarm clock.00:17
vasco_what are likely alternatives to ntp for time sync'ing? some servers clock is off, but ntp is not installed00:19
harrison the gigabit switch there isnt a port to plug the one from router into it00:20
Poisoned_DragonI think only business level routers still have an uplink port.00:22
Poisoned_DragonI just chain one router to another.00:23
rmarkeranyone know how to change file permissions?00:23
genii-aroundharris: They will usually just autosense anyhow00:23
rmarkeri got locked out somehow of my files what can i do?00:24
KatsumeBliskrmarker: chmod is the command for that.00:25
rmarkeri am a newbi i dunno how to use that00:25
KatsumeBliskrmarker: Define locked out.00:25
rmarkerYou do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of00:26
rmarkeri can not get to my files hince locked out00:26
KatsumeBliskrmarker: In the terminal, "chmod 775 <filename>"00:27
Poisoned_Dragonif you type sudo yourfilemanagerhere, you can access the files as root. Also you can right click them and change the permissions.00:27
KatsumeBliskPoisoned_Dragon has a better suggestion rmarker00:27
Poisoned_DragonI wouldn't say better. Just gui based.00:27
Poisoned_Dragonif your terminal savvy, KatsumeBlisk's suggestion is fine00:27
rmarkeri want a quick way to change it. all personal files ar effected00:28
harriswhen i connected to the gigabit switch the ping and download speed went down is that better or worse00:29
Poisoned_Dragonwhat is your desktop environment, rmarker? Unity, KDE, Xfce, LXDE?00:29
rmarkeruh i dunno i just installed the latest Ubuntu00:30
Poisoned_Dragonin terminal, type: sudo nautilus00:30
Poisoned_DragonThen you can look at files as root, and right click them to change permissions.00:31
genii-around!gksu | Poisoned_Dragon00:31
ubottuPoisoned_Dragon: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:31
Poisoned_DragonI'm using Xubuntu. It let's me do sudo with no issues. :)00:31
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels00:31
rmarkerInitializing nautilus-dropbox 1.4.000:32
rmarkerNautilus-Share-Message: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error No such file or directory00:32
rmarkerPlease ask your system administrator to enable user sharing.00:32
Poisoned_Dragonrmarker, if you're going to paste more than 3 lines of txt, use paste.ubuntu.com00:33
Poisoned_Dragonit keeps things cleaner00:34
nashantHi guys. Can anyone point me to some info on how to set up nfs sharing with different permissions for different ips?00:34
rmarkeri know i have ubuntu 12.1000:34
DrChaoswhy is Ubuntu unable to find a source package for freetype when I type "apt-get build-dep freetype"?00:34
trismDrChaos: do you have the source repositories enabled?00:35
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DrChaostrism :: how do I enable those?00:39
rmarkeranyone else that can help?00:41
tredwasWhat is the metapackage for LAMP?00:42
KatsumeBlisktredwas: lampserver if I recall00:42
harrishow does a gigabit switch take a slow connection and make it faster00:42
KatsumeBlisktredwas: there's a dash. It's lamp-server00:43
ddsscanyone knows if 13.04 works properly with intel/nvidia optimus setup for hdmi monitors ?00:43
tredwasKatsumeBlisk: dash, is that the package name?00:43
KatsumeBlisktredwas: No. I gave you and answer and it was missing the dash. install "lamp-server"00:43
nashantanyone know how I can set up nfs sharing with read permission for *, then rw permissions for
tredwasKatsumeBlisk: I found it on tasksel, thanks00:47
gnuskoolharris: how do you mean?00:47
gnuskooltredwas: tsksel is not the recommended way to install lamp00:47
tredwasgnuskool: Why?00:48
rayjcan anyone reccomend to me a good 802.11n pci/pci-e wifi card for xubuntu 12.04? (rtl8187 doesn't work)  also is intel's 4000 igp powerfull enough for a 2560x1600 monitor desktop use?00:49
trismDrChaos: software-properties-gtk , check the Source Code box, then: sudo apt-get update;00:49
ubottuTasksel is a Debian/Ubuntu tool that installs multiple related packages as a co-ordinated "task" onto your system, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel for more information. Use tasksel only to INSTALL tasks, not to remove them. It will remove every package listed within the removed task! see https://launchpad.net/bugs/57428700:49
infinituxGod I'm going insane trying to install the latest nvidia driver.00:50
infinituxI have the driver runtime downloaded from nvidia.com00:50
KyzzI'm a new Ubuntu user running 12.04 and when i try to connect to wifi it keeps asking for credeitnals after I login with the correct credentials..any ideas?00:50
infinituxbut seems no matter what I try fails leaving me with a config I don't want00:51
nashantDr_willis: Is it even possible to set up different nfs share permissions per ip?00:51
infinituxhow do I properly get rid of the nouveau driver and install the latest nvidia?00:51
rmarkerI feel a infinitux i am just trying to get all my personal files unlocked00:51
infinituxrmarker: find . -name '*' -exec chown username:username {} \;00:51
gnuskoolharris: sudo apt-get install php5 mysql-server apache2 this will install each independently00:52
infinituxbetter yet... sudo find . -name '*' -exec chown username:username {} \;00:52
harrisinstall what!!!!!00:52
gnuskoolharris: LAMP,....it is LAMP you want isint it?00:53
harriswhat the heck is that00:53
KatsumeBliskgnuskool: tredwas wanted the LAMP but he might've dc'd00:53
harrisi just asked how to keep the code nw-applet running all the time00:53
gnuskoolKatsumeBlisk: lol, thanks00:54
gnuskoolharris, my bad ;) someone else wanted the lamp stuff00:54
DrChaostrism :: I'm using Linux Mint so I literally had to copy the Ubuntu quantal main restricted universe multiverse deb lines in /etc/apt/sources.list and paste them onto some new lines in that file, and then change deb to deb-src on the lines that I just pasted00:54
DrChaosbut you really helped me00:54
theborgerhey, just did an update on 10.04 and now i have no internet access00:55
DrChaostrism :: when I enabled Source Code in Software Sources it enabled deb-src for Linux Mint repositories only00:55
BlueEagletheborger: I see. Do you use a wired or a wireless connection?00:55
gnuskooltheborger: most probably the wifi driver00:55
jamesaeppAssistance on this would be much appreciated: http://goo.gl/ttOaH00:55
KatsumeBlisktheborger: I'd upgrade because 10.04 is reaching end of life this month.00:55
theborgerwired connection with staticip00:55
trismDrChaos: both ways do the same thing, I just thought software-properties-gtk would be easier00:55
trismDrChaos: glad you got it working00:56
theborgerBlueEagle: ^^^^^^^00:56
MalsasaHello, how to set NO_CHROME_KDE_FILE_DIALOG=1 variable in Ubuntu? I have done export "NO_CHROME_KDE_FILE_DIALOG" in bash but after restarting 2 times, Chromium is still use Kdialog. I am using KDE
DrChaostrism :: I wish somebody would teach me how to upgrade a deb package to a new point release with my very own ./configure arguments00:56
bradleyhello all, i have a ubuntu server running on my old laptop, but the laptop keeps over heating, how can i set the fan to max ?00:56
SonikkuAmericaMalsasa: Did you check in #kubuntu ?00:57
DrChaosI want freetype 2.4.11, but Ubuntu 12.10 has only Freetype 2.4.1000:57
BlueEagletheborger: And ifconfig shows that the interface has the IP in question. Are you able to ping your gateway or modem?00:57
Dr_willisMalsasa,  how are you exporting it?00:57
SonikkuAmericaDrChaos: Is there a PPA for Freetype?00:57
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:57
MalsasaSonikkuAmerica: yes, but still ne answer. I just ask how to command.00:57
gnuskoolbradley: vacuum the dust out of the laptop too00:57
theborgerBlueEagle: yep it shows the interface, and no, i can not ping my router00:57
MalsasaDr_willis: what exporting? I have only small experience with shell.00:57
bradleythere is no dust, i just cleaned it00:58
BlueEagletheborger: Which IP and netmask does your NIC have and which IP address does your router have? Also, are you using any firewall?00:58
Meep__Hello, can I get some advice on an install I'm trying to run? I'm trying to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 for a dual boot, but I'd like to put it on a different hard drive than where Win7 lives. When running the installation Ubuntu throws an error saying it can't create the boot loader00:58
bradleygnuskool the fan isnt even spinning00:58
Dr_willisMalsasa,  you put that export command in your .bashrc or .profile  Just running the command from a shell will work FOR THAT SHELL ONLY./ and will not survive a reboot00:58
Dr_willisMalsasa,  so im guessing you are not exporting it correctly00:59
theborgerBlueEagle: network is on, ubuntu is on /2400:59
SonikkuAmericaMeep__: It might be possible that your ISO is corrupted...00:59
gnuskoolbradley: sounds unlikely to be fixed by software, youmay have to get hands on, unclog it00:59
Dr_willisMalsasa,  as a test. run that export command from a konsole, then run chromium from that same terminal. see if it works00:59
MalsasaDr_willis: yes, maybe my export command wrong. export "NO_CHROME_KDE_FILE_DIALOG=1" was my command. Is it wrong?01:00
bradleygnuskool: i just did but the fan spins when the laptop turns on then nothing when i log in to my server01:00
Meep__SonikkuAmerica: It boots fine off the thumb drive and its a fresh copy of the ISO01:00
GunArm1anyone know, if I'm creating a new raid5 mdadm array, why is it taking ~1800 minutes to do "recovery" when there is no data yet?01:00
BlueEagletheborger: So broadcast is then
theborgerBlueEagle: yep01:01
SonikkuAmericaMeep__: Does it provide any other details about the error?01:01
BlueEagletheborger: Then you need to check your cable, because your box is correctly configured.01:01
Meep__I'd need to get back in and run it again, jumped into Windows to get on IRC01:01
Meep__I'll switch machines so I can do both, brb01:02
gnuskoolbradley: it has been a while since i did anything with fan speeds, but when i did, it was done using a package called lmsensors, dig up what you can about it01:02
bradleyok thanks01:02
MalsasaDr_willis: yes, it works and KDialog change into GTK dialog again, but only if I run chromium from bash. What if I want this setting permanent?01:02
gnuskoolbradley: it can be quite involved and technical if you like that sort of thing01:02
Dr_willisMalsasa,  set it in your .bashrc or .profile as i said earlier........01:03
gateI have a new machine just spun up, can log in as ubuntu via ssh pubkey authentication, create a new user, copy authorized_keys, set permissions and all attempts to auth as that user via ssh time out. Can't find anything specific to username in sshd_config or pam.d/ssh.   Can anyone suggest what it might be?01:03
bradleyyep, i may only be 15, but i am the computer master xD01:03
Dr_willisbbl. gotta run01:03
bradleyjust joking i dont know shit xD01:03
BlueEagletheborger: What does your /etc/resolv.conf say?01:04
MalsasaMy .bashrc last line is export NO_CHROME_KDE_FILE_DIALOG=1 but chromium still use Kdialog01:04
gnuskoolbradley: there are heaps of sites with info about, if you can follow instructions it should be ok01:05
jamesaeppAssistance on this would be much appreciated: http://goo.gl/ttOaH01:07
MeepOk, I'm fired up on the Ubuntu installer, stepping through to where I pick how I want the partitions to work out01:07
Malsasagnuskool: how to set environtment variable permanently for my Chmromium?01:08
semitonesHello again01:08
semitonesI'm using ubuntu-one, and I'd like to delete ~/Documents from my cloud folder (it's currently taking up 3 gb)01:09
jamesaeppMeep: Where does the issue begin?01:09
IdleOnesemitones: #ubuntuone should be able to help01:09
semitonesIdleOne, thanks!01:09
Meepjamesaepp: its a problem with the bootloader01:10
jamesaeppDo you receive an error message? (I'll be honest, I am not at all good with grub)01:10
jamesaeppI am assuming you mounted the partition as / correct?01:11
MeepTrying to get to there, waiting for the installer to catch up01:11
Meepthis is going to run along side my win7 install01:11
Meepthough it will be on another hard drive01:11
jamesaeppHmm. What is the error message?01:11
jamesaeppyeah, windows 7 and ubuntu....not exactly simple01:12
jamesaeppI've never done it myself, so I am probably not much help. Sorry :S01:12
Meepits ok, figuring it out is half the fun01:12
Meep...or something01:12
Meepok, so first off, partitions01:13
MeepI need a swap, and a main partition right?01:13
Meepmount point is set as /01:14
gnuskoolMalsasa: i was reading back to see your problem - sorry I dont know how01:14
SonikkuAmericaMeep: How much RAM do you have?01:14
Meep16 gb01:14
SonikkuAmericaMeep: You porb don't need swap then.01:14
SonikkuAmericaOf RAM?!01:14
Meepyeah, newegg kinda whoopsied01:14
jamesaeppyeah, definitely not :P01:14
Meepok, so no swap01:15
DJRWolfare there any good guides to edubuntu and what it can do for say a high school?01:15
Meeponly partition I need then is just the main mount?01:15
SonikkuAmericaDJRWolf: Anyone in #edubuntu tonight? They might answer that for you. Also, check out their Web site.01:15
jamesaeppDJRWolf: I would suggest looking at LTSP01:16
jamesaeppDJRWolf: There is a build for ltsp and edubuntu01:16
Meepok...broke the installer but I think that was my fault, trying again01:17
lagboxhello just upgrade to ubuntu 13.04 ... why can i not use my scroll wheel in gtk apps ? why does the filemanager not have a status bar anymore ?01:17
SonikkuAmericalagbox: Ask that in #ubuntu+101:18
lagboxthank you01:18
DJRWolfLong Term Support?01:18
gnuskoolMalsasa: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2655641/set-environment-variable-in-ubuntu the example shown is for java, jst put your code in its place01:19
Malsasagnuskool: okay, is command export NO_CHROME_KDE_FILE_DIALOG=1 correct when I put in there? Or my command wrong? I am sorry because I am new in Linux variable.01:20
Meepok, for selecting where the boot loader lives, its defaulting to dev/sda01:21
Meepbut Win7's boot loader lives on sde101:21
Meepso....trying the default I guess01:22
gnuskoolMalsasa: the command is correct, but you need to put it in the right place depending on if youre in kde or gnome01:23
Malsasagnuskool: okay, okay. I put in /etc/environment01:23
gnuskoolMalsasa: read that entire post, it explains in detail, there is further clarification here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#Session-wide_environment_variables01:23
jamesaeppDJRWolf: Sorry for delayed response. LTSP allows for many computers to boot over a network off of a server. It's really neat. Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3u44VeX73M01:24
jamesaeppDJRWolf: It stands for Linux Terminal Server Project. Really neat stuff.01:24
Malsasagnuskool: but this /etc/variable is only working when i run chromium in terminal, not in menu. What should I do if I want this setting applied in kde menu shortcut for Chromium?01:25
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DJRWolfahh, like PXE01:25
jamesaeppDJRWolf: Exactly like PxE01:26
MathuinAnyone here know what recently changed in Ubuntu 12.04.2 that causes X to segfault when Minecraft starts up?01:26
jamesaeppall of the client boot over pxe to a tftp server, pull down a really small image, and then go through the server for pretty much everything else. I'm not positive if it is VNC technology, but I know it is awesome as hell.01:26
jamesaeppMathuin: I would try a different video card drive from alternative drivers and see what happens01:27
Mathuinjamesaepp: The video card driver shouldn't have updated yesterday.  I really hope I don't have to rerun that NVIDIA install thing from non-X again.  Will give it a try.01:28
jamesaeppMathuin: It was only a suggestion. Whenever I ran minecraft, the maximum issue I had was having to make .jar files executable01:29
Mathuinjamesaepp: can't hurt. :-)  I have a finicky NVIDIA setup here because I do OpenCL crap as well as gaming.01:30
jamesaepp*insert Linus joke here*01:30
gnuskoolMalsasa: you could try what is suggested here http://userbase.kde.org/Session_Environment_Variables/en theen restart the pc for the variable to be loaded from startup01:30
jbates58hi all. im trying to edit my fstab to mount my usb drive to the same location when its unplugged and replugged into my system. but i keel getting this error: root@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~# sudo mount -a fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/OdroidStorageDrive: No such file or directory i have tried it with both the /dev/sd* and the uuid of the drive. my fstab string looks likt this: UUID= or01:30
jbates58/dev/sd* /media/OdroidStorageDrive ntfs defaults 0 001:30
jbates58where did i go wrong?01:30
Malsasagnuskool: so, i should restart? How about source command?01:32
nexussixhi all01:32
Meepwell thats dumb01:34
nexussixI have an issue with my machine locking up hard. When I notice its down, I plug in a monitor and the login screen is there but the mouse wont move and the keys have no effect. Its unavailable on the network either. Any ideas about where to look to find out whats happening?01:34
Meepfinished the install, everything looks great, and it boots straight into windows with no prompts01:34
nexussixThe logs seem to just stop - nothing odd in them to my eyes01:34
MeepAnyone know much about bootloaders?01:37
bubbalooomeep, somewhat01:38
MeepTrying to set up for dual boot with win7 and ubuntu01:39
Meepright now, its booting directly into 7 and looks like its skipping the boot loader01:39
bubbalooo!dual boot01:40
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:40
gnuskoolMalsasa: i'd try to put that command in startkde that way it persists between sessions - the instructions are at the very bottom of the page01:41
theborgerBlueEagle: tried to change out network cables etc. still not working01:42
theborgerchanged from static still same issue. if i restart the network i just get DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 601:43
theborgeris there a way to go back before the updates were installed?01:44
bubbalooomeep, this a wubi or uefi setup?01:47
MeepI think I'm making some progress01:48
Meep...I think the bootloader is loading another bootloader01:48
Meep...yep...ok I think I got this figured out01:48
Meepused a bcdedit program to fix it01:48
theborgeris there a way to go back before the updates were installed?01:49
bubbalooomeep you fixed it?01:49
Meepits fixed enough for the moment01:51
MeepI can actually get in now01:51
MeepLet me retrace my steps real quick and I'll tell you what I did01:52
MeepOk, I used a utility called EasyBCD to rebuild the windows boot loader, it points at the GRUB 2 loader and makes it load correctly now. Its a little wierd because you run through two bootloaders now to get to Ubuntu01:53
MeepI wonder if I can edit the grub timer down so it just loads up Ubuntu if I dont immediately hit anything01:54
SonikkuAmericaMeep: That should be possible, it's in /etc/default/grub in Ubuntu01:56
SonikkuAmericaMeep: in EasyBCD I think it's in the menu.lst01:56
whjmsMeep: grub-customizer will let you edit the timer through a gui01:57
Meepright now, its first loading up the Win7 boot manager with a 30 second timer, and then when I hit ubuntu it fires up grub with another timer to pick either win7 or ubuntu01:57
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whjmsMeep: yeah, i had a similar workaround when i messed with the wrong partition.01:59
leduc_bjoin #01:59
MeepIs it possible to remove one of the duplicate boot loaders?01:59
MathuinFWIW I fixed my problem with Minecraft by reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers.  Something about the most recent batch of updated packages caused the Alternative Driver page to lose its idea of what should be activated.  All better now!02:00
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:00
riddribhow can open .apk?02:00
SonikkuAmericariddrib: Get an Android device.02:01
whjmsis an android package just an archive?02:02
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historiddrib how is that ubuntu related?02:06
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theborgergot it working, thanks for the great idea, i got here02:16
user___greetings, i'm having a problem with file sharing with windows.02:16
user___the problem is if i share files from windows and after about an hour i try to connect to them again natiulus freezes02:17
Kyzzcan someone help me out with wifi connection issues in version 12.0402:23
DJJeffsomeone wrote a script that reads a .deb file and can restore permissions it does not work if the perms is 'rws'02:24
wilee-nileeKyzz, This an internal, run lspci to identify it and share that with the channel, and any other details02:24
DJJeffcould someone take a look and help me so it can also do 'rws'02:25
wilee-nileeKyzz, Share the wireless card that is.02:25
Kyzzwilee-nilee: I have an Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 620502:31
Kyzzso...not broadcom heh02:31
Meepok, getting used to moving around the file system02:33
Meepis there a way to let me manually enter in the path that I want to look at?02:33
Meeplike enable an address bar in the windows?02:33
wilee-nileeKyzz, This and other links say it should be working in 12.04. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=intel_6205_wlan&num=102:36
Meepthere are way less games available on Steam than I expected02:37
Meepthats unfortunate02:37
trismMeep: in the file browser? ctrl+L02:38
Meepare there hotkeys for jumping around the different viewports?02:38
Meepor throwing windows to other viewports?02:39
trismMeep: ctrl+alt+arrow keys to move around02:39
trismMeep: ctrl+alt+shift+arrow keys can move a window around to different workspaces02:40
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Meepso, this is fun02:40
MeepI thought Valve moved their whole library to linux02:40
wilee-nileeKyzz, Any details that might help here?02:41
RobbyFmajority of the classics02:41
CleanCarlif i wanted to install the lightest distro based on ubuntu/debian, that could still use apt-get and support cinnamon, any clues?02:42
Meepis it possible to aim my home folders to other locations?02:43
wilee-nileeCleanCarl, the underlying system of all the ubuntu, kubuntu,lubuntu, and xubuntu are basically the same the desktops are the difference, choose one and install cinnamon.02:43
Meepfor example, remap pictures to another folder elsewhere02:43
wilee-nileeCleanCarl, You will have two desktops unless you remove one of them is all.02:44
CleanCarlwilee-nilee: i snagged a copy of puppy built on precise, and couldnt get a wpa2 wireless connection to be able to install anything :(02:45
CleanCarllappy has edubuntu on it now02:45
CleanCarland unity02:45
lagboxanyone know of an issue with not being able to scroll with the mouse wheel in certain gtk+ applications ?02:45
jjmil03anyone there?02:45
lagboxi can only scroll if hovering over the scroll bar02:46
djathorisno one is here02:46
wilee-nileeCleanCarl, You could just install mint and get it over with if you want cinnamon. ;)02:47
CleanCarlits a 2gb pentium m 2ghz02:48
djathorisis cinnamon really so good?02:48
CleanCarli figured some rev of ubuntu chopped down would perform much better02:48
wahibdonso installed server and after first boot ran apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop now when I try to login kde does not start.  what the hell did I do wrong?02:49
djathorisCleanCarl, are youhaving performance problems with a std ubuntu install?02:50
CleanCarlnot really, but trying to eek out all the performance possible02:50
CleanCarlflash is slower than dirt02:50
lagboxyes it is02:51
djathorissimply going with xubuntu or lubuntu would lighten the OS02:51
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lagboxyea for nautilus 3.6 sucking02:52
=== devunt_ is now known as devunt
yahyaawould anyone know how to install archive manager in the konsole?02:55
CleanCarlimma try cinnarch ;)02:55
CleanCarlthx everyone02:55
javaniccan anyone help me.. i'm new to ubuntu and i installed and it keeps freezing!!03:09
javanichello (hello echos)03:12
wilee-nilee!details | javanic for the channel.03:14
ubottujavanic for the channel.: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:14
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:15
javanici'm freezing up mostly when i click on "dash home" but also randomly... then i have to reboot to get going again03:15
wilee-nileejavanic, how did it run from the live cd?03:16
wilee-nileewhat is the release, what is the hardware?03:17
javanici never ran it from a live cd03:18
harrisis there a lose it web app03:19
javanicAMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ × 2 1.8 GiB memory os 32-bit 250GB hd03:19
wilee-nileejavanic, Did you do a update yet?03:20
javanic<wilee-nilee> yes a few times, have had it installed for about a month03:20
wilee-nileejavanic, Has it always been this way?03:20
javanic<wilee-nilee> yes, from the get go03:21
wilee-nileejavanic, This a dualboot?03:21
javanic<wilee-nilee> nope, did a clean install just ubuntu. I switched from pclinuxos, but formatted disk03:22
wilee-nileejavanic, Well, not sure to be honest, best of luck. ;)03:22
Mio-chanjavanic, do you have any propitiatory graphics drivers installed?03:22
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javanic<Mio-chan> i had nothing installed, did a format and let ubuntu  do the rest03:23
bobdobalinasyslog may provide some valuable info, especially if you write down the exact time when you notice it is freezing03:23
javanic<wilee-nilee> thanks03:23
javanic<bobdobalina> don't know how to do that, or what it would mean lol03:24
Mio-chanWell javanic, bobdobalina's right on syslogs. My only advice right now is you could try installing graphics drivers (assuming you're on 12.10, you would go to software sources, and then 'additional drivers')03:25
javanic<Mio-chan> i am on 12.10, but how do i get to "software sources"? unfortunately it's been freezing so much i haven't been able to play around to find all the settings and such03:26
soundissuesI need help my sound is no longer working and I cannot figure out why.03:28
SpacePoethow do i mount an image file to a loop device??03:28
Mio-chanjavanic, via the Dash. If that's too unstable, you can launch a terminal and do it from there -> gksudo software-properties-gtk03:28
Saberu4my startup script isnt working. sh /home/hyx/cgminer/gfx03:29
Saberu4works in the terminal03:29
Saberu4doesn't work in rc.local03:29
javanic<Mio-chan> it says that no proprietary drivers installed... should i try one of the options it gives me? if so, how do i choose the one i need?03:30
soundissuesI need help my sound is no longer working and I cannot figure out why.03:31
Mio-chanjavanic, simply select an alternative option and click apply. However, I can not guarantee to you that this will resolve your crashes.03:31
tomreynSpacePoet: mount /tmp/disk.img /mnt03:31
javanic<Mio-chan> ok, i'll try.. thanks for your help!03:32
=== f00dMonsta__ is now known as f00dMonsta
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
tomreynSaberu4: "doesn't work" is not much information. check your log file sin /var/log/ - they may tell you more about it. you should rather use crontab with the @boot trigger or ~/.bash_profile (assuming you use the bash) if you want to run a script as your user at login, though.03:34
=== milind is now known as abyss42
soundissueshow can I tell the developers that my sound works with 3.5.0-17-generic but not with any of the kernels after that???03:38
wilee-nileesoundissues, file a bug report03:39
soundissuesand just how would I do that ?03:39
tomreynsoundissues: run "ubuntu-bug linux" and mention "regression"03:39
wilee-nileesoundissues, Make sure it is stock kernel for your release.03:39
soundissuesall I know is kernel 3.5.0-17 works and neither 3.5.0-26 or 27 work03:41
soundissuesand I have no idea why03:41
javanic<Mio-chan> i think that may have just fixed my problem!03:42
soundissuesdo I need to boot up the offending kernel03:43
soundissuesand then do bug-report ?03:44
tomreynyes you should03:44
soundissuesok I will do that tomorrow then thx03:44
xiangjianfenghello,everyone,may i ask a question? how to check a encoding of a filename out ? thx03:44
soundissuesenjoying my sound working again for now lol03:44
tomreynxiangjianfeng: gnu file03:45
tomreynxiangjianfeng: file /path/to/file03:45
harrisis there a web app for http://www.loseit.com/03:45
javanicspeaking of sound issues, how come when i have my pc speakers plugged in the back, i can't use the headphone jack in the front of my tower??03:45
soundissuesjavanic go to terminal type alsamixer, then look in there for an 'auto muting' option03:46
harrisis there a web app for http://www.loseit.com/03:46
wilee-nileeharris, No.03:46
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javanic<soundissues> nothing comes up when i type that lol03:47
dr_willissounds like a weight loss web site03:47
=== Mav is now known as MavV
soundissuesalsamixer ?03:48
=== MavV is now known as MavV12
soundissuestype alsamixer in terminal and hit enter03:48
harrisits a weight loss site03:48
soundissuesthen look for an auto muting option and press 'm' to change the setting use arrow keys to look around03:48
dr_willisi guessed right...    ;-)03:48
javanic<soundissues> did that, nothing comes up!03:48
harrisis there though03:48
Ademanso this is odd. I'm on 12.04 and suddenly OpenGL doesn't work. I get a message "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"." and when I check my Xorg.0.log I find "(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)" Which bothers me because I have an intel gfx chipset... this issue is new as of a week ago, after 2+ years of working fine...03:48
dr_willisharris:  i would be suprised if there was..03:49
javanic<soundissues> says no matches03:49
harrishow do i look03:49
wilee-nileeharris, That's apple phone03:49
harrisno its a sight03:49
wilee-nilee!help > xiangjianfeng03:50
dr_willischeck askubuntu.com  on how to make a webapp from a site perhaps.03:50
ubottuxiangjianfeng, please see my private message03:50
dr_williswebapps seem sort of annoying last i used the feature03:50
xiangjianfengit doesn't work...i mounted a fat system..the filename is all ??.rmvb03:51
dr_willisvlc can play   .rmvb03:51
dr_willisthats a realplayer video. sort of rare these days03:51
xiangjianfengi want to know the encoding of the filename.03:52
Saberu4can anyone help me with my startup script?03:52
Saberu4it's saying it can't find the file but i've added the FULL path :( :(03:52
dr_willisload in vlc. look at the file details menu item  xiangjianfeng03:53
dr_willisSaberu4:  whats the path/name03:53
=== bradley_ is now known as bradley
Saberu4hyx is the username03:54
Saberu4cgminer is a subdirectory in the hyx home folder03:54
Saberu4gfx is the bash script03:54
dr_willisand is it executable?03:55
dr_willisdoes /home/hyx/cgminer/gfx    run it?03:56
AdemanSaberu4: also make sure you have the appropriate #! /bin/bash  line at the start of your script03:56
Saberu4yeh I 777'd the whole damn directory cos i hate permissions03:56
dr_willisand the  cAsE of the thing is correct03:56
dr_willishow.. silly03:56
Saberu4damn! it worked without the .03:57
dr_willisthe. ?03:57
Saberu4yeh u just ashed me <dr_willis> does /home/hyx/cgminer/gfx    run it?03:57
Saberu4i was adding a . before03:57
dr_willis  ./foo the   .   means look in local dir...03:58
Saberu4i assed u needed a . to execute files03:58
Saberu4yeh i know the . also means that. i thought it had 2 meanings :(  now i realise that's stupid LOL03:58
dr_willisyou dont need a.03:58
Saberu4ok thnaks, i know now03:58
dr_willisyou do need a proper path03:58
AdemanSaberu4: . /foo/bar/baz is different from ./foo/bar/baz03:58
Ademaniirc . /foo/bar/baz is equivalent to source /foo/bar/baz03:58
dr_willisspaces matter. ;-)03:59
Ademanok, lets see if removing these nvidia packages fixes my broken opengl...03:59
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dr_willisthat syntax is hard to read at tymes03:59
dr_willisnight all...04:00
Saberu4dr_willis still no luck04:07
Saberu4i mean it works but not in rc.local04:07
Saberu4/etc/rc.local i presume that will run the startup scripts. but it isnt executing04:07
The_Rufushey everyone. Can anyone tell me where I can get IRC assistance for rTorrent?04:07
kvothetechThe_Rufus: what are you trying to do with it04:08
kvothetechThe_Rufus: probably in #rtorrent or #libtorrent but..04:09
The_Rufuswell, it works fine, except if I give it a magnet link and I restart rtorrent for any reasons, the .torrent files load up and continue, but the torrents put there via magnet links are gone04:09
The_Rufusfiles are there, it just doesn't load them up04:09
The_RufusI tried #rtorrent but it doesn't exist04:10
kvothetechpastebin your .rc04:10
The_Rufuscommand to pastebin?04:10
kvothetechor something like that04:11
ph0enixsshey all04:13
ph0enixssanyone here have experience with lxc?04:13
kvothetechph0enixss: ask your question might be more helpful04:14
KyeRussellHi all. Where does the wpa_supplicant package on Ubuntu get its driver list from? I've compiled iand installed a ralink driver, yet wpa_supplicant doesn't acknowledge that the driver exists (isn't in the driver list, etc).04:15
Saberu4net split?04:16
The_Rufusso to be clear, everything to do with .torrent files is working fine. But when I BKSP and load.start> a magnet link it will work fine until such time as I restart, then rtorrent only re-loads the .torrent files and not the magnet links. Files for both are still sitting there complete/incomplete.04:16
xiangjianfengtomreyn thanks..fri..04:17
The_Rufusif I paste the magnet back into rtorrent, the files pick up where they left off04:17
yeahbrooooois there any way to upgrade from jaunty?04:18
yeahbrooooobesides reinstalling?04:18
ph0enixsssure. i got lxc set up on my 12.04 host using the ubuntu-lxc ppa's and a custom kernel (so that almost everything in lxc-checkconfig reports that it's enabled)... i followed the serverguide https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/lxc.html to create a (default) precise container. now, i was able to have that host boot, but it wasnt getting a proper dhcp eth0 address. i corrected that using isc-dhcp-server.04:18
ph0enixssnow - my problem is - my linux container has an eth0 address, it can resolve and ping out, but it is SLOOWWWWW04:18
ph0enixsslike super slow04:19
ph0enixsslike 36 ping packets in 5 minutes slow04:19
ph0enixssdoes anyone have experiences with this? i'm really at a loss for how to debug this.04:20
ph0enixssnon networking stuff seems fast04:21
ph0enixssi tried disabling ufw and that had no effect04:22
The_Rufusanyone know about my issue?04:22
c2tarunI shared a folder and it has many folder and files inside it. Some has read access to 'others' but many dont have. How can I give this access to all files and folders?04:23
ChogyDanc2tarun: make the folder executable?04:24
c2tarunChogyDan: main folder is already exectable "drwxr-xr-x" the problem is many folders inside main folder are not exxecutable. Its very tedious to make them executable one be one, how can I make all of them executable at once04:25
ChogyDanc2tarun: probably a -R in the command, there04:25
Saberu4anyone help me with my startup script?04:26
ChogyDanc2tarun: like, chmod +x -R ./folder      maybe04:26
c2tarunChogyDan: it worked :) thank04:26
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ChogyDanThe_Rufus: try deluge04:40
The_Rufusdeluge being?04:40
KyeRussellHi all. Where does the wpa_supplicant package on Ubuntu get its driver list from? I've compiled iand installed a ralink driver, yet wpa_supplicant doesn't acknowledge that the driver exists (isn't in the driver list, etc).04:40
The_RufusIRC channel?04:40
|Slacker|what's with this error: W:Failed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'extras.ubuntu.com:http'04:42
|Slacker|I've been experiencing it for the last 40 days no matter what repo I use04:43
dodo3773KyeRussell: Are you trying to use wpa_supplicant directly? Also, drivers are handled by the kernel. Is the right module loaded? If you look through dmesg does it tell you the card loaded? Does your card require firmware && did you install said firmware?04:43
dodo3773|Slacker|: Do you have a firewall running?04:44
|Slacker|nope...and I've just reinstalled ubuntu yesterday from scratch04:44
dodo3773|Slacker|: You can browse the web and ping domains/ips and all that though yeah?04:45
KyeRusselldodo3773: I'm trying to use it directly, it's running on Ubuntu server (don't ask) so I can't exactly use networkmanager or anything. I'm fairly sure the right module is loaded as the device shows up in iwconfig, modprobe worked.etc. when I run wpa_supplicant without any flags it shows the list of drivers I can use, and ralink is nowhere to be seen.04:45
|Slacker|even my vm's update normally04:45
Saberu4can someone help me with my startup script?04:45
|Slacker|only ubuntu and ubuntu derivatives get this error04:46
dodo3773KyeRussell: Oh I see what your saying. Did you create a wpa_supplicant.conf file with wpa_passphrase yet?04:46
Saberu4 my ubuntu rc.local startup script isnt running, nor is my crontab @reboot script. both trying to start a bash script but neither want to run.  the path is /home/hyx/cgminer/gfx04:46
KyeRussellI've created a wpa_supplicant.conf file, when I try to run it without the driver flag (with wext driver I'd imagine) I get errors. I'm trying to auth to an 802.1x network so I don't imagine wext drivers will work with my chipset04:46
bray90820Does Gwibber have touch controls04:47
dodo3773KyeRussell: Oh. Hmm. The only one I've ever used has been wext04:49
|Slacker|I even tried a different repo, from my own city and still I get the error04:49
dodo3773KyeRussell: Just to verify this is what you did yeah: wpa_passphrase mywireless_ssid "secretpassphrase" >> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf && wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf04:50
dodo3773KyeRussell: Where /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf is whereever the conf directory on your system is04:50
KyeRussellWhen I do that, I get an error, something about not being able to communicate properly with the driver.04:51
dodo3773|Slacker|: That is pretty strange.04:51
|Slacker|yeah...tell me about it...04:51
KyeRussellThe readme for my chipset's driver says I need to use the ralink driver with wpa_supplicant (i.e. -Dralink)04:51
KyeRussellwhen I do that, wpa_supplicant tells me the driver doesn't exist.04:52
ubuthetechguruhi guys04:52
Guest96914tfw no drivers04:52
KyeRusselland when i run wpa_supplicant without any flags it shows a list of drivers available for me, and it's supposed to show ralink amongst those drivers, which it doesn't.04:52
|Slacker|now it worked fine, I guess my connection or dns is somehow screwed up04:53
|Slacker|I'll check with my provider tomorrow04:53
|Slacker|thanks for the help dodo377304:53
dodo3773KyeRussell: Does 802.1x mean that the network is not wpa/wpa2 encrypted?04:55
dodo3773|Slacker|: You're welcome. Glad you sorted it out04:55
KyeRussellI believe it's wpa2, 802.1x sits on top, some enterprise authorisation stuff.04:56
dodo3773KyeRussell: I don't see anything in the man page about ralink04:56
KyeRussellneither, it's strange04:57
rmarkerhow do i get dvd decryption?04:58
dodo3773KyeRussell: In man wpa_supplicant.conf there is: "key_mgmt=IEEE8021X" in one of the examples. Maybe that's what you need? Look at that page04:58
Saberu4can anyone help me with my rc.local probme?04:58
dodo3773rmarker: Package called "libdvdcss"04:59
dodo3773Saberu4: Is the script executable (did you chmod it)04:59
ubuthetechguruhaving a NFS sharing and permission/owner issues, can someone help?04:59
rmarkeri do not see that. i am running xubuntu05:00
Saberu4update: i did a test script in rc.local and it executed05:01
dodo3773rmarker: Let me check05:01
dodo3773Saberu4: Oh cool05:01
Saberu4so there's something specific as to why it wont execute my bash script named 'gfx'05:01
Saberu4path is /home/hyx/cgminer/gfx05:01
Saberu4any ideas guys?05:02
Saberu4could it be possible that rc.local / cron etc are just opening the bash file in an editor instead of executing it?05:03
Saberu4but in terminal it executes05:03
dodo3773Saberu4: Post the script05:03
dodo3773rmarker: Here you go: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs05:04
dodo3773Saberu4: Also did you do this to your script: "chmod +x /path/to/my/script" to make sure it had permission to execute?05:05
Saberu4i did05:05
dodo3773Saberu4: Let's take a look at the script then.05:05
ubuthetechguruwhat makes a folder or file have the following permissions? rwxr-sr-w05:06
dodo3773ubuthetechguru: Either the install script setting it that way or the user. Is that what you mean>05:07
Saberu4ok it's coming05:07
Saberu4only small so im gonna paste it here05:07
Saberu4export GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=10005:07
Saberu4export GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS=105:07
Saberu4export DISPLAY=:005:07
Saberu4/home/hyx/cgminer/cgminer --scrypt --thread-concurrency 8192 --worksize 128 -u saberu.16 -p x -o stratum+tcp://stratum.give-me-ltc.com:3333 --intensity 18.2 --temp-cutoff 85 --gpu-fan 85 --gpu-engine 1000 --gpu-memclock 1350,130005:07
FloodBot1Saberu4: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:07
rmarkerthanks it worked05:07
ubuthetechgurudodo3773, what does the s mean for the group?05:07
dodo3773rmarker: Great glad you got it sorted05:07
Saberu4can u see it?05:08
dodo3773Saberu4: No the irc server bot cut you off I think. Try just usign a paste site like pastebin or pastie or something and then post a link here05:08
dodo3773ubuthetechguru: Check this out (it's old but may explain it): http://linuxfocus.berlios.de/English/January1999/article77.html05:10
dodo3773Saberu4: Assuming that's your rc.local file? Okay. Now post the script "/home/hyx/cgminer/cgminer". Also, how do you have switches from your script?05:12
Saberu4dodo that's my bash script05:13
Saberu4the rc.local runs that script05:13
Saberu4by calling /home/hyx/cgminer/gfx05:13
Saberu4gfx is the name of the bash script05:13
Saberu4cgminer is a program, i can paste it but it's pretty complex i imagine05:13
dodo3773Saberu4: Oh I see05:14
Saberu4it's a program that uses the graphics cards to do decryption05:14
dodo3773Saberu4: Does the cgminer need to run as root or regular user?05:14

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