ypwongsmartboyhw, i'm not familiar with iso.qa.ubuntu.com, so who to contact to remove some of the test cases in http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds/42572/testcases like "Install (entire disk with lvm and encryption)"14:25
smartboyhwypwong, um um me?:P14:25
ypwongsmartboyhw, you have the permission to update that?14:25
smartboyhwI should be able to do so14:25
* smartboyhw is a testcase admin14:25
ypwongsmartboyhw, i see, i have to discuss with JackYu14:25
ypwongjust think it doesn't worth us to test all those test cases14:26
smartboyhwypwong, :)14:26
smartboyhwI do agree14:26
smartboyhwypwong, hmm we have a problem.14:27
smartboyhwThese testcases are based on Ubuntu Desktop.14:27
smartboyhwypwong, contact me a.s.a.p. for this, as this will require quite a bit of changes.14:27
ypwongsmartboyhw, change of what?14:27
smartboyhwypwong, testsuite for the product.14:27
ypwongsmartboyhw, is it managed at bzr?14:28
smartboyhwypwong, no14:28
smartboyhwIt is ISO QA Tracker management.14:28
ypwongthat's an internal system?14:29
smartboyhwypwong, administration:P14:30
smartboyhwI think the QA lead of your flavour and JackYu and me and jiaowenli have privileges to change testsuites.14:30
smartboyhwBut I think I'm the only one who can CREATE testsuites as well.14:31
ypwongwho is jiaowenli?14:32
smartboyhwypwong, dunno:P14:32
smartboyhwHe is in the UbuntuKylin Release Team. Ask JackYu14:32
ypwongi saw some of the test cases are maintained in bzr14:33
smartboyhwypwong, that's not a TESTCASE problem, it's a TESTSUITE problem in the ISO QA Tracker.14:33
ypwongok, i am sidetracking14:34
JackYusmartboyhw, ypwong, hi14:37
ypwongJackYu, hi14:37
smartboyhwJackYu, hey!14:37
ypwongjust discussing about our tests14:37
JackYuI'm watch the news about the earthshock14:37
ypwongJackYu, that's shocking14:37
ypwongI was at Ya'an few months ago14:38
JackYuyes,very sad14:38
smartboyhwJackYu, ypwong the Sichuan 7.0 one?14:38
smartboyhwextremely sad14:38
smartboyhwToo many disasters these tiems14:38
smartboyhwFirst the Boston bombing, then the explosion in Texas, then this:(14:38
JackYuyep, we changed our website to black and white this afternoon.14:39
smartboyhwJackYu, ypwong can we get back to the main point?;P14:40
JackYuanyway, what we could do is make UbuntuKylin better.14:40
ypwongJackYu, there are 5 mandatory tests about installation14:41
ypwonglet's see which ones we can remove14:41
* smartboyhw votes for the T-shirts :P14:41
smartboyhwEr too dizzy...14:41
smartboyhwypwong, http://www.ubuntukylin.com/ukylin/upload/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=645&extra=page%3D114:42
JackYuyep,  t-shirt for UbuntuKylin14:42
smartboyhwJackYu, grrr Ubuntu Studio is also planning T-shirts:P14:43
smartboyhwJackYu, ypwong suggested to remove the encryption thing14:43
JackYusmartboyhw: that's great. Do you have their pictures?14:43
ypwongtoo many colours to choose from14:43
smartboyhwypwong, I agree14:44
JackYusmartboyhw: I agree.14:44
smartboyhwJackYu, which part?14:44
smartboyhwWe are having two discussions here...14:44
JackYuremove the encryption thing14:44
ypwongJackYu, you plan to make t-shirts of 4 different colours?14:44
JackYuypwong, I think 3-4 colors are enough.14:45
ypwongJackYu, and you need to have male and female sizes14:45
JackYuypwong, yes, we plan to make 500 pieces this time:)14:46
JackYusmartboyhw: I agree to remove the encryption thing.14:47
ypwongsmartboyhw, gogogo14:47
smartboyhwJackYu, OK. Let me do some changes then14:47
JackYuypwong, but need agreed by my boss:)14:47
ypwongJackYu, i thought you are the one to make decision :P14:48
ypwongthen we wait for you14:48
JackYuypwong, no, but my boss supports me most time:)14:48
smartboyhwJackYu, ypwong done please check14:51
JackYusmartboyhw: I was discussing with Ma Jun and jiaowen520li about the testcases today. We want to  add some other testcases for ubuntukylin-theme and fctix. What's your opinion?14:51
smartboyhwJackYu, it's OK as long as you test it:P14:51
smartboyhwIf your testers don't test: No good at adding these14:52
ypwongJackYu, good idea14:52
smartboyhwThey should all be Run-once though14:52
smartboyhwNo mandatory14:52
ypwongsmartboyhw, can you explain the difference?14:52
smartboyhwypwong, Run-once means only 1 pass is OK14:53
smartboyhwmandatory means that ALL results of that testcase should pass.14:53
* smartboyhw felt like an expert :P 14:53
JackYusmartboyhw: I don't get the points:(. Could you explain  in Chinese?14:57
smartboyhwJackYu, uh oh.14:57
smartboyhwIt will take some time, my Chinese typing speed isn't fast.14:57
JackYusmartboyhw: thanks.15:01
ypwongsmartboyhw, btw, seems there is no a specific image called RC?15:11
smartboyhwypwong, it would be produced on Monday.15:11
ypwongsmartboyhw, schedule slipped?15:11
smartboyhwypwong, JackYu the Ubuntu Release Team does suggest people to start testing now15:11
ypwongi see lubuntu has already started15:12
smartboyhwypwong, just that the Ubuntu Release Team doesn't create the milestone on the Ubuntu ISO QA Tracker doesn't mean there aren't RCs.15:12
smartboyhwypwong, and I did already:p15:12
ypwongsmartboyhw, use the daily image, right?15:12
smartboyhwypwong, yep.15:12
JackYusmartboyhw: I'am planing to start QA next Monday:)15:14
smartboyhwJackYu, good.15:19
smartboyhwJackYu, we will be so busy at Thursday:P15:20
JackYuyep, a busy week:)15:21
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
smartboyhwypwong: Ooh you followed me on Twitter! (which I rarely use)16:39
ypwongsmartboyhw, heh, yeah16:39
ypwongi mainly use twitter, than g+ and facebook16:39
smartboyhwypwong: Heh do I have you in my G+ circle?16:40
ypwongi don't know16:40
ypwongseems not?16:40
* smartboyhw uses G+ more often.16:40
smartboyhwypwong: Let me add you in then.16:40
ypwongme https://plus.google.com/115639562650234183959/posts16:41
smartboyhwypwong: Done!16:42

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