semitonesI'm trying to delete a top-level directory from ubuntu one01:10
semitonesbecause it's taking up a lot of space01:10
semitonesand I'd rather just sync some nested directories01:10
semitonesI found a way (u1sdtool --delete-folder=FOLDER_ID) but I'm concerned that it's ambiguous whether this removes the folder locally or on the cloud only. Please advise, thanks!01:11
semitonesI'm trying to remove ~/Documents from ubuntu one01:22
semitonesI've encountered a problem01:34
semitones~/testfolder is deleted fine, but ~/Documents is not.01:34
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popeyhmm, files don't seem to be uploading from my iphone...10:57
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Guest8717o.k. am I one ubunut one? I have a question. I just recently signed up for Ubuntu one and am enjoying the free storage and read that I can refer my friends to this site and be able to earn extra storage. But, I can't read the https to go to on my dashboard. It is too long, and I can't click on it to make it work. What should I do?19:36
Guest8717Hey, my question got broken up. Sooo, I can't read the https. on my dashboard so I can refer my friends to Ubuntu one19:37
Guest8717I mean, the https is too long and I can't access it.19:38
karen_Hi, I recently joined ubuntu one and saw that I can refer friends using the https provided on my dash board. The https is too long and I can't access it. What should I do?19:48
sirdancealo2karen_, you can use mine: https://one.ubuntu.com/referrals/referee/82275/20:14
karen_o.k. but who are you, and how do I know everything will be private?20:18
karen_do you know how I can read all of my https?20:21
sirdancealo2karen_, right click it20:21
sirdancealo2you get a menu20:21
sirdancealo2use select all and copy20:21
sirdancealo2use paste in a blank adress bar20:22
karen_ohhh o.k. I'll try that.20:23
sirdancealo2the link is really what youre supposed to give your friends20:26
karen_ohh the link is what I give my friends, because, when I cut and paste and hit enter, it just sends me back to my dashboard. I see. I just send the link to my friends. right/20:27
karen_oh, thank you so much!20:31

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