smartboyhwzequence, is http://paste.ubuntu.com/5723796/ OK?08:52
zequencesmartboyhw: looks fine to me08:54
smartboyhwzequence, post?08:54
* smartboyhw should delete the 12.10 thing in here.08:54
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: Ubuntu Studio Development Channel | https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio | Ubuntu Studio 12.04.02 LTS is released: ISO- http://goo.gl/FEAxP Notes-http://goo.gl/29QaS |Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Beta 2 released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/13.04/beta-2/
smartboyhwOr rather: Change the Beta 2 = Please test RC08:55
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: Ubuntu Studio Development Channel | https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio | Ubuntu Studio 12.04.02 LTS is released: ISO- http://goo.gl/FEAxP Notes-http://goo.gl/29QaS | Please test the 13.04 RC images in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/current
smartboyhwThat's better!08:56
smartboyhwzequence, ^08:56
zequencesmartboyhw: Are you posting to the website too?09:00
smartboyhwzequence, posting:P09:00
zequenceI'm going to the store. Once I get back, I'll post to G+ and facebook too09:02
smartboyhwzequence, the store!?09:12
smartboyhwWhat store:P09:13
smartboyhwDONE for posting in the website09:13
* smartboyhw decides to write an artwork blog post for Ubuntu Studio along with the testing call09:29
* smartboyhw is downloading the Ubuntu Studio 7.10 ISO for fun:P09:48
zequenceJust the local food store10:00
zequenceI posted on G+ and facebook too10:01
smartboyhwzequence, :)10:04
zequenceNever trust the weather man. He's the biggest lier in the world10:23
smartboyhwzequence, :O10:30
smartboyhwIt's true10:30
smartboyhwzequence, heh in "shared friends" I'm not included:P11:00
smartboyhwIn the G+ page of Ubuntu Studio (official)11:00
zequencesmartboyhw: What is "shared friends"?11:03
smartboyhwzequence, that means two people both have the other in their circles.11:03
zequenceThe Ubuntu Studio G+ page hasn't added anyone to its circles11:03
smartboyhwzequence, er wait11:04
smartboyhwzequence, in https://plus.google.com/u/0/102125777892703446963/posts11:04
smartboyhwI see six people: madeinkobaia, scott-work, you, holstein, astraljava and Darkera11:05
smartboyhwNo me:O11:05
zequenceYou mean, you see them in the "X IN COMMON WITH YOU"11:05
smartboyhwzequence, yep11:05
* smartboyhw has an Chinese interface of G+ sorry:P11:05
zequenceThat means they also have that page in their circle11:06
smartboyhwzequence, hmm i didn't/11:06
zequenceUbuntu Studio doesn't have anyone in its circle11:06
smartboyhwOh bother11:06
smartboyhwOr maybe it doesn't show myself?11:06
* smartboyhw doesn't understand.11:06
zequenceIt means you have them in your circles, and both you and them have Ubuntu Studio11:07
smartboyhwzequence, ah:O11:08
smartboyhwHmm that's really few people:(11:08
smartboyhwzequence, I seriously wonder:11:13
smartboyhwIn the "Support and Feedback" page of our website it says:11:13
smartboyhw"There are also #ubuntustudio-es and #ubuntustudio-fr for spanish and french speaking users."11:13
smartboyhwAre these two channels still active?11:13
smartboyhwAs far as I can tell when I join the two channels there is only ChanServ and me11:13
smartboyhwAnd none of the channels have a topic11:14
smartboyhwShould we just simply remove this line?11:14
smartboyhwHey DarkEra :)12:45
DarkErahey smartboyhw ;)12:46
smartboyhwDarkEra, did you receive my e-mail to the -devel mailing list about RC testing?12:46
smartboyhwThe milestone hasn't been created yet12:47
smartboyhwBut the Ubuntu Release Team told us to start testing:)12:47
DarkEraoh shi-.... i didn't subscribe to that yet. Sorry.12:47
DarkErai read something about it on G12:47
DarkEraah i see12:48
DarkEralemme first try to wake up my brain, had a sleepless night12:49
smartboyhwDarkEra, :O12:51
smartboyhwDarkEra, we have that in our main website ubuntustudio.org12:52
DarkErai know :)12:52
smartboyhwDarkEra, however: Please DO subscribe to the mailing list:)12:52
DarkErai will do so for sure, don't worry12:52
smartboyhwDarkEra, :P12:53
smartboyhwDarkEra, \o/12:56
smartboyhwDarkEra, your wallpaper can be made into an full theme:P12:56
DarkErayou mean a pack?12:56
smartboyhwDarkEra, a pack of wallpapers:P13:00
DarkErawould be cool. I just saw the post on G+ but.... i think the logo should stay blue instead of purple. I'm going to try something13:02
smartboyhwDarkEra, :P13:02
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: Ubuntu Studio Development Channel | https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio | Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 LTS is released: ISO- http://goo.gl/FEAxP Notes-http://goo.gl/29QaS | Please test the 13.04 RC images in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/current
smartboyhwThere's no .02 :P13:06
smartboyhwIt's just .213:06
DarkEraone purple wallpaper with blue logo coming up13:10
smartboyhwDarkEra, :)13:10
DarkErasmartboyhw, better? 13:24
smartboyhwDarkEra, \o/13:25
smartboyhwHey hey madeinkobaia :)13:59
madeinkobaiaHello smartboyhw ! :) 14:00
madeinkobaiaAbout the social banners slogan, for the moment my idea is this one "13.04 release available now !" if anyone have a suggestion, another proposition feel free to contact me by mail this week-end : madeinkobaia@ubuntustudio.org.14:15
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, oh we added an email for you? Good!14:16
* smartboyhw searches for madeinkobaia's ticket in RT14:16
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, hmm you don't need an RT ticket?14:17
madeinkobaiaYou didn't find the ticket ?14:18
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, NOPE sorry14:18
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, it's probably closed so I can't find it.14:18
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, give me your ticket number.14:18
madeinkobaiaIts resolved, but normally you can find it even in that case14:19
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, no:(14:20
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, yeah I got it14:22
smartboyhwRT TIick 2138314:22
madeinkobaiaYep that's it: ) Just for testing I tried with keywords to find it, without success, their search engine is a little bit freakish :P14:27
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, :P14:28
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, congrats for having an official @ubuntustudio.org address!14:28
smartboyhwzequence, I do think though: It is rather difficult for us to always file an RT ticket for e-mail address requests. Can't we do like create a team at Launchpad, then ask the Canonical IS to set up a cron server so that who gets added to the team can get an @ubuntustudio.org address? That is after all possible for Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu members.14:29
zequencesmartboyhw: I suggested that, but they preferred to do it this way14:32
smartboyhwzequence, yeah since we don't have official councils.14:33
smartboyhwand *official* members14:33
madeinkobaiabbl, enjoy the sun for those who have some :)14:55
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, rainy here.14:55
smartboyhwzequence, how about in your city?14:55
smartboyhwHurray I've done all the summaries for UWN 313:)14:58
DarkErabbl, going for a walk15:07
len-1304smartboyhw, re: the email, shouldn't we be dropping our results in the daily iso tracker anyway?15:12
* len-1304 has been, will do today.15:13
smartboyhwlen-1304, not now I think. I worry that I will not be able to see the results anyway.....15:13
smartboyhwIf it gets respun15:13
len-1304I thought they are archived15:13
smartboyhwlen-1304, and I don't normally have interest in archived things.15:13
len-1304Anyway, I haven't done yesterdays yet but the day before was fine.15:14
len-1304smartboyhw, not much choice in this case15:14
smartboyhwlen-1304, and that's just two days until the milestone will be created. 15:14
smartboyhwlen-1304, :)15:14
len-1304 I think others look there to see if we are testing though.15:14
smartboyhwlen-1304, we are at least good enough to start testing now.15:15
smartboyhwMost flavours haven't started15:15
smartboyhwlen-1304, I do think this release will be rather bugless (since we got headers fixed and such)15:15
len-1304We have been basically ready for release since B215:15
smartboyhwlen-1304, yeah.15:15
smartboyhwlen-1304, any suggestions/ideas for 13.10 & 14.04 LTS?15:15
len-1304We are mostly testing to make sure vanilla changes haven't messed us up.15:16
len-1304some. I will be doing more menu stuff for sure, try to clean up the settings mess.15:16
smartboyhwlen-1304, I don't think so. The Ubuntu Community QA Team has done a cadence week to test the images in this week (though some of us including me drifted off to Testdrive hacking)15:16
smartboyhwlen-1304, \o/15:16
len-1304I am not so enthused at the RT kernel thing, but it does make people happy that it is there.15:17
len-1304I have found that ootb rt doesn't help that much15:18
smartboyhwlen-1304, I am not enthused too15:18
smartboyhwBut we do want our users happy:P15:18
len-1304If a user is going to do really low latency work they have to be willing to do some manual tweaking.15:18
len-1304For recording, what we have already does very well ootb15:20
smartboyhwSome people are just too lazy to do tweaks in kernel but too enthusiastic about extremely low-latency15:21
zequence-rt outperforms -lowlatency easily, in the right circumstances. It's a high tech addition, and as long as someone is willing to maintain it, it doesn't hurt to add one15:22
zequenceWe won't replace -lowlatency with it15:22
smartboyhwzequence, someone = me (when I have spare time)15:22
zequenceIt think that would be a bad idea15:22
smartboyhwI think we should just put it in a PPA.15:22
zequenceI'm also interested in adding a -rt kernel, and given the fact that I'm getting more comfortable in maintaining kernel source, it isn't such a huge step to start a new kernel15:23
zequenceIf we add it, we add it to the main repo. No PPA15:23
len-1304zequence, I agree, rt can do well, but if there are irq rpoblems or bios missettings it comes to nothing.15:23
smartboyhwzequence, OK15:24
smartboyhwlen-1304, let's see how much we can put in.15:24
len-1304I certainly agree with having an RT kernel though.15:25
smartboyhwzequence, if I don't see you in five years as a Canonical Kernel Team employee I'll be feeling surprised:P15:28
zequenceSoftware development is really just a side interest for me, as it is for many of us here. My main focus is music. 15:54
zequenceBut, if I'm offered a job, and I'm free, I won't say no15:54
zequenceI don't think it'll be hacking kernels though. Unless I really start studying15:55
* smartboyhw faints over so much "support" things today16:05
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
smartboyhwzequence: I tried to install the ISOs of Ubuntu Studio 7.10 and 8.04 today in a VM. Both of them failed with software installation:P16:17
smartboyhwLet me install 10.04.4 one day.16:19
smartboyhwzequence: When did Ubuntu Studio drop linux-rt actually?16:20
zequencesmartboyhw: The last supported -rt was included in 9.10. Some releases before didn't have it16:21
smartboyhwzequence: OK16:21
smartboyhwzequence: Speaking about vUDS, our plan was to make people come and ask questions (feeling like Ubuntu OnAir!) right?16:22
zequencesmartboyhw: Yes, I was planning for us to have a session there16:26
zequencesmartboyhw: Why do you ask?16:26
smartboyhwzequence: Mark me not attending:P16:26
zequencesmartboyhw: School?16:26
smartboyhwzequence: I have exam on early June. I will be grounded for computers.16:28
smartboyhw13.04 will be my last big job to complete pre-exa16:28
zequencesmartboyhw: It's Saturday. You should go out to the sun and buy yourself an ice cream16:28
smartboyhwAfter all, this exam affects what subject we will choose.16:28
zequenceschool is more important than this16:29
smartboyhwzequence: Er I should go asleep now, just idling:P16:29
zequenceright. It's getting late even16:30
zequenceIt's best to go to sleep before 10. I try to, but I seldom get the chance16:30
smartboyhwzequence: See ya then.16:30
zequencesmartboyhw: GN16:30
len-1304zequence, smartboyhw , 13.04 looks good. Jack, pulse and audio stuff seems to work fine.20:11
len-1304The only issue I have is with video stuff. Blender still kills X. That would be the open nvidia driver.20:12
len-1304I have an older card that is no longer supported by closed drivers so there is not much I can do about that.20:13
zequencelen-1304: Sure it's the drivers themselves, and not just your graphic card?20:15
len-1304Anything is possible. The card works for most stuff. Blender and  mixxx are the only two I know where it doesn't.20:15
len-1304I don't have a real need to fix it though as I don't do video stuff20:16
len-1304zequence, does the standard video player work for you?20:16
zequencelen-1304: Would be nice to report it though, especially if it's related to the drivers20:16
len-1304Totem I think.20:16
zequenceI haven't had much time to do testing. 20:17
len-1304Tomtem doesn't work for me either, but xine and any of the other install do.20:17
len-1304zequence, bug 100825920:18
ubottubug 1008259 in Ubuntu Studio "Installing dssi-vst causes numerous other packages to be removed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100825920:18
len-1304This is a 64bit problem.20:18
len-1304I guess it tries to install the 32bit packages instead.20:19
len-1304Because of wine problems20:19
len-1304I don't know that it is fixable20:19
zequenceardour in Quantal has a problem. Missing one dependency which makes the LV2 guis not look flashy21:36
zequenceI'm test building the Raring version on Quantal. It's really the same version, with the bugfix as one of the changes21:37
zequenceShould be an easy SRU21:37
DarkErazequence, i noticed a while back in 12.10 that the LV2 plugins look just like the ladspa plugins. Do you mean that?22:44
zequenceDarkEra: Yes23:03
zequenceI have the 64bit version of ardour built here ppa:zequence/ubuntustudio-sru-testing23:06
zequence32bit is in que23:06
zequenceOr, is it queue?23:07
zequence..the many versions of Q23:09
len-1304que is short for queue as in line up and wait23:14
len-1304cue is can be a ball (the round ones not the dance) or a prompt.23:15
DarkErai'm thinking about to wipe the third partition and help testing the daily builds (RC's) the upcoming days if i have the time. That way this laptop is a Ubuntu Studio triple boot machine if i do so23:53

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