Noskcajis there a remote access program in xubuntu?00:17
ChaserNoskcaj, for RDP ? there is remmina for remote desktop client.00:25
NoskcajChaser, ok, ty00:28
David-ANoskcaj: for SSH there is openssh-server00:29
David-ANoskcaj: an alternative to remmina is vinagre00:30
Unit193And remmina uses rdesktop or freerdp as a backend.  Pretty sure Vinagre comes by default.00:31
Noskcajok, thanks guys. when my install finishes i'll look into those00:36
David-ANoskcaj: I also think vinagre is installed by default. just look in the menu for Network>Remote Desktop Viewer00:38
rmarkerhow  do i get dvd decryption?04:56
Unit193!dvd | rmarker05:06
ubotturmarker: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:06
bullgard4I did a distribution-upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. Then I installed the DEB program package »xubuntu-desktop«., logged out and logged in to »Xfce Session«. Now I have Xubuntu . In mc the letters are too small. How should I enlarge (scale up) the letters in mc?05:20
bullgard4packetfrog: mc stands for "Midnight Commander".05:43
packetfrogchange the font size in your term05:50
bullgard4packetfrog: This is GNOME-Terminal here. How can I change its font size?06:07
bullgard4packetfrog: This worked. Thank you very much for your help.06:17
packetfrogbullgard4, no worries :)06:21
* packetfrog waves to sunstar06:21
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bullgard4I did a dist-upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS, Thunar 1.2.3 > Edit > Settings... > Filemanager Settings > Display > (Default View) > Open Default View with: Detail view. How can I persuade Thunar to show the files in Detail view?07:20
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florentincan i have some help with activation nvidia driver for xubuntu ,i install the driver but when i try to open settings i have this:You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.09:32
florentincan i have some help with activation nvidia driver for xubuntu ,i install the driver but when i try to open settings i have this:You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.09:33
packetfrogDid you do what it says?09:33
florentinand i have an error09:34
packetfrogwhat error09:34
florentinWARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file.09:34
florentinERROR: Unable to write to directory '/etc/X11'.09:34
packetfrogsudo nvidia-xconfig09:34
packetfrogtry that09:35
packetfrogunable to open/write to/read/whatever is generally because you are not using sudo09:35
florentinUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".09:35
florentinBacked up file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' as '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'09:35
florentinNew X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'09:35
florentinand now ?!09:36
packetfrogrestart and see how it goes09:36
packetfrogCome back and let me know if it works09:36
florentini can't start compiz in xubuntu 12.10 someonea have a direct profile ?! please11:08
packetfroglar lar11:33
elfyanyone awake in here - got an issue driving me nuts, sometimes I start up to find wallpaper is only on one of my monitors - at some odd resolution, have to logout and login to make it on both screens - used arandr to setup screens - that appears to work fine, tried xfdesktop --reload - no difference11:37
packetfrogIt never works on my desktop11:37
packetfrogUnless I set to to cover both screens with one image and it looks like crap.11:37
elfyworks fine on mine when I logout/in11:38
packetfrogI never bother to play with it, I only use my monitor on its side for pdf's and what not11:39
elfyso - can you help or not?11:39
packetfrogInstall nitrogen?11:40
elfydefault things should do the job11:41
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packetfrogEverything I keep reading is saying install something    so obviously default does not work for many people and they dont share how :P11:47
elfyok - I could go with that if it NEVER set the wallpaper properly - as it is maybe 3 out of 10 boots fails to show them :)11:48
elfyso something default is working sometimes :)11:48
packetfrogelfy: Was not arguing. I know your right. :)11:56
elfyI didn't think you were :)11:56
elfyjust one of those really annoying things :|11:57
* packetfrog offers some tea and cigarettes11:57
elfyty lol11:57
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elfypacketfrog: calling the script from lightdm.conf now - I'll see what happens now12:35
* packetfrog keeps fingers crossed for elfy.12:43
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ochosielfy: i've recently been using xfdesktop from git – there were quite some improvements, also wrt multi-monitor-support. works quite well so far13:22
ochosiit's still in a separate branch, but will most likely be merged to git-master next week13:23
elfyin general I've no issues - just this annoying intermittent one :)13:23
ochosiit's really only good news if you're not afraid of compiling yourself :)13:23
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aienaHOw do you execute a python script from command line in xubnutu with root priviledges ?16:12
harvitry " sudo python <script.py>  ... dont know If it works I dont use it :/16:14
harvior try" sudo su" to get root rights  and then " python <script.py>" ... maybe it will work16:15
aienathanks !16:19
aienaharvi: do you know how to install grofract in xubuntu ?16:19
aienaI have been trying !!16:19
baizonaiena: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnofract4d/files/gnofract4d/3.14.1/16:20
baizonthere you just chose the right deb file16:20
aienai chse the right file I tried it16:21
harviaiena: grofract have .deb package. see http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnofract4d/16:22
aienait opens up the ubuntu software center as gives a dependency is not satisfied python <2.716:22
aienabaizon: that mode does not work16:22
aienaI tried to figure out the dependency16:22
aienapython is installed16:22
aienaand it is 2.7 I think16:23
baizonaiena: have you tried sudo apt-get install -f16:23
aienaI'll try16:23
harvior try to download this. http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnofract4d/files/gnofract4d/3.12/gnofract4d-python26_3.12-1ubuntu1_i386.deb/download16:23
baizonharvi: why using an old version?16:24
aienabaizon: I tried sudo apt-get install gnofract4d_3.14.1_amd64.deb -f16:24
baizonof course, if hes using xubuntu older than 12.04 that would make sense then16:24
aienaafter cding to the directory16:24
baizonaiena: i didnt wrote that16:25
aienacd 'ing16:25
baizonwrite sudo apt-get install -f16:25
harvidamn.. thats 3.12 ..sry my bad16:25
aienaouch I thought xubuntu 12.04 comes with python 2.x16:25
baizondoes it want to remove the  gnofract4d pkg?16:26
aienaseems like itys updated to 3.2 (:16:26
baizonaiena: it also have python2.716:26
aienabaizon: it said 3.2 was installed16:26
harviit has python 2.7.3 but gnofract want 2.616:26
aienabut is not needed16:26
aienaharvi: yes16:26
baizonaiena: yes, http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/python2.716:26
aienabaizon: IS IT POSSIBLE TO DOWNGRADE TO 2.6.X16:27
aienasorry for the caps16:27
baizonaiena: what gave the install -f command?16:27
baizonwhat was the result?16:27
aienabaizon http://pastebin.com/QiFxrZTm16:28
baizonaiena: ok try then: 1. cd to the  gnofract4d_3.14.1_amd64.deb file, 2. run sudo dpkg -i gnofract4d_3.14.1_amd64.deb, 3. run sudo apt-get install -f16:30
harvibaizon: how about using .....  sudo dpkg -i --force-all <package>16:31
baizonharvi: or this, yes16:31
aienabaizon: If I run harvi's command is it safe ?16:32
baizonaiena: if this doesnt work, show the result in pastebin please16:32
aienain that case step 3 will not be needed right16:32
baizonaiena: yes16:32
harviaiena: it is the same think.16:32
harvii saw few posts but I havent find solution for this :/ ... but maybe downgrading python will work. Some of them tried to install 2 python versions in diferent folders with symlinks but it doesnt work16:34
aienabaizon it failed here is the second command output http://pastebin.com/CzXdmsTHon running sudo apt-get install -fit ask me to remove gnofract16:35
baizonaiena: wrong pastebin url16:35
aienaon running sudo apt-get install -f it ask me to remove gnofract16:36
baizonaiena: well then install python 2.616:36
baizonaiena: install it from here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/125342/how-can-i-install-python-2-6-on-12-0416:37
harvihmm.. downgrade python to 2.6 and install libjpeg62 too16:37
aienaso shoud I say yes to the output of sudo apt-get install -f16:37
baizonaiena: then try again16:37
aienabaizon: should I say yes to http://pastebin.com/xt9CvFmS before proceeding to downgrade to 2.6 ?16:38
baizonaiena: yes16:39
aienathat would automatically install libjpeg62 for me16:39
baizonaiena: yes, thats ok16:39
aienaI know16:39
harviyes remove gnofract and libjpeg62 you dont need to install because it will be installed automatically16:39
baizonaiena: then add the python 2.6 ppa, install python 2.6 and try again the 3 steps i wrote (or 2 harvi wrote)16:40
aienaBaizon same errors are coming !! I ran sudo-apt-get install -f to cleanup16:49
aiena* baizon16:50
baizonaiena: have you installed python 2.6?16:50
aienahow do I verify16:50
aienait wont list in synaptics16:51
aienabut it is installed16:51
aienabaizon: http://pastebin.com/VQCb6j7n16:52
aienaI think that log shows its installed16:52
baizonaiena: yes it is16:53
baizonbut whats happening when you try to install your program?16:54
aienaI will show you16:54
aienaI have cleaned up before16:54
aienawith sudo apt-get install -f16:54
aienaso I will just re run16:54
aienabaizon: http://pastebin.com/umUCXGPM16:55
baizonaiena: try uninstalling python2.716:56
baizonthen again16:56
aienayes there could be a conflict16:56
aienabaizon: synaptics says I have 1 broken package16:57
aienaOne sec16:57
aienaI know which16:57
baizonok :)16:57
aienait was gnofract16:58
aienathe odd thing is synaptics does not list python 2.716:58
aienaor the tick mark16:58
aienasi I cant purge/remove it from there16:58
aienawhich command to run ?16:58
baizonaiena: you dont need to remove it16:59
baizonuse this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/14615/how-do-i-make-the-terminal-run-python-3-1/14624#1462416:59
aienabaizon: sudo update-alternatives --config python17:00
aienaupdate-alternatives: error: no alternatives for python.17:00
aienait list that there are no alternatives - odd17:00
aienathe second line is the output17:01
baizonaiena: ou well the devs have a solution for the problem... http://sourceforge.net/p/gnofract4d/discussion/2319/thread/067884db17:03
baizonaiena: and read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192939817:05
baizonok, i'm out.17:06
PeyamI will make a theme for xubuntu17:09
aienacool !!17:09
aienaTell me when you are done :)17:09
aienaI would love to see it17:09
aienaand maybe test it17:09
PeyamI dont know how I do it17:09
PeyamI mean how to set it upp but im good at graphics17:09
PeyamI will download one theme17:10
Peyamand follow17:10
packetfrogMake it a frog theme!17:11
packetfrogfrogs are best17:11
Peyamwhat is that17:11
PeyamI dont know what that is17:12
Peyamja but what do you mean?17:13
TheSheepDing dong. We interrupt this chat to remind you, that there is an excellent #xubuntu-offtopic channel for non-support chat specially for your own convenience. Thank you. Ding dong.17:14
aienaPeyam: http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/frog-1.jpg and http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/be/Red_eyed_tree_frog_edit2.jpg for example17:14
packetfrogthesheep OMG IS THERE?17:14
PeyamI know what a frog is17:14
aienaOK !!17:14
Peyambut what does frog-theme look like17:14
aienaHe is asking you to make a frog theme :)17:15
aienaYour the designer17:15
aienado you want me to make a proof of concept ?17:15
Peyammy good17:15
aienaI can design a roughversion17:15
aienafor you17:15
aienathen you can get ideas :)17:15
aienaif you wish17:15
aiena*rough version17:15
packetfrogwatch out its an explosive sheep!17:16
packetfrogherd :/17:16
aienaTheSheep: is this channel only for support ?17:16
TheSheepaiena: yes17:16
aienaouch OK17:16
aienaPeyam: gthen we shalt shift17:16
TheSheepaiena: no problem :)17:16
packetfrogYes, So it must remain DEAD. VOID of all conversation. Or else it gets in the way of the immense amount of support going on.17:16
aienapacketfrog: these small chats add life and fun even in an on topic chgannel waht is important is that we do not interrupt a person seeking support in the process17:17
aienaI don't think I am doing that17:18
aienabut lets raise the white flag !!:)17:18
packetfrogaiena, I was being entirely - overly - extremely sarcastic.17:18
packetfrogGridCube, Welcome to #Xubuntu support, How may the channel support you today?17:19
aienapacketfrog: I see !!17:19
bekkspacketfrog: Hand him a beer, first :)17:19
* packetfrog hands GridCube a frost "Dead guy ale".17:20
GridCubepacketfrog, :) hi17:21
posdifuups sorry :)17:31
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kAworu_hi !20:28
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kAworuI've just installed xubuntu (12.10) and it works like a charm (I'm even able to run i3 as wm which is kind of incredible).20:28
kAworuNow I have a very simple problem. When thunar is mounting my external hdd (two ext4 partitions) I cannot write.20:30
kAworuThey're not mounted ro they just seems to have been mounted by root20:31
holstein!chown | kAworu20:39
ubottukAworu: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions20:39
holsteinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive specifically the parts about permissions20:40
Poisoned_DragonDoes anyone have a firm understanding of the composting features of xfce?20:45
kAworuholstein: thanks20:46
holsteinPoisoned_Dragon: AFAIK, its software compositing... meaning you dont need special hardware/drivers20:48
Poisoned_Dragonheh, I should have been more specific from the start. It's not a question about hardware or drivers.20:49
Poisoned_DragonI have an issue with running java apps on xfce while composting is on.20:49
holsteinPoisoned_Dragon: just turn it off...20:50
holsteinPoisoned_Dragon: you can try other java versions.. but, yeah, you could run into issues20:51
Poisoned_DragonUgh... I was hoping that "turn it off" wasn't going to be the only solution. I'm using openjdk 7 jre. it happens in java 6 and 7.20:52
kAworuholstein: it worked indeed. I did not expect it to work because the /media/myuser/bla directories are created when auto-mounted and deleted when umounted20:55
Poisoned_Dragonwell yea. That's what gvfs-mount does20:55
kAworuholstein: may I ask which process is responsible for this auto-mounting magic ?20:56
holsteingvfs i though ^^20:56
kAworuholstein: That was my first guess too but it seems that all the gvfs process (my god there are so many) are running under myuser20:58
Poisoned_Dragonyeah, gvfs20:58
Poisoned_Dragonare we talking about removable drives?20:58
kAworuPoisoned_Dragon: yes20:59
Poisoned_DragonYou can disable auto-mounting in the settings manager, under removable devices20:59
kAworuPoisoned_Dragon: thanks for the info, but I am not trying to prevent auto mounting21:00
kAworuI'm just trying to understand.21:00
Poisoned_DragonOh, ok. Just wanted to know how it worked.21:00
Poisoned_Dragonwell, outside of the system doing it for me, I can use gvfs-mount, in terminal to manually add and remove mounts.21:01
Poisoned_DragonLess messy than making a directory and using mount.21:01
kAworuPoisoned_Dragon: my original problem is already solved (thank to holstein's hint about chown), however the solution surprise me so I'm trying to understand.21:01
Poisoned_Dragonchown? doesn't that change ownerships?21:02
kAworuPoisoned_Dragon: yes. It seems that if you chown a directory auto-mounted by gvfs, say /media/myuser/usbdrive0 it will be preserved accross mounts / reboot21:02
kAworuPoisoned_Dragon: although the directory itself will be removed when umounted.21:03
Poisoned_DragonI think the runlevel of gvfs allows it to make changes regardless of permissions.21:03
kAworu(I come from FreeBSD and those magic tricks make me curious ;)21:04
Poisoned_DragonThe closest experience I have to some level of BSD is Mac OSX. By that point, you rarely get to see what's behind the gui.21:05
Poisoned_Dragonok, holstein. Here's the specifics to my problem. It seems that java apps, that place a notification icon in the notifications tray, create a graphical glitch in the upper left hand corner of the screen, while composting is enabled.21:08
Poisoned_Dragonjava apps that don't use the notification tray, don't exhibit this kind of graphical behavior.21:08
kAworuPoisoned_Dragon, holstein: alright, if you care here is how the auto-mount magic works:21:23
kAworuthunar use gvfs-mount, which use udevd through DBUS21:24
kAworuudisksd sorry, not udevd.21:24
rmarkeris there a way to play Blu-Ray with Xubuntu?23:26
SunStarinstall the non-free codecs23:27
SunStarfrom software center23:27
rmarkercan't find it23:35
packetfrogSunStar, arent blueray more complicated then that?23:52
peyamI want to change the color of the menu bar?23:55
peyamwhre the icon and time is located23:55
peyamI want it to be black23:55
peyamHow do I change the color?23:55
packetfrogRight click on it23:56
packetfrogfind the properties menu, appearance.. yadda   its in there23:56
packetfrogim on windows atm so cant check it23:56
packetfrogone sec23:57
peyamI founf it23:57
packetfrogYou can also access panel preferences by right clicking on your panel and going to Panel Settings. If you right click on space occupied by a panel plugin, you can access panel preferences by going to Panel → Panel Preferences....23:58
peyamI fixed it23:58
packetfrogThen appearance  and color or transparent  yadda23:58
peyamyes yes23:58
peyamI found it :)23:58
* packetfrog claps23:58
packetfrogI knew you could do it, I had faith in you my friend.23:58
peyamAnd Im thanksfull :)23:59

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