Davieyawd: wassuo?17:24
thumperhi bigjools23:16
bigjoolshow's tricks thumper23:16
thumperbigjools: a little frustrating... debugging stuff23:21
thumperin a live environment23:21
thumperso messing with the ec2 console23:21
thumperand trying to bootstrap in sydney :)23:21
thumperalthough, pretty happy with this week23:22
thumperwednesday and thursday off23:22
thumperwednesday so I can go the aerosmith concert23:22
thumperthursday is a public holiday23:22
bigjoolsthumper: yeah thu is hol here too23:24
bigjoolsnice to get to see Aerosmith - I wanted to go down to Sydney on Saturday to see them and Van Halen at Stonefest, alas my son inconveniently had a birthday23:25
thumperI've not been to a big band concert like this23:26
thumperseen exponents in a london walkabout23:26
thumperand sting at the royal albert hall23:26
thumperbut not a rock concert before23:26
thumperso it'll be interesting23:26
thumperthere are like three warm up acts23:27
thumperso about 6 hours of music23:27
thumperjust so people are clear, one of the things I think about when punching a heavy bag is "don't use fucking one character variable names!"23:33
bigjoolsthumper: lol23:36
bigjoolsextend that to one-char struct names :)23:37
thumperbigjools: it seems to help :)23:37
* thumper twitches23:43
* thumper takes a deep breath23:43
thumper20 line function has m, p, k, g, and ps23:44
wallyworldthumper: it's like Seasame St - this function was brought to you by the letters "m, p, k, g" :-D23:47
thumperthanks wallyworld23:47
thumperthat makes things so much better :)23:47
wallyworldpleased to help :-)23:48

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