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Runemorohi, how do I get the kde 4.1 theme on kde 4.10 or more?00:59
Runemorothe look changed in 4.200:59
delilahkubuntu 12.04 amd proprietary graphics, i finally did it, i checked the box for opengl in qt graphics settings. how do i edit back to raster from shell?01:32
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valorie!drivers | delilah02:37
valoriesheesh, ubottu isn't helpful today02:38
valoriebatting .000 today02:39
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c2tarunI tried to install network-manager-gnome, that installed gnome's network manager. I put that in startup but now I am getting two network managers, is there any way to stop KDE's network manager from starting up. I checked in autostart, its not there03:19
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valoriec2tarun: maybe search for network-manager in muon or apt-cache search and see what's installed?03:21
valorieperhaps uninstall the KDE network manager03:21
valoriei know that when I had some trouble and was using wicd, I had to uninstall the other03:21
c2tarunvalorie: running apt-get remove network-manager is also removing gnome's network manager03:22
valorieso you want to see all of what's installed03:23
c2tarunI wan't to use only gnome's network manager,03:23
valorieso you may have to search for and uninstall the other one03:24
c2tarunone quick question: the NM icon I am seeing in tray is it just icon or it means KDE's NM?03:24
valoriethat I don't know03:24
valoriemine only shows if there is a problem03:24
c2tarunI think removing plasma-widget-networkmanagement did the job, let me reboot and try BRB03:27
valoriethat's probably it indeed03:28
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c2tarunvalorie: nope not worked, removing plasma-widget-networkmanagement, kind of screwed everything, no LAN no wi-fi :P I installed network-manager from deb in /var/cache/apt/archives and then LAN worked, then back to plasma-widget**thingy03:40
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:41
valoriemight help?03:41
c2tarunthis page helped me :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD  I combined steps to remove KDE network manager for WICD and how to revert to GNome's network manager ;)03:49
c2tarunvalorie: ^^03:49
valorienice to see you again, c203:51
valorieoops, c2tarun03:51
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BigWig_plasma desktop keeps on crashing. I don't what I'm doing to cause it, can someone help me solve this. It's really irritating :(05:10
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beyondcrHello, Is there anyone here that has a strong knowlage of apache2?05:38
valoriebeyondcr: there is an #apache2 channel05:40
valorieBigWig_: the #plasma channel might be more help05:41
valoriealthough it's Saturday night/Sunday morning for most of the developers on freenode05:41
beyondcrthanks valorie05:41
c2tarunis there any way of mapping Super key with K-Menu?05:49
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lordievaderGood morning.08:53
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alsitnetpchallo here......10:28
alsitnetpcconneted here...10:29
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smartboyhwhello pixeltoo14:29
pixeltoohello smartboyhw14:29
pixeltoohow to keep connected more than 30 seconds my smartphone to kubuntu ?14:30
pixeltoothis is a Samsung galaxy S3 Android.14:31
smartboyhwpixeltoo, hmm what connection method?14:31
pixeltoosmartboyhw:  USB14:32
smartboyhwpixeltoo, hmm14:32
invariantpixeltoo, get a different phone.14:36
smartboyhwinvariant, that's not the best suggestion...14:36
* smartboyhw really doesn't know the answer for this one though, he doesn't use S III14:36
invariantpixeltoo, ask Samsung for support then.14:36
invariantThey created the device.14:37
invariantOr don't try to do things people don't want.14:37
invariantIf you want to tinker with technology, get a phone with Linux on it.14:37
invariantAndroid is a consumer product.14:37
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pixeltooinvariant: I want to pass an Android certification to get a job not to be a Saint :)14:38
invariantYou can get certified for Android now?14:38
invariantWhat is the world coming to?14:38
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pixeltooI found this http://gunavara.blogspot.fr/2012/11/samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-ubuntu-1204.html14:45
* pixeltoo will reboot14:46
pixeltoobye !14:46
BluesKajHey folks15:03
RamchandraAptehow would one make all typing have automatic word completion?16:24
RamchandraApte[basically you press tab and the word automatically completes anywhere]16:25
BluesKajRamchandraApte, try word complketion in the package manager  , there's a few choices16:30
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DarthFrogOne of my favourite utilities is filelight.  It's a visual file manager, displaying files/directories as concentric pie rings, making it easy to see where disk space is being consumed.  Does anyone use one that they think is better?17:10
OerHeksDarthFrog, nice one, filelight < http://picpaste.com/filelight-7kq82Srp.png17:20
* OerHeks is going to watch Touch-Of-Frost17:23
DarthFrogDavid Frost?17:24
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m_tadeuhi everyone...is there a way to connect to a wireless router using wps?18:57
BluesKajwpa perhaps , m_tadeu ?19:05
m_tadeuBluesKaj: wps - wifi protected setup19:06
BluesKajanother short form I'm not familiar with19:06
OpenSorceKubuntu live USB is asking for a password. whoami at terminal says the account name is kubuntu anyone know what the password would be?19:31
OpenSorceSorry, KDM is asking for the password19:33
awaytry a blank password?19:33
Quest i have an external usb HD which is called bootable. and shows x86 mbr but when i installed ubuntu on it. its giving grub error prompt . any ideas?19:55
bazhang!crosspost | Quest19:56
ubottuQuest: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.19:56
Quest i see a grub rescue >20:05
bazhangQuest, please stop crossposting20:05
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lordievaderGood evening.20:23
rottingdeadHello guys/gals, I'm having issues with Kubuntu Live Disc, I think it's possibly my system here, but not sure, on a relatives, it works fine, but on mine is freezes up..20:57
OpenSorceaway, of course I tried a blank password, I wouldn't be here is it was something simple. I tried sudo passwd kubuntu too which fails. I'm sort of shocked that THIS is what kubuntu puts out there for brand new users to try...20:58
rottingdeadOpenSorce: As for the issue I'm having, sound familiar does it?20:58
OpenSorcerottingdead, can you give some info about your system?20:59
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Hmm, well, right now I'm in my Gentoo, but some stuff is failing to compile, due to bugged E-Builds, and been trying to get PlayOnLinux, what my system displays probably won't help you here, I can't even log into KDE to show ya, =/.21:00
OpenSorceNo no that's fine, what type machine, processor, amount of memory?21:01
rottingdeadOpenSorce: It loads up, but when I click KMenu, all it does is lag or freeze..21:01
rottingdeadOpenSorce: 8 GiB RAM, Intel Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70 Ghz, nVidia GeForce GTS 450 GDDR5 1 Gigabyte Video Card, 1 TB Hard DRive.21:02
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Both DVD Version, and USB HDD do the same thing, sometimes they don't boot up at all..21:03
OpenSorcerottingdead,  Excellent, thanks... now my first suspect is the video card. Sometime X will try to force one driver when it needs another...21:03
rottingdeadOpenSorce: =/..  Erm, I hope this video card isn't the culprit.21:04
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Ran my Gentoo Live Disc, and ran the memtest86 App, all 8 GiB RAM is okay.21:04
OpenSorcerottingdead, not the card itself... the driver that X is trying to load... we need to look at logs for that really21:04
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Eeeeeeeeak, and because of my problem, I can't show, =(.21:05
rottingdeadOpenSorce: I try to Ctrl + Alt + F1 to get to TTY, and right as I do that, it freezes up.21:05
OpenSorcerottingdead, now... I want you to try a bit of research first... search the internet  for "Kubuntu freeze  nVidia GeForce GTS 450"21:05
OpenSorcerottingdead, chances are you are not the first victim... see what you can find21:06
rottingdeadOpenSorce: I did find something, "Nouveau" could be the issue..21:08
rottingdeadOpenSorce: I'm pretty sure it's what ALL Live Discs use on nvidia Cars.21:08
rottingdeadOpenSorce: I can't even get Kubuntu to run long enough, heh..  KMenu doesn't load so I can't disable Desktop Effects.21:09
OpenSorceDo any of you actual Kubuntu USERS care to chime in on rottingdead's issue?21:11
rottingdeadOpenSorce: It does appear to be a Nouveau issue, I've found several pages on Google about it.21:13
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Now, The installer itself, without clicking "Try Kubuntu" works fine, but after restarting, it'll freeze up, and I'm not sure what the nVidia Drivers package is in Kubuntu.21:13
OpenSorcerottingdead, looks like it's you... me and 266 idlers... let me dig around a sec and see what I can come up with21:13
rottingdeadOpenSorce: I'm pretty sure, judging from these results, it's Nouveau causing the problem.21:14
OerHeks!nomodeset | rottingdead21:14
ubotturottingdead: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:14
OpenSorceOh look, we got someone's attention21:15
rottingdeadubottu: OerHeks Thanks, I probaby add that to the Boot Options when I first load the Disc.21:15
ubotturottingdead: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:15
OpenSorceOerHeks, I don't suppose ubottu has anything in that little black bag for my issue?21:16
OerHeksoke, see that url, do it again tru grub2, and try installing prop drivers21:16
rottingdeadHeheh, sorry, I forgotten how easy Kubuntu Developers make things, I'm used to Command Line.21:17
OpenSorceKubuntu live USB KDM is asking for a password. whoami at terminal says the account name is kubuntu anyone know what the password would be?21:17
rottingdeadAnyway, I'll try this !nomodeset and see if this helps, =).21:17
OpenSorcerottingdead, good luck!21:17
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Password is auto-generated by the way.21:17
rottingdeadOpenSorce: See if you can access a TTY, and run sudo passwd21:18
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Ctrl + Alt + F1 for instance.21:18
rottingdeadOpenSorce: You shouldn't have to input a password on a Live Disc..21:18
OpenSorcerottingdead, yes... but an option to "Try Kubuntu" without auto-logging a user in? Why would this exist? I did that, throws an error21:18
OerHeksOpenSorce, password would be blank, just hit enter?21:19
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Good question, I don't know, heh.21:19
rottingdeadOpenSorce: Anyway, I'll boot up Kubuntu, set that !nomodeset, if it works, I'll be a little while before I get back into irssi..21:20
OpenSorceOerHeks, you would think so... oh wait... when I do that it looks like KDM just resets itself... okay different issue. My fault for multi-tasking too much :-P21:20
rottingdeadBrb shortly.21:20
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OpenSorceAnd of course killing kdm gives me a blank screen21:24
rottingdeadThank you, thank you, thank you! =).21:24
rottingdeadIt's NOW working.21:24
rottingdead!nomodeset solved the problem.21:24
ubotturottingdead: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:24
OpenSorcerottingdead, kewl, glad to hear it :-)21:25
rottingdeadOops, lmfao, didn't mean to trigger that.21:25
rottingdeadubottu: !kernel21:26
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)21:26
rottingdeadAnybody still out there?21:27
Whiskey`Wonkaanyone know why apt-get says there are upgradable packages but muon does not?21:28
rottingdead!kernel version21:28
dmattWhiskey`Wonka: run "sudo apt-get update" in konsole and maybe one of them will change its opinion :)21:30
dmattotherwise report bug21:30
OerHeksnice, rottingdead21:31
Whiskey`Wonkawouldnt a apt-get update be the same as a muon check for updates ?21:31
OerHeksdo not use apt-get and muon together, close terminal first before running muon21:32
OerHeksthere is only one instance allowed to use the repo's21:32
rottingdeadOerHeks: Thanks again for your response, =).21:32
rottingdeadOerHeks: It's been a while since I've used Kubuntu, I've forgotten how easy Kubuntu Developers made this OS, heheh.21:33
rottingdeadOerHeks: I'm a Gentoo person, but because of a few issues, I'm swapping back, and with Gentoo, it's ALL MANUAL labor, heh.21:33
Whiskey`WonkaOerHeks: right they can not be active at the same time, i know that21:33
dmattWhiskey`Wonka: it is using the same process, but results go to different application21:33
dmattWhiskey`Wonka: have you tried it? what is the result?21:35
Whiskey`Wonkayes i did it, it sucked down the repos and exited cleanly21:37
Whiskey`Wonkano idea what happened cause it has not installed anything21:37
Whiskey`Wonkait showed this  * Documentation:  https://help.ubuntu.com/ 76 packages can be updated. 47 updates are security updates.21:37
Whiskey`Wonkaafter installing java21:38
Whiskey`Wonkabut now it doesnt21:38
dmattWhiskey`Wonka: now run muo0n update manager21:38
dmattit is not installing, command only refreshes info from repository21:38
Whiskey`WonkaI did, it shows nothing when do filter upgradable21:39
Whiskey`Wonkafilter status upgradable21:39
dmattWhiskey`Wonka: press check for updates button21:40
dmattbtw, Muon and Muon update manager are two separate application21:41
Whiskey`Wonkayes i know21:41
Whiskey`Wonkaboth agree21:41
dmattno updates?21:42
Whiskey`Wonka"software uptodate -- changed one second ago"21:42
Whiskey`Wonkaer checked21:42
Whiskey`Wonkaarg, now i gotta go to work21:42
Whiskey`Wonkasomething isnt quite right, no idea what21:43
dmattWhiskey`Wonka: on possibility is that apt-get somhow uses different setting/repos than muon21:44
dmattdid you install ppa, set to keep certain versions of packages or any other advanced package manipulation?21:45
dmattor maybe there is bug in new muon...21:46
dmattWhiskey`Wonka: just upgrade through apt-get and see if there is something unusual21:47
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