wgrantstokachu: What are you trying to do?00:24
wgrantIndiscriminately getting publications from the Ubuntu primary archive doesn't seem very useful00:25
stokachuwgrant: i was attempting to query package information with it, i just gave up and parsed it through rmadison :X00:27
wgrantstokachu: That wasn't querying package information00:27
wgrantThat was querying a random package from the Ubuntu primary archive.00:28
wgrantAlso, "statusPublished" probably wants to be "status=Published"00:28
stokachuyea i couldnt find a good way in the api to pull package information via the api00:28
wgrantWhat information do you want?00:28
wgrantgetPublishedBinaries on the Ubuntu primary archive will return a *lot* of publications00:28
wgrantpotentially millions00:28
wgrantYou will want to filter.00:28
stokachuyea i was hoping to pull stuff like Vcs-* and Section00:29
stokachufrom the control files00:29
stokachui realize i was not even close but i was making an attempt00:29
wgrantFrom which control files?00:29
wgrantWhich packages?00:29
wgrantAnd why?00:29
stokachujust packages in main00:29
wgrantAny particular series?00:29
stokachui was targetting raring and precise for now00:30
wgrantSimply asking Launchpad for every package in Ubuntu ever is probably not going to get you very far :)00:30
wgrantAlso, those are source fields, not binary fields.00:30
stokachuyea i tried to use getPublishedSources but it there wasn't a way to give it a name00:30
wgrantAlso, we don't store Vcs-*00:31
wgrantSo you'd probably be better to just scrape this directly from Sources on a.u.c...00:31
stokachuyea that was my next attempt00:31
stokachuim trying to build a database of people in my group who work packages and pull different stuff like commit data etc00:32
stokachumainly just scraping as much 'development' work as possible00:32
wgrantThat sounds very expensive for not very much benefit00:32
wgrantYou'd have to poll many thousands of branches regularly.00:32
stokachuwell i'd have the people put in their branches they work on00:33
stokachuwhether it was lp: or github etc00:33
wgrantThen why do you need to ask Launchpad for a bazillion branches, if they're just going to tell you that?00:33
stokachuwell i wasn't intending on it, i was getting version information which i figured out i could use rmadison00:34
wgrantThat still sounds excessive00:34
wgrantI'd just grab the Sources file00:34
stokachuthat first oops message was from an initial attempt at which i extended the filters00:34
wgrantOne file, with all version information for raring main00:34
stokachuyea thats what ill probably do00:35
wgrantAPI calls for sets of millions of objects probably aren't anything you ever want to do.00:35
wgrantThere's always a filter you can apply.00:35
stokachuyea i was slowing making my way there00:36
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