docvellJust a general question: I have my Ubuntu 12.10 system autoboot into my account, then when I get to the GUI it asks for the Keyring.  I type it in..I have no problem doing this, but what happens if I type it in wrong too many times?  Will it lock me out of my account?01:03
wilee-nileedocvell, Are you sure the key call is not for the wireless, key ring is rather strange.01:06
docvellMy wireless network is a different password and that auto logs on to my ISP01:06
docvellI'm just curious if I type the password wrong or someone tries getting into my laptop and they type it wrong many times01:07
wilee-nileedocvell, Not sure to be honest, you might try the #ubuntu channel if no others answer. ;)01:09
docvellI am not going to worry about it anyway, nothing secret is on it, just was curious01:11
wilee-nileedocvell, Cool. ;)01:13
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othmaneHello, I'm thomas, helping othmane configuring his new laptop with ubuntu. We have a problem with a wireless connection. To access the network, a code is required. the code provided by the network owner has 9 characters, but ubuntu accepts only codes with the length 5 or 10. With only 9 characters the button for continuing is grayed out. Can anyone give some hints please?13:53
chrismj7I'm trying to install java (.tar.gz) using tar -zxvf, but then when I cd the unzipped directory and try make, i get the output no targets specified and no makefile found. stop.20:12
chrismj7Any ideas?20:12
chrismj7It's obviously right in front of me, i just can't seem to figure it out no matter what I try.20:13

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