m4n1shcan anyone sponsor this bugfix SRU https://code.launchpad.net/~zeitgeist/activity-log-manager/fix-bug-1058037/+merge/159896?01:10
ScottKpitti: I would appreciate it if you could look at Bug #1171048 and tell me where I should re-assign it.02:20
ubottubug 1171048 in jockey (Ubuntu Raring) "Segfault during Broadcom STA wireless driver install in Kubuntu live session" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117104802:20
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frodo_jebi want to customize ubuntu server iso (installation media) so i can installe some pakage by default so is there some tool i can use17:23
frodo_jebbesides online distro maker17:23
siretartfrodo_jeb: the installation manual has a chapter for this. look for the appendix "preseeding"17:33
frodo_jebthanks but it seems like a kickstart installation17:47
tjaaltonfrodo_jeb: drop a preseed file on the media17:48
tjaaltonuh, my raring laptop now forcibly shuts down instead of suspeding17:49
tjaaltonworks fine on another laptop18:06
tjaaltonhuh, had to remove the batteries.. works now18:09
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