sefsefCan someone give me my LP page and ubuntu cloak?01:11
Myrttisurely you know yourself what your LP page is :-)01:11
sefsefI am still figuring out xhcat01:12
sefsefhave not been a big user of it.01:12
sefsefFirst what is LP?01:12
Myrttiif you don't know what LP (Launchpad) is, it's unlikely you're a Ubuntu member - which is requirement for getting an Ubuntu cloak - either01:13
Myrttiany cloaks are applied for the registered freenode account, so you'd need to be registered and identified for *any* cloak.01:14
sefsefI do have a launchpad account, i am just not well versed with xchat01:15
sefsefi am registered for freenet01:16
sefsefso are you going to help me or should I get elfy or another fellow admin to help me01:19
Myrttiwell first of all you need to identify to nickserv01:20
Myrtti/msg nickserv help identify01:20
Myrttithat should give you instructions on how to do it.01:20
sefsefhow do i reset my password?01:21
MyrttiI've sent you reset instructions to your email01:23
Myrttimkay then.01:38
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