excalibraik fairuz06:36
fairuzexcalibr: yo07:03
excalibrapa dah berlaku lol07:10
excalibrtiba2 hilang07:10
fairuzejat: yo13:48
ejatelo govatent14:46
govatenthey ejat 14:50
govatenthow's it going?14:50
ejatflu + fever +cough 14:51
govatent:( sorry to hear it. Hope it goes away quickly 14:51
ejatyeah .. hopefully .. 14:51
ejatsorry for the last wechat 14:51
ejatgot something else todo at the office14:52
ejatthen forgot to reply 14:52
govatentit's cool. I was telling chloric to add you on wechat as well14:53
govatentI'm going to see him next weekend. I am having an Ubuntu release party in Miami14:53
ejatc00l ... 14:55
ejati wish we can gather again !! and celebrate your "birthday" 14:56
govatentgood times. 14:56
govatentI still have that picture. 14:56
govatentI miss you all. 14:56
ejatyeah ... me too !!!14:57
ejatnow ... vUDS ... dont know either i can meet chris anymore in the feature ... 14:57
govatentSoon i will get to go to MY. If anything I could end up in singapore for work. 14:57
govatentare you going to the next uds?14:59
ejatnext should be vuds again right ? 15:01
govatenti'm not sure15:02
govatentoh ejat , I just got a 500 GB samsung SSD for my system76 ubuntu laptop. 15:09
govatentI'm gonna install it next week cause I'm holding off to do a clean install of 13.0415:09
ejatwhat !!!!!!15:11
ejatgot for free ? 15:11
ejatsystem76 got ultrabook ? 15:11
govatentno i bought the ssd. And i bought the system76 laptop last year. It's been the best ubuntu computer ever!15:19
ejatnow im using raring natively in my mbp15:20
ejatbut its old mbp .. still cant make the nvidia work .. 15:20
ejatso now im in kde .. unity ... not stable enough for me .. its will crash ... 15:21
mypapitwhat kind of apps that  you are running  while in unity?15:23
govatentI saw your posts about that15:38
govatentWas there an update that caused it? Were you able to reset the nvidia drivers?15:38
govatentI ran into an issue with the installer for 13.04 and it won't let me install on my desktop. It's something that will be fixed soon. 15:39
ejatnouvea 16:14
ejatnot using nvidia16:14

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