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ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)09:33
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)09:33
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)09:33
17WABG1P6-b iprange #ubuntu #ubuntu-server11:50
17WABG1P6I would like to get lighttpd working11:50
Myrttiany other reason for wanting to join those channels?11:52
17WABG1P6for now that is all11:53
MyrttiI'm personally a bit sceptic about that11:54
17WABG1P6do not doubt be beleiving11:54
MyrttiI think I'll go shopping instead.11:56
Tm_T17WABG1P6: hi, do you know why you're banned atm?12:01
17WABG1P6it is like a maze and it doesnt like the electron spin?12:04
17WABG1P6u tell me12:04
17WABG1P6families at the grocery store are darling and so are little virgins12:06
Tm_T17WABG1P6: heh, you clearly do know why you're banned12:06
Tm_Tand it's clear that the ban will stay12:06
17WABG1P6Who died and made you king of anything?12:07
17WABG1P6When my firewall is on yet allowing 80/tcp incoming lighthttpd still doesnt allow connections but it works when the firewall is off.12:11
Tm_T17WABG1P6: askubuntu or forums are good sources for user support12:11
elkyHe makes as much sense as usual.12:29
bazhang<Novus> I'm going to install ubuntu,.. rip out gnome and install KDE 317:42
bazhangthat *is* crazy17:42
bazhangknowing ubott u is a bot should be a membership requirement18:10
jbroomemaybe needs more 'bot' in the nick18:10
bazhanghehe nice one jbroome18:11
bazhangaugh ubuntulog is still not in #ubuntu afaict18:22
Tm_Tbazhang: it was there when I requested, gone again?18:24
bazhangTm_T, its there for 4/20 but don't see it or the logbot for today18:25
Tm_Tyeah, noticed, not good18:25
Tm_Ton it18:29
bazhangthanks Tm_T18:29
Tm_Tno vanguards to prod atm, ofcourse...18:30
Unit193I'd recommend putting an exempt on *!*@marais.canonical.com - ubuntulo12 (~logbot@marais.canonical.com) has joined #ubuntu-unregged18:37
funkyHatOr the logbot could identify properly before joining channels ⢁D18:42
Unit193(Netsplit killed it)  They didn't group the bots so it doesn't have one, but isn't identified anyway.18:49
Tm_Tfeel free to make what you can to get it to channel18:49
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu ()19:11
bazhang<levolent> did about a jillion terminal things then my wifi worked... until reboot19:44
bazhangyeah, thats not vague19:44
k1lQuest: hi19:56
bazhangplease dont crosspost Quest19:56
Questcan anyone ban me here please (not in #ubuntu for sure) as my irc client auto joins me despite i researched why.     and i wont be coming here if i got banned in #ubuntu (its useless, and the ban is never lifted up. all ops advocate each other)19:56
bazhanghe's not banned...19:57
k1lwas that a request to ban him in all #ubuntu channels?19:57
bazhangperhaps prescience in action19:57
k1lis there any ban that still forwards him into this channel?20:03
bazhangnot that I can see20:03
bazhanghe's only crossposting in 6 channels at once, two of them in ubuntu namespace20:09
bazhanglevolent seems to have driven away everyone who has attempted to help him/her21:15
BlueEagleLenevolent needs some attitude adjustment.21:50
IdleOne!guidelines > levolent21:58
IdleOne bazhang he really makes it hard to want to even try helping him22:21
Questcan I ask a question here. I need a senior to answer with citation. (the question type is such)22:46
k1lQuest: this is not a technical help channel22:46
QuestI am aware of that22:47
Questbut is there a possibilty that I ask a question here?22:47
k1lno that is not the purpose of this channel. and you know that22:47
IdleOneQuest: The answer has been given to you in #ubuntu. This channel is not for confirming answers. Also you can try and find out for yourself if what you install on the USB install will also be installed to HDD.22:47
Questthanks. and I think you also are not in contrary  to the answer given in #ubuntu22:48
jbroomewhew, thank goodness you weren't in contrary23:00

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