Noskcajshould we have lubuntu as a default in testdrive?02:03
ScottKProbably a question for -testing02:06
Noskcaj-testing doesn't exist, -quality gives me no response02:12
ubot2It's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.02:19
ScottKI guess.02:19
ScottKIt looks like the 13.04 beta 1 and beta 2 milestones are still active in LP.  Someone who can should fix that.03:29
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ScottKThat ^^^ will fix the nuitka FTBFS, so if I'm not around, someone please retry it after rst2pdf is published.06:53
micahgwould the release team be up for dropping gcj-4.6 at this stage?  2 rdeps, 1 is a sync from experimental (pdftk, needs FFe), 1 is a no change rebuild (postgresql-pljava)06:59
* micahg would go for gcc-4.6, but it seems to need a bit of work07:02
infinitymicahg: I'd be all for it if doko is.07:15
infinityScottK: nuitka is still FTBFS.08:46
ScottKYeah.  I saw.  Traded one problem for another.08:47
ScottKThe rst2pdf fix was still correct.08:47
ScottKNot sure what to do about this one.08:47
infinityI'm going to give the unstable one a spin.08:48
infinityMy hotel network hijacks all port 25 traffic.08:53
infinityThat's a bit creepy.08:53
infinityAt least, that's how I'd interpret the middle hop here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5726823/08:54
ScottKCommon for hotels.08:55
ScottKSubmit on port 587.08:55
infinityI guess I just never pay attention to headers.08:56
infinityAnd yeah, I should switch my laptop to hitting 587 on my server.08:56
* ScottK tries that sleeping thing again ...08:56
infinityGood luck.08:57
infinityBah, new upstream nuitka fails differently again.09:01
infinityScottK: I have a fix for nuitka (or, for the last FTBFS I ran into, still finishing the testsuite).09:17
infinityThis is one impressively long testsuite...09:49
phillwhas the iso tracker died? ( http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds )11:20
phillwit's back :)11:49
ScottKinfinity: Cool.13:28
stgraberinfinity: I created the final milestone on the tracker. Whenever you switch off the dailies on nusakan, just go in the web UI and mark the milestone as "Automatically publish builds listed in the series manifest" (or ping me)18:41
stgraberyofel: ping19:38
yofelstgraber: pong19:38
stgraberyofel: I'm looking at choqok in Unapproved. The changelog says its just a change in orig tarball to fix translations and I indeed see a lot of that in the diff, however I also see two plugins being removed without explanation19:38
stgraberbetternotify and translator19:39
yofelok, what happened:19:40
yofelwhile I was looking at the translation issue, I noticed that the 1.3 orig tarball that we merged from debian has nothing to do with the choqok-1.3.tar.bz2 released by upstream.19:41
yofelwhat debian used instead seems to be some git snapshot from 2 months after release19:41
yofelthat has no translations19:42
yofelI haven't yet managed to reach the debian maintainer to ask why he did that19:42
yofelso I went and uploaded the *official* tarball to get this reviewed by Scott (or you now) to clear up what the most sensible way to go is19:43
yofelat least the betternotify was intentionally not included in the 1.3 release by upstream looking at the git log19:43
yofelI have yet to look at what happened to translator19:44
stgraberI went through the whole diff by hand and those two missing plugins are the only thing I noticed that aren't covered in the changelog. So it'd be good to know what kind of impact they'll have so we can decide to either re-introduce them to avoid last minute feature changes, get an FFe or just ignore them as they have no actual impact.19:45
yofelok, feel free to reject it then. I'll re-upload once I find out what happened to the other plugin19:46
stgraberyofel: ok. I'll do that then. Make sure to mention your findings in the changelog of your next upload.20:10
yofelwill do, thanks for reviewing20:10
doko_Laney, git-annex ftbfs on powerpc23:21

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