Arrickhey guys, I am getting PHP has not been properly configured with the MySQLi extension so that it can communicate with MySQL. Please check your php.ini file or recompile PHP. MySQLi extension is not available for PHP 4.01:02
Arrickwhen I try to run my installer for my site, but I have php5 installed, what do I need to fix?01:02
Arrick12.04 lts, apache2, php5, mysql 5.501:03
Arrickhow do I setup a cron task to run a file every 15 minutes?01:29
Arrickthanks for your help guys, the only thing I have left is setting cron tasks.02:02
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SyriaHi there, How can I know if there is any user creating ssh -D tunnels on my VPS please?05:28
kaelinHi, quick question about mod_rewrite: I would like to have visitors who just type the domain of my site get back the index.html from a CMS system (Radiant), so essentially rewriting / to /radiant/ -- can I do that? And if so how?05:29
qman__kaelin, a 301 redirect is the best way to do that05:31
kaelinI have tried using a .htaccess file with: Redirect 301 / /radiant/05:31
kaelinDo I need some other syntax to match an empty path like that?05:32
qman__kaelin, no, but it requires mod_rewrite05:33
qman__you also need these on the directory:05:33
qman__Options +FollowSymLinks05:33
qman__RewriteEngine on05:33
kaelinCan those be put in a .htaccess file? Or do they have to be in httpd.conf?05:34
qman__they need to be in the main apache config; ubuntu puts that stuff in the site configuration file05:34
qman__ /etc/apache2/sites-available/your-site05:34
qman__also, to enable mod_rewrite, you need to run sudo a2enmod rewrite05:35
qman__and then to reload apache05:35
kaelinI'm pretty sure I have mod_rewrite enabled and loaded05:36
kaelinAhh I think that's got it! Thanks qman_!05:51
kaelinWhen I try it briefly flashes the old /index.html. Is that just cached in my browser or is that going to happen to everyone?05:53
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WaltherI take it ubuntu server doesn't come with any de/wm by default, but any is installable?09:28
WaltherI may have just solved the problem of me liking ubuntu's way of having updates compared to debians but having serious trouble with installing a wm that doesn't have a gnome-session in the back :P09:32
bekksTheir ways are the same.09:33
TuxBrotherI am trying to accomplish this12:02
TuxBrotherI got connection to local machines, outside however doesn't work12:03
TuxBrotherIPv4 forwarding has been enabled and no firewall rules are applied at this point12:03
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frodo_jebhi i planing to buy raid cart for my server and i wonder how can i be notified if a hard drive faile beside the led light. i'am using non gui linux installation i heard about mdadm17:09
frodo_jebbut i don't know if it's a software raid or a hardware raid monitoring17:09
frodo_jebcan any one clarify for me17:10
frodo_jebwhat can i do17:11
frodo_jebto monitor my hdd17:11
frodo_jebi'm still waiting ....17:38
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cheese1756Does anyone know of some good backup scripts so that I could rsync my entire server?18:28
qman__cheese1756, what do you have in mind? a one-time backup, or a scheduled snapshot system?18:36
cheese1756qman__, A scheduled off-site backup18:36
cheese1756Snapshots would be great18:36
qman__rsnapshot is pretty good for that18:36
qman__it takes a little reading to get it configured the way you want but it works well18:37
cheese1756qman__, I'll look into it, thanks!18:38
Jon_DHi, I have a rsync script that sends a mail at the end here http://pastebin.com/Ft5hyqcG, does it look correct? No mail received.19:21
mindcodewhy my smtp server gets some mails from arcor, google, facbook... but not gmx? gmx just connects to my server but dont send any bit ... nothing... he connects and idles19:23
mindcodeafter idling some minutes gmx sends some \n charatkers19:23
mindcodeand that is everything i get19:23
Techdude1011bind9 stopped recursive queries20:38
mindcodethis channel sucks balls21:49

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