dmorrison1004anyone know if there's a ubuntu touch out there that works for galaxy nexus toro?00:25
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kirixyo yo yo02:59
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marchingbtoneok, so i tried to install the latest build of ubuntu touch on my Nexus 4 (mako) i don't have an ubuntu computer, but i used command prompt in windows 7 in fastboot to flash the different files, then used the preinstalled recovery to install the two zip files on my SD.05:51
marchingbtonebut it wont boot. it'll get to the google screen, then just turn off.05:51
marchingbtonedoes anybody have any suggestions at all? am i doing something wrong?05:52
marchingbtoneoh and i am wiping my data, cache, dalvic, ect.05:52
elkngfrom that page ubuntu.com/phone: "ubuntu now fits your phone, introducing  the superphone that's also a full PC", does that mean I can replace android on smartphone with ubuntu ? is there packaged ROMs allready ? what about drivers, how they handle all bunch of drivers on those dosens of phone models ? is there a list of such devices ?05:53
marchingbtonei don't think they have a single flashable rom just yet. but ubuntu only handles the devices of the Nexus line (4,7,10 and galaxy)05:55
elkngthose are expensive ones ?05:55
marchingbtoneubuntu touch is also just based on CM 10.1 (or just 10) so i'm not too sure it completely replaces android itself05:55
elkngwhy on earth ubuntu that main goal to make linux available for even poor people supports only expensive phones ?05:56
marchingbtonethere are other devices it has been ported to as well. but seeing as i'm a nexus 4 owner, i'm not too sure where to find it. let me look05:56
cloudnullHey all, Looking for some guidance - Just flashed UT for Nexus4 (mako) and at present, I have no Wireless Radio, other than WIFI. What do I need to do to get Cell Service working?05:57
marchingbtonehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices theres all the devices available.05:57
marchingbtoneand cloudnull, how long ago did you flash? because i cannot get mine to flash at all05:57
cloudnulljust a few min ago.05:58
cloudnullDevice is on first boot05:58
cloudnullfollowed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install05:58
cloudnullbootstrap from desktop Ubuntu (12.10)05:58
marchingbtonei don't havea ubuntu computer is the problem. so i've deplyed the files correctly via fastboot mode and through command prompt via windows 7 and everything installs just fine, but when i go to flash the zip files, i get to the google screen, but don't get past that06:00
marchingbtoneand did you install the raring or the quantal files?06:02
cloudnullmaybe attempt install using something like VirtualBox or VMware workstation ?06:02
cloudnullthough I have not attempted the install on Windows...06:02
cloudnullI installed raraing according to terminal output06:02
marchingbtoneraring or quantal files? i have a couple other methods to try so. i'll see what happens here soon06:03
cloudnullsorry I miss spoke, presently I have quantal installed from first boot, however I am getting the raring files now and will attempt to install the beta06:04
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marchingbtonetrying to push the raring right now..06:17
reubothow do you leave the browser06:20
marchingbtonecant really answer that at teh moment as my ubuntu touch won't boot...06:21
marchingbtoneso it doesn't seem like raring is working for me. so. tomorrow when it's not one in the morning i will download and install the other files! party. have a good night guys. cheers!06:35
cloudnullflashed Rarring, and it looks great though on further review, I read that there is no Mobile Data presently , thus I am flashing back to Android however I am going to be watching the development of Ubuntu Touch Closly as I think VERY highly of the OS so far. Thank you to everyone in here for their hard work.06:48
cloudnullI like the system and I love the feel of the OS. But I need a some what functional daily driver and without Mobile Data I cant use it presently, however I have a captivate I can attmept the flash on from an XDA forum and I will continue to use and possibly develop on with that platform.06:50
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elknghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices is that information about phones or tablets ?07:55
smartboyhwelkng, both.07:56
smartboyhwIt's Ubuntu Touch, and Touch = all phones, tablets and more:P07:56
elkngmore ?07:56
elkngwhat are phablets ?07:57
smartboyhwelkng, phablets:P07:57
snowmanndoes ubnt touch replace linux+android, or just android... or?07:57
[mbm]someting between a phone and a tablet07:57
smartboyhwelkng, phablets means phones having the size larger than a normal smartphone but smaller than a tablet.07:57
elkngdo they exist or that a play of words tablets + phone ?07:57
smartboyhwsnowmann, what do you mean?07:57
smartboyhwelkng, they DO exist07:57
snowmannfrom "layer" level07:57
snowmannhow it's organized?07:58
[mbm]snowmann: it doesn't dual boot if that's what you're asking07:58
[mbm]boots directly into a ubuntu system07:58
snowmanna ql07:58
snowmannfinally phone worth having :)07:58
snowmannandroid is  a mess :)07:58
snowmannwill there be some hw resource/speed improvements compared to android ?08:00
elkngsmartboyhw: "larger than a normal smartphone", so its some kind mini tablet with SIM card support ?08:00
smartboyhwelkng, sort of.08:00
elkngbut is that ubuntu pure linux or similar to android core+virtual machine sand box for software ?08:01
elkngcan one upload C source of some software on that phone and do ./configure && make && make install ?08:02
elkngor is there some kind of emulator similar for android's emulator ?08:02
snowmanni just hope ubuntu touch isn't app for android :D08:05
elkngsmartboyhw: I looked at pictures of phablets and I actually saw them in stores where only phones were sold, but I thought they are some smartphones with bigger screens, and not different devices with the names "phablet"08:06
snowmannelkng: it's just easier to say "phablet" then "larger screen smartphone"08:07
elkng"ph" for you08:07
elkngits easier to say "fablet" than "phablet"08:08
snowmannfab is die manufacturing facility08:09
snowmannso you might get confused08:09
user82hello. which image do i need for the "Nexus 4"? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/08:16
user82sorry to ask but i cannot find it08:16
user82raring-preinstalled-boot-armel+mako.img  ?08:17
reubotelkng: no X though :(08:18
UserError1how do you get the terminal / fm apps08:22
UserError1into the img08:22
elkngReuters called 2013, the "Year of the Phablet."08:58
UserError1Reuters doesn't know what they are talking about09:21
UserError1and i bet all of their backend coders use cold fusion or cakephp09:21
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LevanthHi I would like to ask if it is actually possible to install one of the ubuntu-touch images over android x86 (I am using a Wetab aka Exopc with android 4.0 x86)11:23
LevanthI forgot to mention I also would try to Build a own image but I dont know with wich preinstalled Image i should start11:27
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fattyscWould anybody know if there is another version similar to manhattan-quantal-armhf-tar-20130420-1.tar.gz? I've tried that one and it aborts installation right after opening it.15:16
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shadeslayerogra_: do you know how ChickenCutlass got the kernel to boot the root partition?16:14
shadeslayerfor some reason my init panics at validate_init16:17
unixnotphoenixis it possible to test out ubuntu touch on a pc?16:28
unixnotphoenix on a pc running ubuntu (mint actually) not phone or tablet...16:28
unixnotphoenixlike in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4gXaf08GTI16:29
unixnotphoenixanyone here tried out ubuntu touch on a mint pc? I couldnt find any way to install it in mint (not phone or tablet... on pc)...like in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4gXaf08GTI16:35
WebVisitor-3i want to know about ubuntu touch 13.0416:35
unixnotphoenixanyone here tried out ubuntu touch on a mint pc? I couldnt find any way to install it in mint (not phone or tablet... on pc)...like in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4gXaf08GTI16:41
cloudnullwhile I have not tired the install on Mint I would assume, if you are using mint proper and not mint debian, you should be able to simply follow the command line instructions from the wiki. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install16:42
cloudnullthat is mint is based on the latest Ubuntu so the packages should work without issues.16:43
unixnotphoenixon mint maya too? (based on 12.04).. cloudnull16:44
cloudnullseems like it , i looked at - http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_maya_whatsnew.php - and it is in fact based on Ubuntu 12.04 so I would assume that the install would work without incident, I did the install on a device last night from Ubuntu 12.04 and it worked . so I would not expect issues for you however note , I have not attempted it from mint16:47
cloudnullthe packages should be 100% compatible16:47
unixnotphoenixcloudnull: the link you gave is for phones/tablets right? how about pc?16:49
cloudnullit is for phones and tablets . you want to install Ubuntu Touch on a PC?  not install Ubuntu Touch on a mobile device from a PC ?16:50
cloudnullI am sorry I may have missed the first part of the converstation16:50
cloudnullor miss understood ?16:50
cloudnullif so that is the unitynext project, you should look here : http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unitynext/16:52
cloudnulland for that I would not assume that it would work with Mint as they are not using Unity16:53
unixnotphoenixdoes it work in mint with unity de installed?16:54
cloudnulli do not know.16:54
unixnotphoenixok.. this seems to be it.. thank you.. :)16:55
cloudnullgood luck :)16:56
unixnotphoenixsure :)16:56
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elin3thi, I have a Nexus4 and i will like to install ubuntu touch but i wish know if is possible to make calls with it or is it is only to test other features18:34
cloudnullI can confirm that it makes calls though there is no mobile data at this time. At least from the latest build. (Installed last night), also I found no method to import contact, it is filled with "example" data, but i could add contacts at will.18:36
elin3tok i will try,after install it :P18:40
cloudnullhave fun18:41
fattyscHas anybody tried JoL_Ubuntu_Touch_Preview.zip ?18:45
fattyscI keep getting installation aborted when I try to use it. It's for the cortex a8.18:46
fattyscOr could someone point me to a cortex a8 preview of touch that they know works?18:48
shadeslayerogra_: this might make ChickenCutlass a bit happy :P http://paste.kde.org/729668/19:26
shadeslayerogra_: that's from /proc/last_kmsg via the recovery, no framebuffer et19:27
shadeslayer*framebuffer console yet19:27
shadeslayerogra_: once I get instructions on how to mount the rootfs I can continue forward19:27
shadeslayerwhoa, it even figured out the right time19:30
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TakagamiGood Evening all!21:36
sergiusensrsalveti: did plars confirm mako was working with the ubuntu mako kernel?22:41
cbandarrinhai wonder if we could ibstal Ubuntu Touch on Nexs ONE ?!23:02
cbandarrinhaNexus ONE23:02
rsalvetisergiusens: with my image, ye23:06
sergiusensrsalveti: applying those patches then23:08
rsalvetisergiusens: alright23:08
sergiusensrsalveti: how was your fun with mako and 92?23:08
rsalvetisergiusens: good, working on finishing it now23:09
rsalvetisergiusens: did we tag 92? or are we going with the current tag still?23:10
rsalvetisergiusens: better, if we're tagging 92 :-)23:10
sergiusensrsalveti: I want to tag 92, but wanted to make sure it worked on mako23:12
sergiusensrsalveti: that was the plan :-)23:12
rsalvetisergiusens: alright then :-)23:12
rsalvetisergiusens: do you have power to create tags?23:13
rsalvetior do we need to ask ogra_ for that?23:13
sergiusensrsalveti: nope, but we can do it tomorrow23:13
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