alexcockellMorning all..08:26
SuperMattgood morning08:39
SuperMattit's bbq day today08:39
SuperMattbut before I get started on that, I'm writing some django08:39
MartijnVdSdjango = fun08:39
SuperMattwell, I'm doing some auth stuff, but I didn't find it very intuative08:39
SuperMattthough now I've got it in place, it does look quite good08:40
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: the tutorial and docs helped me a lot though08:40
MartijnVdSthey're not "my first program" level, which I think is a big plus :)08:40
SuperMattoh, they're very helpful, but it would have been nice to having a step by step tutorial which explains creating an account, and then logging in to it08:40
SuperMattmuch of what I've done has involved reading about the methods and classes, working out what's being returned and then applying the right method to that, etc08:41
SuperMattmorning popeles08:42
kvarleyDoes anybody know if you can buy the Ubuntu stickers like that on the Dell Sputnik ultrabook?09:06
kvarleypopey: I don't think it's quite the same, but they'll do :) thanks09:08
kvarleypopey: Do you have the 13.04 shirt yet?09:09
kvarley\0/ finally sensible shipping charges on the canonical merchandise sotre09:19
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brobostigongood morning everyone,09:40
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon09:40
brobostigon\o MartijnVdS09:41
brobostigonmorning alexcockell09:43
MartijnVdSformula 1 coming up on R5L (20 minutes)11:38
alexcockellPixar double bill on iTV2 at the mo..11:42
MartijnVdSToy Story 1 and 2.. have those on DVD :)11:42
alexcockellYeah- but even so - sometimes has to be done, as it saves arsing around spinning uip discs...11:58
alexcockellY'know what would really help - if the film industry managed to set upsomething like Public Lending Rights format - and feed this into Netflix etc.. meaning less up-front royalty cash11:59
alexcockell... and something morelike the music industry with PRS money..11:59
alexcockellOh - and lose exclusivity...11:59
alexcockell= Netflix etc become the Spotifys of the film and TV world..12:00
dwatkinsor just rip all your DVDs and blu-rays...13:27
popeyAzelphur: how many have you ordered? https://products.butterflylabs.com/5-gh-s-bitcoin-miner.html16:02
Azelphurpopey: I have had 3 of the 60 GH/sec miners on preorder since June.16:02
popeyany idea when they will ship?16:03
Azelphurnope they are the king of delays16:03
popeysurely they'd just make them and plug them in to mine themselves?16:05
diddledanwhat are GH per sec?16:07
penguin42giga-hash per second; as in cryptographic hash used in bitcoin?16:08
popeythe speed measurement for bitcoin mining16:08
penguin42it's depressing that there isn't anything useful and financially rewarding people could use their spare CPU for16:08
diddledanspare is a matter of opinion. at full load my desktop pc uses nearly 4 times as much electrical power (watts) than it does when idle - put a gpu into the mix and it's even more. The cost of that electricity would probably outweigh any financial incentives to run at full tilt.16:10
penguin42yeh agreed, but the bitcoiners are managing that16:12
diddledanif I conservatively run at 250watts (no gpu running) at full load, then it'll cost over 25£ per month. double that (or more?) to include gpu processing. and that's just for one PC16:13
diddledanI'll admit, though, that multicore improves matters power-wise16:14
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ali1234diddledan: the correct GPU will earn you double that currently... not for long though16:50
meethi. some quick questions. will everything working on 12.10 work as it is on 13.04?18:24
directhexnot neccessarily. some apps may no longer exist. some may have been rewritten and be significantly different18:31
ali1234the new firefox is pretty crap18:35
ali1234though that's already in 12.1018:35
ali1234for example, you can't edit styles within the inspector any more, which now can only be a bar along the bottom of the screen and not a tab at the side18:37
funkyHatali1234: are you sure? I seem to be able to edit styles in firefox 20 here18:47
ali1234well,  can't figure out how18:48
funkyHatali1234: I have an inpector pane which looks more like firebug than before, on the inspector tab I have "rules" selected from the 3 options at the right, I can edit style rules there18:48
zleaphi tom18:51
ali1234ah, that's it, thanks18:51
ali1234now, can you tell me why mouse wheel scrolling has stopped working in the inspector?18:51
ali1234or how to make it into a horizontal pane instead of a vertical one?18:52
funkyHatNo ⢁( but you could detach it and put its window next to the main window18:53
ali1234i guess i'll just switch to chrome then18:58
funkyHatali1234: how do you put the inspector on the side in chrome?19:03
ali1234you can't19:03
ali1234chrome however has other features that make up for the lack of this one19:04
ali1234such as not being incredibly slow19:04
funkyHatI've not found firefox to be slow since about version 16 or 1719:04
ali1234and having working scrolling19:04
funkyHatScrolling also works here ⡈(19:04
MartijnVdSBeach++ http://www.flickr.com/photos/treenaks/8668745337/in/photostream/lightbox/20:20
shaunobeach isn't quite the same out here .. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2400/2050554123_e29f303247_b.jpg20:24
MartijnVdSshauno: not a lot of colour20:25
shaunohe just looks like a wee speck, but there's actually a surfer in there20:29
MartijnVdSblack speck, far rihght?20:30
shaunothat's the chap20:33
SugaratHi all. Can anyone advise how best to get the AMD graphics drivers installed on Ubuntu 13?  I'm getting in the install log "fglrx installation requires that the system have kernel headers"20:41
funkyHatSugarat: sudo apt-get install fglrx ?20:42
SugaratI was trying to install the latest stable driver, 13.1  - do you know what version that would install?  I downloaded the zip file from amd's website20:43
directhex13.1 works. 12.8 is junk, 13.3 beta is junk21:06
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