MarkDudeUbuntu on an 8bit machine = AWESOME http://dmitry.gr/index.php?r=05.Projects&proj=07.+Linux+on+8bit16:18
darthrobot`Title: [Linux on an 8-bit micro? - Dmitry Grinberg]16:18
MarkDudeSure, it may take 6 hours to get x, but T WORKS16:18
MarkDudeArm emulator was key here :D16:19
MarkDudePi day today https://plus.google.com/u/1/events/cjjls55ufdkgcqdokkor8fpmqqg17:53
darthrobot`[R: plus.google.com] Title: [Google+]17:53
akkMarkDude: That page doesn't show if you're not logged in to G+, if you care.18:15
MarkDudeG+ just manages to suck18:17
MarkDudeI mean you cant be as crappy as Faccebook18:18
MarkDudeThats a very lowbar, and you CANT do it?18:18
akkIt is pretty impressive.18:19
MarkDudeThis sorta thing is the reason I have used FB for events. It sucks, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than other options18:19
akkSadly, I don't know of an option that doesn't suck. meetup is pretty annoying too.18:22
akkCodechix has been using groupspaces.com, and it's actually working out okay, better than most other options I've seen.18:22
akkOr, of course, my fave, just have a mailing list and skip all the social-networking-reminder stuff.18:23
MarkDudeTrue, I will ping the person making the ML18:52

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