rick_h_brousch: sorry, met up with krondor and ended up not going that far.00:13
rick_h_brousch: the issue there is that I want to try to get 3.3 working side by side. I'll tinker with it some more00:14
rick_h_snap-l: it's a local place. L.A. Cafe00:14
brouschWell that just gives you the newest pip and virtualenv. You can still install a 2.7 cirtualenv00:14
rick_h_hmm, 3.3 seems to have some virtualenv fail00:23
rick_h_well better with my own compiled python http://paste.mitechie.com/show/940/01:03
rick_h_3.3.1 vs 3.3.001:03
rick_h_there we go, redid it with py3.3.1 compiled, did distribute-setup.py and then easy_install pip and all good01:12
jjesse-home_everyone having fun tohgit?02:06
rick_h_party party02:07
rick_h_so today, after switching the mifi to 4g only mode holding an ok connection at starbucks it seems.13:40
rick_h_actually /me goes to run speedtest13:40
rick_h_wow, actually it's all over the map. the speedtest starts at over 12MB, then nadda, then 5, then nadda13:43
rick_h_one run avg'd 1MB/s since it hung for half the test13:43
rick_h_so guess life isn't all peachy13:43
rick_h_all good14:47
snap-lwe are off to meijer14:48
snap-lwoo woo14:48
rick_h_party one14:48
rick_h_such that it is14:48

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